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Thu Sep 16
8:15 pm
Empire NCorvus1619Discturbed
Empire NHot Buns 218Huckflicks & Chill
Empire SHotpot Fall Edition1612Sideways Shoe
Empire SPiper Palooza148Caelum
Empire SRuby and Friends217Basura Gang
Jericho WCassiopeiaTsunami
Jericho WDisc Monkeys1113Spinister Motives
Jericho WGOATS166Not in the Face
Jericho WHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys155Carina
Memorial SW90s Throwback1716#Sportss
Memorial SWFamily Discgrace1511Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Memorial SWFriends of Henry1710Big D Energy
Memorial SWThe Gino Odj-discs1812Darts YVR
Trillium EChamaeleonCircinus
Trillium EFullmetalNew Disc Who Dis?
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2111The Ultimates
Trillium EThe Frizzles1421zoi
Trillium WH-BarJust Throwing Things Out There
Trillium WHand of Chal188Butterfingers
Trillium WIan and Yvette1415Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WThe Marauders2112Turf Club
9:10 pmEmpire NCorvus2119Huckflicks & Chill
Empire NHot Buns 217Discturbed
Empire SBasura Gang216Sideways Shoe
Empire SHotpot Fall Edition218Caelum
Empire SRuby and Friends1113Piper Palooza
Jericho WCassiopeiaSpinister Motives
Jericho WDisc Monkeys1417Tsunami
Jericho WGOATS2114Carina
Jericho WHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys218Not in the Face
Memorial SW90s Throwback2110Big D Energy
Memorial SWFamily Discgrace2112Darts YVR
Memorial SWFriends of Henry1314#Sportss
Memorial SWThe Gino Odj-discs2021Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium EChamaeleon2113New Disc Who Dis?
Trillium EFullmetal219Circinus
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2111zoi
Trillium EThe Frizzles1415The Ultimates
Trillium WH-BarNeon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WHand of Chal918Turf Club
Trillium WIan and Yvette1119Just Throwing Things Out There
Trillium WThe Marauders219Butterfingers
Mon Sep 20
8:15 pm
Empire NAquila214Disctruction
Empire NCrater1313Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Empire NKachow and friends2111Flatten the Curve
Empire NScarebears1512Plaid to the Bone
Jericho WDisconnect215Antlia
Jericho WFrozen Ferrets219Soup Du Jour
Jericho WFullSendCat Andromeda
Jericho WHangry Flickers1314sup baby
Memorial SWRuby & Friends1210Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Memorial SWSocial Disc-tancers521Panic with the disc(o)
Memorial SWTeam Shark1316Disc it for the Biscuit
Memorial SWThe Perogies169The Ulti-Mates
Trillium E#DiscsOutForHarambeAquarius
Trillium EApus1621Strangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium ECampfire1021Fight Club
Trillium EMastadon and friends1721Mastadon - Monday
Trillium WChinzillas1111Dragon Sound
Trillium WNightHucks1515The new Pac-Man and friends
Trillium WRisky Frizzness#sports
Trillium WSpirit Foul 618Dump Trucks
9:10 pmEmpire NAquila1614Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Empire NCrater213Disctruction
Empire NKachow and friends2112Plaid to the Bone
Empire NScarebears2021Flatten the Curve
Jericho WDisconnectAndromeda
Jericho WFrozen Ferrets148sup baby
Jericho WFullSendCat 199Antlia
Jericho WHangry Flickers2114Soup Du Jour
Memorial SWRuby & Friends1121Disc it for the Biscuit
Memorial SWSocial Disc-tancers1619The Ulti-Mates
Memorial SWTeam Shark1713Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Memorial SWThe Perogies1315Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium E#DiscsOutForHarambeStrangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium EApusAquarius
Trillium ECampfire721Mastadon - Monday
Trillium EMastadon and friends1521Fight Club
Trillium WChinzillas821Dump Trucks
Trillium WNightHucks#sports
Trillium WRisky FrizznessThe new Pac-Man and friends
Trillium WSpirit Foul 184Dragon Sound
Thu Sep 23
8:15 pm
Empire NFullmetalLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire NThe FrizzlesChamaeleon
Empire SButterfingersNeon Disc-zaster!
Empire SHand of ChalIan and Yvette
Empire SThe MaraudersH-Bar
Empire STurf ClubJust Throwing Things Out There
Jericho W#SportssScoober-Dooby-Doo
Jericho W90s ThrowbackFamily Discgrace
Jericho WBig D EnergyDarts YVR
Jericho WFriends of HenryThe Gino Odj-discs
Memorial SWBasura GangCaelum
Memorial SWHotpot Fall EditionPiper Palooza
Memorial SWRuby and FriendsSideways Shoe
Trillium ECassiopeiaHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Trillium EDisc MonkeysGOATS
Trillium ESpinister MotivesNot in the Face
Trillium ETsunamiCarina
Trillium WCircinusHuckflicks & Chill
Trillium WNew Disc Who Dis?Discturbed
Trillium WThe UltimatesCorvus
Trillium WzoiHot Buns
9:10 pmEmpire NFullmetalChamaeleon
Empire NThe FrizzlesLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SButterfingersJust Throwing Things Out There
Empire SHand of ChalH-Bar
Empire SThe MaraudersIan and Yvette
Empire STurf ClubNeon Disc-zaster!
Jericho W#SportssDarts YVR
Jericho W90s ThrowbackThe Gino Odj-discs
Jericho WBig D EnergyScoober-Dooby-Doo
Jericho WFriends of HenryFamily Discgrace
Memorial SWHotpot Fall EditionBasura Gang
Memorial SWPiper PaloozaSideways Shoe
Memorial SWRuby and FriendsCaelum
Trillium ECassiopeiaGOATS
Trillium EDisc MonkeysHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Trillium ESpinister MotivesCarina
Trillium ETsunamiNot in the Face
Trillium WCircinusDiscturbed
Trillium WNew Disc Who Dis?Huckflicks & Chill
Trillium WThe UltimatesHot Buns
Trillium WzoiCorvus
Mon Sep 27
8:15 pm
Empire NCampfireApus
Empire NFight ClubStrangers by Rob Taylor
Empire NMastadon - MondayAquarius
Empire NMastadon and friends#DiscsOutForHarambe
Jericho WDisc it for the BiscuitThe Ulti-Mates
Jericho WRuby & FriendsSocial Disc-tancers
Jericho WTeam SharkThe Perogies
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionPanic with the disc(o)
Memorial SWFrozen FerretsDisconnect
Memorial SWHangry FlickersFullSendCat
Memorial SWSoup Du JourAntlia
Memorial SWsup babyAndromeda
Trillium E#sportsDragon Sound
Trillium ENightHucksSpirit Foul
Trillium ERisky FrizznessChinzillas
Trillium EThe new Pac-Man and friendsDump Trucks
Trillium WAquilaScarebears
Trillium WCraterKachow and friends
Trillium WDisc Golf Rehabilitation ProgramFlatten the Curve
Trillium WDisctructionPlaid to the Bone
9:10 pmEmpire NCampfire#DiscsOutForHarambe
Empire NFight ClubAquarius
Empire NMastadon - MondayStrangers by Rob Taylor
Empire NMastadon and friendsApus
Jericho WDisc it for the BiscuitPanic with the disc(o)
Jericho WRuby & FriendsThe Perogies
Jericho WTeam SharkSocial Disc-tancers
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionThe Ulti-Mates
Memorial SWFrozen FerretsFullSendCat
Memorial SWHangry FlickersDisconnect
Memorial SWSoup Du JourAndromeda
Memorial SWsup babyAntlia
Trillium E#sportsDump Trucks
Trillium ENightHucksChinzillas
Trillium ERisky FrizznessSpirit Foul
Trillium EThe new Pac-Man and friendsDragon Sound
Trillium WAquilaKachow and friends
Trillium WCraterScarebears
Trillium WDisc Golf Rehabilitation ProgramPlaid to the Bone
Trillium WDisctructionFlatten the Curve
Thu Sep 30
8:15 pm
Empire NCassiopeiaCarina
Empire NDisc MonkeysNot in the Face
Empire NSpinister MotivesGOATS
Empire NTsunamiHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Empire SFullmetalNew Disc Who Dis?
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCircinus
Jericho WHotpot Fall EditionBasura Gang
Jericho WRuby and FriendsHotpot Fall Edition
Jericho WRuby and FriendsCaelum
Memorial SWButterfingersIan and Yvette
Memorial SWHand of ChalNeon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWThe MaraudersJust Throwing Things Out There
Memorial SWTurf ClubH-Bar
Trillium E#SportssFamily Discgrace
Trillium E90s ThrowbackScoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium EBig D EnergyThe Gino Odj-discs
Trillium EFriends of HenryDarts YVR
Trillium WChamaeleonHot Buns
Trillium WDiscturbedThe Ultimates
Trillium WThe FrizzlesCorvus
Trillium WzoiHuckflicks & Chill
9:10 pmEmpire NCassiopeiaNot in the Face
Empire NDisc MonkeysCarina
Empire NSpinister MotivesHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Empire NTsunamiGOATS
Empire SFullmetalCircinus
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversNew Disc Who Dis?
Jericho WCaelumSideways Shoe
Jericho WPiper PaloozaBasura Gang
Jericho WPiper PaloozaSideways Shoe
Memorial SWButterfingersH-Bar
Memorial SWHand of ChalJust Throwing Things Out There
Memorial SWThe MaraudersNeon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWTurf ClubIan and Yvette
Trillium E#SportssThe Gino Odj-discs
Trillium E90s ThrowbackDarts YVR
Trillium EBig D EnergyFamily Discgrace
Trillium EFriends of HenryScoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium WChamaeleonCorvus
Trillium WDiscturbedHuckflicks & Chill
Trillium WThe FrizzlesHot Buns
Trillium WzoiThe Ultimates
Mon Oct 4
8:15 pm
Empire NFrozen FerretsAntlia
Empire NHangry FlickersAndromeda
Empire NSoup Du JourDisconnect
Empire Nsup babyFullSendCat
Jericho WAquilaPlaid to the Bone
Jericho WCraterFlatten the Curve
Jericho WDisc Golf Rehabilitation ProgramKachow and friends
Jericho WDisctructionScarebears
Memorial SW#sportsChinzillas
Memorial SWNightHucksDump Trucks
Memorial SWRisky FrizznessDragon Sound
Memorial SWThe new Pac-Man and friendsSpirit Foul
Trillium EDisc it for the BiscuitThe Perogies
Trillium ERuby & FriendsPanic with the disc(o)
Trillium ETeam SharkThe Ulti-Mates
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionSocial Disc-tancers
Trillium WCampfireStrangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium WFight ClubApus
Trillium WMastadon - Monday#DiscsOutForHarambe
Trillium WMastadon and friendsAquarius
9:10 pmEmpire NFrozen FerretsAndromeda
Empire NHangry FlickersAntlia
Empire NSoup Du JourFullSendCat
Empire Nsup babyDisconnect
Jericho WAquilaFlatten the Curve
Jericho WCraterPlaid to the Bone
Jericho WDisc Golf Rehabilitation ProgramScarebears
Jericho WDisctructionKachow and friends
Memorial SW#sportsSpirit Foul
Memorial SWNightHucksDragon Sound
Memorial SWRisky FrizznessDump Trucks
Memorial SWThe new Pac-Man and friendsChinzillas
Trillium EDisc it for the BiscuitSocial Disc-tancers
Trillium ERuby & FriendsThe Ulti-Mates
Trillium ETeam SharkPanic with the disc(o)
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionThe Perogies
Trillium WCampfireAquarius
Trillium WFight Club#DiscsOutForHarambe
Trillium WMastadon - MondayApus
Trillium WMastadon and friendsStrangers by Rob Taylor
Thu Oct 7
8:15 pm
Empire N#SportssBig D Energy
Empire N90s ThrowbackFriends of Henry
Empire NFamily DiscgraceThe Gino Odj-discs
Empire NScoober-Dooby-DooDarts YVR
Empire SHuckflicks & ChillDiscturbed
Empire SzoiThe Ultimates
Jericho WH-BarIan and Yvette
Jericho WJust Throwing Things Out ThereNeon Disc-zaster!
Jericho WThe MaraudersHand of Chal
Jericho WTurf ClubButterfingers
Memorial SWCircinusHot Buns
Memorial SWFullmetalThe Frizzles
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversChamaeleon
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?Corvus
Trillium EBasura GangCaelum
Trillium EHotpot Fall EditionPiper Palooza
Trillium ERuby and FriendsSideways Shoe
Trillium WCarinaNot in the Face
Trillium WCassiopeiaDisc Monkeys
Trillium WHandsome Girls and Beautiful BoysGOATS
Trillium WTsunamiSpinister Motives
9:10 pmEmpire N90s Throwback#Sportss
Empire NFamily DiscgraceScoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire NFriends of HenryBig D Energy
Empire NThe Gino Odj-discsDarts YVR
Empire SHuckflicks & ChillThe Ultimates
Empire SzoiDiscturbed
Jericho WH-BarJust Throwing Things Out There
Jericho WHand of ChalButterfingers
Jericho WIan and YvetteNeon Disc-zaster!
Jericho WThe MaraudersTurf Club
Memorial SWCircinusCorvus
Memorial SWFullmetalChamaeleon
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversThe Frizzles
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?Hot Buns
Trillium EBasura GangSideways Shoe
Trillium EHotpot Fall EditionCaelum
Trillium ERuby and FriendsPiper Palooza
Trillium WCassiopeiaTsunami
Trillium WDisc MonkeysSpinister Motives
Trillium WGOATSNot in the Face
Trillium WHandsome Girls and Beautiful BoysCarina
Mon Oct 11
8:15 pm
Empire NPanic with the disc(o)The Ulti-Mates
Empire NRuby & FriendsTeam Shark
Empire NSocial Disc-tancersThe Perogies
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionDisc it for the Biscuit
Jericho W#sportsThe new Pac-Man and friends
Jericho WChinzillasSpirit Foul
Jericho WDragon SoundDump Trucks
Jericho WRisky FrizznessNightHucks
Memorial SWCraterAquila
Memorial SWDisc Golf Rehabilitation ProgramDisctruction
Memorial SWFlatten the Curve Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWKachow and friendsScarebears
Trillium EAntliaAndromeda
Trillium EDisconnectFullSendCat
Trillium EFrozen FerretsHangry Flickers
Trillium ESoup Du Joursup baby
Trillium W#DiscsOutForHarambeApus
Trillium WAquariusStrangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium WMastadon - MondayFight Club
Trillium WMastadon and friendsCampfire
9:10 pmEmpire NRuby & FriendsTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion
Empire NSocial Disc-tancersPanic with the disc(o)
Empire NTeam SharkDisc it for the Biscuit
Empire NThe PerogiesThe Ulti-Mates
Jericho WChinzillasDragon Sound
Jericho WNightHucksThe new Pac-Man and friends
Jericho WRisky Frizzness#sports
Jericho WSpirit Foul Dump Trucks
Memorial SWAquilaDisctruction
Memorial SWCraterDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Memorial SWKachow and friendsFlatten the Curve
Memorial SWScarebearsPlaid to the Bone
Trillium EDisconnectAntlia
Trillium EFrozen FerretsSoup Du Jour
Trillium EFullSendCat Andromeda
Trillium EHangry Flickerssup baby
Trillium W#DiscsOutForHarambeAquarius
Trillium WApusStrangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium WCampfireFight Club
Trillium WMastadon and friendsMastadon - Monday