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Wed Jun 12
6:00 pm
Winona CThe Little Ones110The Naked Pony Herders
Winona CUp68Nico And The Wildcard
Winona NDyscfunctional1213Strikers
Winona NRAD106Hucking Fooligans
Winona SGet Hucked78DiscGrace
Winona STeam Rocket S103We Want the Disc
7:15 pmWinona CThe Little Ones46Nico And The Wildcard
Winona CUp41The Naked Pony Herders
Winona NDyscfunctional65Hucking Fooligans
Winona NRAD71Strikers
Winona SGet HuckedWe Want the Disc
Winona STeam Rocket S86DiscGrace
Wed Jun 19
6:00 pm
Winona CHucking Fooligans110Up
Winona CStrikers17The Little Ones
Winona NDiscGraceDefaultDyscfunctional
Winona NWe Want the Disc110RAD
Winona SNico And The Wildcard57Team Rocket S
Winona SThe Naked Pony HerdersGet Hucked
7:15 pmWinona CHucking Fooligans59The Little Ones
Winona CStrikers711Up
Winona NDiscGrace1312RAD
Winona NWe Want the Disc85Dyscfunctional
Winona SNico And The WildcardDefaultGet Hucked
Winona SThe Naked Pony HerdersDefaultTeam Rocket S
Wed Jun 26
6:00 pm
Winona CHucking Fooligans69Nico And The Wildcard
Winona CStrikers118The Naked Pony Herders
Winona NThe Little Ones46DiscGrace
Winona NUp130We Want the Disc
Winona SDyscfunctional82Get Hucked
Winona SRAD87Team Rocket S
7:15 pmWinona CHucking Fooligans108The Naked Pony Herders
Winona CStrikers102Nico And The Wildcard
Winona NThe Little Ones115We Want the Disc
Winona NUp613DiscGrace
Winona SDyscfunctional68Team Rocket S
Winona SRADGet Hucked
Wed Jul 3
6:00 pm
Winona CThe Little Ones91Get Hucked
Winona CUp98Team Rocket S
Winona NDyscfunctional85The Naked Pony Herders
Winona NRADDefaultNico And The Wildcard
Winona SHucking Fooligans111We Want the Disc
Winona SStrikers310DiscGrace
7:15 pmWinona CThe Little Ones128Team Rocket S
Winona CUp135Get Hucked
Winona NDyscfunctional78Nico And The Wildcard
Winona NRAD138The Naked Pony Herders
Winona SHucking Fooligans113DiscGrace
Winona SStrikers111We Want the Disc
Wed Jul 10
6:00 pm
Winona CDyscfunctional49The Little Ones
Winona CRAD711Up
Winona NNico And The WildcardForfeitedWe Want the Disc
Winona NThe Naked Pony Herders313DiscGrace
Winona SHucking Fooligans411Team Rocket S
Winona SStrikersGet Hucked
7:15 pmWinona CDyscfunctional38Up
Winona CRAD410The Little Ones
Winona NNico And The WildcardForfeitedDiscGrace
Winona NThe Naked Pony Herders110We Want the Disc
Winona SHucking Fooligans55Get Hucked
Winona SStrikers87Team Rocket S
Wed Jul 17
6:00 pm
Winona CThe Little Ones109Up
Winona CThe Naked Pony HerdersForfeitedNico And The Wildcard
Winona NDiscGrace130We Want the Disc
Winona NGet Hucked213Team Rocket S
Winona SDyscfunctional311RAD
Winona SStrikers134Hucking Fooligans
7:15 pmWinona CThe Little Ones1010Team Rocket S
Winona CUpGet Hucked
Winona NHucking Fooligans313DiscGrace
Winona NStrikers131We Want the Disc
Winona SDyscfunctional98Nico And The Wildcard
Winona SRADThe Naked Pony Herders
Wed Jul 24
6:00 pm
Winona CHucking FooligansDefaultNico And The Wildcard
Winona CStrikersThe Naked Pony Herders
Winona NDyscfunctionalDefaultGet Hucked
Winona NRADCancelledTeam Rocket S
Winona SThe Little Ones98DiscGrace
Winona SUp116We Want the Disc
7:15 pmWinona CHucking Fooligans510The Naked Pony Herders
Winona CStrikersNico And The Wildcard
Winona NDyscfunctional67Team Rocket S
Winona NRADCancelledGet Hucked
Winona SThe Little Ones1310We Want the Disc
Winona SUp98DiscGrace
Wed Jul 31
6:00 pm
Winona CHucking Fooligans113Up
Winona CStrikers1010The Little Ones
Winona NDiscGrace119Dyscfunctional
Winona NWe Want the Disc111RAD
Winona SNico And The WildcardDefaultTeam Rocket S
Winona SThe Naked Pony HerdersGet Hucked
7:15 pmWinona CHucking Fooligans711The Little Ones
Winona CStrikers57Up
Winona NDiscGraceRAD
Winona NWe Want the Disc1011Dyscfunctional
Winona SNico And The WildcardGet Hucked
Winona SThe Naked Pony Herders711Team Rocket S
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