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Mon May 1
6:00 pm
BalaclavaTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion612Koopa Troopas
BalaclavaThe Sleemen213Soup Du Jour
Memorial OBlack Huck Down.1012Skywalkers
Memorial OWobbles1211Hammer Beats Rabbit
Oak MeadowsHuck Sei Wuey 713Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)
Oak MeadowsHuckleberry Flick114Ultimate Friskee
Winona CLikastik130Unfits
Winona Conomatopoeia138Disco Nuts
Winona NColonel Angus109Fez
Winona NFistFull of Dunwoody129Discalicious
Winona SThe Cleat Tauruses 98Outta Disc World!
Winona SThe Degenerates113The Frizzles
6:30 pmKingcrestEgregious157Outdoor Players
KingcrestGot Milk?175Weeble Las Vegas!
Trafalgar NWGangGreen177Random Fling
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBaeta713Top Gun
Andy Livingstone ECarnage119G-raff A-ttack
Andy Livingstone WBreak Side813Safe Hucks
Andy Livingstone WFullmetal1211Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire NChubby Pandas1110Unbounce
Empire NFrisbeastsForfeitedBread Emoji
Empire SFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them59Bahalalala
Jericho WChaSiuBao89Neon Disc-zaster!
Jericho WSlow Children Playing1111Holdrege
Memorial SWDoggie Style139Throwbocops
Memorial SWTree Chairs912Care Bears
Trillium ENo Flicks Zone413Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium EStrangers125Kingsway's Finest
Trillium WFab Flicks510Night Hucks
Trillium WMustard Seeds713Absolute Chaos
7:30 pmBalaclavaTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion713Soup Du Jour
BalaclavaThe Sleemen213Koopa Troopas
Memorial OBlack Huck Down.117Hammer Beats Rabbit
Memorial OWobbles126Skywalkers
Oak MeadowsHuck Sei Wuey 102Ultimate Friskee
Oak MeadowsHuckleberry Flick911Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)
Winona CLikastik1112Disco Nuts
Winona Conomatopoeia137Unfits
Winona NColonel Angus106Discalicious
Winona NFistFull of Dunwoody101Fez
Winona SThe Cleat Tauruses 88The Frizzles
Winona SThe Degenerates413Outta Disc World!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBaeta139G-raff A-ttack
Andy Livingstone ECarnage613Top Gun
Andy Livingstone WBreak Side713Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Andy Livingstone WFullmetal139Safe Hucks
Empire NChubby PandasCancelledFrisbeasts
Empire NFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky ThemForfeitedBread Emoji
Empire SUnbounceCancelledBahalalala
Jericho WChaSiuBao513Holdrege
Jericho WSlow Children Playing713Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial SWDoggie Style1311Care Bears
Memorial SWTree Chairs812Throwbocops
Trillium ENo Flicks ZoneForfeitedKingsway's Finest
Trillium EStrangers213Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium WFab Flicks136Absolute Chaos
Trillium WMustard Seeds1010Night Hucks
Tue May 2
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDisc InfernosForfeitedSons and Daughters
BalaclavaPsyhucks1210What Are Throws
Churchill OvalEgg Salad Sandwich136Sideways Shoe
Churchill OvalHere for the Beer89Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Memorial OMinions127Gritty in Pink
Memorial OPrincess Layout410Pretty Kitties
Oak Meadows2 Girls 1 Huck713Plaid to the Bone
Oak MeadowsFlickle Me Elmo1311Team Adequate
Rupert CCarlitos Banditos810The Marauders
Rupert CSmokey Bologna610Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Van Tech OvalDoubleTap128Banana Cutterz
Van Tech OvalProtectors of the Human Race1013Dark Side Of The Disc
Winona CFootballs Are Too Heavy911Rookie Monsters
Winona NFriends of Friends139Gator Bait
Winona NIdentity Crisis138Critters
Winona SFanny Pack Attack!134Rain City Ultimate Club
Winona SSunny D's810Huck It
7:00 pmMemorial SWHehe XD612Discpicable Me
Memorial SWJokers413Go Go Power Huckers
Trillium EChronic Injury1012Baywatchers
Trillium EGame of Throws135DiscThrow Inferno
Trillium WGentle Warriors1211Illegal Smile
Trillium WThose Meddling Kids1011H-Bar
7:30 pmBalaclavaDisc Infernos136What Are Throws
BalaclavaPsyhucks137Sons and Daughters
Churchill OvalEgg Salad Sandwich137Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Churchill OvalHere for the Beer96Sideways Shoe
Memorial OMinions108Pretty Kitties
Memorial OPrincess Layout67Gritty in Pink
Oak Meadows2 Girls 1 Huck1210Team Adequate
Oak MeadowsFlickle Me Elmo613Plaid to the Bone
Rupert CCarlitos Banditos712Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Rupert CSmokey Bologna87The Marauders
Van Tech OvalDoubleTap136Dark Side Of The Disc
Van Tech OvalProtectors of the Human RaceBanana Cutterz
Winona CFootballs Are Too Heavy95ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Winona CHUCK SMASH!310Rookie Monsters
Winona NFriends of Friends96Critters
Winona NIdentity Crisis910Gator Bait
Winona SFanny Pack Attack!1310Huck It
Winona SSunny D's104Rain City Ultimate Club
8:30 pmMemorial SWHehe XD213Go Go Power Huckers
Memorial SWJokers713Discpicable Me
Trillium EChronic Injury1311DiscThrow Inferno
Trillium EGame of Throws138Baywatchers
Trillium WGentle Warriors136H-Bar
Trillium WThose Meddling Kids713Illegal Smile
Wed May 3
6:00 pm
Adanac NWF.M.U.1210zoi
Adanac NWVenom813URFT
BalaclavaAbsolute ZeroesCancelledButterfingers
BalaclavaNew Disc Who Dis?613Competitive Knitting Squad
Empire SThe Marty McFlicks613Frisbaes
Empire SVictorious Secret123NetFlicks n Chill
KingcrestEastside Empire1412Mud Dogs
KingcrestSlow People PlayingCancelledCircular Logic
Memorial OFlick My Disc139Scrubs 2.0
Memorial OThrow Some D's131Stacked
Rupert CBicurious Doggos109MUT X
Rupert CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135ReTox
UBC WolfsonJust a Fling78Local Pint
UBC WolfsonTenth Pew Pew Warriors137Rain City
Winona CNot Fast Just FuriousCancelledKoalaz
Winona CSquirtle SquadCancelledWyld Stallyns
Winona SAYCE89Wok Don't Run.
Winona SUltimate BBT Too511Eat Disc
6:30 pmOak MeadowsBatteries Not Included178Train Wreck
Oak MeadowsThe Dirty Skirties1612Moose ick
Slocan SWGoal Mountain147Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Trafalgar NWYtterbium914Juicy Chickens
Winona NDisc Comfort156Meatballs
Winona NK.I.D.S.CancelledBzzykes
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EMid or Feed115Huckin' East Van Canucks
Andy Livingstone EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!112DISCiples
Jericho WPiper Palooza413JusDISC League
Jericho WPoached EggsDefaultRiot
Memorial SWGentle Warriors 2ForfeitedTeam Chaos
Memorial SWThe Poppers1211Tosstitos
7:30 pmAdanac NWF.M.U.136URFT
Adanac NWVenom413zoi
BalaclavaAbsolute Zeroes713Competitive Knitting Squad
BalaclavaNew Disc Who Dis?ForfeitedButterfingers
Empire SThe Marty McFlicks93NetFlicks n Chill
Empire SVictorious Secret133Frisbaes
KingcrestEastside EmpireCancelledCircular Logic
KingcrestSlow People PlayingForfeitedMud Dogs
Memorial OFlick My Disc133Stacked
Memorial OThrow Some D's613Scrubs 2.0
Rupert CBicurious Doggos713ReTox
Rupert CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go138MUT X
UBC WolfsonJust a Fling813Rain City
UBC WolfsonTenth Pew Pew Warriors710Local Pint
Winona CNot Fast Just FuriousCancelledWyld Stallyns
Winona CSquirtle SquadCancelledKoalaz
Winona SAYCE313Eat Disc
Winona SUltimate BBT Too118Wok Don't Run.
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EMid or Feed125DISCiples
Andy Livingstone EThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!133Huckin' East Van Canucks
Jericho WPiper PaloozaRiot
Jericho WPoached Eggs1311JusDISC League
Memorial SWGentle Warriors 2109Tosstitos
Memorial SWThe PoppersDefaultTeam Chaos
Thu May 4
6:00 pm
BalaclavaChester Fields 2.0136DimSumWarriors YumCha
BalaclavaThe First Cut is the Deepest109Burning Sensation!
KingcrestGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken414The Spinnakers
KingcrestThe Growlers82Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial OFLICK YEAH47Salt shakers
Memorial OHerniated Discs311Jeremy's Disk
Oak MeadowsCheerios107Night Cawks
Oak MeadowsKilled Rockstars613Said The Sky
Rupert CDisc Monkeys97Lego Inferno
Rupert CFlick It To Ride118Dragon Sound
Winona CApple Turnovers710Filet o Flick
Winona CButterfingers Summer Edition67Spinister Motives
Winona NAzure D130Flick N Twisted
Winona NHand of Chal912friendzone
Winona SHangry Hangry Hippos88The Gino Odj-discs
Winona SHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu513East Van Halen
6:30 pmMusqueam WThrewbacca015Cash Me Ousside
Slocan SWFinger on the Disc73Hatty McHatFace
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EScoober Squad102Ultimate BBTease
Andy Livingstone ETofu Stack115Petri Discs
Andy Livingstone WStallions of Champions85Hotline Fling
Andy Livingstone WThe Frisbee's Knees911Internal Hammerhage
Empire NBattlecats and FriendsHappy Craic
Empire NBEARHAWKS127Beer-B-Q
Empire SDiscl3xia712SSB
Empire SThe Thrown510RAWR XD
Jericho WAt Least My Disc Stays Up119Talk Nerdy To Me
Jericho WTeamocil132Ultimate BBT 7
Memorial SWApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)113Danger Zone
Memorial SWWrists of Fury1113OG Birds
Trillium EHammeroids1110Swingcredibles
Trillium EMighty Hucking Power Rangers1311Cup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals
Trillium W4 Winds1210Sweater Weather!
Trillium WPac-Man13490s Throwback
7:30 pmBalaclavaChester Fields 2.0CancelledBurning Sensation!
BalaclavaThe First Cut is the DeepestCancelledDimSumWarriors YumCha
KingcrestGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually BrokenCancelledTry, Catch, Throw
KingcrestThe GrowlersCancelledThe Spinnakers
Memorial OFLICK YEAHCancelledJeremy's Disk
Memorial OHerniated DiscsCancelledSalt shakers
Oak MeadowsCheerios613Said The Sky
Oak MeadowsKilled Rockstars1210Night Cawks
Rupert CDisc MonkeysCancelledDragon Sound
Rupert CFlick It To RideCancelledLego Inferno
Winona CApple TurnoversCancelledSpinister Motives
Winona CButterfingers Summer EditionCancelledFilet o Flick
Winona NAzure DCancelledfriendzone
Winona NHand of ChalCancelledFlick N Twisted
Winona SHangry Hangry Hippos86East Van Halen
Winona SHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu106The Gino Odj-discs
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EScoober Squad134Petri Discs
Andy Livingstone ETofu Stack123Ultimate BBTease
Andy Livingstone WStallions of Champions129Internal Hammerhage
Andy Livingstone WThe Frisbee's Knees66Hotline Fling
Empire NBattlecats and Friends1312Beer-B-Q
Empire NBEARHAWKS1311Happy Craic
Empire SDiscl3xia812RAWR XD
Empire SThe Thrown413SSB
Jericho WAt Least My Disc Stays Up134Ultimate BBT 7
Jericho WTeamocil138Talk Nerdy To Me
Memorial SWApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)513OG Birds
Memorial SWWrists of Fury611Danger Zone
Trillium EHammeroids613Cup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals
Trillium EMighty Hucking Power Rangers136Swingcredibles
Trillium W4 Winds12490s Throwback
Trillium WPac-Man811Sweater Weather!
Mon May 8
6:00 pm
BalaclavaNo Flicks Zone97Fab Flicks
BalaclavaStrangers137Mustard Seeds
Empire NHuck Sei Wuey 76FistFull of Dunwoody
Empire NHuckleberry Flick128Colonel Angus
Empire SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)911Discalicious
Empire SUltimate Friskee613Fez
KingcrestCarnage136Break Side
Memorial OKoopa Troopas813Holdrege
Memorial OSoup Du Jour137Neon Disc-zaster!
Rupert CG-raff A-ttack1310Safe Hucks
Rupert CTop Gun136Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Winona CFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them103Frisbeasts
Winona CUnbounce86Bread Emoji
Winona SChubby Pandas89Bahalalala
6:30 pmSlocan SWRandom Fling617Got Milk?
Winona NOutdoor Players717GangGreen
Winona NWeeble Las Vegas!1712Egregious
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ELikastik135The Degenerates
Andy Livingstone EonomatopoeiaThe Cleat Tauruses
Andy Livingstone WDisco Nuts139Outta Disc World!
Andy Livingstone WUnfits813The Frizzles
Jericho WKingsway's Finest138Absolute Chaos
Jericho WWii (not) Fit?138Night Hucks
Memorial SWTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion134Slow Children Playing
Memorial SWThe Sleemen213ChaSiuBao
Trillium EDoggie Style813Wobbles
Trillium ETree Chairs813Black Huck Down.
Trillium WCare Bears913Skywalkers
Trillium WThrowbocops127Hammer Beats Rabbit
7:30 pmBalaclavaNo Flicks Zone138Mustard Seeds
BalaclavaStrangers912Fab Flicks
Empire NHuck Sei Wuey 97Colonel Angus
Empire NHuckleberry Flick128FistFull of Dunwoody
Empire SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)135Fez
Empire SUltimate Friskee213Discalicious
KingcrestBaeta138Break Side
Memorial OKoopa Troopas1412Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial OSoup Du Jour1311Holdrege
Rupert CG-raff A-ttack1310Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Rupert CTop Gun139Safe Hucks
Winona CChubby Pandas811Bread Emoji
Winona CFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them810Unbounce
Winona SFrisbeasts213Bahalalala
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ELikastik913The Cleat Tauruses
Andy Livingstone Eonomatopoeia137The Degenerates
Andy Livingstone WDisco Nuts813The Frizzles
Andy Livingstone WUnfits137Outta Disc World!
Jericho WKingsway's Finest913Night Hucks
Jericho WWii (not) Fit?134Absolute Chaos
Memorial SWTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion136ChaSiuBao
Memorial SWThe Sleemen213Slow Children Playing
Trillium EDoggie Style138Black Huck Down.
Trillium ETree Chairs813Wobbles
Trillium WCare Bears1013Hammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium WThrowbocops813Skywalkers
Tue May 9
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFootballs Are Too Heavy129Fanny Pack Attack!
BalaclavaHUCK SMASH!412Sunny D's
Churchill OvalRookie Monsters135Rain City Ultimate Club
KingcrestDisc Infernos713Egg Salad Sandwich
KingcrestPsyhucks135Here for the Beer
Memorial OH-Bar1011DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial OIllegal Smile134Baywatchers
Oak MeadowsDoubleTap135Smokey Bologna
Oak MeadowsProtectors of the Human Race1310Carlitos Banditos
Rupert CSons and Daughters1112Sideways Shoe
Rupert CWhat Are Throws 612Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona CHehe XD712Minions
Winona CJokers116Princess Layout
Winona NBanana Cutterz108Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc138The Marauders
Winona SDiscpicable Me114Gritty in Pink
Winona SGo Go Power Huckers134Pretty Kitties
7:00 pmMemorial SWGentle Warriors135Chronic Injury
Memorial SWThose Meddling Kids711Game of Throws
Trillium EPlaid to the Bone1213Critters
Trillium ETeam Adequate513Gator Bait
Trillium W2 Girls 1 Huck1012Identity Crisis
Trillium WFlickle Me Elmo1113Friends of Friends
7:30 pmBalaclavaFootballs Are Too Heavy1311Sunny D's
BalaclavaHUCK SMASH!912Fanny Pack Attack!
Churchill OvalRookie Monsters513Huck It
Churchill OvalULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION413Rain City Ultimate Club
KingcrestDisc Infernos1311Here for the Beer
KingcrestPsyhucks712Egg Salad Sandwich
Memorial OH-Bar1210Baywatchers
Memorial OIllegal Smile138DiscThrow Inferno
Oak MeadowsDoubleTap139Carlitos Banditos
Oak MeadowsProtectors of the Human Race1310Smokey Bologna
Rupert CSons and Daughters1310Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Rupert CWhat Are Throws 513Sideways Shoe
Winona CHehe XD118Princess Layout
Winona CJokers119Minions
Winona NBanana Cutterz138The Marauders
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc133Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona SDiscpicable Me134Pretty Kitties
Winona SGo Go Power Huckers133Gritty in Pink
8:30 pmMemorial SWGentle Warriors134Game of Throws
Memorial SWThose Meddling Kids413Chronic Injury
Trillium EPlaid to the Bone1211Gator Bait
Trillium ETeam Adequate108Critters
Trillium W2 Girls 1 Huck78Friends of Friends
Trillium WFlickle Me Elmo128Identity Crisis
Wed May 10
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBicurious Doggos134Venom
BalaclavaSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go119F.M.U.
Empire SDISCiples108Rain City
Empire SHuckin' East Van Canucks810Local Pint
KingcrestMid or Feed98Just a Fling
KingcrestThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!133Tenth Pew Pew Warriors
Memorial OButterfingers134Riot
Memorial OCompetitive Knitting Squad133JusDISC League
Oak MeadowsCircular Logic129The Marty McFlicks
Oak MeadowsMud Dogs79Victorious Secret
UBC WolfsonKoalaz1210Wok Don't Run.
UBC WolfsonWyld Stallyns613Eat Disc
Winona CGentle Warriors 2613Flick My Disc
Winona CThe Poppers1314Throw Some D's
Winona NFrisbaes1312Goal Mountain
Winona NNetFlicks n Chill96Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Winona STeam Chaos013Scrubs 2.0
Winona STosstitos613Stacked
6:30 pmAdanac NWJuicy Chickens1511Meatballs
Adanac NWTrain Wreck1217Bzzykes
Rupert CBatteries Not Included1014The Dirty Skirties
Rupert CDisc Comfort1416Moose ick
Slocan SWK.I.D.S.178Ytterbium
Trafalgar NWSlow People Playing1413Eastside Empire
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ENot Fast Just Furious1211AYCE
Andy Livingstone ESquirtle Squad513Ultimate BBT Too
Jericho WMUT X137URFT
Jericho WReTox138zoi
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes413Poached Eggs
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?126Piper Palooza
7:30 pmBalaclavaBicurious Doggos1013F.M.U.
BalaclavaSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go138Venom
Empire SDISCiples313Local Pint
Empire SHuckin' East Van Canucks610Rain City
KingcrestMid or Feed1310Tenth Pew Pew Warriors
KingcrestThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!136Just a Fling
Memorial OButterfingers138JusDISC League
Memorial OCompetitive Knitting Squad138Riot
Oak MeadowsCircular Logic89Victorious Secret
Oak MeadowsMud Dogs109The Marty McFlicks
UBC WolfsonKoalaz1415Eat Disc
UBC WolfsonWyld Stallyns1013Wok Don't Run.
Winona CGentle Warriors 2813Throw Some D's
Winona CThe Poppers813Flick My Disc
Winona NFrisbaes68Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Winona NNetFlicks n Chill108Goal Mountain
Winona STeam Chaos512Stacked
Winona STosstitos613Scrubs 2.0
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ENot Fast Just Furious812Ultimate BBT Too
Andy Livingstone ESquirtle Squad1111AYCE
Jericho WMUT X136zoi
Jericho WReTox137URFT
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes1311Piper Palooza
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?613Poached Eggs
Thu May 11
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHammeroids494 Winds
BalaclavaMighty Hucking Power Rangers79Pac-Man
KingcrestApple TurnoversCancelledHangry Hangry Hippos
KingcrestButterfingers Summer EditionCancelledHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Memorial OChester Fields 2.0ForfeitedTeamocil
Memorial OThe First Cut is the Deepest68At Least My Disc Stays Up
Oak MeadowsBattlecats and FriendsCancelledDiscl3xia
Oak MeadowsBEARHAWKSCancelledThe Thrown
Rupert CFilet o FlickForfeitedThe Gino Odj-discs
Rupert CSpinister MotivesForfeitedEast Van Halen
Winona CFLICK YEAH313Wrists of Fury
Winona CHerniated Discs58Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
Winona NBeer-B-Q136RAWR XD
Winona NHappy Craic912SSB
Winona SJeremy's DiskCancelledDanger Zone
Winona SSalt shakersCancelledOG Birds
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEScoober Squad127Tofu Stack
Slocan SWThe GrowlersCancelledGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EThe Spinnakers911Disc Monkeys
Andy Livingstone ETry, Catch, Throw76Flick It To Ride
Andy Livingstone WDragon Sound412Finger on the Disc
Andy Livingstone WLego Inferno125Hatty McHatFace
Empire NPetri Discs 46The Frisbee's Knees
Empire NUltimate BBTease 57Stallions of Champions
Empire SHotline Fling67Threwbacca
Empire SInternal Hammerhage36Cash Me Ousside
Jericho WCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals11490s Throwback
Jericho WSwingcredibles913Sweater Weather!
Memorial SWBurning Sensation!1012Talk Nerdy To Me
Memorial SWDimSumWarriors YumCha57Ultimate BBT 7
Trillium ECheerios1010Hand of Chal
Trillium EKilled Rockstars713Azure D
Trillium WNight Cawks712friendzone
Trillium WSaid The SkyFlick N Twisted
7:30 pmBalaclavaHammeroids29Pac-Man
BalaclavaMighty Hucking Power Rangers854 Winds
KingcrestApple TurnoversCancelledHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
KingcrestButterfingers Summer EditionCancelledHangry Hangry Hippos
Memorial OChester Fields 2.0ForfeitedAt Least My Disc Stays Up
Memorial OThe First Cut is the Deepest55Teamocil
Oak MeadowsBattlecats and FriendsCancelledThe Thrown
Oak MeadowsBEARHAWKSCancelledDiscl3xia
Rupert CFilet o FlickCancelledEast Van Halen
Rupert CSpinister MotivesForfeitedThe Gino Odj-discs
Winona CFLICK YEAH17Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
Winona CHerniated Discs15Wrists of Fury
Winona NBeer-B-Q96SSB
Winona NHappy CraicRAWR XD
Winona SJeremy's DiskCancelledOG Birds
Winona SSalt shakersCancelledDanger Zone
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EThe Spinnakers84Flick It To Ride
Andy Livingstone ETry, Catch, Throw66Disc Monkeys
Andy Livingstone WDragon Sound513Hatty McHatFace
Andy Livingstone WLego Inferno69Finger on the Disc
Empire NPetri Discs 39Stallions of Champions
Empire NUltimate BBTease 44The Frisbee's Knees
Empire SHotline FlingCancelledCash Me Ousside
Empire SInternal Hammerhage92Threwbacca
Jericho WCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals911Sweater Weather!
Jericho WSwingcredibles131090s Throwback
Memorial SWBurning Sensation!97Ultimate BBT 7
Memorial SWDimSumWarriors YumCha111Talk Nerdy To Me
Trillium ECheerios213Azure D
Trillium EKilled Rockstars1111Hand of Chal
Trillium WNight Cawks132Flick N Twisted
Trillium WSaid The Sky1210friendzone
Mon May 15
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDoggie StyleCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
BalaclavaTree ChairsCancelledSkywalkers
Empire NBaeta1110Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire NCarnage137Safe Hucks
Empire SG-raff A-ttack108Break Side
Empire STop Gun138Fullmetal
Memorial OKingsway's FinestCancelledMustard Seeds
Memorial OWii (not) Fit?CancelledFab Flicks
Oak MeadowsLikastikCancelledThe Frizzles
Oak MeadowsonomatopoeiaCancelledOutta Disc World!
Winona CHuck Sei Wuey CancelledDiscalicious
Winona CHuckleberry FlickPostponedFez
Winona NDisco NutsCancelledThe Cleat Tauruses
Winona NUnfitsCancelledThe Degenerates
Winona SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)CancelledFistFull of Dunwoody
Winona SUltimate FriskeeCancelledColonel Angus
6:30 pmKingcrestEgregiousPostponedRandom Fling
KingcrestGot Milk?CancelledGangGreen
Trafalgar NWWeeble Las Vegas!CancelledOutdoor Players
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EChubby Pandas310Fantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them
Andy Livingstone EFrisbeasts13Unbounce
Andy Livingstone WBread Emoji94Bahalalala
Jericho WCare Bears513Black Huck Down.
Jericho WThrowbocops512Wobbles
Memorial SWNo Flicks Zone108Night Hucks
Memorial SWStrangers126Absolute Chaos
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion74Holdrege
Trillium EThe Sleemen29Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WKoopa Troopas1011Slow Children Playing
Trillium WSoup Du Jour127ChaSiuBao
7:30 pmBalaclavaDoggie StyleCancelledSkywalkers
BalaclavaTree ChairsCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
Empire NBaeta1210Safe Hucks
Empire NCarnage710Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SG-raff A-ttack119Fullmetal
Empire STop Gun135Break Side
Memorial OKingsway's FinestCancelledFab Flicks
Memorial OWii (not) Fit?CancelledMustard Seeds
Oak MeadowsLikastikCancelledOutta Disc World!
Oak MeadowsonomatopoeiaCancelledThe Frizzles
Winona CHuck Sei Wuey PostponedFez
Winona CHuckleberry FlickPostponedDiscalicious
Winona NDisco NutsCancelledThe Degenerates
Winona NUnfitsCancelledThe Cleat Tauruses
Winona SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)CancelledColonel Angus
Winona SUltimate FriskeeCancelledFistFull of Dunwoody
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EChubby Pandas16Unbounce
Andy Livingstone EFrisbeasts14Bread Emoji
Andy Livingstone WFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them88Bahalalala
Jericho WCare Bears37Wobbles
Jericho WThrowbocops30Black Huck Down.
Memorial SWNo Flicks Zone80Absolute Chaos
Memorial SWStrangers410Night Hucks
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion95Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium EThe SleemenDefaultHoldrege
Trillium WKoopa TroopasCancelledChaSiuBao
Trillium WSoup Du JourCancelledSlow Children Playing
Tue May 16
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHehe XD133Gritty in Pink
BalaclavaJokers137Pretty Kitties
Churchill OvalDiscpicable Me128Minions
Churchill OvalGo Go Power Huckers132Princess Layout
KingcrestFootballs Are Too Heavy136Rain City Ultimate Club
KingcrestHUCK SMASH!87Huck It
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone513Identity Crisis
Memorial OTeam Adequate314Friends of Friends
Rupert CRookie Monsters136Fanny Pack Attack!
Van Tech OvalDisc Infernos131Sideways Shoe
Van Tech OvalPsyhucks813Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona CGentle Warriors138Baywatchers
Winona CThose Meddling Kids712DiscThrow Inferno
Winona SH-Bar48Game of Throws
Winona SIllegal Smile137Chronic Injury
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESons and Daughters613Egg Salad Sandwich
Andy Livingstone EWhat Are Throws 96Here for the Beer
Memorial SW2 Girls 1 Huck137Critters
Memorial SWFlickle Me Elmo1311Gator Bait
Trillium EBanana Cutterz136Smokey Bologna
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc136Carlitos Banditos
Trillium WDoubleTap133Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium WProtectors of the Human Race135The Marauders
7:30 pmBalaclavaHehe XD129Pretty Kitties
BalaclavaJokers131Gritty in Pink
Churchill OvalDiscpicable Me117Princess Layout
Churchill OvalGo Go Power Huckers137Minions
KingcrestFootballs Are Too Heavy135Huck It
KingcrestHUCK SMASH!107Rain City Ultimate Club
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone1310Friends of Friends
Memorial OTeam Adequate1310Identity Crisis
Rupert CRookie Monsters139Sunny D's
Van Tech OvalDisc Infernos129Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Van Tech OvalPsyhucks96Sideways Shoe
Winona CGentle Warriors107DiscThrow Inferno
Winona CThose Meddling Kids811Baywatchers
Winona SH-Bar119Chronic Injury
Winona SIllegal Smile136Game of Throws
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ESons and Daughters59Here for the Beer
Andy Livingstone EWhat Are Throws 49Egg Salad Sandwich
Memorial SW2 Girls 1 Huck810Gator Bait
Memorial SWFlickle Me Elmo811Critters
Trillium EBanana Cutterz1311Carlitos Banditos
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc134Smokey Bologna
Trillium WDoubleTap130The Marauders
Trillium WProtectors of the Human Race97Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Wed May 17
6:00 pm
Adanac NWDISCiples89Tenth Pew Pew Warriors
Adanac NWHuckin' East Van Canucks57Just a Fling
BalaclavaEastside Empire135Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
BalaclavaSlow People Playing98Goal Mountain
Empire STeam Chaos113Flick My Disc
Empire STosstitos711Throw Some D's
KingcrestGentle Warriors 2113Scrubs 2.0
KingcrestThe Poppers134Stacked
Oak MeadowsNot Fast Just Furious134Wok Don't Run.
Oak MeadowsSquirtle Squad69Eat Disc
Rupert CMid or Feed135Local Pint
Rupert CThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!131Rain City
UBC WolfsonButterfingers137Poached Eggs
UBC WolfsonCompetitive Knitting Squad97Piper Palooza
Winona CBicurious Doggos138URFT
Winona CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135zoi
Winona NKoalaz134AYCE
Winona NWyld Stallyns713Ultimate BBT Too
Winona SMUT X138Venom
Winona SReTox1312F.M.U.
6:30 pmMemorial OBatteries Not Included1217K.I.D.S.
Memorial ODisc Comfort176Ytterbium
Slocan SWThe Marty McFlicks1714Victorious Secret
Trafalgar NWJuicy Chickens1416Bzzykes
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAbsolute Zeroes118Riot
Andy Livingstone ENew Disc Who Dis?97JusDISC League
Jericho WCircular Logic137Frisbaes
Jericho WMud Dogs125NetFlicks n Chill
Memorial SWMeatballs1514Moose ick
Memorial SWThe Dirty Skirties175Train Wreck
7:30 pmAdanac NWDISCiples59Just a Fling
Adanac NWHuckin' East Van Canucks713Tenth Pew Pew Warriors
BalaclavaEastside Empire713Goal Mountain
BalaclavaSlow People Playing1011Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Empire STeam Chaos313Throw Some D's
Empire STosstitos512Flick My Disc
KingcrestGentle Warriors 2813Stacked
KingcrestThe Poppers313Scrubs 2.0
Oak MeadowsNot Fast Just Furious913Eat Disc
Oak MeadowsSquirtle Squad132Wok Don't Run.
Rupert CMid or Feed137Rain City
Rupert CThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!136Local Pint
UBC WolfsonButterfingers133Piper Palooza
UBC WolfsonCompetitive Knitting Squad1210Poached Eggs
Winona CBicurious Doggos133zoi
Winona CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go137URFT
Winona NKoalaz1312Ultimate BBT Too
Winona NWyld Stallyns138AYCE
Winona SMUT X913F.M.U.
Winona SReTox136Venom
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EAbsolute Zeroes1211JusDISC League
Andy Livingstone ENew Disc Who Dis?1311Riot
Jericho WCircular Logic131NetFlicks n Chill
Jericho WMud Dogs98Frisbaes
Thu May 18
6:00 pm
BalaclavaKilled Rockstars138Flick N Twisted
KingcrestFLICK YEAH1013OG Birds
KingcrestHerniated Discs313Danger Zone
Memorial OHammeroids413Sweater Weather!
Memorial OMighty Hucking Power Rangers10590s Throwback
Oak MeadowsScoober Squad133Threwbacca
Oak MeadowsTofu Stack59Cash Me Ousside
Rupert CJeremy's Disk139Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
Rupert CSalt shakers913Wrists of Fury
Winona CChester Fields 2.01010Ultimate BBT 7
Winona CThe First Cut is the Deepest910Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona NPetri Discs Internal Hammerhage
Winona NUltimate BBTease 49Hotline Fling
Winona SBurning Sensation!911At Least My Disc Stays Up
Winona SDimSumWarriors YumCha413Teamocil
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEStallions of Champions139The Frisbee's Knees
Slocan SWFlick It To Ride914Disc Monkeys
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EApple Turnovers613The Gino Odj-discs
Andy Livingstone EButterfingers Summer Edition713East Van Halen
Andy Livingstone WFilet o Flick119Hangry Hangry Hippos
Andy Livingstone WSpinister Motives97Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Empire NGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken139Hatty McHatFace
Empire NThe Growlers69Finger on the Disc
Empire SThe Spinnakers613Lego Inferno
Empire STry, Catch, Throw513Dragon Sound
Jericho WNight Cawks138Hand of Chal
Jericho WSaid The Sky713Azure D
Memorial SWCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals1312Pac-Man
Memorial SWSwingcredibles13114 Winds
Trillium EBattlecats and Friends1310SSB
Trillium WBeer-B-Q124The Thrown
Trillium WHappy Craic138Discl3xia
7:30 pmBalaclavaCheerios913Flick N Twisted
BalaclavaKilled Rockstars413friendzone
KingcrestFLICK YEAH113Danger Zone
KingcrestHerniated Discs513OG Birds
Memorial OHammeroids51390s Throwback
Memorial OMighty Hucking Power Rangers136Sweater Weather!
Oak MeadowsScoober Squad139Cash Me Ousside
Oak MeadowsTofu Stack134Threwbacca
Rupert CJeremy's Disk1013Wrists of Fury
Rupert CSalt shakers911Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
Winona CChester Fields 2.0613Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona CThe First Cut is the Deepest613Ultimate BBT 7
Winona NPetri Discs Hotline Fling
Winona NUltimate BBTease 113Internal Hammerhage
Winona SBurning Sensation!713Teamocil
Winona SDimSumWarriors YumCha711At Least My Disc Stays Up
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EApple Turnovers88East Van Halen
Andy Livingstone EButterfingers Summer Edition410The Gino Odj-discs
Andy Livingstone WFilet o Flick134Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Andy Livingstone WSpinister Motives610Hangry Hangry Hippos
Empire NGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken97Finger on the Disc
Empire NThe Growlers711Hatty McHatFace
Empire SThe Spinnakers513Dragon Sound
Empire STry, Catch, Throw913Lego Inferno
Jericho WNight Cawks513Azure D
Jericho WSaid The Sky138Hand of Chal
Memorial SWCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals1354 Winds
Memorial SWSwingcredibles910Pac-Man
Trillium EBattlecats and FriendsCancelledRAWR XD
Trillium WBeer-B-Q139Discl3xia
Trillium WHappy CraicThe Thrown
Mon May 22
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHuckleberry Flick137Huck Sei Wuey
BalaclavaUltimate Friskee513Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)
Empire NLikastik1312onomatopoeia
Empire NUnfits613Disco Nuts
Empire SThe Degenerates113The Cleat Tauruses
Empire SThe Frizzles135Outta Disc World!
KingcrestNo Flicks Zone1311Strangers
KingcrestWii (not) Fit?133Kingsway's Finest
Oak MeadowsSoup Du Jour413Koopa Troopas
Oak MeadowsThe Sleemen113Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Rupert CFab Flicks131Mustard Seeds
Rupert CNight Hucks118Absolute Chaos
Winona CCarnage98Baeta
Winona CG-raff A-ttack1213Top Gun
Winona NChaSiuBao1312Slow Children Playing
Winona NNeon Disc-zaster!CancelledHoldrege
Winona SBreak Side913Fullmetal
Winona SSafe Hucks413Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
6:30 pmSlocan SWEgregious177GangGreen
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECare BearsThrowbocops
Andy Livingstone ETree ChairsDoggie Style
Andy Livingstone WBlack Huck Down.1013Wobbles
Andy Livingstone WSkywalkers911Hammer Beats Rabbit
Jericho WColonel Angus135FistFull of Dunwoody
Jericho WFez1112Discalicious
Memorial SWGot Milk?1710Outdoor Players
Memorial SWWeeble Las Vegas!177Random Fling
Trillium EFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them103Frisbeasts
Trillium EUnbounce613Bread Emoji
Trillium WChubby Pandas89Bahalalala
7:30 pmBalaclavaHuckleberry Flick1310Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)
BalaclavaUltimate Friskee813Huck Sei Wuey
Empire NLikastik913Disco Nuts
Empire NUnfits1013onomatopoeia
Empire SThe Degenerates913Outta Disc World!
Empire SThe Frizzles1311The Cleat Tauruses
KingcrestNo Flicks ZoneKingsway's Finest
KingcrestWii (not) Fit?137Strangers
Oak MeadowsSoup Du Jour136Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Oak MeadowsThe Sleemen113Koopa Troopas
Rupert CFab Flicks139Absolute Chaos
Rupert CNight Hucks139Mustard Seeds
Winona CCarnage1110Top Gun
Winona CG-raff A-ttack1113Baeta
Winona NChaSiuBaoForfeitedHoldrege
Winona NNeon Disc-zaster!137Slow Children Playing
Winona SBreak Side513Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Winona SSafe Hucks613Fullmetal
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECare BearsDoggie Style
Andy Livingstone ETree ChairsThrowbocops
Andy Livingstone WBlack Huck Down.135Hammer Beats Rabbit
Andy Livingstone WSkywalkers613Wobbles
Jericho WColonel Angus1110Discalicious
Jericho WFez1112FistFull of Dunwoody
Trillium EChubby Pandas79Bread Emoji
Trillium EFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them913Unbounce
Trillium WFrisbeasts013Bahalalala
Tue May 23
6:00 pm
BalaclavaGentle Warriors132Those Meddling Kids
BalaclavaIllegal Smile134H-Bar
Churchill OvalBaywatchersDiscThrow Inferno
Churchill OvalChronic Injury59Game of Throws
KingcrestGo Go Power Huckers87Discpicable Me
KingcrestJokers66Hehe XD
Memorial ODisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back108The Marauders
Memorial OSmokey Bologna912Carlitos Banditos
Oak MeadowsDisc InfernosPsyhucks
Oak MeadowsSons and Daughters136What Are Throws
Rupert CPretty Kitties313Gritty in Pink
Rupert CPrincess Layout610Minions
Van Tech OvalFootballs Are Too Heavy72HUCK SMASH!
Van Tech OvalRookie Monsters94ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Winona C2 Girls 1 Huck610Flickle Me Elmo
Winona CPlaid to the Bone89Team Adequate
Winona NEgg Salad Sandwich107Here for the Beer
Winona NSideways Shoe49Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona SCritters613Gator Bait
Winona SIdentity Crisis513Friends of Friends
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFanny Pack Attack!610Sunny D's
Andy Livingstone ERain City Ultimate Club513Huck It
Memorial SWBanana Cutterz133Dark Side Of The Disc
Memorial SWDoubleTapProtectors of the Human Race
7:30 pmBalaclavaGentle Warriors133H-Bar
BalaclavaIllegal Smile132Those Meddling Kids
Churchill OvalBaywatchers411Game of Throws
Churchill OvalChronic Injury911DiscThrow Inferno
KingcrestGo Go Power Huckers98Hehe XD
KingcrestJokers512Discpicable Me
Memorial ODisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1213Carlitos Banditos
Memorial OSmokey Bologna1011The Marauders
Oak MeadowsDisc Infernos132What Are Throws
Oak MeadowsSons and Daughters510Psyhucks
Rupert CPretty Kitties59Minions
Rupert CPrincess Layout513Gritty in Pink
Van Tech OvalFootballs Are Too Heavy35ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Van Tech OvalRookie Monsters77HUCK SMASH!
Winona C2 Girls 1 Huck94Team Adequate
Winona CPlaid to the Bone32Flickle Me Elmo
Winona NEgg Salad Sandwich87Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona NSideways Shoe55Here for the Beer
Winona SCritters47Friends of Friends
Winona SIdentity Crisis116Gator Bait
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFanny Pack Attack!510Huck It
Andy Livingstone ERain City Ultimate Club26Sunny D's
Memorial SWBanana Cutterz75Protectors of the Human Race
Memorial SWDoubleTap125Dark Side Of The Disc
Wed May 24
6:00 pm
Adanac NWAYCE1211Ultimate BBT Too
Adanac NWWok Don't Run.813Eat Disc
BalaclavaDISCiples59Huckin' East Van Canucks
BalaclavaThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!129Mid or Feed
Empire SJusDISC League69Riot
Empire SPiper Palooza113Poached Eggs
KingcrestCompetitive Knitting Squad913Butterfingers
KingcrestNew Disc Who Dis?137Absolute Zeroes
Memorial OThe Marty McFlicks134Goal Mountain
Memorial OVictorious Secret134Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Oak MeadowsGentle Warriors 21312The Poppers
Oak MeadowsTeam Chaos611Tosstitos
Rupert CKoalaz136Wyld Stallyns
Rupert CNot Fast Just Furious810Squirtle Squad
UBC WolfsonURFT1113zoi
UBC WolfsonVenom912F.M.U.
Winona NFlick My Disc88Throw Some D's
Winona NScrubs 2.0135Stacked
6:30 pmSlocan SWMeatballs1513K.I.D.S.
Trafalgar NWCircular Logic135Mud Dogs
Winona CBzzykes1117Batteries Not Included
Winona CThe Dirty Skirties1712Disc Comfort
Winona SMoose ick179Juicy Chickens
Winona SYtterbium168Train Wreck
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBicurious Doggos813Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Andy Livingstone EMUT X1012ReTox
Jericho WRain City88Local Pint
Jericho WTenth Pew Pew Warriors114Just a Fling
Memorial SWEastside Empire125NetFlicks n Chill
Memorial SWSlow People Playing810Frisbaes
7:30 pmAdanac NWAYCE913Eat Disc
Adanac NWWok Don't Run.713Ultimate BBT Too
BalaclavaDISCiples313Mid or Feed
BalaclavaThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!133Huckin' East Van Canucks
Empire SJusDISC League413Poached Eggs
Empire SPiper Palooza613Riot
KingcrestCompetitive Knitting Squad133Absolute Zeroes
KingcrestNew Disc Who Dis?913Butterfingers
Memorial OThe Marty McFlicks134Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Memorial OVictorious Secret134Goal Mountain
Oak MeadowsGentle Warriors 2133Tosstitos
Oak MeadowsTeam Chaos113The Poppers
Rupert CKoalaz135Squirtle Squad
Rupert CNot Fast Just Furious1011Wyld Stallyns
UBC WolfsonURFT913F.M.U.
UBC WolfsonVenom1310zoi
Winona NFlick My Disc1111Stacked
Winona NScrubs 2.01311Throw Some D's
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBicurious Doggos1310ReTox
Andy Livingstone EMUT X413Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Jericho WRain City1110Just a Fling
Jericho WTenth Pew Pew Warriors813Local Pint
Memorial SWEastside Empire1211Frisbaes
Memorial SWSlow People Playing106NetFlicks n Chill
Thu May 25
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBEARHAWKS1210Battlecats and Friends
BalaclavaBeer-B-Q108Happy Craic
KingcrestBurning Sensation!132DimSumWarriors YumCha
KingcrestThe First Cut is the Deepest96Chester Fields 2.0
Memorial OKilled RockstarsCheerios
Memorial OSaid The Sky1011Night Cawks
Oak MeadowsGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken313Lego Inferno
Oak MeadowsThe Growlers512Dragon Sound
Rupert CAt Least My Disc Stays Up106Teamocil
Rupert CTalk Nerdy To Me135Ultimate BBT 7
Winona CCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals913Swingcredibles
Winona CMighty Hucking Power Rangers135Hammeroids
Winona NDisc Monkeys910Hatty McHatFace
Winona NFlick It To Ride39Finger on the Disc
Winona S90s Throwback613Sweater Weather!
Winona SPac-Man784 Winds
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEUltimate BBTease 717Petri Discs
Slocan SWTry, Catch, Throw169The Spinnakers
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFLICK YEAH77Herniated Discs
Andy Livingstone ESalt shakers138Jeremy's Disk
Andy Livingstone WOG Birds1310Danger Zone
Andy Livingstone WWrists of Fury103Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
Empire NApple Turnovers125Butterfingers Summer Edition
Empire NFilet o Flick79Spinister Motives
Empire SHangry Hangry Hippos65Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Empire SThe Gino Odj-discs136East Van Halen
Jericho WRAWR XD117SSB
Jericho WThe Thrown59Discl3xia
Memorial SWAzure D135Hand of Chal
Memorial SWFlick N Twisted112friendzone
Trillium EScoober Squad113Hotline Fling
Trillium ETofu Stack104Internal Hammerhage
Trillium WStallions of Champions105Threwbacca
Trillium WThe Frisbee's Knees313Cash Me Ousside
7:30 pmBalaclavaBEARHAWKSHappy Craic
BalaclavaBeer-B-Q119Battlecats and Friends
KingcrestBurning Sensation!1013Chester Fields 2.0
KingcrestThe First Cut is the Deepest97DimSumWarriors YumCha
Memorial OKilled Rockstars134Night Cawks
Memorial OSaid The Sky01Cheerios
Oak MeadowsGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken1111Dragon Sound
Oak MeadowsThe Growlers610Lego Inferno
Rupert CAt Least My Disc Stays Up106Ultimate BBT 7
Rupert CTalk Nerdy To Me1013Teamocil
Winona CCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals1013Hammeroids
Winona CMighty Hucking Power Rangers134Swingcredibles
Winona NDisc Monkeys1011Finger on the Disc
Winona NFlick It To Ride511Hatty McHatFace
Winona S90s Throwback4134 Winds
Winona SPac-Man813Sweater Weather!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFLICK YEAH89Jeremy's Disk
Andy Livingstone ESalt shakers137Herniated Discs
Andy Livingstone WOG Birds129Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
Andy Livingstone WWrists of Fury713Danger Zone
Empire NApple Turnovers613Spinister Motives
Empire NFilet o Flick132Butterfingers Summer Edition
Empire SHangry Hangry Hippos136East Van Halen
Empire SThe Gino Odj-discsHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Jericho WRAWR XD1213Discl3xia
Jericho WThe Thrown811SSB
Memorial SWAzure D1513friendzone
Memorial SWFlick N Twisted413Hand of Chal
Trillium EScoober Squad136Internal Hammerhage
Trillium ETofu Stack105Hotline Fling
Trillium WStallions of Champions48Cash Me Ousside
Trillium WThe Frisbee's Knees1210Threwbacca
Mon May 29
6:00 pm
BalaclavaCarnageG-raff A-ttack
BalaclavaTop Gun139Fullmetal
Empire NBread Emoji133Frisbeasts
Empire NFez83Fantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them
Empire SUltimate Friskee1111Chubby Pandas
KingcrestBreak Side1212Disco Nuts
KingcrestSafe Hucks1211The Cleat Tauruses
Memorial ODiscalicious133Unbounce
Memorial OHuck Sei Wuey 710FistFull of Dunwoody
Oak MeadowsSlow Children Playing713No Flicks Zone
Oak MeadowsThe Sleemen513Fab Flicks
Rupert CLikastik1211Wobbles
Rupert COutta Disc World!913Black Huck Down.
Winona CThe Degenerates1312Throwbocops
Winona CUnfits1213Doggie Style
Winona NHuckleberry Flick131Bahalalala
Winona NStrangers107Colonel Angus
Winona SSkywalkers98Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Winona SSoup Du Jour1213Koopa Troopas
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECare Bears109Neon Disc-zaster!
Andy Livingstone EHammer Beats Rabbit1113Tree Chairs
Andy Livingstone WChaSiuBao313Wii (not) Fit?
Andy Livingstone WHoldrege1213Night Hucks
Jericho WBaeta137The Frizzles
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers138onomatopoeia
Memorial SWAbsolute Chaos89Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)
Memorial SWKingsway's Finest99Mustard Seeds
Trillium EGot Milk?177GangGreen
Trillium EWeeble Las Vegas!1715Egregious
Trillium WRandom Fling812Outdoor Players
7:30 pmBalaclavaCarnage913Fullmetal
BalaclavaTop Gun1311G-raff A-ttack
Empire NFez711Bread Emoji
Empire NUltimate Friskee126Frisbeasts
Empire SFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them133Chubby Pandas
KingcrestBreak SideThe Cleat Tauruses
KingcrestSafe Hucks136Disco Nuts
Memorial ODiscalicious913FistFull of Dunwoody
Memorial OHuck Sei Wuey 138Unbounce
Oak MeadowsSlow Children Playing1113Fab Flicks
Oak MeadowsThe Sleemen113No Flicks Zone
Rupert CLikastik1013Black Huck Down.
Rupert COutta Disc World!713Wobbles
Winona CThe Degenerates1113Doggie Style
Winona CUnfits139Throwbocops
Winona NHuckleberry Flick1012Colonel Angus
Winona NStrangers132Bahalalala
Winona SSkywalkers613Koopa Troopas
Winona SSoup Du Jour910Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECare Bears1012Tree Chairs
Andy Livingstone EHammer Beats Rabbit811Neon Disc-zaster!
Andy Livingstone WChaSiuBao813Night Hucks
Andy Livingstone WHoldrege313Wii (not) Fit?
Jericho WBaeta138onomatopoeia
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers139The Frizzles
Memorial SWAbsolute Chaos912Mustard Seeds
Memorial SWKingsway's Finest413Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)
Tue May 30
6:00 pm
KingcrestCarlitos Banditos1312Flickle Me Elmo
KingcrestThe Marauders136Smokey Bologna
Memorial OHere for the Beer713Sons and Daughters
Memorial OSideways Shoe39What Are Throws
Oak MeadowsBaywatchers107Those Meddling Kids
Oak MeadowsChronic Injury811Jokers
Rupert CGator BaitCancelledGentle Warriors
Rupert CIdentity CrisisCancelledIllegal Smile
Van Tech Oval2 Girls 1 Huck810Game of Throws
Van Tech OvalCritters137DiscThrow Inferno
Winona CBanana CutterzForfeitedProtectors of the Human Race
Winona CDoubleTapCancelledDark Side Of The Disc
Winona NHehe XDCancelledFootballs Are Too Heavy
Winona NRookie Monsters108Sunny D's
Winona SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackCancelledPlaid to the Bone
Winona SFriends of FriendsCancelledTeam Adequate
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGo Go Power Huckers135Minions
Andy Livingstone EH-BarDiscpicable Me
Memorial SWRain City Ultimate Club713Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Trillium EGritty in Pink117Princess Layout
Trillium EPretty KittiesForfeitedFanny Pack Attack!
Trillium WEgg Salad Sandwich106Psyhucks
Trillium WHuck It108Disc Infernos
7:30 pmKingcrestCarlitos Banditos913Smokey Bologna
KingcrestThe Marauders139Flickle Me Elmo
Memorial OHere for the Beer213What Are Throws
Memorial OSideways Shoe810Sons and Daughters
Oak MeadowsBaywatchers138Jokers
Oak MeadowsChronic Injury813Those Meddling Kids
Rupert CGator BaitCancelledIllegal Smile
Rupert CIdentity CrisisCancelledGentle Warriors
Van Tech Oval2 Girls 1 Huck138DiscThrow Inferno
Van Tech OvalCritters810Game of Throws
Winona CBanana CutterzCancelledDark Side Of The Disc
Winona CDoubleTapCancelledProtectors of the Human Race
Winona NHehe XDCancelledSunny D's
Winona NRookie Monsters138Footballs Are Too Heavy
Winona SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackCancelledTeam Adequate
Winona SFriends of FriendsCancelledPlaid to the Bone
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EGo Go Power Huckers1310Discpicable Me
Andy Livingstone EH-Bar135Minions
Memorial SWHUCK SMASH!126Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Memorial SWRain City Ultimate Club911ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Trillium EGritty in PinkDefaultFanny Pack Attack!
Trillium EPretty Kitties76Princess Layout
Trillium WEgg Salad Sandwich510Disc Infernos
Trillium WHuck It115Psyhucks
Wed May 31
6:00 pm
Adanac NWGentle Warriors 289Koalaz
Adanac NWThe Poppers812Eat Disc
BalaclavaTeam Chaos613Squirtle Squad
BalaclavaTosstitos313Ultimate BBT Too
Empire NReTox1210Bicurious Doggos
Empire NSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135F.M.U.
Empire SCompetitive Knitting Squad89Poached Eggs
Empire SMUT X137Butterfingers
Memorial OWok Don't Run.107AYCE
Memorial OWyld Stallyns104Tenth Pew Pew Warriors
Oak MeadowsDISCiples1112Eastside Empire
Oak MeadowsHuckin' East Van Canucks78Mud Dogs
Rupert CJusDISC League710Stacked
Rupert CRiot139Piper Palooza
Winona NFrisbaes610Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Winona NSlow People Playing89The Marty McFlicks
6:30 pmKingcrestJuicy Chickens917Batteries Not Included
KingcrestMoose ick1711Ytterbium
Trafalgar NWBzzykes1217Disc Comfort
Trafalgar NWGoal Mountain155NetFlicks n Chill
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EMeatballs913The Dirty Skirties
Andy Livingstone ETrain Wreck1417K.I.D.S.
Jericho WNot Fast Just Furious126Mid or Feed
Jericho WThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!127Local Pint
Memorial SWVenom1010New Disc Who Dis?
Memorial SWzoi1312URFT
7:30 pmAdanac NWGentle Warriors 2513Eat Disc
Adanac NWThe Poppers713Koalaz
BalaclavaTeam Chaos513Ultimate BBT Too
BalaclavaTosstitos413Squirtle Squad
Empire NReTox1012F.M.U.
Empire NSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1310Bicurious Doggos
Empire SCompetitive Knitting Squad1113Butterfingers
Empire SMUT X1312Poached Eggs
Memorial ORain City612Just a Fling
Memorial OVictorious Secret106Circular Logic
Oak MeadowsDISCiples813Mud Dogs
Oak MeadowsHuckin' East Van Canucks1211Eastside Empire
Rupert CJusDISC League137Piper Palooza
Rupert CRiot1013Stacked
Winona NFrisbaes511The Marty McFlicks
Winona NSlow People Playing910Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
8:30 pmJericho WNot Fast Just Furious108Local Pint
Jericho WThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!118Mid or Feed
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes313Scrubs 2.0
Memorial SWFlick My Disc1310Throw Some D's
Thu Jun 1
6:00 pm
BalaclavaInternal Hammerhage65Hotline Fling
BalaclavaThe Frisbee's KneesForfeitedThrewbacca
KingcrestCheerios811Flick N Twisted
KingcrestHand of Chal911Pac-Man
Memorial OBeer-B-Q108BEARHAWKS
Memorial OSSB713RAWR XD
Oak MeadowsFLICK YEAH613Spinister Motives
Oak MeadowsHerniated Discs79Hangry Hangry Hippos
Robson CStallions of Champions715Cash Me Ousside
Rupert CCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals1312At Least My Disc Stays Up
Rupert CSwingcredibles137Teamocil
Winona CDiscl3xia1113friendzone
Winona CThe Thrown96Killed Rockstars
Winona NEast Van Halen137Lego Inferno
Winona NFinger on the Disc96Disc Monkeys
Winona SMighty Hucking Power Rangers1094 Winds
Winona SNight Cawks1110Sweater Weather!
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone E90s Throwback106Talk Nerdy To Me
Andy Livingstone EHammeroids56The First Cut is the Deepest
Andy Livingstone WBurning Sensation!910Danger Zone
Andy Livingstone WChester Fields 2.01112OG Birds
Empire NDimSumWarriors YumCha511Jeremy's Disk
Empire NUltimate BBT 7611Wrists of Fury
Empire SApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)109The Gino Odj-discs
Empire SSalt shakersFilet o Flick
Jericho WThe Growlers312Tofu Stack
Jericho WThe Spinnakers510Flick It To Ride
Memorial SWBattlecats and Friends139Azure D
Memorial SWHappy Craic115Said The Sky
Trillium EApple Turnovers69Butterfingers Summer Edition
Trillium EHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ChuDragon Sound
Trillium WGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken610Hatty McHatFace
Trillium WTry, Catch, Throw1211Scoober Squad
7:30 pmBalaclavaInternal Hammerhage96Threwbacca
BalaclavaThe Frisbee's KneesForfeitedHotline Fling
KingcrestHand of Chal1110Flick N Twisted
Memorial OBeer-B-Q139RAWR XD
Oak MeadowsFLICK YEAH713Hangry Hangry Hippos
Oak MeadowsHerniated Discs513Spinister Motives
Robson CPetri Discs 1213Ultimate BBTease
Rupert CCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals1210Teamocil
Rupert CSwingcredibles133At Least My Disc Stays Up
Winona CDiscl3xia1412Killed Rockstars
Winona CThe Thrown1113friendzone
Winona NEast Van Halen137Disc Monkeys
Winona NFinger on the Disc87Lego Inferno
Winona SMighty Hucking Power Rangers137Sweater Weather!
Winona SNight Cawks13114 Winds
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone E90s Throwback1310The First Cut is the Deepest
Andy Livingstone EHammeroids1013Talk Nerdy To Me
Andy Livingstone WBurning Sensation!1212OG Birds
Andy Livingstone WChester Fields 2.0613Danger Zone
Empire NDimSumWarriors YumCha1112Wrists of Fury
Empire NUltimate BBT 7512Jeremy's Disk
Empire SApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)79Filet o Flick
Empire SSalt shakersThe Gino Odj-discs
Jericho WThe Growlers38Flick It To Ride
Jericho WThe Spinnakers510Tofu Stack
Memorial SWBattlecats and FriendsSaid The Sky
Memorial SWHappy Craic1311Azure D
Trillium EApple Turnovers128Dragon Sound
Trillium EHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ChuButterfingers Summer Edition
Trillium WGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken135Scoober Squad
Trillium WTry, Catch, Throw88Hatty McHatFace
Mon Jun 5
6:00 pm
BalaclavaThe Degenerates1013Soup Du Jour
KingcrestCare Bears107ChaSiuBao
KingcrestHammer Beats Rabbit1111Holdrege
Memorial OFullmetal137The Frizzles
Memorial OG-raff A-ttack138onomatopoeia
Point GreyAbsolute Chaos1011Discalicious
Point GreyBahalalala610Huck Sei Wuey
UBC WolfsonAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)114Unbounce
UBC WolfsonMustard Seeds105FistFull of Dunwoody
Winona CFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them116Frisbeasts
Winona CUltimate Friskee137Bread Emoji
Winona NNeon Disc-zaster!811Wii (not) Fit?
Winona NTree Chairs134Night Hucks
Winona SFez133Chubby Pandas
6:30 pmOak MeadowsEgregious179Random Fling
Oak MeadowsOutdoor Players717Got Milk?
Winona SGangGreen517Weeble Las Vegas!
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESlow Children Playing1311Strangers
Andy Livingstone EThe Sleemen413Huckleberry Flick
Andy Livingstone WFab Flicks812Kingsway's Finest
Andy Livingstone WNo Flicks Zone138Colonel Angus
Jericho WDoggie Style98Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Jericho WThrowbocops117Koopa Troopas
Memorial SWCarnageLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWTop Gun158Baeta
Trillium EBreak Side1311Outta Disc World!
Trillium ESafe Hucks1211Likastik
Trillium WDisco Nuts1113Black Huck Down.
Trillium WThe Cleat Tauruses 1212Wobbles
7:30 pmBalaclavaThe Degenerates1013Skywalkers
BalaclavaUnfits1311Soup Du Jour
KingcrestCare Bears138Holdrege
KingcrestHammer Beats Rabbit1110ChaSiuBao
Memorial OFullmetal138onomatopoeia
Memorial OG-raff A-ttack137The Frizzles
Point GreyAbsolute Chaos117Huck Sei Wuey
Point GreyBahalalala613Discalicious
UBC WolfsonAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)613FistFull of Dunwoody
UBC WolfsonMustard Seeds135Unbounce
Winona CFez135Frisbeasts
Winona CUltimate Friskee105Fantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them
Winona NNeon Disc-zaster!138Night Hucks
Winona NTree Chairs413Wii (not) Fit?
Winona SBread Emoji135Chubby Pandas
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ESlow Children Playing139Huckleberry Flick
Andy Livingstone EThe Sleemen613Strangers
Andy Livingstone WFab Flicks138Colonel Angus
Andy Livingstone WNo Flicks Zone133Kingsway's Finest
Jericho WDoggie Style128Koopa Troopas
Jericho WThrowbocops99Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Memorial SWCarnage158Baeta
Memorial SWTop Gun137Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium EBreak Side139Likastik
Trillium ESafe Hucks1311Outta Disc World!
Trillium WDisco Nuts1113Wobbles
Trillium WThe Cleat Tauruses 128Black Huck Down.
Tue Jun 6
6:00 pm
KingcrestBanana CutterzFriends of Friends
KingcrestDoubleTap131Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial OFanny Pack Attack!138Psyhucks
Memorial OPrincess Layout911Disc Infernos
Oak Meadows2 Girls 1 Huck108H-Bar
Oak MeadowsCritters133Go Go Power Huckers
Rupert CDark Side Of The Disc136Plaid to the Bone
Rupert CProtectors of the Human Race128Team Adequate
Van Tech OvalCarlitos Banditos1213Identity Crisis
Van Tech OvalThe Marauders132Gator Bait
Winona CHUCK SMASH!136Here for the Beer
Winona CRain City Ultimate Club98Sideways Shoe
Winona NDiscThrow Inferno513Minions
Winona NGame of Throws107Discpicable Me
Winona SRocky Mountain Bear Huckers138What Are Throws
Winona SULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION1211Sons and Daughters
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFlickle Me Elmo713Illegal Smile
Andy Livingstone ESmokey Bologna1112Gentle Warriors
Memorial SWGritty in Pink513Huck It
Memorial SWPretty Kitties512Egg Salad Sandwich
Trillium EBaywatchers910Hehe XD
Trillium EChronic Injury1012Rookie Monsters
Trillium WJokers1311Sunny D's
Trillium WThose Meddling Kids713Footballs Are Too Heavy
7:30 pmKingcrestBanana CutterzDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
KingcrestDoubleTap133Friends of Friends
Memorial OFanny Pack Attack!913Disc Infernos
Memorial OPrincess Layout137Psyhucks
Oak Meadows2 Girls 1 Huck133Go Go Power Huckers
Oak MeadowsCritters139H-Bar
Rupert CDark Side Of The Disc132Team Adequate
Rupert CProtectors of the Human Race1310Plaid to the Bone
Van Tech OvalCarlitos Banditos1312Gator Bait
Van Tech OvalThe Marauders1310Identity Crisis
Winona CHUCK SMASH!136Sideways Shoe
Winona CRain City Ultimate Club137Here for the Beer
Winona NDiscThrow Inferno1311Discpicable Me
Winona NGame of Throws125Minions
Winona SRocky Mountain Bear Huckers910Sons and Daughters
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFlickle Me Elmo713Gentle Warriors
Andy Livingstone ESmokey Bologna138Illegal Smile
Memorial SWGritty in Pink413Egg Salad Sandwich
Memorial SWPretty Kitties913Huck It
Trillium EBaywatchers119Rookie Monsters
Trillium EChronic Injury1111Hehe XD
Trillium WJokers910Footballs Are Too Heavy
Trillium WThose Meddling Kids114Sunny D's
Wed Jun 7
6:00 pm
Adanac NWAbsolute Zeroes1213Flick My Disc
Adanac NWScrubs 2.0135Throw Some D's
BalaclavaPiper Palooza1017Stacked
BalaclavaRiot1117JusDISC League
KingcrestHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!97NetFlicks n Chill
KingcrestThe Marty McFlicks88Goal Mountain
Memorial OSquirtle Squad132Local Pint
Memorial OUltimate BBT Too106Mid or Feed
Oak MeadowsReTox106Competitive Knitting Squad
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go136MUT X
Rupert CURFT50New Disc Who Dis?
Rupert Czoi813Venom
UBC WolfsonJust a Fling78Circular Logic
UBC WolfsonRain City413Victorious Secret
Winona NBicurious Doggos135Poached Eggs
Winona NF.M.U.139Butterfingers
6:30 pmEmpire NBzzykes1017The Dirty Skirties
Empire NDisc Comfort177Juicy Chickens
Empire SK.I.D.S.1714Moose ick
Empire SYtterbium917Batteries Not Included
Trafalgar NWDISCiples915Huckin' East Van Canucks
Trafalgar NWTrain Wreck315Meatballs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EEastside Empire911Slow People Playing
Andy Livingstone EMud Dogs75Frisbaes
Jericho WAYCE139Tenth Pew Pew Warriors
Jericho WWok Don't Run.99Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWTeam Chaos313Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Memorial SWTosstitos213Not Fast Just Furious
7:30 pmAdanac NWAbsolute Zeroes1113Throw Some D's
Adanac NWScrubs 2.0139Flick My Disc
BalaclavaEat DiscForfeitedKoalaz
BalaclavaThe PoppersDefaultGentle Warriors 2
KingcrestHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!1013Goal Mountain
KingcrestThe Marty McFlicks131NetFlicks n Chill
Memorial OSquirtle Squad136Mid or Feed
Memorial OUltimate BBT Too1310Local Pint
Oak MeadowsReTox1311MUT X
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1310Competitive Knitting Squad
Rupert CURFT1415Venom
Rupert Czoi1113New Disc Who Dis?
UBC WolfsonJust a Fling511Victorious Secret
UBC WolfsonRain City813Circular Logic
Winona NBicurious Doggos1310Butterfingers
Winona NF.M.U.1113Poached Eggs
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EEastside Empire59Frisbaes
Andy Livingstone EMud Dogs710Slow People Playing
Jericho WAYCE1013Wyld Stallyns
Jericho WWok Don't Run.139Tenth Pew Pew Warriors
Memorial SWTeam Chaos413Not Fast Just Furious
Memorial SWTosstitos613Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Thu Jun 8
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHatty McHatFaceDefaultStallions of Champions
BalaclavaScoober Squad79Cash Me Ousside
KingcrestDiscl3xiaCancelledNight Cawks
KingcrestThe ThrownCancelledMighty Hucking Power Rangers
Memorial OFlick It To Ride710Internal Hammerhage
Memorial OTofu Stack510The Frisbee's Knees
Oak MeadowsDimSumWarriors YumChaCancelledSalt shakers
Oak MeadowsUltimate BBT 7CancelledApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
Robson CApple TurnoversCancelledHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Chu
Rupert CfriendzoneCancelledSweater Weather!
Rupert CKilled RockstarsCancelled4 Winds
Winona CBeer-B-QForfeitedBattlecats and Friends
Winona CSSBForfeitedHappy Craic
Winona NJeremy's DiskForfeitedFilet o Flick
Winona NWrists of Fury98The Gino Odj-discs
Winona SBEARHAWKSCancelledAzure D
Winona SRAWR XDCancelledSaid The Sky
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECheeriosDefaultCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals
Andy Livingstone EHand of Chal813Swingcredibles
Andy Livingstone WFlick N TwistedAt Least My Disc Stays Up
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man911Teamocil
Empire N90s Throwback812Chester Fields 2.0
Empire NHammeroidsDefaultBurning Sensation!
Empire STalk Nerdy To Me613OG Birds
Empire SThe First Cut is the Deepest413Danger Zone
Jericho WButterfingers Summer Edition413Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Jericho WDragon Sound107Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial SWHotline Fling103Petri Discs
Memorial SWThrewbacca76Ultimate BBTease
Trillium EFLICK YEAH613East Van Halen
Trillium EHerniated Discs108Finger on the Disc
Trillium WHangry Hangry Hippos1210Disc Monkeys
Trillium WSpinister Motives139Lego Inferno
7:30 pmBalaclavaHatty McHatFace912Cash Me Ousside
BalaclavaScoober Squad813Stallions of Champions
KingcrestDiscl3xiaCancelledMighty Hucking Power Rangers
KingcrestThe ThrownCancelledNight Cawks
Memorial OFlick It To Ride107The Frisbee's Knees
Memorial OTofu Stack117Internal Hammerhage
Oak MeadowsDimSumWarriors YumChaCancelledApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
Oak MeadowsUltimate BBT 7CancelledSalt shakers
Robson CThe Spinnakers1314The Growlers
Rupert CfriendzoneCancelled4 Winds
Rupert CKilled RockstarsCancelledSweater Weather!
Winona CBeer-B-Q915Happy Craic
Winona CSSBCancelledBattlecats and Friends
Winona NJeremy's DiskCancelledThe Gino Odj-discs
Winona NWrists of Fury137Filet o Flick
Winona SBEARHAWKSCancelledSaid The Sky
Winona SRAWR XDCancelledAzure D
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECheeriosSwingcredibles
Andy Livingstone EHand of Chal1013Cup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals
Andy Livingstone WFlick N Twisted911Teamocil
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man138At Least My Disc Stays Up
Empire N90s Throwback1110Burning Sensation!
Empire NHammeroidsForfeitedChester Fields 2.0
Empire STalk Nerdy To Me513Danger Zone
Empire SThe First Cut is the Deepest913OG Birds
Jericho WButterfingers Summer Edition313Try, Catch, Throw
Jericho WDragon Sound911Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Memorial SWHotline Fling75Ultimate BBTease
Memorial SWThrewbacca910Petri Discs
Trillium EFLICK YEAH59Finger on the Disc
Trillium EHerniated Discs513East Van Halen
Trillium WHangry Hangry Hippos107Lego Inferno
Trillium WSpinister Motives1310Disc Monkeys
Mon Jun 12
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBreak Side1312Black Huck Down.
BalaclavaSafe Hucks711Wobbles
KingcrestThe Degenerates1112Koopa Troopas
KingcrestUnfits810Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Oak MeadowsCarnage137onomatopoeia
Oak MeadowsTop Gun1310The Frizzles
Point GreyCare Bears912Wii (not) Fit?
Point GreyHammer Beats Rabbit88Night Hucks
Rupert CDoggie Style910Skywalkers
Rupert CThrowbocops136Soup Du Jour
UBC WolfsonNeon Disc-zaster!1210ChaSiuBao
UBC WolfsonTree Chairs138Holdrege
Winona CSlow Children Playing134Colonel Angus
Winona CThe Sleemen513Kingsway's Finest
Winona NFullmetalCancelledBaeta
Winona NG-raff A-ttack119Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Winona SFab Flicks116Huckleberry Flick
Winona SNo Flicks Zone118Strangers
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAbsolute Chaos126Unbounce
Andy Livingstone EBahalalala213FistFull of Dunwoody
Andy Livingstone WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)97Discalicious
Andy Livingstone WMustard Seeds86Huck Sei Wuey
Jericho WDisco Nuts139Outta Disc World!
Jericho WThe Cleat Tauruses 1213Likastik
Memorial SWGangGreen813Egregious
Memorial SWWeeble Las Vegas!177Outdoor Players
Trillium EBread Emoji119Fantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them
Trillium EFez123Ultimate Friskee
Trillium WFrisbeasts411Chubby Pandas
Trillium WGot Milk?175Random Fling
7:30 pmBalaclavaBreak Side1111Wobbles
BalaclavaSafe Hucks1310Black Huck Down.
KingcrestThe Degenerates813Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
KingcrestUnfits1310Koopa Troopas
Oak MeadowsCarnage138The Frizzles
Oak MeadowsTop Gun133onomatopoeia
Point GreyCare Bears87Night Hucks
Point GreyHammer Beats Rabbit513Wii (not) Fit?
Rupert CDoggie Style1310Soup Du Jour
Rupert CThrowbocops137Skywalkers
UBC WolfsonNeon Disc-zaster!117Holdrege
UBC WolfsonTree Chairs912ChaSiuBao
Winona CSlow Children Playing1310Kingsway's Finest
Winona CThe Sleemen79Colonel Angus
Winona NFullmetal1211Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Winona NG-raff A-ttack50Baeta
Winona SFab Flicks1013Strangers
Winona SNo Flicks Zone1310Huckleberry Flick
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EAbsolute Chaos106FistFull of Dunwoody
Andy Livingstone EBahalalala313Unbounce
Andy Livingstone WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)97Huck Sei Wuey
Andy Livingstone WMustard Seeds910Discalicious
Jericho WDisco Nuts138Likastik
Jericho WThe Cleat Tauruses 135Outta Disc World!
Trillium EBread Emoji122Frisbeasts
Trillium EFez96Fantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them
Trillium WUltimate Friskee58Chubby Pandas
Tue Jun 13
6:00 pm
KingcrestHUCK SMASH!810Sons and Daughters
KingcrestRain City Ultimate Club108What Are Throws
Memorial OJokers813Rookie Monsters
Memorial OThose Meddling Kids109Hehe XD
Oak MeadowsCarlitos Banditos137Illegal Smile
Oak MeadowsThe Marauders119Gentle Warriors
Rupert CRocky Mountain Bear Huckers90Sideways Shoe
Rupert CULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION107Here for the Beer
Van Tech OvalBanana CutterzForfeitedTeam Adequate
Van Tech OvalDoubleTap137Plaid to the Bone
Winona CGritty in Pink109Disc Infernos
Winona CPretty Kitties48Psyhucks
Winona NFlickle Me Elmo116Identity Crisis
Winona NSmokey Bologna1212Gator Bait
Winona SFanny Pack Attack!108Egg Salad Sandwich
Winona SPrincess Layout513Huck It
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDark Side Of The Disc133Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Andy Livingstone EProtectors of the Human RaceCancelledFriends of Friends
Memorial SWBaywatchers138Footballs Are Too Heavy
Memorial SWChronic Injury139Sunny D's
Trillium E2 Girls 1 Huck135Discpicable Me
Trillium ECritters611Minions
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno413Go Go Power Huckers
Trillium WGame of Throws134H-Bar
7:30 pmKingcrestHUCK SMASH!138What Are Throws
KingcrestRain City Ultimate Club1013Sons and Daughters
Memorial OJokers137Hehe XD
Memorial OThose Meddling Kids138Rookie Monsters
Oak MeadowsCarlitos BanditosGentle Warriors
Oak MeadowsThe Marauders137Illegal Smile
Rupert CRocky Mountain Bear Huckers812Here for the Beer
Van Tech OvalBanana Cutterz136Plaid to the Bone
Van Tech OvalDoubleTap135Team Adequate
Winona CGritty in Pink811Psyhucks
Winona CPretty Kitties137Disc Infernos
Winona NFlickle Me Elmo611Gator Bait
Winona NSmokey Bologna129Identity Crisis
Winona SFanny Pack Attack!813Huck It
Winona SPrincess Layout911Egg Salad Sandwich
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDark Side Of The Disc133Friends of Friends
Andy Livingstone EProtectors of the Human RaceForfeitedDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWBaywatchers912Sunny D's
Memorial SWChronic Injury1213Footballs Are Too Heavy
Trillium E2 Girls 1 Huck129Minions
Trillium ECritters126Discpicable Me
Trillium WDiscThrow Inferno910H-Bar
Trillium WGame of Throws97Go Go Power Huckers
Wed Jun 14
6:00 pm
Adanac NWTenth Pew Pew Warriors811Circular Logic
Adanac NWWyld Stallyns139Victorious Secret
BalaclavaURFT712Scrubs 2.0
Balaclavazoi135Absolute Zeroes
Empire NDISCiples59Goal Mountain
Empire NHuckin' East Van Canucks118NetFlicks n Chill
Empire SEastside Empire813The Marty McFlicks
Empire SMud Dogs88Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
KingcrestBicurious DoggosForfeitedCompetitive Knitting Squad
KingcrestF.M.U.137MUT X
Memorial OPiper PaloozaEat Disc
Memorial OStacked712Koalaz
Rupert CAYCE46Just a Fling
Rupert CWok Don't Run.106Rain City
UBC WolfsonReTox133Poached Eggs
UBC WolfsonSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go139Butterfingers
6:30 pmOak MeadowsMeatballs176Ytterbium
Oak MeadowsThe Dirty SkirtiesForfeitedK.I.D.S.
Trafalgar NWBatteries Not Included1712Disc Comfort
Trafalgar NWSlow People Playing1317Frisbaes
Winona NJuicy Chickens179Train Wreck
Winona NMoose ick1613Bzzykes
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ETosstitos1311Team Chaos
Andy Livingstone EUltimate BBT Too612Squirtle Squad
Jericho WNew Disc Who Dis?136Throw Some D's
Jericho WVenom139Flick My Disc
Memorial SWJusDISC League134Gentle Warriors 2
Memorial SWRiotForfeitedThe Poppers
7:30 pmAdanac NWTenth Pew Pew Warriors713Victorious Secret
Adanac NWWyld Stallyns129Circular Logic
BalaclavaURFT137Absolute Zeroes
Balaclavazoi913Scrubs 2.0
Empire NDISCiples77NetFlicks n Chill
Empire NHuckin' East Van Canucks612Goal Mountain
Empire SEastside Empire77Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Empire SMud Dogs413The Marty McFlicks
KingcrestBicurious Doggos138MUT X
KingcrestF.M.U.1311Competitive Knitting Squad
Memorial OPiper Palooza713Koalaz
Memorial OStacked710Eat Disc
Rupert CAYCE75Rain City
Rupert CWok Don't Run.1311Just a Fling
UBC WolfsonReTox134Butterfingers
UBC WolfsonSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go134Poached Eggs
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EMid or Feed135Local Pint
Andy Livingstone ENot Fast Just Furious813Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Jericho WNew Disc Who Dis?139Flick My Disc
Jericho WVenom136Throw Some D's
Memorial SWJusDISC LeagueDefaultThe Poppers
Memorial SWRiot137Gentle Warriors 2
Thu Jun 15
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHangry Hangry HipposCancelledFinger on the Disc
BalaclavaSpinister MotivesCancelledEast Van Halen
KingcrestBeer-B-QCancelledAzure D
KingcrestSSBCancelledSaid The Sky
Memorial OApple TurnoversCancelledStallions of Champions
Memorial OHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ChuCancelledCash Me Ousside
Oak Meadows90s ThrowbackCancelledOG Birds
Oak MeadowsHammeroidsCancelledDanger Zone
Rupert CBEARHAWKSCancelledBattlecats and Friends
Rupert CRAWR XDCancelledHappy Craic
Winona CThe GrowlersCancelledUltimate BBTease
Winona CThe SpinnakersCancelledPetri Discs
Winona NTalk Nerdy To MeCancelledChester Fields 2.0
Winona NThe First Cut is the DeepestCancelledBurning Sensation!
Winona SFlick It To RideCancelledHotline Fling
Winona STofu StackCancelledThrewbacca
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually BrokenCancelledTry, Catch, Throw
Trafalgar NWInternal HammerhageCancelledThe Frisbee's Knees
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDiscl3xia710Sweater Weather!
Andy Livingstone EThe Thrown7124 Winds
Andy Livingstone Wfriendzone131Night Cawks
Andy Livingstone WKilled Rockstars613Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Empire NCheeriosAt Least My Disc Stays Up
Empire NHand of Chal138Teamocil
Empire SFlick N Twisted613Cup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals
Empire SPac-ManSwingcredibles
Jericho WFLICK YEAHDefaultLego Inferno
Jericho WHerniated Discs810Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWButterfingers Summer Edition69Hatty McHatFace
Memorial SWDragon Sound1011Scoober Squad
Trillium EDimSumWarriors YumCha29Filet o Flick
Trillium EUltimate BBT 779The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium WJeremy's DiskSalt shakers
Trillium WWrists of Fury135Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
7:30 pmBalaclavaHangry Hangry HipposCancelledEast Van Halen
BalaclavaSpinister MotivesPostponedFinger on the Disc
KingcrestBeer-B-QCancelledSaid The Sky
KingcrestSSBCancelledAzure D
Memorial OApple TurnoversCancelledCash Me Ousside
Memorial OHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ChuCancelledStallions of Champions
Oak Meadows90s ThrowbackCancelledDanger Zone
Oak MeadowsHammeroidsCancelledOG Birds
Rupert CBEARHAWKSCancelledHappy Craic
Rupert CRAWR XDCancelledBattlecats and Friends
Winona CThe GrowlersCancelledPetri Discs
Winona CThe SpinnakersCancelledUltimate BBTease
Winona NTalk Nerdy To MeCancelledBurning Sensation!
Winona NThe First Cut is the DeepestCancelledChester Fields 2.0
Winona SFlick It To RideCancelledThrewbacca
Winona STofu StackCancelledHotline Fling
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDiscl3xia7114 Winds
Andy Livingstone EThe Thrown413Sweater Weather!
Andy Livingstone Wfriendzone811Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Andy Livingstone WKilled Rockstars136Night Cawks
Empire NCheeriosTeamocil
Empire NHand of Chal139At Least My Disc Stays Up
Empire SFlick N TwistedSwingcredibles
Empire SPac-Man58Cup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals
Jericho WFLICK YEAHForfeitedDisc Monkeys
Jericho WHerniated Discs86Lego Inferno
Memorial SWButterfingers Summer Edition811Scoober Squad
Memorial SWDragon Sound711Hatty McHatFace
Trillium EDimSumWarriors YumCha109The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium EUltimate BBT 779Filet o Flick
Trillium WJeremy's Disk311Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)
Trillium WWrists of FurySalt shakers
Mon Jun 19
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHammer Beats Rabbit109Care Bears
BalaclavaTree Chairs135Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial OColonel Angus213Kingsway's Finest
Memorial OStrangers128Huckleberry Flick
Oak MeadowsDoggie Style1113Throwbocops
Oak MeadowsUnfits137The Degenerates
Point GreyFullmetal513G-raff A-ttack
Point GreyTop GunCarnage
UBC WolfsonBaeta139Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
UBC WolfsonThe Frizzles118onomatopoeia
Winona CFantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them135Frisbeasts
Winona CUltimate Friskee912Bread Emoji
Winona NSkywalkers813Soup Du Jour
Winona NTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion99Koopa Troopas
Winona SFez135Chubby Pandas
6:30 pmKingcrestGangGreen1112Outdoor Players
KingcrestWeeble Las Vegas!179Random Fling
Winona SGot Milk?178Egregious
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESafe Hucks812Break Side
Andy Livingstone EThe Cleat Tauruses 137Disco Nuts
Andy Livingstone WLikastikOutta Disc World!
Andy Livingstone WWobbles1311Black Huck Down.
Jericho WHoldrege613ChaSiuBao
Jericho WNight Hucks813Wii (not) Fit?
Memorial SWNo Flicks Zone137Fab Flicks
Memorial SWSlow Children Playing135The Sleemen
Trillium EBahalalala713Absolute Chaos
Trillium EMustard Seeds118Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)
Trillium WFistFull of Dunwoody97Unbounce
Trillium WHuck Sei Wuey 912Discalicious
7:30 pmBalaclavaHammer Beats Rabbit1213Neon Disc-zaster!
BalaclavaTree ChairsCare Bears
Memorial OColonel Angus713Huckleberry Flick
Memorial OStrangers413Kingsway's Finest
Oak MeadowsDoggie Style1311The Degenerates
Oak MeadowsUnfits138Throwbocops
Point GreyFullmetal138Carnage
Point GreyTop Gun129G-raff A-ttack
UBC WolfsonBaeta135onomatopoeia
UBC WolfsonThe Frizzles710Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Winona CFez132Frisbeasts
Winona CUltimate Friskee913Fantastic Hucks and Where to Sky Them
Winona NSkywalkers1110Koopa Troopas
Winona NTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion813Soup Du Jour
Winona SBread Emoji108Chubby Pandas
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ESafe Hucks139Disco Nuts
Andy Livingstone EThe Cleat Tauruses 1310Break Side
Andy Livingstone WLikastik1213Black Huck Down.
Andy Livingstone WWobbles1010Outta Disc World!
Jericho WHoldrege313Wii (not) Fit?
Jericho WNight Hucks1012ChaSiuBao
Memorial SWNo Flicks Zone134The Sleemen
Memorial SWSlow Children Playing137Fab Flicks
Trillium EBahalalala811Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)
Trillium EMustard Seeds139Absolute Chaos
Trillium WFistFull of Dunwoody128Discalicious
Trillium WHuck Sei Wuey 118Unbounce
Tue Jun 20
6:00 pm
KingcrestGritty in Pink68Pretty Kitties
KingcrestPrincess Layout510Fanny Pack Attack!
Memorial ODiscpicable Me913Minions
Memorial OH-Bar79Go Go Power Huckers
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc1113Protectors of the Human Race
Oak MeadowsDoubleTapBanana Cutterz
Rupert CDisc Infernos117Psyhucks
Rupert CHuck It133Egg Salad Sandwich
Van Tech OvalHUCK SMASH!118Rain City Ultimate Club
Van Tech OvalULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION813Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Winona CBaywatchersChronic Injury
Winona CThose Meddling Kids89Jokers
Winona NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back713Friends of Friends
Winona NPlaid to the Bone410Team Adequate
Winona SFootballs Are Too Heavy108Sunny D's
Winona SHehe XD97Rookie Monsters
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHere for the Beer95Sideways Shoe
Andy Livingstone ESons and Daughters98What Are Throws
Memorial SW2 Girls 1 Huck911Critters
Memorial SWGame of Throws312DiscThrow Inferno
Trillium ESmokey Bologna1312Flickle Me Elmo
Trillium EThe MaraudersCarlitos Banditos
Trillium WGator Bait137Identity Crisis
Trillium WGentle Warriors1112Illegal Smile
7:30 pmKingcrestGritty in Pink710Fanny Pack Attack!
KingcrestPrincess Layout69Pretty Kitties
Memorial ODiscpicable Me813Go Go Power Huckers
Memorial OH-BarMinions
Oak MeadowsDark Side Of The Disc613Banana Cutterz
Oak MeadowsDoubleTapProtectors of the Human Race
Rupert CDisc Infernos813Egg Salad Sandwich
Rupert CHuck It135Psyhucks
Van Tech OvalHUCK SMASH!711Rocky Mountain Bear Huckers
Van Tech OvalULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION139Rain City Ultimate Club
Winona CBaywatchersJokers
Winona CThose Meddling Kids913Chronic Injury
Winona NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back135Team Adequate
Winona NPlaid to the Bone59Friends of Friends
Winona SFootballs Are Too Heavy912Rookie Monsters
Winona SHehe XD105Sunny D's
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EHere for the Beer86What Are Throws
Andy Livingstone ESons and Daughters113Sideways Shoe
Memorial SW2 Girls 1 Huck1311DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial SWGame of Throws513Critters
Trillium ESmokey BolognaCarlitos Banditos
Trillium EThe Marauders76Flickle Me Elmo
Trillium WGator Bait132Illegal Smile
Trillium WGentle Warriors812Identity Crisis
Wed Jun 21
6:00 pm
Adanac NWFrisbaesCancelledNetFlicks n Chill
Adanac NWSlow People PlayingCancelledGoal Mountain
BalaclavaF.M.U.119Bicurious Doggos
BalaclavaSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go138ReTox
Empire NTeam Chaos613Local Pint
Empire NTosstitos611Mid or Feed
Empire SSquirtle Squad810Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Empire SUltimate BBT Too99Not Fast Just Furious
KingcrestPiper Palooza910The Poppers
KingcrestStackedGentle Warriors 2
Memorial ONew Disc Who Dis?79Scrubs 2.0
Memorial OVenom1214Absolute Zeroes
Oak MeadowsAYCE510Circular Logic
Oak MeadowsWok Don't Run.813Victorious Secret
Rupert CDISCiples1210The Marty McFlicks
Rupert CHuckin' East Van Canucks78Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Winona NTenth Pew Pew Warriors48Just a Fling
Winona NWyld Stallyns132Rain City
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWEastside Empire1311Mud Dogs
Trafalgar NWTrain Wreck717Moose ick
UBC WolfsonK.I.D.S.617Disc Comfort
UBC WolfsonMeatballs1710Batteries Not Included
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EJusDISC League109Koalaz
Andy Livingstone ERiot123Eat Disc
Jericho WThe Dirty Skirties1711Juicy Chickens
Jericho WYtterbium1117Bzzykes
Memorial SWURFT136Throw Some D's
Memorial SWzoiFlick My Disc
7:30 pmAdanac NWFrisbaesCancelledGoal Mountain
Adanac NWSlow People PlayingCancelledNetFlicks n Chill
BalaclavaButterfingers1113Poached Eggs
BalaclavaMUT X1317Competitive Knitting Squad
Empire NTeam Chaos113Mid or Feed
Empire NTosstitos88Local Pint
Empire SSquirtle Squad98Not Fast Just Furious
Empire SUltimate BBT Too613Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
KingcrestPiper PaloozaGentle Warriors 2
KingcrestStacked611The Poppers
Memorial ONew Disc Who Dis?812Absolute Zeroes
Memorial OVenom613Scrubs 2.0
Oak MeadowsAYCE513Victorious Secret
Oak MeadowsWok Don't Run.710Circular Logic
Rupert CDISCiples128Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Rupert CHuckin' East Van Canucks911The Marty McFlicks
Winona NTenth Pew Pew Warriors139Rain City
Winona NWyld Stallyns136Just a Fling
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EJusDISC League115Eat Disc
Andy Livingstone ERiot109Koalaz
Memorial SWURFTFlick My Disc
Memorial SWzoi136Throw Some D's
Thu Jun 22
6:00 pm
BalaclavaApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)Salt shakers
BalaclavaThe Gino Odj-discs69Filet o Flick
KingcrestThe Growlers126Threwbacca
KingcrestThe Spinnakers410Hotline Fling
Memorial OFLICK YEAH69Herniated Discs
Memorial OSpinister Motives1210Hangry Hangry Hippos
Oak MeadowsCheerios1311Hand of Chal
Oak MeadowsFlick N Twisted1013Pac-Man
Rupert CInternal Hammerhage95Petri Discs
Rupert CThe Frisbee's Knees87Ultimate BBTease
Winona CApple Turnovers88Hatty McHatFace
Winona CHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ChuScoober Squad
Winona NAt Least My Disc Stays Up613Teamocil
Winona NCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute MealsSwingcredibles
Winona SGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken138Stallions of Champions
Winona STry, Catch, Throw59Cash Me Ousside
6:30 pmTrafalgar NWButterfingers Summer Edition1412Dragon Sound
Trafalgar NWFlick It To Ride1516Tofu Stack
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBEARHAWKSRAWR XD
Andy Livingstone EBeer-B-Q1213SSB
Andy Livingstone WAzure D129Said The Sky
Andy Livingstone WBattlecats and Friends139Happy Craic
Empire NDiscl3xia911The Thrown
Empire NfriendzoneKilled Rockstars
Empire SNight Cawks413Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Empire SSweater Weather!1084 Winds
Jericho WUltimate BBT 7410DimSumWarriors YumCha
Jericho WWrists of Fury136Jeremy's Disk
Memorial SWEast Van Halen1012Finger on the Disc
Memorial SWLego Inferno138Disc Monkeys
Trillium E90s Throwback134Hammeroids
Trillium ETalk Nerdy To Me134The First Cut is the Deepest
Trillium WChester Fields 2.0137Burning Sensation!
Trillium WOG Birds713Danger Zone
7:30 pmBalaclavaApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (AVFR)812Filet o Flick
BalaclavaThe Gino Odj-discsSalt shakers
KingcrestThe GrowlersForfeitedHotline Fling
KingcrestThe Spinnakers713Threwbacca
Memorial OFLICK YEAH113Hangry Hangry Hippos
Memorial OSpinister Motives128Herniated Discs
Oak MeadowsCheerios913Pac-Man
Oak MeadowsFlick N Twisted1213Hand of Chal
Rupert CInternal Hammerhage129Ultimate BBTease
Rupert CThe Frisbee's Knees133Petri Discs
Winona CApple Turnovers1011Scoober Squad
Winona CHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ChuHatty McHatFace
Winona NAt Least My Disc Stays UpSwingcredibles
Winona NCup Noodle: King of 3 Minute Meals1210Teamocil
Winona SGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken1312Cash Me Ousside
Winona STry, Catch, Throw135Stallions of Champions
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBEARHAWKS912SSB
Andy Livingstone EBeer-B-Q126RAWR XD
Andy Livingstone WAzure D1111Happy Craic
Andy Livingstone WBattlecats and Friends1310Said The Sky
Empire NDiscl3xia138Killed Rockstars
Empire Nfriendzone136The Thrown
Empire SNight Cawks5134 Winds
Empire SSweater Weather!313Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Jericho WUltimate BBT 7812Jeremy's Disk
Jericho WWrists of Fury131DimSumWarriors YumCha
Memorial SWEast Van Halen133Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWLego Inferno1012Finger on the Disc
Trillium E90s Throwback133The First Cut is the Deepest
Trillium ETalk Nerdy To MeHammeroids
Trillium WChester Fields 2.01213Danger Zone
Trillium WOG Birds139Burning Sensation!
Mon Jun 26
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDisco NutsDoggie Style
BalaclavaOutta Disc World!1110Unfits
Killarney CAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (AVFR)87Absolute Chaos
Killarney CDiscalicious810Fez