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Sun Sep 27
6:00 pm
Point GreyDownfall1511Interrobang
Point GreyMisprnt325Stratford Hall Sabres
Point GreyNetflicks and Chill2019Worldstar
Point GreyPlatypodes819Lard
7:00 pmPoint GreyDownfall611Stratford Hall Sabres
Point GreyMisprnt1221Interrobang
Point GreyNetflicks and Chill914Lard
Point GreyPlatypodes613Worldstar
Sun Oct 4
6:00 pm
Point GreyDownfall213Platypodes
Point GreyInterrobang1921Lard
Point GreyMisprnt1121Netflicks and Chill
Point GreyStratford Hall Sabres1613Worldstar
7:00 pmPoint GreyDownfall168Netflicks and Chill
Point GreyInterrobang2117Worldstar
Point GreyMisprnt1914Platypodes
Point GreyStratford Hall Sabres2321Lard
Sun Oct 18
6:00 pm
Point GreyDownfall1513Lard
Point GreyInterrobang218Platypodes
Point GreyMisprnt1821Worldstar
Point GreyStratford Hall Sabres197Netflicks and Chill
7:00 pmPoint GreyDownfall216Worldstar
Point GreyInterrobang1221Netflicks and Chill
Point GreyMisprnt815Lard
Point GreyStratford Hall SabresDefaultPlatypodes
Sun Oct 25
6:00 pm
Point GreyMisprnt821Downfall
Point GreyNetflicks and Chill1711Platypodes
Point GreyStratford Hall Sabres2116Interrobang
Point GreyWorldstar2119Lard
7:00 pmPoint GreyMisprnt921Interrobang
Point GreyNetflicks and Chill1722Lard
Point GreyStratford Hall Sabres2115Downfall
Point GreyWorldstar182Platypodes
Sun Nov 1
6:00 pm
Point GreyDownfallDefaultPlatypodes
Point GreyInterrobangForfeitedLard
Point GreyMisprnt1019Netflicks and Chill
Point GreyStratford Hall SabresDefaultWorldstar
7:00 pmPoint GreyDownfall2018Netflicks and Chill
Point GreyInterrobangForfeitedWorldstar
Point GreyMisprnt2116Platypodes
Point GreyStratford Hall SabresDefaultLard
Sun Nov 8
6:00 pm
Point GreyDownfall1521Lard
Point GreyInterrobang1121Platypodes
Point GreyMisprnt1221Worldstar
Point GreyStratford Hall Sabres219Netflicks and Chill
7:00 pmPoint GreyDownfall2115Worldstar
Point GreyInterrobang715Netflicks and Chill
Point GreyMisprnt919Lard
Point GreyStratford Hall Sabres219Platypodes
Sun Nov 15
6:00 pm
Point GreyInterrobang221Downfall
Point GreyLard1012Platypodes
Point GreyMisprnt221Stratford Hall Sabres
Point GreyNetflicks and Chill159Worldstar
7:00 pmPoint GreyInterrobang1021Stratford Hall Sabres
Point GreyLard1113Worldstar
Point GreyMisprnt1021Downfall
Point GreyNetflicks and Chill1211Platypodes
Sun Nov 22
6:00 pm
Point GreyDownfall214Misprnt
Point GreyLard1821Interrobang
Point GreyNetflicks and Chill214Worldstar
Point GreyStratford Hall Sabres211Platypodes
7:00 pmPoint GreyDownfall1219Netflicks and Chill
Point GreyInterrobang221Stratford Hall Sabres
Point GreyLard1814Platypodes
Point GreyMisprnt1713Worldstar
Sun Nov 29
6:30 pm
Point GreyDownfall214Interrobang
Point GreyMisprnt (M111)Lard
Point GreyNetflicks and Chill1421Stratford Hall Sabres
Point GreyWorldstar3012Platypodes
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