Winter Grass 5 on 5 Hat League

Start your weekend off right by chasing plastic on soft green grass! This league is perfect for Beginner to Intermediate players looking for a community vibe and some fun exercise.

New last year, this league will continue to be 5-on-5 format. You'll stay warm by subbing on the fly, and finish both games by noon - leaving the rest of your afternoon free. If games are cancelled, we will organize some other fun event in its place, so you can still socialize! 

Plus, this is a Hat League! “Hat” doesn’t mean you need to wear a hat...although you could. It means players are randomly assigned to teams (in a balanced way) as if they were drawn from a hat. This is a fun way to meet new people in the ultimate community. You can register on your own or with 1-2 friends that you'd like to play with. 

Playing Info

  • Format: Hat League with 5 on 5 format
  • Duration: 9 weeks from February to March
  • Timeslot: Saturday, 10 AM-12 PM.
  • Schedule: Two games per day.
  • Location: Grass fields in central Vancouver
  • Age: 19+, or 17+ with parental consent
  • Inclusivity: All players are welcome, including LGBTQ2+ and transgender.

Important Dates for 2020

December 5 Registration Opens
January 25 Pick Up Event
January 26 All Registration Closes
February 1 Games Start
March 29 Games Finish

2020 Fees

Single $55.00
Duo (2 people) $90.00
Trio (3 people) $135.00

For Duo's and Trio's at least one person must be women-matching

How to register

Read the registration guidelines for Hat leagues, and then register online once registration opens.



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