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Mon Jan 19
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EBento Box B2112Fatty's Unite
Andy Livingstone ESTUNNERS1816Hos, Bros and Throws
Andy Livingstone ETeam Superfriends2113Hot Dog Stock Market
Andy Livingstone EWeapon of Choice2114The Sharks
Van Tech TurfDoggie Style1616Double Rainbow!
Van Tech TurfMr. Callahan621Huck Bunnies
Van Tech TurfOff the Huck2116The Throw Ups
Van Tech TurfThe Huck Dynasty1412Digletts
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHot Dog Stock Market1721Hos, Bros and Throws
Andy Livingstone ESTUNNERS219The Sharks
Andy Livingstone ETeam Superfriends217Bento Box B
Andy Livingstone EWeapon of Choice2114Fatty's Unite
Jericho WFMU2115Hucking Cold
Jericho WLeBrontourage 2.0218Team Adequate
Jericho WThe Marauders1721Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jericho WTurf Burglars821Dog
Memorial SWFilet o Flick321Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWFrozen Hammers2113Huck so Hard
Memorial SWhuck, huck, GOOSE!1910Rhymes With Mellower
Memorial SWSquid203Dragon Sound
Trillium EDementors1317I Don't Give a Huck
Trillium EHarshmellows421VUCHU
Trillium ENeon Disc-zaster!2113Scare Bears
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1611Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium WSneaky Peaches1821BadgerTime
Trillium WSoup Du Jour1619Players Gonna Play
Trillium WThe Frizzles1421ICEMAN
Trillium WWendiphyr2113Care Bears
Van Tech TurfDigletts2116Mr. Callahan
Van Tech TurfDouble Rainbow!2112The Throw Ups
Van Tech TurfHuck Bunnies1818Doggie Style
Van Tech TurfOff the Huck1921The Huck Dynasty
9:00 pmJericho WDog2112FMU
Jericho WHucking Cold219The Marauders
Jericho WLeBrontourage 2.01715Turf Burglars
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers213Team Adequate
Memorial SWDragon Sound321Frozen Hammers
Memorial SWHuck so Hard1314Rhymes With Mellower
Memorial SWhuck, huck, GOOSE!213Filet o Flick
Memorial SWWyld Stallyns1717Squid
Trillium EHarshmellows1421Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium EI Don't Give a Huck1310Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EScare Bears1620Dementors
Trillium EToo Drunk To Huck621VUCHU
Trillium WBadgerTime2112Players Gonna Play
Trillium WCare Bears1021Sneaky Peaches
Trillium WICEMAN215Wendiphyr
Trillium WSoup Du Jour921The Frizzles
Thu Jan 22
8:00 pm
Jericho WDisc Devils213Transients
Jericho WFirm1517zoi
Jericho WSweater Weather1510Fat but Slow
Jericho WUltimech321Mad Hops
Memorial SWAverage Joes1911Rebel Alliance
Memorial SWMatifff12142015 Winter Turf Champs!
Memorial SWOctopi2112What
Memorial SWStickdog215Flikerish
Trillium EHammertime1713The Succulents
Trillium EKrab Dinner1911Tater Toss
Trillium EPenguins in Flight1419Frozen Huckers
Trillium EYodaMan 2.0915Lost Salt Shakers
Trillium WAzure1916Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium WBaywatchers213Turtle Power
Trillium WET Force Home1515Huckstables
Trillium WHuck Society1216Throw Some D's
9:00 pmJericho WFat but Slow1915Disc Devils
Jericho WTransients421Mad Hops
Jericho WUltimech1516Firm
Jericho Wzoi1815Sweater Weather
Memorial SWAverage Joes2020Octopi
Memorial SWMatifff2116What
Memorial SWRebel Alliance2111Flikerish
Memorial SWStickdog17212015 Winter Turf Champs!
Trillium EFrozen Huckers1311YodaMan 2.0
Trillium EHammertime1114Krab Dinner
Trillium ELost Salt Shakers1012The Succulents
Trillium ETater Toss189Penguins in Flight
Trillium WGregarious Goosemasters213Baywatchers
Trillium WHuck Society721Azure
Trillium WHuckstables2118Throw Some D's
Trillium WTurtle Power621ET Force Home
Mon Jan 26
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EFMU1819Turf Burglars
Andy Livingstone ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2118LeBrontourage 2.0
Andy Livingstone ETeam Adequate1421Hucking Cold
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders221Dog
Van Tech TurfFrozen Hammers1520Wyld Stallyns
Van Tech TurfHuck so Hard420huck, huck, GOOSE!
Van Tech TurfRhymes With Mellower216Dragon Sound
Van Tech TurfSquid165Filet o Flick
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDog219Team Adequate
Andy Livingstone EFMU2119LeBrontourage 2.0
Andy Livingstone EHucking Cold1621Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Andy Livingstone ETurf Burglars2110The Marauders
Jericho WBadgerTime2115Soup Du Jour
Jericho WPlayers Gonna Play2021Care Bears
Jericho WSneaky Peaches1917ICEMAN
Jericho WWendiphyr1417The Frizzles
Memorial SWHot Dog Stock Market1621The Sharks
Memorial SWSTUNNERS2111Fatty's Unite
Memorial SWTeam Superfriends2012Hos, Bros and Throws
Memorial SWWeapon of Choice2116Bento Box B
Trillium EDoggie Style199Digletts
Trillium EDouble Rainbow!2112Off the Huck
Trillium EMr. Callahan817The Huck Dynasty
Trillium EThe Throw Ups1021Huck Bunnies
Trillium WDementors1919Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1413Scare Bears
Trillium WToo Drunk To Huck1512Harshmellows
Trillium WVUCHU214I Don't Give a Huck
Van Tech TurfDragon Sound621Huck so Hard
Van Tech TurfFilet o Flick521Frozen Hammers
Van Tech TurfSquid221huck, huck, GOOSE!
Van Tech TurfWyld Stallyns1121Rhymes With Mellower
9:00 pmJericho WCare Bears921BadgerTime
Jericho WICEMAN188Players Gonna Play
Jericho WThe Frizzles1216Sneaky Peaches
Jericho WWendiphyr1719Soup Du Jour
Memorial SWBento Box B2113Hot Dog Stock Market
Memorial SWHos, Bros and Throws2116Fatty's Unite
Memorial SWSTUNNERS2111Weapon of Choice
Memorial SWTeam Superfriends2116The Sharks
Trillium EDigletts1319The Throw Ups
Trillium EHuck Bunnies1421Double Rainbow!
Trillium EMr. Callahan1920Off the Huck
Trillium EThe Huck Dynasty821Doggie Style
Trillium WDementors2116Harshmellows
Trillium WI Don't Give a Huck2113Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium WNeon Disc-zaster!215Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WScare Bears321VUCHU
Thu Jan 29
8:00 pm
Jericho WLost Salt Shakers1421Hammertime
Jericho WPenguins in Flight817Krab Dinner
Jericho WThe Succulents2013Frozen Huckers
Jericho WYodaMan 2.01412Tater Toss
Memorial SWDisc Devils921zoi
Memorial SWMad Hops1821Fat but Slow
Memorial SWSweater Weather2114Firm
Memorial SWTransients314Ultimech
Trillium EBaywatchers421Azure
Trillium EET Force Home1021Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium EHuckstables2114Huck Society
Trillium EThrow Some D's1711Turtle Power
Trillium WAverage Joes214Flikerish
Trillium WMatifff1619Octopi
Trillium WRebel Alliance15212015 Winter Turf Champs!
Trillium WStickdog2116What
9:00 pmJericho WFrozen Huckers1121Lost Salt Shakers
Jericho WKrab Dinner1918YodaMan 2.0
Jericho WPenguins in Flight1321Hammertime
Jericho WTater Toss1620The Succulents
Memorial SWFat but Slow214Transients
Memorial SWFirm2118Disc Devils
Memorial SWSweater Weather2117Ultimech
Memorial SWzoi1921Mad Hops
Trillium EAzure2116ET Force Home
Trillium EBaywatchers421Huck Society
Trillium EGregarious Goosemasters2117Throw Some D's
Trillium ETurtle Power2117Huckstables
Trillium WAverage Joes19212015 Winter Turf Champs!
Trillium WFlikerish1121What
Trillium WOctopi2115Rebel Alliance
Trillium WStickdog2112Matifff
Mon Feb 2
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EBadgerTime1021ICEMAN
Andy Livingstone EPlayers Gonna Play2119The Frizzles
Andy Livingstone ESneaky Peaches1721Wendiphyr
Andy Livingstone ESoup Du Jour1321Care Bears
Van Tech TurfFatty's Unite1821Team Superfriends
Van Tech TurfHos, Bros and Throws1821Weapon of Choice
Van Tech TurfHot Dog Stock Market1421STUNNERS
Van Tech TurfThe Sharks1821Bento Box B
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EICEMAN2119Care Bears
Andy Livingstone ESoup Du Jour1821Sneaky Peaches
Andy Livingstone EThe Frizzles2021BadgerTime
Andy Livingstone EWendiphyr2112Players Gonna Play
Jericho WHarshmellows1618I Don't Give a Huck
Jericho WTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1019Dementors
Jericho WToo Drunk To Huck1416Scare Bears
Jericho WVUCHU215Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWLeBrontourage 2.01521Hucking Cold
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1716Dog
Memorial SWTeam Adequate1021Turf Burglars
Memorial SWThe Marauders521FMU
Trillium EFrozen Hammers1611Squid
Trillium EHuck so Hard1521Wyld Stallyns
Trillium Ehuck, huck, GOOSE!211Dragon Sound
Trillium ERhymes With Mellower216Filet o Flick
Trillium WDoggie Style1811Mr. Callahan
Trillium WDouble Rainbow!1618Digletts
Trillium WOff the Huck1221Huck Bunnies
Trillium WThe Throw Ups621The Huck Dynasty
Van Tech TurfBento Box B1421STUNNERS
Van Tech TurfFatty's Unite2116Hot Dog Stock Market
Van Tech TurfTeam Superfriends2116Weapon of Choice
Van Tech TurfThe Sharks1721Hos, Bros and Throws
9:00 pmJericho WDementors1021VUCHU
Jericho WHarshmellows621Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Jericho WNeon Disc-zaster!1819Too Drunk To Huck
Jericho WScare Bears1414I Don't Give a Huck
Memorial SWDog2110Hucking Cold
Memorial SWFMU216Team Adequate
Memorial SWLeBrontourage 2.02113The Marauders
Memorial SWTurf Burglars721Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium EFilet o Flick1510Huck so Hard
Trillium Ehuck, huck, GOOSE!1715Frozen Hammers
Trillium ESquid1121Rhymes With Mellower
Trillium EWyld Stallyns216Dragon Sound
Trillium WDigletts1121Huck Bunnies
Trillium WMr. Callahan2017The Throw Ups
Trillium WOff the Huck1217Doggie Style
Trillium WThe Huck Dynasty1720Double Rainbow!
Thu Feb 5
8:00 pm
Jericho WET Force Home206Baywatchers
Jericho WHuck Society1114Turtle Power
Jericho WHuckstables918Gregarious Goosemasters
Jericho WThrow Some D's1021Azure
Memorial SWHammertime2111Frozen Huckers
Memorial SWLost Salt Shakers1815Tater Toss
Memorial SWThe Succulents1710Krab Dinner
Memorial SWYodaMan 2.01221Penguins in Flight
Trillium E2015 Winter Turf Champs!1211Octopi
Trillium EFlikerishMatifff
Trillium ERebel Alliance1721Stickdog
Trillium EWhat721Average Joes
Trillium WDisc Devils1721Sweater Weather
Trillium WMad Hops218Firm
Trillium WTransients818zoi
Trillium WUltimech621Fat but Slow
9:00 pmJericho WAzure219Huckstables
Jericho WBaywatchers514Throw Some D's
Jericho WGregarious Goosemasters107Turtle Power
Jericho WHuck Society1018ET Force Home
Memorial SWHammertime2110YodaMan 2.0
Memorial SWKrab Dinner1812Lost Salt Shakers
Memorial SWPenguins in Flight1418The Succulents
Memorial SWTater Toss138Frozen Huckers
Trillium E2015 Winter Turf Champs!215Flikerish
Trillium EAverage Joes1619Matifff
Trillium EOctopi2118Stickdog
Trillium EWhat1516Rebel Alliance
Trillium WFirm214Transients
Trillium WSweater Weather621Mad Hops
Trillium WUltimech118Disc Devils
Trillium Wzoi1619Fat but Slow
Mon Feb 9
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EI Don't Give a Huck217Neon Disc-zaster!
Andy Livingstone EScare Bears1719Harshmellows
Andy Livingstone EToo Drunk To Huck1721Dementors
Andy Livingstone EVUCHU207Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Van Tech TurfDog214LeBrontourage 2.0
Van Tech TurfHucking Cold2115Turf Burglars
Van Tech TurfLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1512FMU
Van Tech TurfTeam Adequate1616The Marauders
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHarshmellows2115Neon Disc-zaster!
Andy Livingstone EI Don't Give a Huck1810Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Andy Livingstone EScare Bears2116Dementors
Andy Livingstone EToo Drunk To Huck1021VUCHU
Jericho WDigletts1810Off the Huck
Jericho WDouble Rainbow!2114Mr. Callahan
Jericho WHuck Bunnies218The Huck Dynasty
Jericho WThe Throw Ups1121Doggie Style
Memorial SWBadgerTime1812Wendiphyr
Memorial SWCare Bears1915The Frizzles
Memorial SWICEMAN2022Soup Du Jour
Memorial SWPlayers Gonna Play1418Sneaky Peaches
Trillium EBento Box B2117Hos, Bros and Throws
Trillium EFatty's Unite1918The Sharks
Trillium EHot Dog Stock Market2116Weapon of Choice
Trillium ETeam Superfriends1021STUNNERS
Trillium WDragon Sound320Filet o Flick
Trillium WHuck so Hard1421Squid
Trillium WRhymes With Mellower2116Frozen Hammers
Trillium WWyld Stallyns521huck, huck, GOOSE!
Van Tech TurfDog1821FMU
Van Tech TurfHucking Cold2110The Marauders
Van Tech TurfLeBrontourage 2.01921Turf Burglars
Van Tech TurfLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers217Team Adequate
9:00 pmJericho WDigletts1711Mr. Callahan
Jericho WDouble Rainbow!169The Throw Ups
Jericho WHuck Bunnies1214Doggie Style
Jericho WOff the Huck118The Huck Dynasty
Memorial SWBadgerTime146Players Gonna Play
Memorial SWCare Bears1221Sneaky Peaches
Memorial SWICEMAN179Wendiphyr
Memorial SWSoup Du Jour1319The Frizzles
Trillium EHot Dog Stock Market1921Hos, Bros and Throws
Trillium ESTUNNERS2117The Sharks
Trillium ETeam Superfriends2113Bento Box B
Trillium EWeapon of Choice2117Fatty's Unite
Trillium WDragon Sound221Frozen Hammers
Trillium WHuck so Hard1221Rhymes With Mellower
Trillium Whuck, huck, GOOSE!217Filet o Flick
Trillium WWyld Stallyns1417Squid
Thu Feb 12
8:00 pm
Jericho WAverage Joes1821Stickdog
Jericho WOctopiFlikerish
Jericho WRebel Alliance1421Matifff
Jericho WWhat10212015 Winter Turf Champs!
Memorial SWGregarious Goosemasters2111Huck Society
Memorial SWHuckstables211Baywatchers
Memorial SWThrow Some D's1721ET Force Home
Memorial SWTurtle Power521Azure
Trillium EFat but Slow1916Firm
Trillium EMad Hops2110Disc Devils
Trillium ETransients421Sweater Weather
Trillium Ezoi2112Ultimech
Trillium WFrozen Huckers917Krab Dinner
Trillium WLost Salt Shakers1417Penguins in Flight
Trillium WTater Toss1713Hammertime
Trillium WThe Succulents1215YodaMan 2.0
9:00 pmJericho WAverage Joes2017Octopi
Jericho WMatifff2116What
Jericho WRebel Alliance217Flikerish
Jericho WStickdog18212015 Winter Turf Champs!
Memorial SWGregarious Goosemasters218Baywatchers
Memorial SWHuck Society321Azure
Memorial SWHuckstables2016Throw Some D's
Memorial SWTurtle Power1515ET Force Home
Trillium EFat but Slow2118Disc Devils
Trillium ETransients521Mad Hops
Trillium EUltimech1921Firm
Trillium Ezoi1621Sweater Weather
Trillium WFrozen Huckers1514YodaMan 2.0
Trillium WHammertime1520Krab Dinner
Trillium WLost Salt Shakers1821The Succulents
Trillium WTater Toss1821Penguins in Flight
Mon Feb 16
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EDigletts1221Rhymes With Mellower
Andy Livingstone EHarshmellows1718Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Andy Livingstone EThe Huck Dynasty1319Off the Huck
Andy Livingstone EToo Drunk To Huck214Scare Bears
Van Tech TurfCare BearsSoup Du Jour
Van Tech TurfLeBrontourage 2.02021Sneaky Peaches
Van Tech TurfPlayers Gonna Play2120I Don't Give a Huck
Van Tech TurfWendiphyr2114The Frizzles
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDigletts2114Off the Huck
Andy Livingstone EHarshmellows2021Scare Bears
Andy Livingstone EThe Huck Dynasty2114Rhymes With Mellower
Andy Livingstone EToo Drunk To Huck2014Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Jericho WFilet o Flick157Dragon Sound
Jericho WMr. Callahan712Frozen Hammers
Jericho WThe Throw Ups169Squid
Jericho WWyld StallynsForfeitedHuck so Hard
Memorial SWDoggie Style1312Huck Bunnies
Memorial SWDouble Rainbow!2117huck, huck, GOOSE!
Memorial SWTeam Adequate1421Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWThe Marauders2110Dementors
Trillium EFMU2110Hucking Cold
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2117Dog
Trillium ETurf Burglars218BadgerTime
Trillium WHos, Bros and Throws1316Fatty's Unite
Trillium WSTUNNERS1821Team Superfriends
Trillium WThe Sharks2118Hot Dog Stock Market
Trillium WWeapon of Choice1421Bento Box B
Van Tech TurfCare BearsThe Frizzles
Van Tech TurfLeBrontourage 2.0129I Don't Give a Huck
Van Tech TurfPlayers Gonna Play1521Sneaky Peaches
Van Tech TurfWendiphyr1221Soup Du Jour
9:00 pmJericho WFilet o FlickForfeitedHuck so Hard
Jericho WMr. Callahan1518Squid
Jericho WThe Throw Ups1114Frozen Hammers
Jericho WWyld Stallyns210Dragon Sound
Memorial SWDoggie Style1514huck, huck, GOOSE!
Memorial SWDouble Rainbow!1419Huck Bunnies
Memorial SWTeam Adequate1521Dementors
Memorial SWThe Marauders1913Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium EBadgerTime921VUCHU
Trillium EFMU214Dog
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2114Hucking Cold
Trillium ETurf Burglars2110ICEMAN
Trillium WHos, Bros and Throws1621Hot Dog Stock Market
Trillium WSTUNNERS2110Bento Box B
Trillium WThe Sharks2110Fatty's Unite
Trillium WWeapon of Choice1621Team Superfriends
Thu Feb 19
8:00 pm
Jericho WDisc Devils2117Krab Dinner
Jericho WSweater Weather2021Firm
Jericho WUltimech2119Flikerish
Jericho WWhat1521zoi
Memorial SW2015 Winter Turf Champs!1821Average Joes
Memorial SWMatifff2117Fat but Slow
Memorial SWRebel Alliance1917Mad Hops
Memorial SWStickdog2118Octopi
Trillium EAzure2116Hammertime
Trillium ELost Salt Shakers2015Frozen Huckers
Trillium EPenguins in Flight1621Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium EThe Succulents1712Tater Toss
Trillium WThrow Some D's2110Huck Society
Trillium WTransients817ET Force Home
Trillium WTurtle Power167Baywatchers
Trillium WYodaMan 2.02119Huckstables
9:00 pmJericho WDisc Devils1611Flikerish
Jericho WSweater Weather1613zoi
Jericho WUltimech1417Krab Dinner
Jericho WWhat1421Firm
Memorial SW2015 Winter Turf Champs!2119Octopi
Memorial SWMatifff2116Mad Hops
Memorial SWRebel Alliance219Fat but Slow
Memorial SWStickdog1821Average Joes
Trillium EAzure2113Tater Toss
Trillium ELost Salt Shakers521Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium EPenguins in Flight1713Frozen Huckers
Trillium EThe Succulents1721Hammertime
Trillium WThrow Some D's215Baywatchers
Trillium WTransients921Huckstables
Trillium WTurtle Power1718Huck Society
Trillium WYodaMan 2.02113ET Force Home
Mon Feb 23
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EFrozen Hammers2113Huck so Hard
Andy Livingstone EMr. Callahan1712Wyld Stallyns
Andy Livingstone ESquid216Dragon Sound
Andy Livingstone EThe Throw Ups2111Filet o Flick
Van Tech TurfDementors921Huck Bunnies
Van Tech TurfNeon Disc-zaster!1516huck, huck, GOOSE!
Van Tech TurfTeam Adequate2021Double Rainbow!
Van Tech TurfThe Marauders1521Doggie Style
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFrozen Hammers213Dragon Sound
Andy Livingstone EMr. Callahan212Filet o Flick
Andy Livingstone ESquid1819Huck so Hard
Andy Livingstone EThe Throw Ups1718Wyld Stallyns
Jericho WBento Box B2110Fatty's Unite
Jericho WSTUNNERS2117Weapon of Choice
Jericho WTeam Superfriends2115Hos, Bros and Throws
Jericho WThe Sharks2021Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWHarshmellows1910The Huck Dynasty
Memorial SWScare Bears2120Rhymes With Mellower
Memorial SWTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion821Off the Huck
Memorial SWToo Drunk To Huck1014Digletts
Trillium ELeBrontourage 2.0621VUCHU
Trillium ESoup Du Jour1021I Don't Give a Huck
Trillium EThe Frizzles1821Players Gonna Play
Trillium EWendiphyr2012Care Bears
Trillium WFMU217Turf Burglars
Trillium WHot Dog Stock Market215Dog
Trillium WHucking Cold1721BadgerTime
Trillium WSneaky PeachesICEMAN
Van Tech TurfDementors1621huck, huck, GOOSE!
Van Tech TurfNeon Disc-zaster!921Huck Bunnies
Van Tech TurfTeam Adequate1721Doggie Style
Van Tech TurfThe Marauders1416Double Rainbow!
9:00 pmJericho WBento Box B1715Hos, Bros and Throws
Jericho WSTUNNERS2113Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jericho WTeam Superfriends2220Fatty's Unite
Jericho WWeapon of Choice2118The Sharks
Memorial SWHarshmellows1121Digletts
Memorial SWScare Bears1418Off the Huck
Memorial SWTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1421Rhymes With Mellower
Memorial SWToo Drunk To Huck1915The Huck Dynasty
Trillium ECare Bears2118LeBrontourage 2.0
Trillium ESoup Du Jour218Players Gonna Play
Trillium EThe Frizzles1621I Don't Give a Huck
Trillium EWendiphyr421VUCHU
Trillium WFMU219ICEMAN
Trillium WHot Dog Stock Market215BadgerTime
Trillium WHucking Cold1521Dog
Trillium WSneaky Peaches1421Turf Burglars
Thu Feb 26
8:00 pm
Jericho WAzure2021Lost Salt Shakers
Jericho WHammertime199Frozen Huckers
Jericho WTater Toss1621Gregarious Goosemasters
Jericho WThe Succulents1418Penguins in Flight
Memorial SWFirm1618Krab Dinner
Memorial SWSweater Weather2113Disc Devils
Memorial SWWhat218Ultimech
Memorial SWzoi2116Flikerish
Trillium EET Force Home217Huck Society
Trillium EHuckstables214Baywatchers
Trillium ETransients721Throw Some D's
Trillium EYodaMan 2.01417Turtle Power
Trillium W2015 Winter Turf Champs!2115Rebel Alliance
Trillium WAverage Joes2117Mad Hops
Trillium WOctopi2112Fat but Slow
Trillium WStickdog1921Matifff
9:00 pmJericho WAzure158Penguins in Flight
Jericho WHammertime1918Gregarious Goosemasters
Jericho WTater Toss1815Frozen Huckers
Jericho WThe Succulents1011Lost Salt Shakers
Memorial SWFirm1610Flikerish
Memorial SWSweater Weather2120Ultimech
Memorial SWWhat2110Disc Devils
Memorial SWzoi1520Krab Dinner
Trillium EET Force Home214Baywatchers
Trillium EHuckstables2112Huck Society
Trillium ETransients418Turtle Power
Trillium EYodaMan 2.01221Throw Some D's
Trillium W2015 Winter Turf Champs!2114Matifff
Trillium WAverage Joes215Fat but Slow
Trillium WOctopi2116Mad Hops
Trillium WStickdog219Rebel Alliance
Mon Mar 2
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone ESTUNNERS2114Hos, Bros and Throws
Andy Livingstone ETeam Superfriends2111Bento Box B
Andy Livingstone EThe SharksDefaultDog
Andy Livingstone EWeapon of Choice219Fatty's Unite
Van Tech TurfHarshmellows821Off the Huck
Van Tech TurfScare Bears1121Digletts
Van Tech TurfTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1713The Huck Dynasty
Van Tech TurfToo Drunk To Huck2116Rhymes With Mellower
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBento Box B216The Sharks
Andy Livingstone ESTUNNERS219Fatty's Unite
Andy Livingstone ETeam Superfriends2114Dog
Andy Livingstone EWeapon of Choice2115Hos, Bros and Throws
Jericho WFMU2111BadgerTime
Jericho WHot Dog Stock Market1915Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jericho WHucking Cold1613Turf Burglars
Jericho WSneaky Peaches821VUCHU
Memorial SWFrozen Hammers1321Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWMr. Callahan1017Huck so Hard
Memorial SWSquid209Filet o Flick
Memorial SWThe Throw Ups2111Dragon Sound
Trillium EDementors1221Doggie Style
Trillium ENeon Disc-zaster!1911Double Rainbow!
Trillium ETeam Adequate2113huck, huck, GOOSE!
Trillium EThe Marauders1121Huck Bunnies
Trillium WCare Bears2116I Don't Give a Huck
Trillium WLeBrontourage 2.01914ICEMAN
Trillium WThe Frizzles2110Soup Du Jour
Trillium WWendiphyr2115Players Gonna Play
Van Tech TurfHarshmellows1921Rhymes With Mellower
Van Tech TurfScare Bears1916The Huck Dynasty
Van Tech TurfTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion921Digletts
Van Tech TurfToo Drunk To Huck2120Off the Huck
9:00 pmJericho WHot Dog Stock Market2110FMU
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2113BadgerTime
Jericho WSneaky Peaches1021Hucking Cold
Jericho WTurf Burglars621VUCHU
Memorial SWFrozen Hammers2110Filet o Flick
Memorial SWMr. Callahan213Dragon Sound
Memorial SWSquid721Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWThe Throw Ups1416Huck so Hard
Trillium EDementors1721Double Rainbow!
Trillium ENeon Disc-zaster!1921Doggie Style
Trillium ETeam Adequate1521Huck Bunnies
Trillium EThe Marauders2011huck, huck, GOOSE!
Trillium WCare Bears2120Players Gonna Play
Trillium WLeBrontourage 2.02112Soup Du Jour
Trillium WThe Frizzles219ICEMAN
Trillium WWendiphyr2021I Don't Give a Huck
Thu Mar 5
8:00 pm
Jericho WET Force Home1521Throw Some D's
Jericho WHuckstables2111Turtle Power
Jericho WTransients818Huck Society
Jericho WYodaMan 2.0214Baywatchers
Memorial SWAzure219Frozen Huckers
Memorial SWHammertime1712Lost Salt Shakers
Memorial SWTater Toss1421Penguins in Flight
Memorial SWThe Succulents1215Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium E2015 Winter Turf Champs!2117Mad Hops
Trillium EAverage JoesRebel Alliance
Trillium EOctopi2116Matifff
Trillium EStickdog2110Fat but Slow
Trillium WFirmDisc Devils
Trillium WSweater Weather2113Krab Dinner
Trillium WWhatFlikerish
Trillium Wzoi216Ultimech
9:00 pmJericho WET Force Home1415Turtle Power
Jericho WHuckstables1419Throw Some D's
Jericho WTransients98Baywatchers
Jericho WYodaMan 2.0CancelledHuck Society
Memorial SWAzure1819Gregarious Goosemasters
Memorial SWHammertime2113Penguins in Flight
Memorial SWTater Toss2115Lost Salt Shakers
Memorial SWThe Succulents2014Frozen Huckers
Trillium E2015 Winter Turf Champs!218Fat but Slow
Trillium EAverage JoesMatifff
Trillium EOctopi2117Rebel Alliance
Trillium EStickdog2116Mad Hops
Trillium WFirm215Ultimech
Trillium WSweater Weather2110Flikerish
Trillium WWhat2116Krab Dinner
Trillium Wzoi2113Disc Devils
Mon Mar 9
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EBadgerTimeSneaky Peaches
Andy Livingstone EFMU1711LeBrontourage 2.0
Andy Livingstone EHot Dog Stock Market219Hucking Cold
Andy Livingstone EThe Sharks2112Turf Burglars
Van Tech TurfFilet o Flick1710Dragon Sound
Van Tech TurfFrozen Hammers2012Squid
Van Tech TurfMr. Callahan2011The Throw Ups
Van Tech TurfWyld StallynsDefaultHuck so Hard
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBadgerTime2119LeBrontourage 2.0
Andy Livingstone EFMUSneaky Peaches
Andy Livingstone EHot Dog Stock Market2110Turf Burglars
Andy Livingstone EThe Sharks1918Hucking Cold
Jericho WCare Bears1621I Don't Give a Huck
Jericho WPlayers Gonna Play1321Soup Du Jour
Jericho WVUCHU1012The Frizzles
Jericho WWendiphyr219ICEMAN
Memorial SWHos, Bros and Throws2116Dog
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2118Fatty's Unite
Memorial SWSTUNNERS2114Bento Box B
Memorial SWWeapon of Choice2220Team Superfriends
Trillium EHarshmellows1715Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium EOff the Huck1921Rhymes With Mellower
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion718Scare Bears
Trillium EThe Huck Dynasty1411Digletts
Trillium WDoggie Style1821Double Rainbow!
Trillium WHuck Bunnies2114huck, huck, GOOSE!
Trillium WTeam Adequate1715Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WThe Marauders2118Dementors
Van Tech TurfHuck so HardForfeitedDragon Sound
Van Tech TurfMr. Callahan1715Frozen Hammers
Van Tech TurfThe Throw Ups2120Squid
Van Tech TurfWyld Stallyns212Filet o Flick
9:00 pmJericho WCare Bears1621Soup Du Jour
Jericho WPlayers Gonna Play921I Don't Give a Huck
Jericho WWendiphyr2021The Frizzles
Memorial SWHos, Bros and Throws1421Fatty's Unite
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1615Dog
Memorial SWSTUNNERS1821Team Superfriends
Memorial SWWeapon of Choice2117Bento Box B
Trillium EDigletts2014Rhymes With Mellower
Trillium EHarshmellows1813Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EThe Huck Dynasty2114Off the Huck
Trillium EToo Drunk To Huck1221Scare Bears
Trillium WDementors1921Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WDoggie Style2117Huck Bunnies
Trillium WDouble Rainbow!1921huck, huck, GOOSE!
Trillium WThe Marauders1121Team Adequate
Thu Mar 12
8:00 pm
Jericho W2015 Winter Turf Champs!2115Stickdog
Jericho WAverage Joes2113Octopi
Jericho WMad Hops2114Fat but Slow
Jericho WRebel Alliance2118Matifff
Memorial SWET Force Home2114Huckstables
Memorial SWHuck Society217Baywatchers
Memorial SWThrow Some D's1814Turtle Power
Memorial SWTransients221YodaMan 2.0
Trillium EFlikerish1820Krab Dinner
Trillium EUltimech1314Disc Devils
Trillium EWhat2114Sweater Weather
Trillium Ezoi215Firm
Trillium WAzure218The Succulents
Trillium WFrozen Huckers821Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium WHammertime719Tater Toss
Trillium WLost Salt Shakers621Penguins in Flight
9:00 pmJericho W2015 Winter Turf Champs!Average Joes
Jericho WMatifff217Fat but Slow
Jericho WRebel Alliance1221Mad Hops
Jericho WStickdog1621Octopi
Memorial SWThrow Some D's2112Huck Society
Memorial SWTransients321ET Force Home
Memorial SWTurtle Power157Baywatchers
Memorial SWYodaMan 2.02115Huckstables
Trillium EDisc Devils1819Krab Dinner
Trillium ESweater Weather1821Firm
Trillium EUltimech621Flikerish
Trillium EWhat217zoi
Trillium WAzure216Hammertime
Trillium WLost Salt Shakers2116Frozen Huckers
Trillium WPenguins in Flight1621Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium WThe Succulents1821Tater Toss
Mon Mar 16
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone ECare Bears2110Soup Du Jour
Andy Livingstone EHuck BunniesSneaky Peaches
Andy Livingstone EThe Frizzles2119I Don't Give a Huck
Andy Livingstone EWendiphyr1421Doggie Style
Van Tech TurfBento Box B1421Team Superfriends
Van Tech TurfHot Dog Stock Market1721The Sharks
Van Tech TurfWeapon of Choice2116FMU
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECare BearsSneaky Peaches
Andy Livingstone EHuck Bunnies2119Soup Du Jour
Andy Livingstone EThe Frizzles2120Doggie Style
Andy Livingstone EWendiphyr1415I Don't Give a Huck
Jericho WDementorsCancelledDouble Rainbow!
Jericho Whuck, huck, GOOSE!219Too Drunk To Huck
Jericho WICEMAN1021The Marauders
Jericho WNeon Disc-zaster!2116Team Adequate
Jericho WPlayers Gonna Play1915Digletts
Jericho WRhymes With Mellower1521The Huck Dynasty
Jericho WScare Bears2120Off the Huck
Jericho WWyld Stallyns214Frozen Hammers
Memorial SWDog2116Hucking Cold
Memorial SWHos, Bros and Throws1421Fatty's Unite
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2113BadgerTime
Memorial SWTurf Burglars1420LeBrontourage 2.0
Trillium WDragon Sound621Squid
Trillium WHarshmellows1521Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WHuck so Hard178Filet o Flick
Trillium WMr. Callahan2116The Throw Ups
Van Tech TurfBento Box B2110VUCHU
Van Tech TurfHot Dog Stock Market2111FMU
Van Tech TurfSTUNNERS2223Team Superfriends
Van Tech TurfWeapon of Choice2115The Sharks
9:00 pmJericho WDementors1821Team Adequate
Jericho Whuck, huck, GOOSE!213Frozen Hammers
Jericho WICEMANCancelledDigletts
Jericho WNeon Disc-zaster!1821Double Rainbow!
Jericho WPlayers Gonna PlayCancelledThe Marauders
Jericho WRhymes With MellowerOff the Huck
Jericho WScare Bears1920The Huck Dynasty
Jericho WWyld Stallyns1717Too Drunk To Huck
Memorial SWDog1421Fatty's Unite
Memorial SWHos, Bros and Throws2115Hucking Cold
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2112LeBrontourage 2.0
Memorial SWTurf Burglars1515BadgerTime
Trillium WDragon Sound715The Throw Ups
Trillium WHarshmellowsFilet o Flick
Trillium WHuck so Hard1316Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WMr. Callahan216Squid
Thu Mar 19
8:00 pm
Jericho WDisc Devils821Gregarious Goosemasters
Jericho WFat but Slow206zoi
Jericho WKrab DinnerFlikerish
Jericho WWhat2021Sweater Weather
Memorial SW2015 Winter Turf Champs!2111Octopi
Memorial SWAverage JoesMatifff
Memorial SWRebel Alliance219Firm
Memorial SWStickdog1816Mad Hops
Trillium EAzure1512Penguins in Flight
Trillium ELost Salt Shakers1812Throw Some D's
Trillium ETater Toss1914The Succulents
Trillium EUltimech2110Hammertime
Trillium WFrozen Huckers1613Turtle Power
Trillium WHuck Society212Baywatchers
Trillium WHuckstables199Transients
Trillium WYodaMan 2.02118ET Force Home
9:00 pmJericho WDisc Devils918Flikerish
Jericho WFat but Slow1218Sweater Weather
Jericho WKrab Dinner1619Gregarious Goosemasters
Jericho WWhat1812zoi
Memorial SW2015 Winter Turf Champs!2111Matifff
Memorial SWAverage Joes99Octopi
Memorial SWRebel Alliance1514Mad Hops
Memorial SWStickdog2110Firm
Trillium EAzure219Hammertime
Trillium ELost Salt Shakers1516The Succulents
Trillium ETater Toss2116Throw Some D's
Trillium EUltimech1721Penguins in Flight
Trillium WFrozen Huckers1218ET Force Home
Trillium WHuck SocietyForfeitedTransients
Trillium WHuckstables216Baywatchers
Trillium WYodaMan 2.01313Turtle Power
Mon Mar 23
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EFrozen Hammers414The Huck Dynasty
Andy Livingstone Ehuck, huck, GOOSE!1516Scare Bears
Andy Livingstone EToo Drunk To Huck1016Off the Huck
Andy Livingstone EWyld Stallyns1812Rhymes With Mellower
Van Tech TurfDog1018Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Van Tech TurfFatty's Unite2114LeBrontourage 2.0
Van Tech TurfHos, Bros and Throws2114Turf Burglars
Van Tech TurfHucking Cold1217BadgerTime
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFrozen Hammers1618Off the Huck
Andy Livingstone Ehuck, huck, GOOSE!219Rhymes With Mellower
Andy Livingstone EToo Drunk To Huck1821The Huck Dynasty
Andy Livingstone EWyld Stallyns1319Scare Bears
Jericho WFilet o Flick1311The Throw Ups
Jericho WHarshmellows219Dragon Sound
Jericho WHuck so Hard421Mr. Callahan
Jericho WTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion216Squid
Memorial SWCare Bears1315Wendiphyr
Memorial SWHuck Bunnies1621The Frizzles
Memorial SWSneaky PeachesI Don't Give a Huck
Memorial SWSoup Du Jour1310Doggie Style
Trillium EBento Box B1418Weapon of Choice
Trillium ESTUNNERS2110Hot Dog Stock Market
Trillium ETeam Superfriends216FMU
Trillium EVUCHUThe Sharks
Trillium WDigletts1216Double Rainbow!
Trillium WICEMAN1621Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WPlayers Gonna Play177Dementors
Trillium WThe Marauders2012Team Adequate
Van Tech TurfDog2114Turf Burglars
Van Tech TurfFatty's Unite163BadgerTime
Van Tech TurfHos, Bros and Throws1521Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Van Tech TurfHucking Cold98LeBrontourage 2.0
9:00 pmJericho WFilet o Flick1121Squid
Jericho WHarshmellows1221Mr. Callahan
Jericho WHuck so Hard1015Dragon Sound
Jericho WTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion2110The Throw Ups
Memorial SWCare Bears1520The Frizzles
Memorial SWHuck BunniesWendiphyr
Memorial SWSneaky PeachesDoggie Style
Memorial SWSoup Du Jour1618I Don't Give a Huck
Trillium EBento Box B218Hot Dog Stock Market
Trillium ESTUNNERS217Weapon of Choice
Trillium ETeam Superfriends2117The Sharks
Trillium EVUCHU1815FMU
Trillium WDigletts1021Team Adequate
Trillium WICEMAN2021Dementors
Trillium WPlayers Gonna Play1710Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WThe Marauders2020Double Rainbow!
Thu Mar 26
8:00 pm
Jericho WAzure2112Lost Salt Shakers
Jericho WHammertime1821The Succulents
Jericho WPenguins in Flight2113Throw Some D's
Jericho WUltimech721Tater Toss
Memorial SWFat but Slow2118Krab Dinner
Memorial SWSweater Weather1821Gregarious Goosemasters
Memorial SWWhat2115Disc Devils
Memorial SWzoi1921Flikerish
Trillium EET Force Home2111Baywatchers
Trillium EFrozen Huckers136Huckstables
Trillium ETurtle Power2113Transients
Trillium EYodaMan 2.02117Huck Society
Trillium W2015 Winter Turf Champs!2021Stickdog
Trillium WAverage Joes2114Rebel Alliance
Trillium WMatifff2117Firm
Trillium WOctopi1715Mad Hops
9:00 pmJericho WAzure2011Tater Toss
Jericho WHammertime1418Throw Some D's
Jericho WPenguins in Flight1713The Succulents
Jericho WUltimech1521Lost Salt Shakers
Memorial SWFat but Slow2112Disc Devils
Memorial SWSweater Weather2110Flikerish
Memorial SWWhat2118Krab Dinner
Memorial SWzoi1221Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium EET Force Home2110Transients
Trillium EFrozen Huckers2113Huck Society
Trillium ETurtle Power217Baywatchers
Trillium EYodaMan 2.01521Huckstables
Trillium W2015 Winter Turf Champs!2112Rebel Alliance
Trillium WAverage Joes2110Stickdog
Trillium WMatifff2120Mad Hops
Trillium WOctopi2118Firm
Mon Mar 30
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EFilet o FlickMr. Callahan
Andy Livingstone EHarshmellows1514Squid
Andy Livingstone EHuck so Hard1512The Throw Ups
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion197Dragon Sound
Van Tech TurfCare Bears1821Doggie Style
Van Tech TurfHuck Bunnies1618I Don't Give a Huck
Van Tech TurfSneaky PeachesThe Frizzles
Van Tech TurfSoup Du Jour2111Wendiphyr
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFilet o Flick99Dragon Sound
Andy Livingstone EHarshmellows2114Huck so Hard
Andy Livingstone ESquid2116The Throw Ups
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1121Mr. Callahan
Jericho WDigletts1715Dementors
Jericho WICEMAN2114Team Adequate
Jericho WPlayers Gonna Play521Double Rainbow!
Jericho WThe Marauders1821Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWFrozen Hammers1721Rhymes With Mellower
Memorial SWhuck, huck, GOOSE!2114Off the Huck
Memorial SWToo Drunk To Huck1521Scare Bears
Memorial SWWyld Stallyns1818The Huck Dynasty
Trillium EDog2114BadgerTime
Trillium EFatty's Unite2111Turf Burglars
Trillium EHos, Bros and ThrowsLeBrontourage 2.0
Trillium EHucking Cold1621Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium WBento Box B2111FMU
Trillium WSTUNNERSThe Sharks
Trillium WTeam SuperfriendsWeapon of Choice
Trillium WVUCHUHot Dog Stock Market
Van Tech TurfCare Bears1621I Don't Give a Huck
Van Tech TurfHuck Bunnies216Doggie Style
Van Tech TurfSneaky PeachesWendiphyr
Van Tech TurfSoup Du Jour1921The Frizzles
9:00 pmJericho WDigletts1514Neon Disc-zaster!
Jericho WICEMAN1210Double Rainbow!
Jericho WPlayers Gonna Play1019Team Adequate
Jericho WThe Marauders1912Dementors
Memorial SWFrozen Hammers1921Scare Bears
Memorial SWhuck, huck, GOOSE!1615The Huck Dynasty
Memorial SWToo Drunk To Huck1812Rhymes With Mellower
Memorial SWWyld Stallyns1420Off the Huck
Trillium EDog2111LeBrontourage 2.0
Trillium EFatty's Unite2119Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium EHos, Bros and Throws2111BadgerTime
Trillium EHucking Cold2119Turf Burglars
Trillium WBento Box B1421The Sharks
Trillium WTeam Superfriends2113Hot Dog Stock Market
Trillium WVUCHUWeapon of Choice
Thu Apr 2
7:00 pm
Jericho WET Force Home2115Huckstables
Jericho WFrozen Huckers212Baywatchers
Jericho WTurtle Power1113Huck Society
Jericho WYodaMan 2.0ForfeitedTransients
Memorial SWAzure2118The Succulents
Memorial SWHammertime1621Lost Salt Shakers
Memorial SWPenguins in Flight1714Tater Toss
Memorial SWUltimech1521Throw Some D's
Trillium E2015 Winter Turf Champs!215Firm
Trillium EAverage JoesMad Hops
Trillium EMatifffStickdog
Trillium EOctopi2117Rebel Alliance
Trillium WFat but Slow2118Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium WSweater Weather1621Krab Dinner
Trillium WWhat2115Flikerish
Trillium Wzoi2110Disc Devils
8:00 pmJericho WET Force Home1510Huck Society
Jericho WFrozen HuckersForfeitedTransients
Jericho WTurtle Power1014Huckstables
Jericho WYodaMan 2.0137Baywatchers
Memorial SWAzure2115Throw Some D's
Memorial SWHammertimeTater Toss
Memorial SWPenguins in Flight2112Lost Salt Shakers
Memorial SWUltimech1518The Succulents
Trillium E2015 Winter Turf Champs!2112Mad Hops
Trillium EAverage Joes214Firm
Trillium EMatifff2114Rebel Alliance
Trillium EOctopi1921Stickdog
Trillium WFat but Slow2116Flikerish
Trillium WSweater Weather2114Disc Devils
Trillium WWhat2115Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium Wzoi2114Krab Dinner
Thu Apr 9
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone E2015 Winter Turf Champs!216Rebel Alliance
Andy Livingstone EMatifff2112Fat but Slow
Andy Livingstone EOctopi2018Mad Hops
Andy Livingstone EStickdog (T102)Average Joes
Andy Livingstone WFirm2118Sweater Weather
Andy Livingstone WFlikerish (T204)zoi
Andy Livingstone WKrab Dinner (T203)Azure
Andy Livingstone WWhat (T202)Gregarious Goosemasters
Trillium EDisc Devils1921Lost Salt Shakers
Trillium EPenguins in Flight2115Tater Toss
Trillium EThe Succulents2116Frozen Huckers
Trillium EThrow Some D's (T304)Ultimech
Trillium WHammertime159Huckstables
Trillium WHuck Society217Baywatchers
Trillium WTurtle Power218Transients
Trillium WYodaMan 2.01921ET Force Home
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone E2015 Winter Turf Champs! (T105)W: T102
Andy Livingstone EFat but Slow1921Mad Hops
Andy Livingstone EMatifff99Octopi
Andy Livingstone ERebel Alliance (T106)L: T102
Andy Livingstone WL: T203 (T208)L: T204
Andy Livingstone WAzure1721zoi
Andy Livingstone WFirm (T205)W: T202
Andy Livingstone WSweater Weather (T206)L: T202
Trillium EDisc Devils (T306)Tater Toss
Trillium EFrozen Huckers (T308)L: T304
Trillium ELost Salt Shakers1216Penguins in Flight
Trillium EThe Succulents (T307)Throw Some D's
Trillium WBaywatchers99Transients
Trillium WHammertime219ET Force Home
Trillium WHuck Society (T407)Turtle Power
Trillium WHuckstables2120YodaMan 2.0
Mon Apr 13
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EFrozen Hammers (M602)Harshmellows
Andy Livingstone EHuck so Hard (M603)Dragon Sound
Andy Livingstone ERhymes With Mellower (M601)Squid
Andy Livingstone EThe Throw Ups75Filet o Flick
Jericho WHot Dog Stock Market1520Fatty's Unite
Jericho WSTUNNERS (M101)Weapon of Choice
Jericho WTeam Superfriends1614Bento Box B
Jericho WThe Sharks1121Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWICEMAN2111Mr. Callahan
Memorial SWOff the Huck1615Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Memorial SWScare Bears (M502)The Huck Dynasty
Memorial SWWyld Stallyns2115Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium EBadgerTime2022Doggie Style
Trillium ESneaky Peaches (M304)Wendiphyr
Trillium ESoup Du Jour1116Care Bears
Trillium ETurf Burglars (M302)I Don't Give a Huck
Trillium WFMU1421Dog
Trillium WHucking Cold (M203)Huck Bunnies
Trillium WLeBrontourage 2.0 (M204)The Frizzles
Trillium WVUCHU (M201)Hos, Bros and Throws
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EW: M601 (M605)Frozen Hammers
Andy Livingstone EW: M603 (M607)The Throw Ups
Andy Livingstone EDragon Sound1613Filet o Flick
Andy Livingstone ESquid (M606)L: M602
Jericho WW: M101 (M105)Team Superfriends
Jericho WL: M101 (M106)Bento Box B
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1817Fatty's Unite
Jericho WThe Sharks1221Hot Dog Stock Market
Memorial SWICEMAN (M505)W: M502
Memorial SWMr. Callahan (M506)L: M502
Memorial SWOff the Huck (M507)Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1616Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium EBadgerTime (M306)L: M302
Trillium ECare Bears2116Wendiphyr
Trillium EDoggie Style (M305)W: M302
Trillium ESoup Du Jour (M308)L: M304
Trillium WW: M201 (M205)Dog
Trillium WL: M201 (M206)FMU
Trillium WW: M203 (M207)W: M204
Trillium WL: M203 (M208)L: M204
9:00 pmVan Tech TurfDementors1615Digletts
Van Tech TurfDouble Rainbow!2115The Marauders
Van Tech TurfNeon Disc-zaster!1121huck, huck, GOOSE!
Van Tech TurfTeam Adequate2115Players Gonna Play
10:00 pmVan Tech TurfDouble Rainbow!1621Team Adequate
Van Tech Turfhuck, huck, GOOSE! (M407)Dementors
Van Tech TurfNeon Disc-zaster!911Digletts
Van Tech TurfThe Marauders1221Players Gonna Play
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