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Thu Sep 16
8:15 pm
Empire NCorvus1619Discturbed
Empire NHot Buns 218Huckflicks & Chill
Empire SHotpot Fall Edition1612Sideways Shoe
Empire SPiper Palooza148Caelum
Empire SRuby and Friends217Basura Gang
Jericho WCassiopeia1321Tsunami
Jericho WDisc Monkeys1113Spinister Motives
Jericho WGOATS166Not in the Face
Jericho WHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys155Carina
Memorial SW90s Throwback1716#Sportss
Memorial SWFamily Discgrace1511Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Memorial SWFriends of Henry1710Tiger Balm
Memorial SWThe Gino Odj-discs1812Darts YVR
Trillium EChamaeleon189Circinus
Trillium EFullmetal217New Disc Who Dis?
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2111The Ultimates
Trillium EThe Frizzles1421zoi
Trillium WH-Bar1117Just Throwing Things Out There
Trillium WHand of Chal188Butterfingers
Trillium WIan and Yvette1415Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WThe Marauders2112Turf Club
9:10 pmEmpire NCorvus2119Huckflicks & Chill
Empire NHot Buns 217Discturbed
Empire SBasura Gang216Sideways Shoe
Empire SHotpot Fall Edition218Caelum
Empire SRuby and Friends1113Piper Palooza
Jericho WCassiopeia1511Spinister Motives
Jericho WDisc Monkeys1417Tsunami
Jericho WGOATS2114Carina
Jericho WHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys218Not in the Face
Memorial SW90s Throwback2110Tiger Balm
Memorial SWFamily Discgrace2112Darts YVR
Memorial SWFriends of Henry1314#Sportss
Memorial SWThe Gino Odj-discs2021Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium EChamaeleon2113New Disc Who Dis?
Trillium EFullmetal219Circinus
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2111zoi
Trillium EThe Frizzles1415The Ultimates
Trillium WH-Bar1412Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WHand of Chal918Turf Club
Trillium WIan and Yvette1119Just Throwing Things Out There
Trillium WThe Marauders219Butterfingers
Mon Sep 20
8:15 pm
Empire NCrater1313Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Empire NKachow and friends2111Flatten the Curve
Empire NScarebears1215Plaid to the Bone
Empire NTequila214Disctruction
Jericho WDisconnect215Antlia
Jericho WFrozen Ferrets219Soup Du Jour
Jericho WFullSendCat 217Andromeda
Jericho WHangry Flickers1314sup baby
Memorial SWRuby & Friends1210Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Memorial SWSocial Disc-tancers521Panic with the disc(o)
Memorial SWTeam Shark1316Disc it for the Biscuit
Memorial SWThe Perogies1710The Ulti-Mates
Trillium E#DiscsOutForHarambe217Aquarius
Trillium EApus1621Strangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium ECampfire1021Fight Club
Trillium EMasktadon1721Vaxxstadon
Trillium WChinzillas1111Dragon Sound
Trillium WNightHucks1515The new Pac-Man and friends
Trillium WRisky Frizzness1711#sports
Trillium WSpirit Foul 618Dump Trucks
9:10 pmEmpire NCrater213Disctruction
Empire NKachow and friends2112Plaid to the Bone
Empire NScarebears2021Flatten the Curve
Empire NTequila1614Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Jericho WDisconnect216Andromeda
Jericho WFrozen Ferrets148sup baby
Jericho WFullSendCat 199Antlia
Jericho WHangry Flickers2114Soup Du Jour
Memorial SWRuby & Friends1121Disc it for the Biscuit
Memorial SWSocial Disc-tancers1619The Ulti-Mates
Memorial SWTeam Shark1713Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Memorial SWThe Perogies1315Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium E#DiscsOutForHarambe921Strangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium EApus219Aquarius
Trillium ECampfire721Vaxxstadon
Trillium EMasktadon1521Fight Club
Trillium WChinzillas821Dump Trucks
Trillium WNightHucks219#sports
Trillium WRisky Frizzness1315The new Pac-Man and friends
Trillium WSpirit Foul 184Dragon Sound
Thu Sep 23
8:15 pm
Empire NFullmetal2116Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire NThe Frizzles1321Chamaeleon
Empire SButterfingers1614Neon Disc-zaster!
Empire SHand of Chal1414Ian and Yvette
Empire SThe Marauders1912H-Bar
Empire STurf Club914Just Throwing Things Out There
Jericho W#Sportss1913Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Jericho W90s Throwback1210Family Discgrace
Jericho WFriends of Henry1810The Gino Odj-discs
Jericho WTiger Balm415Darts YVR
Memorial SWBasura Gang2112Caelum
Memorial SWHotpot Fall Edition128Piper Palooza
Memorial SWRuby and Friends99Sideways Shoe
Trillium ECassiopeia1617Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Trillium EDisc Monkeys1614GOATS
Trillium ESpinister Motives154Not in the Face
Trillium ETsunami2114Carina
Trillium WCircinus1321Huckflicks & Chill
Trillium WNew Disc Who Dis?2116Discturbed
Trillium WThe Ultimates1021Corvus
Trillium Wzoi1321Hot Buns
9:10 pmEmpire NFullmetal2113Chamaeleon
Empire NThe Frizzles1221Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SButterfingers47Just Throwing Things Out There
Empire SHand of Chal1311H-Bar
Empire SThe Marauders1911Ian and Yvette
Empire STurf Club157Neon Disc-zaster!
Jericho W#Sportss1413Darts YVR
Jericho W90s Throwback1913The Gino Odj-discs
Jericho WFriends of Henry1521Family Discgrace
Jericho WTiger Balm715Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Memorial SWHotpot Fall Edition1721Basura Gang
Memorial SWPiper Palooza1520Sideways Shoe
Memorial SWRuby and Friends216Caelum
Trillium ECassiopeia1520GOATS
Trillium EDisc Monkeys1216Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Trillium ESpinister Motives1310Carina
Trillium ETsunami2111Not in the Face
Trillium WCircinus1621Discturbed
Trillium WNew Disc Who Dis?2115Huckflicks & Chill
Trillium WThe Ultimates721Hot Buns
Trillium Wzoi2119Corvus
Mon Sep 27
8:15 pm
Empire NCampfire1619Apus
Empire NFight Club219Strangers by Rob Taylor
Empire NMasktadon219#DiscsOutForHarambe
Empire NVaxxstadon2110Aquarius
Jericho WDisc it for the Biscuit157The Ulti-Mates
Jericho WRuby & Friends195Social Disc-tancers
Jericho WTeam Shark1715The Perogies
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1016Panic with the disc(o)
Memorial SWFrozen Ferrets129Disconnect
Memorial SWHangry Flickers1617FullSendCat
Memorial SWSoup Du Jour2112Antlia
Memorial SWsup baby1811Andromeda
Trillium E#sports134Dragon Sound
Trillium ENightHucks207Spirit Foul
Trillium ERisky Frizzness138Chinzillas
Trillium EThe new Pac-Man and friends1314Dump Trucks
Trillium WCrater1621Kachow and friends
Trillium WDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1015Flatten the Curve
Trillium WDisctruction621Plaid to the Bone
Trillium WTequila721Scarebears
9:10 pmEmpire NCampfire2110#DiscsOutForHarambe
Empire NFight Club216Aquarius
Empire NMasktadon2113Apus
Empire NVaxxstadon1816Strangers by Rob Taylor
Jericho WDisc it for the Biscuit1515Panic with the disc(o)
Jericho WRuby & Friends2116The Perogies
Jericho WTeam Shark213Social Disc-tancers
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion219The Ulti-Mates
Memorial SWFrozen Ferrets1320FullSendCat
Memorial SWHangry Flickers1714Disconnect
Memorial SWSoup Du Jour1918Andromeda
Memorial SWsup baby1218Antlia
Trillium E#sports1720Dump Trucks
Trillium ENightHucks219Chinzillas
Trillium ERisky Frizzness1511Spirit Foul
Trillium EThe new Pac-Man and friends218Dragon Sound
Trillium WCrater1413Scarebears
Trillium WDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1621Plaid to the Bone
Trillium WDisctruction1521Flatten the Curve
Trillium WTequila421Kachow and friends
Thu Sep 30
8:15 pm
Empire NCassiopeia1512Carina
Empire NDisc Monkeys148Not in the Face
Empire NSpinister Motives717GOATS
Empire NTsunami1012Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Empire SFullmetal2117New Disc Who Dis?
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2111Circinus
Jericho WHotpot Fall Edition1021Basura Gang
Jericho WPiper Palooza118Sideways Shoe
Jericho WRuby and Friends2112Caelum
Memorial SWButterfingers1121Ian and Yvette
Memorial SWHand of Chal1413Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWThe Marauders2019Just Throwing Things Out There
Memorial SWTurf Club1512H-Bar
Trillium E#Sportss1611Family Discgrace
Trillium E90s Throwback1518Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium EFriends of Henry1215Darts YVR
Trillium ETiger Balm516The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium WChamaeleon1721Hot Buns
Trillium WDiscturbed2014The Ultimates
Trillium WThe Frizzles2117Corvus
Trillium Wzoi218Huckflicks & Chill
9:10 pmEmpire NCassiopeia188Not in the Face
Empire NDisc Monkeys137Carina
Empire NSpinister Motives718Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Empire NTsunami1119GOATS
Empire SFullmetal212Circinus
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2110New Disc Who Dis?
Jericho WCaelum1421Sideways Shoe
Jericho WPiper Palooza1921Basura Gang
Jericho WRuby and Friends1219Hotpot Fall Edition
Memorial SWButterfingers2118H-Bar
Memorial SWHand of Chal821Just Throwing Things Out There
Memorial SWThe Marauders2111Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWTurf Club1613Ian and Yvette
Trillium E#Sportss1819The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium E90s Throwback1321Darts YVR
Trillium EFriends of Henry1118Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium ETiger Balm1019Family Discgrace
Trillium WChamaeleon2118Corvus
Trillium WDiscturbed2021Huckflicks & Chill
Trillium WThe Frizzles821Hot Buns
Trillium Wzoi2118The Ultimates
Mon Oct 4
8:15 pm
Empire NFrozen Ferrets2110Antlia
Empire NHangry Flickers2110Andromeda
Empire NSoup Du Jour1617Disconnect
Empire Nsup baby619FullSendCat
Jericho WCrater1612Flatten the Curve
Jericho WDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1221Kachow and friends
Jericho WDisctruction721Scarebears
Jericho WTequila421Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SW#sports217Chinzillas
Memorial SWNightHucks1410Dump Trucks
Memorial SWRisky Frizzness204Dragon Sound
Memorial SWThe new Pac-Man and friends2111Spirit Foul
Trillium EDisc it for the Biscuit2113The Perogies
Trillium ERuby & Friends1118Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium ETeam Shark117The Ulti-Mates
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion208Social Disc-tancers
Trillium WCampfire821Strangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium WFight Club2113Apus
Trillium WMasktadon1521Aquarius
Trillium WVaxxstadon219#DiscsOutForHarambe
9:10 pmEmpire NFrozen Ferrets219Andromeda
Empire NHangry Flickers214Antlia
Empire NSoup Du Jour1121FullSendCat
Empire Nsup baby1215Disconnect
Jericho WCrater1421Plaid to the Bone
Jericho WDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1221Scarebears
Jericho WDisctruction1221Kachow and friends
Jericho WTequila1521Flatten the Curve
Memorial SW#sports2116Spirit Foul
Memorial SWNightHucks163Dragon Sound
Memorial SWRisky Frizzness2116Dump Trucks
Memorial SWThe new Pac-Man and friends216Chinzillas
Trillium EDisc it for the Biscuit214Social Disc-tancers
Trillium ERuby & Friends1714The Ulti-Mates
Trillium ETeam Shark1221Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1816The Perogies
Trillium WCampfire1421Aquarius
Trillium WFight Club2113#DiscsOutForHarambe
Trillium WMasktadon1221Strangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium WVaxxstadon2114Apus
Thu Oct 7
8:15 pm
Empire N#Sportss207Tiger Balm
Empire N90s Throwback1311Friends of Henry
Empire NFamily Discgrace1015The Gino Odj-discs
Empire NScoober-Dooby-Doo1514Darts YVR
Empire SHuckflicks & Chill1312Discturbed
Empire Szoi1613The Ultimates
Jericho WH-BarIan and Yvette
Jericho WJust Throwing Things Out There2110Neon Disc-zaster!
Jericho WThe Marauders2112Hand of Chal
Jericho WTurf Club2110Butterfingers
Memorial SWCircinus1021Hot Buns
Memorial SWFullmetal2110The Frizzles
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1312Chamaeleon
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?1714Corvus
Trillium EBasura Gang219Caelum
Trillium EHotpot Fall Edition1413Piper Palooza
Trillium ERuby and Friends1315Sideways Shoe
Trillium WCarina176Not in the Face
Trillium WCassiopeia2013Disc Monkeys
Trillium WHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys1210GOATS
Trillium WTsunami2014Spinister Motives
9:10 pmEmpire N90s Throwback1413#Sportss
Empire NFamily Discgrace1215Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire NFriends of Henry1710Tiger Balm
Empire NThe Gino Odj-discs1514Darts YVR
Empire SHuckflicks & Chill1716The Ultimates
Empire Szoi2116Discturbed
Jericho WH-Bar716Just Throwing Things Out There
Jericho WHand of Chal2118Butterfingers
Jericho WIan and Yvette1510Neon Disc-zaster!
Jericho WThe Marauders2021Turf Club
Memorial SWCircinus1817Corvus
Memorial SWFullmetal2119Chamaeleon
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2111The Frizzles
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?1721Hot Buns
Trillium EBasura Gang2112Sideways Shoe
Trillium EHotpot Fall Edition1812Caelum
Trillium ERuby and Friends1012Piper Palooza
Trillium WCassiopeia1719Tsunami
Trillium WDisc Monkeys139Spinister Motives
Trillium WGOATS185Not in the Face
Trillium WHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys1810Carina
Mon Oct 11
8:15 pm
Empire NPanic with the disc(o)1711The Ulti-Mates
Empire NRuby & Friends1713Team Shark
Empire NSocial Disc-tancers1316The Perogies
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1521Disc it for the Biscuit
Jericho W#sports921The new Pac-Man and friends
Jericho WChinzillasCancelledSpirit Foul
Jericho WDragon SoundCancelledDump Trucks
Jericho WRisky FrizznessForfeitedNightHucks
Memorial SWCraterForfeitedTequila
Memorial SWDisc Golf Rehabilitation ProgramForfeitedDisctruction
Memorial SWFlatten the Curve 218Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWKachow and friends217Scarebears
Trillium EAntlia721Andromeda
Trillium EDisconnect1416FullSendCat
Trillium EFrozen Ferrets1513Hangry Flickers
Trillium ESoup Du Jour1917sup baby
Trillium W#DiscsOutForHarambe816Apus
Trillium WAquarius1921Strangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium WMasktadonForfeitedCampfire
Trillium WVaxxstadon1121Fight Club
9:10 pmEmpire NRuby & Friends2019Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Empire NSocial Disc-tancers1018Panic with the disc(o)
Empire NTeam Shark421Disc it for the Biscuit
Empire NThe Perogies1913The Ulti-Mates
Jericho WChinzillasCancelledDragon Sound
Jericho WNightHucksForfeitedThe new Pac-Man and friends
Jericho WRisky FrizznessForfeited#sports
Jericho WSpirit Foul PostponedDump Trucks
Memorial SWCraterForfeitedDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Memorial SWKachow and friends2116Flatten the Curve
Memorial SWScarebears1421Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWTequilaForfeitedDisctruction
Trillium EDisconnect169Antlia
Trillium EFrozen Ferrets1814Soup Du Jour
Trillium EFullSendCat 2116Andromeda
Trillium EHangry Flickers1213sup baby
Trillium W#DiscsOutForHarambe1815Aquarius
Trillium WApus1219Strangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium WCampfire1121Fight Club
Trillium WMasktadon77Vaxxstadon
Thu Oct 14
8:15 pm
Empire N90s Throwback916Basura Gang
Empire NFamily Discgrace1314The Gino Odj-discs
Empire NH-Bar1814Butterfingers
Empire NNeon Disc-zaster!188Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire SCaelum1717Tsunami
Empire SCassiopeia1515Carina
Empire SGOATS1614Disc Monkeys
Empire SSpinister Motives129Not in the Face
Jericho WDarts YVR2111Tiger Balm
Jericho WFriends of Henry617Hotpot Fall Edition
Jericho WPiper Palooza1012Sideways Shoe
Jericho WRuby and Friends617Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Memorial SWFullmetal2115Corvus
Memorial SWHot Buns 1913zoi
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1917Chamaeleon
Trillium EIan and Yvette2014#Sportss
Trillium ENew Disc Who Dis?217The Frizzles
Trillium EThe Ultimates1612Circinus
Trillium ETurf Club2111Hand of Chal
Trillium WDiscturbed816The Marauders
Trillium WHuckflicks & Chill1321Just Throwing Things Out There
9:10 pmEmpire N90s Throwback2111The Gino Odj-discs
Empire NFamily Discgrace1418Basura Gang
Empire NH-Bar1611Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire NNeon Disc-zaster!1415Butterfingers
Empire SCaelum917Disc Monkeys
Empire SCassiopeia135Not in the Face
Empire SGOATS1516Tsunami
Empire SSpinister Motives1118Carina
Jericho WDarts YVR2119Hotpot Fall Edition
Jericho WFriends of Henry1614Tiger Balm
Jericho WPiper Palooza1317Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Jericho WRuby and Friends1311Sideways Shoe
Memorial SWFullmetal2118Chamaeleon
Memorial SWHot Buns 2119Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWzoi2113Corvus
Trillium EIan and Yvette1614Hand of Chal
Trillium ENew Disc Who Dis?2115Circinus
Trillium EThe Ultimates1213The Frizzles
Trillium ETurf Club2111#Sportss
Trillium WDiscturbed1421Just Throwing Things Out There
Trillium WHuckflicks & Chill1821The Marauders
Mon Oct 18
8:15 pm
Empire NChinzillas518Hangry Flickers
Empire NDragon Sound215Disconnect
Empire NSoup Du Jour1721Panic with the disc(o)
Empire Nsup baby1613Disc it for the Biscuit
Jericho W#DiscsOutForHarambe1316Crater
Jericho WCampfire2111Scarebears
Jericho WFlatten the Curve 721NightHucks
Jericho WTequila1121The new Pac-Man and friends
Memorial SWApus1321Kachow and friends
Memorial SWAquarius2221Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWFight Club219Strangers by Rob Taylor
Memorial SWVaxxstadon2115Masktadon
Trillium E#sports1117FullSendCat
Trillium EDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1521Risky Frizzness
Trillium EDisctruction820Dump Trucks
Trillium ESpirit Foul 1020Frozen Ferrets
Trillium WAndromeda1021Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WAntlia2110Team Shark
Trillium WRuby & Friends1512The Ulti-Mates
Trillium WThe Perogies149Social Disc-tancers
9:10 pmEmpire NChinzillas1821Disconnect
Empire NDragon Sound521Hangry Flickers
Empire NSoup Du Jour1421Disc it for the Biscuit
Empire Nsup baby1615Panic with the disc(o)
Jericho W#DiscsOutForHarambe1819Scarebears
Jericho WCampfire1920Crater
Jericho WFlatten the Curve 1321The new Pac-Man and friends
Jericho WTequila1421NightHucks
Memorial SWApus1821Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWAquarius2117Kachow and friends
Memorial SWFight Club2110Masktadon
Memorial SWVaxxstadon2114Strangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium E#sports1117Frozen Ferrets
Trillium EDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1421Dump Trucks
Trillium EDisctruction521Risky Frizzness
Trillium ESpirit Foul 1521FullSendCat
Trillium WAndromeda219Team Shark
Trillium WAntlia1421Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WRuby & Friends1414Social Disc-tancers
Trillium WThe Perogies1714The Ulti-Mates
Thu Oct 21
8:15 pm
Empire NCircinus132#Sportss
Empire NNew Disc Who Dis?2115Turf Club
Empire NThe Frizzles1819Hand of Chal
Empire NThe Ultimates1512Ian and Yvette
Empire SChamaeleon1711The Marauders
Empire SDiscturbed1117Huckflicks & Chill
Jericho WFullmetal1815Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jericho WHot Buns 218Corvus
Jericho Wzoi1213Just Throwing Things Out There
Memorial SWCaelum1120Cassiopeia
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys1513Not in the Face
Memorial SWGOATS125Spinister Motives
Memorial SWTsunami188Carina
Trillium EDarts YVR1312Piper Palooza
Trillium EFriends of Henry147Ruby and Friends
Trillium EHotpot Fall Edition1412Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Trillium ETiger Balm1221Sideways Shoe
Trillium WButterfingers1214The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium WH-Bar815Family Discgrace
Trillium WNeon Disc-zaster!14990s Throwback
Trillium WScoober-Dooby-Doo1321Basura Gang
9:10 pmEmpire NCircinus1613Hand of Chal
Empire NNew Disc Who Dis?2120Ian and Yvette
Empire NThe Frizzles177#Sportss
Empire NThe Ultimates1612Turf Club
Empire SChamaeleon218Huckflicks & Chill
Empire SDiscturbed121The Marauders
Jericho WFullmetal2110zoi
Jericho WHot Buns 2021Just Throwing Things Out There
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers218Corvus
Memorial SWCaelum1210Spinister Motives
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys127Carina
Memorial SWGOATS2114Cassiopeia
Memorial SWTsunami214Not in the Face
Trillium EDarts YVR1511Ruby and Friends
Trillium EFriends of Henry1016Piper Palooza
Trillium EHotpot Fall Edition1617Sideways Shoe
Trillium ETiger Balm1019Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Trillium WButterfingers1121Basura Gang
Trillium WH-Bar81090s Throwback
Trillium WNeon Disc-zaster!713Family Discgrace
Trillium WScoober-Dooby-Doo2113The Gino Odj-discs
Mon Oct 25
8:15 pm
Empire NDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1414#sports
Empire NDisctruction919Spirit Foul
Empire NDump Trucks1217Frozen Ferrets
Empire NRisky Frizzness1311FullSendCat
Jericho WFight Club217Apus
Jericho WMasktadon2116Plaid to the Bone
Jericho WStrangers by Rob Taylor1417Kachow and friends
Jericho WVaxxstadon1213Aquarius
Memorial SWAndromeda1821The Perogies
Memorial SWAntlia1714Ruby & Friends
Memorial SWTeam Shark179The Ulti-Mates
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1810Social Disc-tancers
Trillium E#DiscsOutForHarambe208Tequila
Trillium ECampfire1712Flatten the Curve
Trillium ECrater1210The new Pac-Man and friends
Trillium EScarebears914NightHucks
Trillium WChinzillas1418sup baby
Trillium WDisconnect88Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium WDragon Sound919Soup Du Jour
Trillium WHangry Flickers1211Disc it for the Biscuit
9:10 pmEmpire NDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1820Spirit Foul
Empire NDisctruction921#sports
Empire NDump Trucks1020FullSendCat
Empire NRisky Frizzness1521Frozen Ferrets
Jericho WFight Club2115Aquarius
Jericho WMasktadon2016Kachow and friends
Jericho WStrangers by Rob Taylor189Plaid to the Bone
Jericho WVaxxstadon1617Apus
Memorial SWAndromeda1518Ruby & Friends
Memorial SWAntlia2119The Perogies
Memorial SWTeam Shark2115Social Disc-tancers
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1913The Ulti-Mates
Trillium E#DiscsOutForHarambe1615Flatten the Curve
Trillium ECampfire214Tequila
Trillium ECrater1514NightHucks
Trillium EScarebears1121The new Pac-Man and friends
Trillium WChinzillas1218Soup Du Jour
Trillium WDisconnect1712Disc it for the Biscuit
Trillium WDragon Sound913sup baby
Trillium WHangry Flickers2112Panic with the disc(o)
Thu Oct 28
8:15 pm
Empire NDarts YVR1510Sideways Shoe
Empire NFriends of Henry911Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Empire NHotpot Fall Edition1610Ruby and Friends
Empire NTiger Balm515Piper Palooza
Empire SButterfingers1519Family Discgrace
Empire SH-Bar1214The Gino Odj-discs
Empire SNeon Disc-zaster!1321Basura Gang
Empire SScoober-Dooby-Doo101990s Throwback
Jericho WCaelum1421Carina
Jericho WDisc Monkeys1512Spinister Motives
Jericho WGOATS1515Not in the Face
Jericho WTsunami1915Cassiopeia
Memorial SWDiscturbed1216Corvus
Memorial SWThe Marauders2110zoi
Trillium EChamaeleon2113Huckflicks & Chill
Trillium EHot Buns 1821Fullmetal
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1415Just Throwing Things Out There
Trillium WCircinus1414Ian and Yvette
Trillium WNew Disc Who Dis?168Hand of Chal
Trillium WThe Frizzles1314Turf Club
Trillium WThe Ultimates1912#Sportss
9:10 pmEmpire NDarts YVR2118Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Empire NFriends of Henry1219Sideways Shoe
Empire NHotpot Fall Edition219Piper Palooza
Empire NTiger Balm1015Ruby and Friends
Empire SButterfingers211590s Throwback
Empire SH-Bar1321Basura Gang
Empire SNeon Disc-zaster!1513The Gino Odj-discs
Empire SScoober-Dooby-Doo1618Family Discgrace
Jericho WCaelum1616Not in the Face
Jericho WDisc Monkeys2112Cassiopeia
Jericho WGOATS2013Carina
Jericho WTsunami207Spinister Motives
Memorial SWDiscturbed1621zoi
Memorial SWThe Marauders2118Corvus
Trillium EFullmetal2118Just Throwing Things Out There
Trillium EHot Buns 1721Chamaeleon
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1715Huckflicks & Chill
Trillium WCircinus1121Turf Club
Trillium WNew Disc Who Dis?219#Sportss
Trillium WThe Frizzles1418Ian and Yvette
Trillium WThe Ultimates215Hand of Chal
Mon Nov 1
8:15 pm
Empire N#DiscsOutForHarambe1217The new Pac-Man and friends
Empire NCampfire813NightHucks
Empire NCrater217Tequila
Empire NScarebears1111Flatten the Curve
Jericho WChinzillas1716Disc it for the Biscuit
Jericho WDisconnect1913Soup Du Jour
Jericho WDragon Sound615Panic with the disc(o)
Jericho WHangry Flickers219sup baby
Memorial SWAndromeda1214Social Disc-tancers
Memorial SWAntlia189The Ulti-Mates
Memorial SWTeam Shark1410Ruby & Friends
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1719The Perogies
Trillium EFight Club214Kachow and friends
Trillium EMasktadon2117Aquarius
Trillium EStrangers by Rob TaylorDefaultApus
Trillium EVaxxstadon2114Plaid to the Bone
Trillium WDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1318FullSendCat
Trillium WDisctruction1421Frozen Ferrets
Trillium WDump Trucks2111Spirit Foul
Trillium WRisky Frizzness1317#sports
9:10 pmEmpire N#DiscsOutForHarambe1915NightHucks
Empire NCampfire2115The new Pac-Man and friends
Empire NCrater1717Flatten the Curve
Empire NScarebears2115Tequila
Jericho WChinzillas2115Panic with the disc(o)
Jericho WDisconnect139sup baby
Jericho WDragon Sound1018Disc it for the Biscuit
Jericho WHangry Flickers2113Soup Du Jour
Memorial SWAndromeda1415The Ulti-Mates
Memorial SWAntlia218Social Disc-tancers
Memorial SWTeam Shark1121The Perogies
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion2010Ruby & Friends
Trillium EFight Club2110Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EMasktadon2116Apus
Trillium EStrangers by Rob TaylorDefaultAquarius
Trillium EVaxxstadon1521Kachow and friends
Trillium WDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1921Frozen Ferrets
Trillium WDisctruction521FullSendCat
Trillium WDump Trucks1920#sports
Trillium WRisky Frizzness2012Spirit Foul
Thu Nov 4
8:15 pm
Empire NFullmetal216Discturbed
Empire NHot Buns 1915Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire Nzoi1610The Marauders
Empire SHand of Chal128#Sportss
Empire SNew Disc Who Dis?188The Ultimates
Empire SThe Frizzles1418Circinus
Empire STurf Club195Ian and Yvette
Jericho WHuckflicks & Chill1412Corvus
Jericho WJust Throwing Things Out There2111Chamaeleon
Memorial SWButterfingers1510Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Memorial SWFamily Discgrace101590s Throwback
Memorial SWH-Bar1013Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWThe Gino Odj-discs1720Basura Gang
Trillium ECaelum1221GOATS
Trillium ECarina2111Not in the Face
Trillium ECassiopeia2112Spinister Motives
Trillium ETsunami1510Disc Monkeys
Trillium WDarts YVR1310Friends of Henry
Trillium WPiper Palooza1710Ruby and Friends
Trillium WSideways Shoe1017Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Trillium WTiger Balm716Hotpot Fall Edition
9:10 pmEmpire NFullmetal219The Marauders
Empire NHot Buns 2114Discturbed
Empire Nzoi1521Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SIan and Yvette189#Sportss
Empire SNew Disc Who Dis?2111The Frizzles
Empire SThe Ultimates2116Circinus
Empire STurf Club217Hand of Chal
Jericho WHuckflicks & Chill1421Chamaeleon
Jericho WJust Throwing Things Out There1512Corvus
Memorial SW90s Throwback921Basura Gang
Memorial SWFamily Discgrace1314The Gino Odj-discs
Memorial SWH-Bar921Butterfingers
Memorial SWNeon Disc-zaster!1919Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium ECaelum1213Tsunami
Trillium ECassiopeia1520Carina
Trillium EGOATS1813Disc Monkeys
Trillium ESpinister Motives189Not in the Face
Trillium WDarts YVR2110Tiger Balm
Trillium WFriends of Henry1121Hotpot Fall Edition
Trillium WPiper Palooza1815Sideways Shoe
Trillium WRuby and Friends1121Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Mon Nov 8
8:15 pm
Empire NApus2120Aquarius
Empire NFight Club2113Vaxxstadon
Empire NKachow and friends1314Plaid to the Bone
Empire NStrangers by Rob Taylor1014Masktadon
Jericho W#sports129Spirit Foul
Jericho WDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1418Disctruction
Jericho WFullSendCat ForfeitedFrozen Ferrets
Jericho WRisky Frizzness1211Dump Trucks
Memorial SWChinzillas212Dragon Sound
Memorial SWDisc it for the Biscuit1221Panic with the disc(o)
Memorial SWHangry Flickers1715Disconnect
Memorial SWsup baby1718Soup Du Jour
Trillium EAntlia2115Andromeda
Trillium ERuby & Friends1510The Perogies
Trillium ETeam Shark819Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EThe Ulti-Mates1511Social Disc-tancers
Trillium WCampfire1814#DiscsOutForHarambe
Trillium WFlatten the Curve 1811Tequila
Trillium WNightHucks1412The new Pac-Man and friends
Trillium WScarebears1518Crater
9:10 pmEmpire NApus919Kachow and friends
Empire NAquarius1715Plaid to the Bone
Empire NFight Club216Strangers by Rob Taylor
Empire NVaxxstadon1521Masktadon
Jericho W#sports1315FullSendCat
Jericho WDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program917Risky Frizzness
Jericho WDisctruction1121Dump Trucks
Jericho WSpirit Foul ForfeitedFrozen Ferrets
Memorial SWChinzillas2118Hangry Flickers
Memorial SWDragon Sound1120Disconnect
Memorial SWSoup Du Jour1919Panic with the disc(o)
Memorial SWsup baby2118Disc it for the Biscuit
Trillium EAndromeda2119Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EAntlia1817Team Shark
Trillium ERuby & Friends1812The Ulti-Mates
Trillium EThe Perogies1812Social Disc-tancers
Trillium W#DiscsOutForHarambeCrater
Trillium WCampfire218Scarebears
Trillium WFlatten the Curve 1415NightHucks
Trillium WTequila1121The new Pac-Man and friends
Thu Nov 11
8:15 pm
Empire NCaelum1016Carina
Empire NDisc Monkeys116Spinister Motives
Empire NGOATS217Not in the Face
Empire NTsunami1913Cassiopeia
Empire SDarts YVR1316Sideways Shoe
Empire SFriends of Henry1014Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Empire SHotpot Fall Edition1114Ruby and Friends
Empire STiger Balm813Piper Palooza
Jericho WButterfingers1219Family Discgrace
Jericho WH-Bar189The Gino Odj-discs
Jericho WNeon Disc-zaster!713Basura Gang
Jericho WScoober-Dooby-Doo61490s Throwback
Memorial SWCircinus159Ian and Yvette
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?218Hand of Chal
Memorial SWThe Frizzles159Turf Club
Memorial SWThe Ultimates188#Sportss
Trillium ECorvus1614Chamaeleon
Trillium Ezoi2110Huckflicks & Chill
Trillium WDiscturbed1416Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium WFullmetal2117Just Throwing Things Out There
Trillium WHot Buns 2110The Marauders
9:10 pmEmpire NCaelum1412Not in the Face
Empire NDisc Monkeys621Cassiopeia
Empire NGOATS2114Carina
Empire NTsunami1913Spinister Motives
Empire SDarts YVR721Handsome Girls and Beautiful Boys
Empire SFriends of Henry2014Sideways Shoe
Empire SHotpot Fall Edition2115Piper Palooza
Empire STiger Balm1311Ruby and Friends
Jericho WButterfingers211090s Throwback
Jericho WH-Bar1417Basura Gang
Jericho WNeon Disc-zaster!1214The Gino Odj-discs
Jericho WScoober-Dooby-Doo1120Family Discgrace
Memorial SWCircinus1617Turf Club
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?1912#Sportss
Memorial SWThe Frizzles1813Ian and Yvette
Memorial SWThe Ultimates1721Hand of Chal
Trillium ECorvus2118Huckflicks & Chill
Trillium Ezoi1921Chamaeleon
Trillium WFullmetal2111Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium WHot Buns 2114Discturbed
Trillium WThe Marauders1716Just Throwing Things Out There
Mon Nov 15
8:15 pm
Empire NChinzillas911Disc it for the Biscuit
Empire NDisconnect711Soup Du Jour
Empire NDragon Sound88Panic with the disc(o)
Empire NHangry Flickers1310sup baby
Jericho W#DiscsOutForHarambeThe new Pac-Man and friends
Jericho WCampfire1011NightHucks
Jericho WCrater108Tequila
Jericho WScarebears99Flatten the Curve
Memorial SWDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1115FullSendCat
Memorial SWDisctruction521Frozen Ferrets
Memorial SWDump Trucks187Spirit Foul
Memorial SWRisky Frizzness1310#sports
Trillium EAndromedaPostponedSocial Disc-tancers
Trillium EAntliaCancelledThe Ulti-Mates
Trillium ETeam Shark1211Ruby & Friends
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1516The Perogies
Trillium WFight ClubKachow and friends
Trillium WMasktadon1514Aquarius
Trillium WStrangers by Rob Taylor1710Apus
Trillium WVaxxstadon1113Plaid to the Bone
9:10 pmEmpire NChinzillas188Panic with the disc(o)
Empire NDisconnect1616sup baby
Empire NDragon Sound613Disc it for the Biscuit
Empire NHangry Flickers1617Soup Du Jour
Jericho W#DiscsOutForHarambe1617NightHucks
Jericho WCampfire1414The new Pac-Man and friends
Jericho WCrater1821Flatten the Curve
Jericho WScarebears2115Tequila
Memorial SWDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program2115Frozen Ferrets
Memorial SWDisctruction1421FullSendCat
Memorial SWDump Trucks187#sports
Memorial SWRisky Frizzness1211Spirit Foul
Trillium EAndromedaPostponedThe Ulti-Mates
Trillium EAntliaCancelledSocial Disc-tancers
Trillium ETeam Shark1718The Perogies
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1511Ruby & Friends
Trillium WFight Club2110Plaid to the Bone
Trillium WMasktadon1414Apus
Trillium WStrangers by Rob Taylor713Aquarius
Trillium WVaxxstadonKachow and friends
Thu Nov 18
8:15 pm
Empire NDarts YVR2116Piper Palooza
Empire NHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys129Hotpot Fall Edition
Empire NRuby and Friends1119Tsunami
Empire NSideways Shoe1314Friends of Henry
Empire SHuckflicks & Chill1716New Disc Who Dis?
Empire SThe Marauders1821Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire Szoi2115Corvus
Jericho WDiscturbed1213Turf Club
Jericho WHand of Chal1514Basura Gang
Jericho WIan and Yvette1721The Frizzles
Jericho WThe Ultimates1217Circinus
Memorial SWFullmetal219Just Throwing Things Out There
Memorial SWHot Buns 1611Chamaeleon
Trillium E#Sportss516Family Discgrace
Trillium E90s Throwback1412H-Bar
Trillium EButterfingers2014Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium EThe Gino Odj-discs1617Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium WCassiopeia1113Carina
Trillium WDisc Monkeys1012Caelum
Trillium WSpinister Motives218Not in the Face
Trillium WTiger Balm1612GOATS
9:10 pmEmpire NDarts YVR2115Sideways Shoe
Empire NHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys1712Ruby and Friends
Empire NHotpot Fall Edition2110Tsunami
Empire NPiper Palooza1516Friends of Henry
Empire SHuckflicks & Chill1617Corvus
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2113New Disc Who Dis?
Empire Szoi1816The Marauders
Jericho WCircinus912Ian and Yvette
Jericho WDiscturbed1815Hand of Chal
Jericho WThe Ultimates1121The Frizzles
Jericho WTurf Club154Basura Gang
Memorial SWChamaeleon2112Just Throwing Things Out There
Memorial SWFullmetal1521Hot Buns
Trillium E#Sportss1621Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium EButterfingers1315H-Bar
Trillium EFamily Discgrace189The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium ENeon Disc-zaster!121690s Throwback
Trillium WCarina1211Disc Monkeys
Trillium WCassiopeia1618Caelum
Trillium WGOATS1716Spinister Motives
Trillium WTiger Balm174Not in the Face
Mon Nov 22
8:15 pm
Empire NAndromeda1718Team Shark
Empire NDragon Sound1412Antlia
Empire NThe Perogies2112Ruby & Friends
Empire NThe Ulti-Mates715Social Disc-tancers
Jericho WAquarius1617Vaxxstadon
Jericho WFight Club197Masktadon
Jericho WKachow and friends1115Apus
Jericho WPlaid to the Bone821Strangers by Rob Taylor
Memorial SW#DiscsOutForHarambe2018Flatten the Curve
Memorial SWCampfire1610The new Pac-Man and friends
Memorial SWCrater414NightHucks
Memorial SWScarebears1118FullSendCat
Trillium EChinzillas1117Disc it for the Biscuit
Trillium EDisctruction1218Disconnect
Trillium ESoup Du Jour911Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium Esup baby209Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium W#sports129Spirit Foul
Trillium WDisc Golf Rehabilitation ProgramForfeitedHangry Flickers
Trillium WFrozen Ferrets1113Risky Frizzness
Trillium WTequila1416Dump Trucks
9:10 pmEmpire NAntlia1419Social Disc-tancers
Empire NDragon Sound1211The Ulti-Mates
Empire NRuby & Friends818Team Shark
Empire NThe Perogies2115Andromeda
Jericho WAquarius1818Apus
Jericho WFight Club (A105)Plaid to the Bone
Jericho WMasktadon (A108)Strangers by Rob Taylor
Jericho WVaxxstadon1512Kachow and friends
Memorial SWCampfire218Scarebears
Memorial SWCrater1621#DiscsOutForHarambe
Memorial SWNightHucks2114Flatten the Curve
Memorial SWThe new Pac-Man and friends2013FullSendCat
Trillium EChinzillas1420Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium EDisc it for the Biscuit1114Soup Du Jour
Trillium EDisconnect2114Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EDisctruction1621sup baby
Trillium WDump TrucksDefaultDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Trillium WFrozen Ferrets2115#sports
Trillium WRisky Frizzness169Spirit Foul
Trillium WTequila921Hangry Flickers
Thu Nov 25
8:15 pm
Empire NButterfingers115#Sportss
Empire NFamily Discgrace6890s Throwback
Empire NH-Bar (C110)Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire NThe Gino Odj-discs910Neon Disc-zaster!
Empire SCarina1416GOATS
Empire SDisc Monkeys1517Spinister Motives
Empire SNot in the Face719Cassiopeia
Empire STiger Balm821Caelum
Jericho WFullmetal1912Chamaeleon
Jericho WHot Buns (A118)Just Throwing Things Out There
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers (A107)Huckflicks & Chill
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis? (A109)The Marauders
Memorial SWzoi1517Corvus
Trillium EBasura Gang1911The Ultimates
Trillium ECircinus1311Hand of Chal
Trillium EIan and Yvette911Discturbed
Trillium ETurf Club (B109)The Frizzles
Trillium WDarts YVR2110Hotpot Fall Edition
Trillium WHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys137Friends of Henry
Trillium WRuby and Friends00Piper Palooza
Trillium WSideways Shoe1020Tsunami
9:10 pmEmpire N90s Throwback (C113)W: C110
Empire NFamily Discgrace (C114)L: C110
Empire NNeon Disc-zaster!920Butterfingers
Empire NThe Gino Odj-discs1115#Sportss
Empire SCaelum1621GOATS
Empire SCassiopeia1517Spinister Motives
Empire SNot in the Face718Disc Monkeys
Empire STiger Balm1015Carina
Jericho WChamaeleon (A120)L: A118
Jericho WFullmetal (A119)W: A118
Memorial SWW: A107 (A110)Corvus
Memorial SWW: A109 (A111)Huckflicks & Chill
Memorial SWL: A109 (A112)zoi
Trillium EW: B109 (B113)Discturbed
Trillium EL: B109 (B114)Ian and Yvette
Trillium EBasura Gang9997Circinus
Trillium EThe Ultimates1713Hand of Chal
Trillium WW: D111 (D115)Tsunami
Trillium WL: D111 (D116)Sideways Shoe
Trillium WFriends of Henry1420Hotpot Fall Edition
Trillium WHandsome Girls and Beautiful Boys521Darts YVR
Mon Nov 29
8:15 pm
Empire NCampfireForfeited#DiscsOutForHarambe
Empire NFlatten the Curve (B112)FullSendCat
Empire NNightHucks (B110)The new Pac-Man and friends
Empire NScarebearsForfeitedCrater
Jericho WDisc it for the Biscuit1216Disctruction
Jericho WDisconnect1812Panic with the disc(o)
Jericho WSoup Du Jour1521sup baby
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1121Chinzillas
Memorial SWW: A105 (A109)W: A106
Memorial SWL: A105 (A111)L: A106
Memorial SWKachow and friends10Strangers by Rob Taylor
Memorial SWVaxxstadon (A110)W: A108
Trillium EDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1021#sports
Trillium EDump Trucks (C109)Frozen Ferrets
Trillium ERisky Frizzness720Hangry Flickers
Trillium ESpirit Foul (C112)Tequila
Trillium WAndromeda1514Antlia
Trillium WDragon Sound1216Team Shark
Trillium WThe Perogies1820Social Disc-tancers
Trillium WThe Ulti-Mates913Ruby & Friends
9:10 pmEmpire N#DiscsOutForHarambe (B114)L: B110
Empire NCampfire (B113)W: B110
Empire NCraterForfeitedL: B112
Empire NScarebears1321FullSendCat
Jericho WChinzillas (D115)Disctruction
Jericho WDisconnect1414sup baby
Jericho WPanic with the disc(o)1413Soup Du Jour
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1320Disc it for the Biscuit
Memorial SWW: A109 (A113)W: A110
Memorial SWL: A109 (A114)L: A110
Memorial SWW: A111 (A115)Kachow and friends
Memorial SWL: A111 (A116)Strangers by Rob Taylor
Trillium EW: C109 (C113)Hangry Flickers
Trillium E#sports (C115)W: C112
Trillium EDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program (C116)L: C112
Trillium EDump Trucks2116Risky Frizzness
Trillium WDragon Sound1621The Perogies
Trillium WRuby & Friends1521Andromeda
Trillium WTeam Shark1921Social Disc-tancers
Trillium WThe Ulti-Mates1416Antlia
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