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Sat Sep 7
10:00 am
CamosunDiscocity713The Frizzles
Killarney CBrolympus1311Naughty Neighbors
Killarney CTyphoon Disc1013kids
Memorial OStranger Danger137The Marauders
Memorial OSwing-credibles137Freak Show
Rupert SPlaidiators128East Nude Stallions
Rupert STyrell's Minions910H-Bar
Trafalgar NWDC139Egregious
Trafalgar NWSuperSmashBros1311Knights
Van Tech OvalDoggie Style115Frisdom Fighters
Van Tech OvalVUL PARK RANGERS116ToeJam
11:00 amColumbia SBimbo's139Huckstables
KingcrestMustard Seeds713Ultimate BBT Slush
KingcrestPurple Cobras173A Game of Cones
11:30 amCamosunDiscocity106ECUA(D)
CamosunDTF813The Frizzles
Killarney CBrolympus513kids
Killarney CTyphoon Disc133Naughty Neighbors
Memorial OStranger Danger134Freak Show
Memorial OSwing-credibles137The Marauders
Rupert SPlaidiators106H-Bar
Rupert STyrell's Minions1012East Nude Stallions
Trafalgar NWDC613Knights
Trafalgar NWSuperSmashBros136Egregious
Van Tech OvalDoggie Style98ToeJam
Van Tech OvalVUL PARK RANGERS129Frisdom Fighters
Sun Sep 8
10:00 am
CamosunTeam Adequate713Wang Gang & The Altar Boys
CamosunThe Flatballers131Penguins in Flight
Killarney CJokers78Trudeaumania
Killarney CTeamocil128Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Memorial OAt least My Disk Stays Up131Fruit Ninjas
Memorial OOozma Kappa713Ultimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
Trafalgar NWLeBrontourage139Gator Bait
Trafalgar NWLike a Simile137Pheeble
Winona CTalk Nerdy To Me813YodaMan
Winona CThe Avengers116Take That Dump!
Winona SDirewolves134Princess Layout
Winona SHarshmellows87Throw Some D's
11:00 amColumbia STutus1017Flick N Twisted II
11:30 amCamosunTeam Adequate137Penguins in Flight
CamosunThe Flatballers1310Wang Gang & The Altar Boys
Killarney CJokers108Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Killarney CTeamocil137Trudeaumania
Memorial OAt least My Disk Stays Up133Ultimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
Memorial OOozma Kappa1211Fruit Ninjas
Trafalgar NWLeBrontourage139Pheeble
Trafalgar NWLike a Simile132Gator Bait
Winona CTalk Nerdy To Me137Take That Dump!
Winona CThe Avengers613YodaMan
Winona SDirewolves913Throw Some D's
Winona SHarshmellows132Princess Layout
1:00 pmCamosunDiscepticons136Haaave You Met Kyle?
CamosunReckless Inc.DefaultMeet the Flickers
Trafalgar NWGet Hucky!128Gummi Bears
Trafalgar NWTeam_Rocket133No more Game of Throws 2013
Winona CAnother Awesome Dump213Kids with Altitude
Winona CEast Van Hand108Wyld Stallyns
Winona SHand of Chal109Disc-picable Me
2:30 pmCamosunDiscepticons135Meet the Flickers
CamosunReckless Inc.613Haaave You Met Kyle?
Trafalgar NWGet Hucky!132No more Game of Throws 2013
Trafalgar NWTeam_Rocket1311Gummi Bears
Winona CAnother Awesome Dump135Wyld Stallyns
Winona CEast Van Hand413Kids with Altitude
Sat Sep 14
10:00 am
CamosunThe Frizzles135Huckstables
Killarney CEast Nude Stallions1112VUL PARK RANGERS
Killarney CH-Bar46Doggie Style
KingcrestFreak Show313Typhoon Disc
KingcrestThe Marauders513Brolympus
Memorial OEgregious68DTF
Memorial OKnights134Discocity
Rupert Skids1311Purple Cobras
Rupert SNaughty Neighbors137A Game of Cones
Trafalgar NWFrisdom Fighters913Ultimate BBT Slush
Trafalgar NWToeJam133Mustard Seeds
11:00 amOak MeadowsDC1713SuperSmashBros
Van Tech OvalPlaidiators817Tyrell's Minions
Van Tech OvalSwing-credibles1317Stranger Danger
11:30 amCamosunECUA(D)1113Huckstables
CamosunThe Frizzles138Bimbo's
Killarney CEast Nude Stallions810Doggie Style
KingcrestFreak Show810Brolympus
KingcrestThe Marauders513Typhoon Disc
Memorial OEgregious813Discocity
Memorial OKnights137DTF
Rupert Skids136A Game of Cones
Rupert SNaughty Neighbors413Purple Cobras
Trafalgar NWFrisdom Fighters1010Mustard Seeds
Trafalgar NWToeJam136Ultimate BBT Slush
Sun Sep 15
10:00 am
CamosunPrincess Layout108Ultimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
CamosunThrow Some D's138Fruit Ninjas
Killarney CLeBrontourage138The Flatballers
Killarney CLike a Simile131Team Adequate
KingcrestDirewolves109Oozma Kappa
KingcrestHarshmellows711At least My Disk Stays Up
Memorial OTake That Dump!213Tutus
Memorial OYodaMan136Flick N Twisted II
Winona CGator Bait135Penguins in Flight
Winona CPheeble1213Wang Gang & The Altar Boys
Winona STechnicolor Narwhal Explosion810Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona STrudeaumania109The Avengers
11:00 amSunrise ParkJokers115Teamocil
11:30 amCamosunPrincess Layout610Fruit Ninjas
CamosunThrow Some D's126Ultimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
Killarney CLeBrontourage133Team Adequate
Killarney CLike a Simile138The Flatballers
KingcrestDirewolves311At least My Disk Stays Up
KingcrestHarshmellows98Oozma Kappa
Memorial OTake That Dump!86Flick N Twisted II
Memorial OYodaMan130Tutus
Winona CGator Bait106Wang Gang & The Altar Boys
Winona CPheeble130Penguins in Flight
Winona STechnicolor Narwhal Explosion138The Avengers
Winona STrudeaumania613Talk Nerdy To Me
1:00 pmKingcrestKids with Altitude174Wyld Stallyns
Memorial ODisc-picable Me79Get Hucky!
Memorial OHand of Chal1112Team_Rocket
Winona CGummi Bears98Discepticons
Winona CNo more Game of Throws 2013413Reckless Inc.
Winona SHaaave You Met Kyle?610Another Awesome Dump
Winona SMeet the Flickers311East Van Hand
2:30 pmMemorial ODisc-picable Me59Team_Rocket
Memorial OHand of Chal913Get Hucky!
Winona CGummi Bears134Reckless Inc.
Winona CNo more Game of Throws 2013613Discepticons
Winona SHaaave You Met Kyle?411East Van Hand
Winona SMeet the Flickers413Another Awesome Dump
Sat Sep 21
10:00 am
CamosunPlaidiators124Mustard Seeds
CamosunTyrell's Minions109Ultimate BBT Slush
Killarney CStranger Danger132A Game of Cones
Killarney CSwing-credibles136Purple Cobras
Memorial OEast Nude Stallions1113ToeJam
Memorial OH-Bar713Frisdom Fighters
Rupert SEgregious134ECUA(D)
Rupert SKnights1312The Frizzles
Van Tech OvalFreak Show413kids
Van Tech OvalThe MaraudersPostponedNaughty Neighbors
11:00 amSunrise ParkDTF179Discocity
Trafalgar NWTyphoon Disc1712Brolympus
Trafalgar NWVUL PARK RANGERS913Doggie Style
11:30 amCamosunPlaidiators126Ultimate BBT Slush
CamosunTyrell's Minions1311Mustard Seeds
Killarney CStranger Danger135Purple Cobras
Killarney CSwing-credibles135A Game of Cones
Memorial OEast Nude Stallions109Frisdom Fighters
Memorial OH-Bar713ToeJam
Rupert SEgregious612The Frizzles
Rupert SKnights106ECUA(D)
Van Tech OvalFreak Show138Naughty Neighbors
Van Tech OvalThe Marauderskids
Sun Sep 22
10:00 am
CamosunPrincess LayoutCancelledOozma Kappa
CamosunThrow Some D'sCancelledAt least My Disk Stays Up
Columbia CTechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionCancelledYodaMan
Columbia CTrudeaumaniaCancelledTake That Dump!
KingcrestTeamocilCancelledFlick N Twisted II
Memorial OGator BaitCancelledThe Flatballers
Memorial OPheebleCancelledTeam Adequate
Trafalgar NWDirewolvesCancelledUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
Trafalgar NWHarshmellowsCancelledFruit Ninjas
Winona SLeBrontourageCancelledPenguins in Flight
Winona SLike a SimileCancelledWang Gang & The Altar Boys
11:00 amSunrise ParkThe AvengersCancelledTalk Nerdy To Me
11:30 amCamosunPrincess LayoutCancelledAt least My Disk Stays Up
CamosunThrow Some D'sCancelledOozma Kappa
Columbia CTechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionCancelledTake That Dump!
Columbia CTrudeaumaniaCancelledYodaMan
KingcrestJokersCancelledFlick N Twisted II
Memorial OGator BaitCancelledTeam Adequate
Memorial OPheebleCancelledThe Flatballers
Trafalgar NWDirewolvesCancelledFruit Ninjas
Trafalgar NWHarshmellowsCancelledUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
Winona SLeBrontourageForfeitedWang Gang & The Altar Boys
Winona SLike a SimileCancelledPenguins in Flight
1:00 pmColumbia CDiscepticonsCancelledKids with Altitude
Columbia CReckless Inc.CancelledWyld Stallyns
KingcrestGummi BearsCancelledDisc-picable Me
KingcrestNo more Game of Throws 2013CancelledHand of Chal
Memorial OGet Hucky!CancelledAnother Awesome Dump
Memorial OTeam_RocketCancelledEast Van Hand
Trafalgar NWMeet the FlickersCancelledHaaave You Met Kyle?
2:30 pmColumbia CDiscepticonsCancelledWyld Stallyns
Columbia CReckless Inc.CancelledKids with Altitude
KingcrestGummi BearsCancelledHand of Chal
KingcrestNo more Game of Throws 2013CancelledDisc-picable Me
Memorial OGet Hucky!CancelledEast Van Hand
Memorial OTeam_RocketCancelledAnother Awesome Dump
Sat Sep 28
10:00 am
Churchill OvalBrolympusCancelledA Game of Cones
Churchill OvalTyphoon DiscCancelledPurple Cobras
Columbia CPlaidiatorsCancelledToeJam
Columbia CTyrell's MinionsCancelledFrisdom Fighters
Killarney CDiscocityCancelledHuckstables
Killarney CDTFCancelledBimbo's
KingcrestDoggie StyleCancelledUltimate BBT Slush
KingcrestVUL PARK RANGERSCancelledMustard Seeds
Trafalgar NWStranger DangerCancelledNaughty Neighbors
Trafalgar NWSwing-crediblesCancelledkids
Van Tech OvalDCCancelledECUA(D)
Van Tech OvalSuperSmashBrosCancelledThe Frizzles
11:00 amMemorial OEast Nude StallionsPostponedH-Bar
Memorial OFreak ShowThe Marauders
Sunrise ParkEgregiousCancelledKnights
11:30 amChurchill OvalBrolympusCancelledPurple Cobras
Churchill OvalTyphoon DiscCancelledA Game of Cones
Columbia CPlaidiatorsCancelledFrisdom Fighters
Columbia CTyrell's MinionsPostponedToeJam
Killarney CDiscocityCancelledBimbo's
Killarney CDTFCancelledHuckstables
KingcrestDoggie StyleCancelledMustard Seeds
KingcrestVUL PARK RANGERSCancelledUltimate BBT Slush
Trafalgar NWStranger DangerCancelledkids
Trafalgar NWSwing-crediblesCancelledNaughty Neighbors
Van Tech OvalDCCancelledThe Frizzles
Van Tech OvalSuperSmashBrosCancelledECUA(D)
Sun Sep 29
10:00 am
CamosunTalk Nerdy To MeCancelledFlick N Twisted II
CamosunThe AvengersCancelledTutus
Trafalgar NWJokersCancelledTake That Dump!
Trafalgar NWTeamocilCancelledYodaMan
11:00 amColumbia CPenguins in FlightCancelledWang Gang & The Altar Boys
Columbia CThe FlatballersCancelledTeam Adequate
Killarney CHarshmellowsCancelledDirewolves
Killarney CThrow Some D'sCancelledPrincess Layout
KingcrestGator BaitCancelledPheeble
KingcrestLeBrontourageCancelledLike a Simile
Sunrise ParkTrudeaumaniaCancelledTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion
Winona CAt least My Disk Stays UpCancelledOozma Kappa
Winona CFruit NinjasCancelledUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
11:30 amCamosunTalk Nerdy To MeCancelledTutus
CamosunThe AvengersCancelledFlick N Twisted II
Trafalgar NWJokersCancelledYodaMan
Trafalgar NWTeamocilCancelledTake That Dump!
1:00 pmCamosunGummi BearsCancelledKids with Altitude
CamosunNo more Game of Throws 2013CancelledWyld Stallyns
Columbia CDisc-picable MeCancelledHaaave You Met Kyle?
Columbia CHand of ChalCancelledMeet the Flickers
Trafalgar NWDiscepticonsCancelledAnother Awesome Dump
Trafalgar NWReckless Inc.East Van Hand
Winona CTeam_RocketCancelledGet Hucky!
2:30 pmCamosunGummi BearsCancelledWyld Stallyns
CamosunNo more Game of Throws 2013CancelledKids with Altitude
Columbia CDisc-picable MeCancelledMeet the Flickers
Columbia CHand of ChalCancelledHaaave You Met Kyle?
Trafalgar NWDiscepticonsCancelledEast Van Hand
Trafalgar NWReckless Inc.Another Awesome Dump
Sat Oct 5
10:00 am
Columbia CBrolympus135Naughty Neighbors
Columbia CPurple Cobras1211Freak Show
Memorial OECUA(D)ForfeitedTyphoon Disc
Memorial OEgregious1013Swing-credibles
Rupert SA Game of Cones513ToeJam
Rupert SThe Marauders136Plaidiators
Trafalgar NWKnights1113DC
Trafalgar NWThe Frizzles1210SuperSmashBros
Van Tech OvalTyrell's Minions109East Nude Stallions
Van Tech OvalUltimate BBT Slush713Frisdom Fighters
11:00 amKingcrestDoggie Style814VUL PARK RANGERS
KingcrestH-Bar313Mustard Seeds
Sunrise ParkStranger Danger1215kids
11:30 amCamosunBimbo's1310Discocity
Columbia CBrolympus133Freak Show
Columbia CPurple Cobras137Naughty Neighbors
Memorial OECUA(D)CancelledSwing-credibles
Memorial OEgregious1013Typhoon Disc
Rupert SA Game of Cones512Plaidiators
Rupert SThe Marauders139ToeJam
Trafalgar NWKnights135SuperSmashBros
Trafalgar NWThe Frizzles513DC
Van Tech OvalTyrell's Minions139Frisdom Fighters
Van Tech OvalUltimate BBT Slush613East Nude Stallions
Sun Oct 6
10:00 am
CamosunLeBrontourage139The Flatballers
CamosunLike a Simile139Gator Bait
Killarney CPenguins in Flight134Trudeaumania
Killarney CTeam Adequate910Talk Nerdy To Me
Memorial OFruit Ninjas94Princess Layout
Memorial OUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")811Oozma Kappa
Trafalgar NWPheeble139Teamocil
Trafalgar NWWang Gang & The Altar Boys116YodaMan
Winona CJokers58The Avengers
Winona CTake That Dump!Flick N Twisted II
Winona SThrow Some D's1110Direwolves
Winona STutusHarshmellows
11:00 amSunrise ParkTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion138At least My Disk Stays Up
11:30 amCamosunLeBrontourage135Gator Bait
CamosunLike a Simile134The Flatballers
Killarney CPenguins in Flight135Talk Nerdy To Me
Killarney CTeam Adequate1011Trudeaumania
Memorial OFruit Ninjas513Oozma Kappa
Memorial OUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")87Princess Layout
Trafalgar NWPheeble130YodaMan
Trafalgar NWWang Gang & The Altar Boys136Teamocil
Winona CJokers912Flick N Twisted II
Winona CTake That Dump!The Avengers
Winona SThrow Some D's413Harshmellows
Winona STutus88Direwolves
1:00 pmColumbia CDisc-picable Me96No more Game of Throws 2013
Columbia CReckless Inc.713Wyld Stallyns
KingcrestGummi Bears130Haaave You Met Kyle?
KingcrestHand of Chal130Meet the Flickers
Winona CEast Van Hand1012Discepticons
Winona CKids with Altitude108Another Awesome Dump
Winona STeam_Rocket613Get Hucky!
2:30 pmColumbia CDisc-picable Me138Wyld Stallyns
Columbia CReckless Inc.79No more Game of Throws 2013
KingcrestGummi Bears125Meet the Flickers
KingcrestHand of Chal130Haaave You Met Kyle?
Winona CKids with Altitude137East Van Hand
Winona CTeam_Rocket1213Discepticons
Winona SAnother Awesome Dump913Get Hucky!
Sat Oct 19
10:00 am
Columbia CDiscocity117Stranger Danger
Columbia CHuckstables413kids
Killarney CPlaidiators117Tyrell's Minions
Killarney CToeJam137Ultimate BBT Slush
KingcrestSwing-credibles1310Purple Cobras
KingcrestTyphoon Disc77Brolympus
Memorial ODC132DTF
Memorial OSuperSmashBros96Bimbo's
Rupert SFreak Show1010Doggie Style
Rupert SNaughty Neighbors313VUL PARK RANGERS
Trafalgar NWEast Nude Stallions131H-Bar
Trafalgar NWFrisdom Fighters119Mustard Seeds
11:00 amSunrise ParkKnights1710The Frizzles
Van Tech OvalEgregiousDefaultECUA(D)
Van Tech OvalThe Marauders177A Game of Cones
11:30 amColumbia CDiscocity713kids
Columbia CHuckstables413Stranger Danger
Killarney CPlaidiators135Ultimate BBT Slush
Killarney CToeJam1310Tyrell's Minions
KingcrestTyphoon Disc613Purple Cobras
Memorial ODC139Bimbo's
Memorial OSuperSmashBros131DTF
Rupert SFreak Show413VUL PARK RANGERS
Rupert SNaughty Neighbors1113Doggie Style
Trafalgar NWEast Nude Stallions117Mustard Seeds
Trafalgar NWFrisdom Fighters134H-Bar
Sun Oct 20
10:00 am
Columbia CDirewolves64Princess Layout
Columbia CHarshmellows113Oozma Kappa
Killarney CGator Bait134Teamocil
Killarney CThe Flatballers79YodaMan
KingcrestThrow Some D's132Fruit Ninjas
KingcrestTutusUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
Memorial OFlick N Twisted II86At least My Disk Stays Up
Memorial OThe Avengers513Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Winona CLeBrontourage108Wang Gang & The Altar Boys
Winona CLike a Simile136Pheeble
Winona STalk Nerdy To Me136Jokers
Winona STrudeaumaniaTake That Dump!
11:00 amSunrise ParkTeam Adequate130Penguins in Flight
11:30 amColumbia CDirewolves117Oozma Kappa
Columbia CHarshmellows131Princess Layout
Killarney CGator Bait1312YodaMan
Killarney CThe Flatballers137Teamocil
KingcrestThrow Some D'sForfeitedUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
KingcrestTutusFruit Ninjas
Memorial OFlick N Twisted II00Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Memorial OThe Avengers139At least My Disk Stays Up
Winona CLeBrontourage1311Pheeble
Winona CLike a Simile139Wang Gang & The Altar Boys
Winona STalk Nerdy To MeTake That Dump!
Winona STrudeaumania810Jokers
1:00 pmCamosunHaaave You Met Kyle?133Wyld Stallyns
CamosunMeet the Flickers113No more Game of Throws 2013
Trafalgar NWGummi Bears131Reckless Inc.
Trafalgar NWHand of Chal107Disc-picable Me
Winona CKids with Altitude138Get Hucky!
Winona SAnother Awesome Dump910Discepticons
Winona STeam_Rocket913East Van Hand
2:30 pmCamosunHaaave You Met Kyle?136No more Game of Throws 2013
CamosunMeet the Flickers413Wyld Stallyns
Trafalgar NWGummi Bears137Disc-picable Me
Trafalgar NWHand of Chal135Reckless Inc.
Winona CEast Van HandGet Hucky!
Winona SKids with Altitude135Discepticons
Winona STeam_Rocket1110Another Awesome Dump
Sat Oct 26
10:00 am
CamosunA Game of Cones210Mustard Seeds
CamosunThe Marauders132H-Bar
Killarney CEgregious127Doggie Style
KingcrestKnights137Stranger Danger
KingcrestThe FrizzlesDefaultkids
Memorial OPlaidiatorsForfeitedEast Nude Stallions
Memorial OToeJam137Frisdom Fighters
Rupert SDC134Discocity
Rupert SSuperSmashBros135Huckstables
Van Tech OvalSwing-credibles137Freak Show
Van Tech OvalTyphoon Disc134Naughty Neighbors
11:00 amSunrise ParkDTF517Bimbo's
Trafalgar NWPurple Cobras1312Brolympus
Trafalgar NWTyrell's MinionsDefaultUltimate BBT Slush
11:30 amCamosunA Game of Cones105H-Bar
CamosunThe Marauders135Mustard Seeds
Killarney CECUA(D)213Doggie Style
Killarney CEgregious1310VUL PARK RANGERS
KingcrestThe Frizzles1310Stranger Danger
Memorial OPlaidiatorsCancelledFrisdom Fighters
Memorial OToeJam1311East Nude Stallions
Rupert SDC131Huckstables
Rupert SSuperSmashBros135Discocity
Van Tech OvalSwing-credibles135Naughty Neighbors
Van Tech OvalTyphoon Disc137Freak Show
Sun Oct 27
10:00 am
CamosunDirewolves108Fruit Ninjas
CamosunHarshmellows137Ultimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
Columbia CTalk Nerdy To Me1210The Avengers
Columbia CTrudeaumaniaFlick N Twisted II
KingcrestPenguins in Flight413At least My Disk Stays Up
KingcrestTeam Adequate1010Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Memorial OGator Bait913Pheeble
Memorial OThe FlatballersWang Gang & The Altar Boys
Trafalgar NWThrow Some D's134Princess Layout
Trafalgar NWTutusDefaultOozma Kappa
Winona SLeBrontourage135YodaMan
Winona SLike a Simile136Teamocil
11:00 amSunrise ParkJokersForfeitedTake That Dump!
11:30 amCamosunDirewolves1010Ultimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")
CamosunHarshmellows137Fruit Ninjas
Columbia CTalk Nerdy To Me118Flick N Twisted II
Columbia CTrudeaumania811The Avengers
KingcrestPenguins in Flight413Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
KingcrestTeam Adequate139At least My Disk Stays Up
Memorial OGator BaitCancelledWang Gang & The Altar Boys
Memorial OThe Flatballers913Pheeble
Trafalgar NWThrow Some D's137Oozma Kappa
Trafalgar NWTutusForfeitedPrincess Layout
Winona SLeBrontourage135Teamocil
Winona SLike a Simile68YodaMan
1:00 pmKillarney CGummi Bears131Wyld Stallyns
Killarney CHand of Chal124No more Game of Throws 2013
Memorial OHaaave You Met Kyle?Reckless Inc.
Memorial OMeet the Flickers013Disc-picable Me
Winona CAnother Awesome Dump513East Van Hand
Winona CTeam_Rocket119Kids with Altitude
Winona SDiscepticons513Get Hucky!
2:30 pmKillarney CGummi Bears80No more Game of Throws 2013
Killarney CHand of Chal1311Wyld Stallyns
Memorial OHaaave You Met Kyle?Disc-picable Me
Memorial OMeet the Flickers312Reckless Inc.
Winona CAnother Awesome Dump413Discepticons
Winona CTeam_RocketDefaultEast Van Hand
Winona SKids with Altitude913Get Hucky!
Sat Nov 2
10:00 am
CamosunBrolympus119Doggie Style
CamosunEgregious (S401)Freak Show
Columbia CThe Marauders (S501)Plaidiators
Columbia CToeJam136East Nude Stallions
Killarney CDiscocity (S202)Huckstables
Killarney Ckids (S201)Bimbo's
KingcrestFrisdom FightersForfeitedA Game of Cones
KingcrestTyrell's Minions (S602)Mustard Seeds
Memorial OECUA(D) (S405)Naughty Neighbors
Memorial OUltimate BBT Slush (S605)H-Bar
Sunrise ParkStranger Danger1710DTF
Trafalgar NWSwing-credibles (S301)Purple Cobras
Trafalgar NWTyphoon Disc412VUL PARK RANGERS
Van Tech OvalDC137The Frizzles
Van Tech OvalKnights1312SuperSmashBros
11:30 amCamosunW: S401 (S403)Brolympus
CamosunL: S401 (S404)Doggie Style
Columbia CW: S501 (S503)ToeJam
Columbia CL: S501 (S504)ToeJam
Killarney CW: S201 (S203)W: S202
Killarney CL: S201 (S204)Huckstables
KingcrestA Game of Cones (S603)W: S602
KingcrestFrisdom Fighters (S604)L: S602
Trafalgar NWW: S301 (S303)VUL PARK RANGERS
Trafalgar NWL: S301 (S304)Typhoon Disc
Van Tech OvalDC118Knights
Van Tech OvalThe Frizzles713SuperSmashBros
Sun Nov 3
10:00 am
CamosunJokers (Z402)Penguins in Flight
CamosunThe Avengers990At least My Disk Stays Up
Columbia CGator Bait (Z201)Teamocil
Columbia CYodaMan1213The Flatballers
KingcrestLeBrontourage813Wang Gang & The Altar Boys
KingcrestLike a Simile (Z102)Pheeble
Memorial OTrudeaumania (Z405)Take That Dump!
Trafalgar NWTalk Nerdy To Me1311Flick N Twisted II
Trafalgar NWTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion119Team Adequate
Winona CHarshmellows810Oozma Kappa
Winona CThrow Some D's (Z502)Direwolves
Winona SFruit Ninjas136Princess Layout
Winona SUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out") (Z601)Tutus
1:00 pmCamosunTeam_Rocket (Z901)Reckless Inc.
CamosunWyld Stallyns (Z902)East Van Hand
Columbia CGummi Bears613Kids with Altitude
Columbia CHand of Chal (Z701)Discepticons
Trafalgar NWDisc-picable Me (Z801)Haaave You Met Kyle?
Trafalgar NWGet Hucky! (Z802)No more Game of Throws 2013
Winona SAnother Awesome DumpForfeitedMeet the Flickers
2:30 pmCamosunW: Z901 (Z903)W: Z902
CamosunL: Z901 (Z904)L: Z902
Columbia CW: Z701 (Z703)Kids with Altitude
Columbia CL: Z701 (Z704)Gummi Bears
Trafalgar NWL: Z801 (Z804)L: Z802
Trafalgar NWDisc-picable Me (Z803)W: Z802
11:30 pmCamosunAt least My Disk Stays Up (Z404)L: Z402
CamosunThe Avengers (Z403)W: Z402
Columbia CW: Z201 (Z203)The Flatballers
Columbia CL: Z201 (Z204)YodaMan
KingcrestLeBrontourage (Z104)L: Z102
KingcrestWang Gang & The Altar Boys (Z103)W: Z102
Trafalgar NWFlick N Twisted II (Z304)Team Adequate
Trafalgar NWTalk Nerdy To Me135Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Winona COozma Kappa109Throw Some D's
Winona COozma Kappa (Z504)L: Z502
Winona SW: Z601 (Z603)Fruit Ninjas
Winona SUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out") (Z604)Princess Layout
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