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Wed May 4
6:00 pm
Adanac NWSalt shakers115Mighty Bananas
Adanac NWWyld Stallyns612Wok Don't Run.
Empire NReTox1311Disc Comfort
Empire NSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go137Phoenix Ultimate
Empire SSSB136Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Empire Szoi1311The Force Away-kens
Jericho EHangry Hangry Hippos87The Kangabrewskis
Jericho EPetri Discs 113Nerds
Memorial OBeret133Eastside Empire
Memorial OLocal Pint134Unbounce
Oak MeadowsButterfingers129Piper Palooza
Oak MeadowsURFT134Couch Jockeys
Rupert CF.M.U.136ICEMAN
Rupert CMother I'd Like to FLICK.111Huck Bunnies
Winona NAbsolute Zeroes1211Stacked
Winona NUp!136NOOT NOOT
6:30 pmBalaclavaCare Bears175Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
BalaclavaYtterbium1712Purple Cobras
KingcrestDown To Flick1013Baywatchers
KingcrestHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!119DISCmember
Strathcona ECCircular LogicDefaultFrisbaes
Trafalgar NWThrow Some D's175Sunny D's
Winona CBatteries Not Included1710Bzzykes
Winona CMoose ick1417The Dirty Skirties
Winona SMeatballs178Egregious
Winona STrain Wreck1511Spotty & the Dogs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECatch Me If You Can108DISCiples
Andy Livingstone ETosstitos149Ultimate Friskee
Jericho WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles313AYCE
Jericho WDim Sum Warriors118JusDISC League
7:30 pmAdanac NWSalt shakers127Wok Don't Run.
Adanac NWWyld Stallyns810Mighty Bananas
Empire NReTox138Phoenix Ultimate
Empire NSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1013Disc Comfort
Empire SSSB136The Force Away-kens
Empire Szoi133Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Jericho EHangry Hangry Hippos411Nerds
Jericho EPetri Discs 711The Kangabrewskis
Memorial OBeret811Unbounce
Memorial OLocal Pint133Eastside Empire
Oak MeadowsButterfingers137Couch Jockeys
Oak MeadowsURFT135Piper Palooza
Rupert CF.M.U.139Huck Bunnies
Rupert CMother I'd Like to FLICK.813ICEMAN
Winona NAbsolute Zeroes136NOOT NOOT
Winona NUp!86Stacked
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECatch Me If You Can126Ultimate Friskee
Andy Livingstone ETosstitos117DISCiples
Jericho WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles315JusDISC League
Jericho WDim Sum Warriors135AYCE
Wed May 11
6:00 pm
Adanac NWCouch Jockeys104Stacked
Adanac NWPiper PaloozaNOOT NOOT
Memorial ONerds134Down To Flick
Memorial OThe Kangabrewskis313Baywatchers
Oak MeadowsReTox134zoi
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1312SSB
Rupert CButterfingers1013Up!
Rupert CURFT132Absolute Zeroes
Winona CDISCiples710Local Pint
Winona CUltimate Friskee1211Beret
Winona NDisc Comfort133The Force Away-kens
Winona NPhoenix Ultimate135Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Winona SEastside Empire118DISCmember
Winona SUnbounce85Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
6:30 pmBalaclavaBatteries Not Included1714The Dirty Skirties
BalaclavaMoose ick177Bzzykes
Empire NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles716Dim Sum Warriors
Empire NF.M.U.173Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Empire SMeatballs178Spotty & the Dogs
Empire STrain Wreck179Egregious
KingcrestBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1217Ytterbium
KingcrestPurple Cobras175Circular Logic
Strathcona ECFrisbaes517Care Bears
Trafalgar NWCatch Me If You Can1210Tosstitos
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EMighty Bananas613Throw Some D's
Andy Livingstone EWok Don't Run.911Sunny D's
Jericho WHuck Bunnies132Wyld Stallyns
Jericho WICEMAN912Salt shakers
Memorial SWAYCE132Petri Discs
Memorial SWJusDISC League136Hangry Hangry Hippos
7:30 pmAdanac NWCouch Jockeys413NOOT NOOT
Adanac NWPiper PaloozaStacked
Memorial ONerds138Baywatchers
Memorial OThe Kangabrewskis913Down To Flick
Oak MeadowsReTox1312SSB
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go138zoi
Rupert CButterfingersCancelledAbsolute Zeroes
Rupert CURFT135Up!
Winona CDISCiples96Beret
Winona CUltimate Friskee68Local Pint
Winona NDisc Comfort136Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Winona NPhoenix Ultimate136The Force Away-kens
Winona SEastside Empire512Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Winona SUnbounce134DISCmember
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EMighty Bananas116Sunny D's
Andy Livingstone EWok Don't Run.613Throw Some D's
Jericho WHuck Bunnies1111Salt shakers
Jericho WICEMAN135Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWAYCE133Hangry Hangry Hippos
Memorial SWJusDISC League130Petri Discs
Wed May 18
6:00 pm
Adanac NWDisc Comfort136zoi
Adanac NWPhoenix Ultimate513SSB
Empire NCatch Me If You Can76Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Empire NTosstitos134DISCmember
Empire SDISCiples108Unbounce
Empire SUltimate Friskee115Eastside Empire
KingcrestJusDISC League131The Kangabrewskis
Memorial OHuck Bunnies132Wok Don't Run.
Memorial OICEMAN1310Mighty Bananas
Rupert CReTox135The Force Away-kens
Rupert CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go130Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Winona SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles910Down To Flick
Winona SDim Sum Warriors97Baywatchers
6:30 pmBalaclavaLocal Pint2113Beret
BalaclavaPetri Discs 517Hangry Hangry Hippos
Oak MeadowsBatteries Not Included178Meatballs
Oak MeadowsMoose ick179Train Wreck
Strathcona ECSalt shakers1714Wyld Stallyns
Trafalgar NWYtterbium173Frisbaes
Winona CBeer Battered Juicy Chickens717Purple Cobras
Winona CCare Bears176Circular Logic
Winona NBzzykes1412Egregious
Winona NThe Dirty Skirties177Spotty & the Dogs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECouch Jockeys513Absolute Zeroes
Andy Livingstone EPiper PaloozaUp!
Jericho WButterfingers135NOOT NOOT
Jericho WURFT136Stacked
Memorial SWF.M.U.135Throw Some D's
Memorial SWMother I'd Like to FLICK.134Sunny D's
7:30 pmAdanac NWDisc Comfort137SSB
Adanac NWPhoenix Ultimate1311zoi
Empire NCatch Me If You Can132DISCmember
Empire NTosstitos132Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Empire SDISCiples128Eastside Empire
Empire SUltimate Friskee89Unbounce
KingcrestAYCE133The Kangabrewskis
KingcrestJusDISC League108Nerds
Memorial OHuck Bunnies132Mighty Bananas
Memorial OICEMAN137Wok Don't Run.
Rupert CReTox133Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Rupert CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go135The Force Away-kens
Winona SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles513Baywatchers
Winona SDim Sum Warriors86Down To Flick
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECouch Jockeys811Up!
Andy Livingstone EPiper PaloozaAbsolute Zeroes
Jericho WButterfingers126Stacked
Memorial SWF.M.U.132Sunny D's
Memorial SWMother I'd Like to FLICK.813Throw Some D's
Wed May 25
6:00 pm
Adanac NWBeret1011DISCmember
Adanac NWLocal Pint133Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Empire NF.M.U.136Mighty Bananas
Empire NMother I'd Like to FLICK.46Wok Don't Run.
Empire SSalt shakers97Throw Some D's
Empire SWyld Stallyns106Sunny D's
Oak MeadowsAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles713Nerds
Oak MeadowsDim Sum Warriors1211The Kangabrewskis
Rupert CCatch Me If You Can86Unbounce
Rupert CTosstitos134Eastside Empire
Winona CCouch JockeysPiper Palooza
Winona CURFT133Butterfingers
Winona NHangry Hangry Hippos133Baywatchers
Winona NPetri Discs 19Down To Flick
Winona SAbsolute Zeroes59Up!
Winona SStacked87NOOT NOOT
6:30 pmBalaclavaCare Bears1715Purple Cobras
BalaclavaYtterbium175Circular Logic
KingcrestAYCE1117JusDISC League
KingcrestDISCiples127Ultimate Friskee
Memorial OBzzykes178Spotty & the Dogs
Memorial OThe Dirty Skirties1017Egregious
Strathcona ECICEMAN917Huck Bunnies
Trafalgar NWBeer Battered Juicy Chickens171Frisbaes
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EThe Force Away-kens1210Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Andy Livingstone Ezoi713SSB
Jericho WDisc Comfort135Phoenix Ultimate
Jericho WReTox1312Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Memorial SWBatteries Not Included1710Train Wreck
Memorial SWMoose ick1216Meatballs
7:30 pmAdanac NWBeret130Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Adanac NWLocal Pint134DISCmember
Empire NF.M.U.135Wok Don't Run.
Empire NMother I'd Like to FLICK.138Mighty Bananas
Empire SSalt shakers131Sunny D's
Empire SWyld Stallyns313Throw Some D's
Oak MeadowsAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles97The Kangabrewskis
Oak MeadowsDim Sum Warriors613Nerds
Rupert CCatch Me If You Can137Eastside Empire
Rupert CTosstitos134Unbounce
Winona CCouch Jockeys313Butterfingers
Winona CURFTPiper Palooza
Winona NHangry Hangry Hippos810Down To Flick
Winona NPetri Discs 513Baywatchers
Winona SAbsolute Zeroes88NOOT NOOT
Winona SStacked127Up!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EThe Force Away-kens1013SSB
Andy Livingstone Ezoi1311Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Jericho WDisc Comfort1312Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Jericho WReTox139Phoenix Ultimate
Wed Jun 1
6:00 pm
Adanac NWICEMANCancelledWok Don't Run.
Adanac NWMother I'd Like to FLICK.CancelledNerds
BalaclavaAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles88Petri Discs
BalaclavaThe Kangabrewskis135DISCiples
KingcrestBaywatchers96Catch Me If You Can
KingcrestDown To Flick107Hangry Hangry Hippos
Memorial OPhoenix Ultimate138Butterfingers
Memorial Ozoi913URFT
Rupert CNOOT NOOT513Throw Some D's
Rupert CPiper PaloozaCouch Jockeys
Trafalgar NWUltimate Friskee68Beret
Trafalgar NWUnbounceDefaultHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
UBC WolfsonThe Force Away-kens1013Up!
UBC WolfsonXuing Xuang (Ruckus)412Absolute Zeroes
6:30 pmEmpire NBatteries Not IncludedCancelledEgregious
Empire NMoose ick142Spotty & the Dogs
Empire SBzzykesForfeitedMeatballs
Empire SThe Dirty Skirties179Train Wreck
Jericho EDISCmemberCancelledEastside Empire
Jericho ELocal Pint1213Tosstitos
Oak MeadowsBeer Battered Juicy Chickens173Circular Logic
Oak MeadowsCare Bears1517Ytterbium
Slocan CDim Sum WarriorsCancelledJusDISC League
Slocan SWPurple Cobras175Frisbaes
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EMighty Bananas133Sunny D's
Andy Livingstone EWyld Stallyns710AYCE
Jericho WF.M.U.138Huck Bunnies
Jericho WStacked109Salt shakers
Memorial SWDisc Comfort109SSB
Memorial SWReTox1312Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
7:30 pmAdanac NWICEMANCancelledNerds
Adanac NWMother I'd Like to FLICK.CancelledWok Don't Run.
BalaclavaAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles810DISCiples
BalaclavaThe Kangabrewskis135Petri Discs
KingcrestBaywatchers122Hangry Hangry Hippos
KingcrestDown To Flick1010Catch Me If You Can
Memorial OPhoenix Ultimate1311URFT
Memorial Ozoi1311Butterfingers
Rupert CNOOT NOOT1013Couch Jockeys
Rupert CPiper PaloozaThrow Some D's
Trafalgar NWUltimate Friskee94Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Trafalgar NWUnbounce513Beret
UBC WolfsonThe Force Away-kens1310Absolute Zeroes
UBC WolfsonXuing Xuang (Ruckus)910Up!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EMighty Bananas910AYCE
Andy Livingstone EWyld Stallyns69Sunny D's
Jericho WF.M.U.135Salt shakers
Jericho WStacked513Huck Bunnies
Memorial SWDisc Comfort75Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Memorial SWReTox1310SSB
Wed Jun 8
6:00 pm
Adanac NWLocal Pint138Petri Discs
Adanac NWTosstitos78DISCiples
BalaclavaUltimate Friskee129Eastside Empire
Empire NDim Sum Warriors86Sunny D's
Empire NJusDISC League128AYCE
Empire SMighty Bananas108Down To Flick
Empire SWyld Stallyns78Baywatchers
KingcrestHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!DefaultCircular Logic
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes313Huck Bunnies
Oak MeadowsUp!77Salt shakers
Rupert CCatch Me If You Can116The Kangabrewskis
Rupert CHangry Hangry Hippos135Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
UBC WolfsonDisc Comfort76Phoenix Ultimate
UBC WolfsonReTox131zoi
6:30 pmJericho EBatteries Not Included157Meatballs
Jericho EThe Dirty Skirties173Train Wreck
Memorial OBzzykes1017Moose ick
Memorial OEgregious1512Spotty & the Dogs
Slocan SWPurple Cobras1712Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Trafalgar NWYtterbium1715Care Bears
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EThe Force Away-kensStacked
Andy Livingstone EXuing Xuang (Ruckus)213F.M.U.
Jericho WSSB115Butterfingers
Jericho WSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go134URFT
Memorial SWCouch Jockeys513Throw Some D's
Memorial SWPiper PaloozaNOOT NOOT
7:30 pmAdanac NWLocal Pint1311DISCiples
Adanac NWTosstitos132Petri Discs
BalaclavaUltimate Friskee1011DISCmember
BalaclavaUnbounce136Eastside Empire
Empire NDim Sum Warriors1010AYCE
Empire NJusDISC League136Sunny D's
Empire SMighty Bananas137Baywatchers
Empire SWyld Stallyns99Down To Flick
KingcrestBeret97Circular Logic
KingcrestHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!78Frisbaes
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes135Salt shakers
Oak MeadowsUp!413Huck Bunnies
Rupert CCatch Me If You Can107Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Rupert CHangry Hangry Hippos87The Kangabrewskis
UBC WolfsonDisc Comfort138zoi
UBC WolfsonReTox1310Phoenix Ultimate
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EThe Force Away-kens513F.M.U.
Andy Livingstone EXuing Xuang (Ruckus)Stacked
Jericho WSSB136URFT
Jericho WSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go137Butterfingers
Memorial SWICEMAN139Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Memorial SWWok Don't Run.715Nerds
Wed Jun 15
6:00 pm
Adanac NWMighty Bananas128Sunny D's
Adanac NWWyld Stallyns1112AYCE
Empire NThe Force Away-kensSalt shakers
Empire NXuing Xuang (Ruckus)213Huck Bunnies
Empire SAbsolute Zeroes213F.M.U.
Empire SUp!66Stacked
KingcrestSSB1112Phoenix Ultimate
KingcrestSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go132zoi
Memorial OBeret79Eastside Empire
Memorial OHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!115DISCmember
Oak MeadowsHangry Hangry Hippos813Catch Me If You Can
Oak MeadowsLocal Pint712Tosstitos
Rupert CDim Sum Warriors128Down To Flick
Rupert CJusDISC League133Baywatchers
UBC WolfsonNOOT NOOTForfeitedMother I'd Like to FLICK.
UBC WolfsonPiper PaloozaICEMAN
6:30 pmBalaclavaMeatballsThe Dirty Skirties
BalaclavaTrain Wreck1714Ytterbium
Jericho EMoose ick1714Egregious
Jericho ESpotty & the Dogs1816Purple Cobras
Slocan SWCare Bears517Batteries Not Included
Trafalgar NWBeer Battered Juicy Chickens917Bzzykes
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Comfort134Butterfingers
Andy Livingstone EReTox133URFT
Jericho WCouch Jockeys134Wok Don't Run.
Jericho WThrow Some D's513Nerds
Memorial SWUltimate Friskee135Frisbaes
Memorial SWUnbounce713Circular Logic
7:30 pmAdanac NWMighty Bananas1113AYCE
Adanac NWWyld Stallyns134Sunny D's
Empire NThe Force Away-kens613Huck Bunnies
Empire NXuing Xuang (Ruckus)137Salt shakers
Empire SAbsolute Zeroes86Stacked
Empire SUp!613F.M.U.
KingcrestSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go134Phoenix Ultimate
Memorial OBeret132DISCmember
Memorial OHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!512Eastside Empire
Oak MeadowsAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles146The Kangabrewskis
Oak MeadowsPetri Discs 1017DISCiples
Rupert CDim Sum Warriors127Baywatchers
Rupert CJusDISC League135Down To Flick
UBC WolfsonPiper PaloozaMother I'd Like to FLICK.
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Comfort136URFT
Andy Livingstone EReTox137Butterfingers
Jericho WCouch Jockeys1012Nerds
Jericho WThrow Some D's135Wok Don't Run.
Memorial SWUltimate Friskee79Circular Logic
Memorial SWUnbounce138Frisbaes
Wed Jun 22
6:00 pm
Adanac NWSalt shakers613Huck Bunnies
Adanac NWStacked613F.M.U.
Empire NHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!17Beret
Empire NUnbounce88Ultimate Friskee
Killarney CReTox107Disc Comfort
Killarney CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go139SSB
KingcrestCouch Jockeys713ICEMAN
KingcrestThrow Some D's109Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles137The Kangabrewskis
Memorial OPetri Discs 913DISCiples
Oak MeadowsURFT137Butterfingers
Oak Meadowszoi713Phoenix Ultimate
Rupert CThe Force Away-kens1113Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Rupert CUp!911Absolute Zeroes
UBC WolfsonDim Sum Warriors413JusDISC League
UBC WolfsonMighty Bananas39Wyld Stallyns
6:30 pmEmpire SBzzykes1716Purple Cobras
Empire SMoose ick179Spotty & the Dogs
Jericho EBatteries Not Included1713Ytterbium
Jericho EMeatballsForfeitedTrain Wreck
Slocan SWEgregious1017Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Trafalgar NWThe Dirty Skirties177Care Bears
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ENOOT NOOT77Nerds
Andy Livingstone EPiper PaloozaWok Don't Run.
Jericho WDown To Flick513Baywatchers
Jericho WSunny D's68AYCE
Memorial SWHangry Hangry Hippos106Catch Me If You Can
Memorial SWLocal Pint106Tosstitos
7:30 pmAdanac NWSalt shakers313F.M.U.
Adanac NWStacked1113Huck Bunnies
Empire NCircular LogicFrisbaes
Empire NDISCmember810Eastside Empire
Killarney CReTox139SSB
Killarney CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go82Disc Comfort
KingcrestCouch Jockeys87Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
KingcrestThrow Some D's136ICEMAN
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles913DISCiples
Memorial OPetri Discs 513The Kangabrewskis
Oak MeadowsURFT613Phoenix Ultimate
Oak Meadowszoi138Butterfingers
Rupert CThe Force Away-kens713Absolute Zeroes
Rupert CUp!913Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
UBC WolfsonDim Sum Warriors104Wyld Stallyns
UBC WolfsonMighty Bananas113JusDISC League
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ENOOT NOOT108Wok Don't Run.
Andy Livingstone EPiper PaloozaNerds
Jericho WDown To Flick213AYCE
Jericho WSunny D's109Baywatchers
Memorial SWHangry Hangry Hippos106Tosstitos
Memorial SWLocal Pint79Catch Me If You Can
Wed Jun 29
6:00 pm
Empire NDisc ComfortCancelledSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Empire NReTox138Phoenix Ultimate
Empire SF.M.U.138Absolute Zeroes
Empire SSSB98Huck Bunnies
Memorial OICEMAN313Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Memorial OPiper PaloozaNOOT NOOT
Rupert CDown To Flick127Local Pint
Rupert CSunny D's97Hangry Hangry Hippos
Strathcona ECAYCE107Wok Don't Run.
Strathcona ECMighty Bananas1212Wyld Stallyns
UBC WolfsonCircular LogicFrisbaes
UBC WolfsonHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!95DISCmember
6:30 pmKillarney CBatteries Not Included175Train Wreck
Killarney CThe Dirty Skirties175Ytterbium
KingcrestMeatballs1712Care Bears
KingcrestMoose ick177Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Oak MeadowsBzzykes177Spotty & the Dogs
Oak MeadowsEgregious1618Purple Cobras
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles133Beret
Andy Livingstone EThe Kangabrewskis213Tosstitos
Jericho WPetri Discs 136Eastside Empire
Jericho WUnbounce125Ultimate Friskee
Memorial SWSalt shakersNerds
Memorial SWThe Force Away-kens133Couch Jockeys
7:30 pmBalaclavaButterfingers1412Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
BalaclavaThrow Some D's713JusDISC League
Empire NDisc ComfortCancelledPhoenix Ultimate
Empire NReToxPostponedSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Empire SF.M.U.1311Huck Bunnies
Empire SSSB136Absolute Zeroes
Memorial OPiper PaloozaMother I'd Like to FLICK.
Rupert CDown To Flick810Hangry Hangry Hippos
Rupert CSunny D's410Local Pint
Strathcona ECCatch Me If You Can1110DISCiples
Strathcona ECDim Sum Warriors610Baywatchers
UBC WolfsonCircular LogicDISCmember
UBC WolfsonHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!107Frisbaes
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1110Tosstitos
Andy Livingstone EThe Kangabrewskis136Beret
Jericho WPetri Discs 49Ultimate Friskee
Jericho WUnbounce132Eastside Empire
Memorial SWSalt shakers136Couch Jockeys
Memorial SWThe Force Away-kensNerds
Wed Jul 6
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDisc Comfort1315ReTox
Empire NPetri Discs Circular Logic
Empire NUnbounce123Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Empire SEastside Empire89Frisbaes
Empire SUltimate Friskee74DISCmember
KingcrestMighty Bananas129Catch Me If You Can
KingcrestWyld Stallyns134DISCiples
Memorial OStacked313JusDISC League
Memorial OUp!812Throw Some D's
Rupert CAYCE103Dim Sum Warriors
Rupert CWok Don't Run.Baywatchers
UBC WolfsonHangry Hangry Hippos77Tosstitos
UBC WolfsonLocal Pint139Beret
6:30 pmKillarney CBzzykes1413Egregious
Killarney CMoose ick177Purple Cobras
Oak MeadowsBatteries Not Included1317The Dirty Skirties
Oak MeadowsMeatballs178Ytterbium
Slocan SWTrain Wreck176Care Bears
Trafalgar NWSpotty & the Dogs717Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EICEMANPiper Palooza
Andy Livingstone EThe Force Away-kens1213Salt shakers
Jericho WDown To Flick810Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Jericho WSunny D'sDefaultThe Kangabrewskis
Memorial SWURFT1013Butterfingers
Memorial SWzoi1310Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
7:30 pmBalaclavaHuck Bunnies133Absolute Zeroes
BalaclavaSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go138Phoenix Ultimate
Empire NPetri Discs 66Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Empire NUnbounceCircular Logic
Empire SEastside Empire108DISCmember
Empire SUltimate Friskee89Frisbaes
KingcrestMighty Bananas128DISCiples
KingcrestWyld Stallyns913Catch Me If You Can
Memorial OStacked613Throw Some D's
Memorial OUp!613JusDISC League
Rupert CAYCEBaywatchers
Rupert CWok Don't Run.88Dim Sum Warriors
UBC WolfsonHangry Hangry Hippos1310Beret
UBC WolfsonLocal Pint813Tosstitos
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECouch JockeysNerds
Andy Livingstone EMother I'd Like to FLICK.1011NOOT NOOT
Jericho WDown To FlickDefaultThe Kangabrewskis
Jericho WSunny D's713Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Memorial SWURFT138Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Memorial SWzoi138Butterfingers
Wed Jul 13
6:00 pm
BalaclavaSunny D's712Down To Flick
BalaclavaThe Kangabrewskis06Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Empire NAYCE137Mighty Bananas
Empire NWok Don't Run.113Wyld Stallyns
Empire SBaywatchersDISCiples
Empire SDim Sum Warriors89Catch Me If You Can
Killarney CEastside EmpireCircular Logic
Killarney CUltimate Friskee95Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
KingcrestButterfingers139Throw Some D's
KingcrestXuing Xuang (Ruckus)413JusDISC League
Memorial OPhoenix Ultimate137Absolute Zeroes
Memorial OSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go136Huck Bunnies
Rupert CPetri Discs 67Frisbaes
Rupert CUnbounce123DISCmember
UBC WolfsonCouch Jockeys87Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
6:30 pmOak MeadowsBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1311Purple Cobras
Oak MeadowsYtterbium1713Care Bears
Slocan SWEgregious1517Spotty & the Dogs
Strathcona ECThe Dirty Skirties1317Batteries Not Included
Trafalgar NWMeatballs1517Train Wreck
Trafalgar NWMoose ick176Bzzykes
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EURFT119Up!
Andy Livingstone Ezoi136Stacked
Jericho WSalt shakersPiper Palooza
Jericho WThe Force Away-kens137ICEMAN
Memorial SWDisc Comfort1013SSB
Memorial SWReTox1113F.M.U.
7:30 pmBalaclavaHangry Hangry Hippos1011Local Pint
Empire NAYCE118Wyld Stallyns
Empire NWok Don't Run.128Mighty Bananas
Empire SBaywatchersCatch Me If You Can
Empire SDim Sum Warriors104DISCiples
Killarney CEastside Empire134Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Killarney CUltimate FriskeeCircular Logic
KingcrestButterfingers1513JusDISC League
KingcrestXuing Xuang (Ruckus)137Throw Some D's
Memorial OPhoenix Ultimate1113Huck Bunnies
Memorial OSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go133Absolute Zeroes
Rupert CPetri Discs 134DISCmember
Rupert CUnbounce96Frisbaes
UBC WolfsonCouch Jockeys1113NOOT NOOT
UBC WolfsonNerdsMother I'd Like to FLICK.
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EURFT1211Stacked
Andy Livingstone Ezoi1312Up!
Jericho WSalt shakers1310ICEMAN
Jericho WThe Force Away-kensPiper Palooza
Memorial SWDisc Comfort1412F.M.U.
Memorial SWReTox913SSB
Wed Jul 20
6:00 pm
BalaclavaSalt shakers1312NOOT NOOT
BalaclavaThe Force Away-kens138Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
Empire NDown To Flick116Beret
Empire NSunny D's117Tosstitos
Empire SHangry Hangry Hippos135The Kangabrewskis
Empire SLocal Pint1111Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Killarney CButterfingers139Up!
Killarney CXuing Xuang (Ruckus)119Stacked
KingcrestPhoenix Ultimate129F.M.U.
KingcrestSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1310SSB
Rupert CURFT135Throw Some D's
Rupert Czoi1012JusDISC League
Strathcona ECCircular LogicHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Strathcona ECPetri Discs 513Unbounce
UBC WolfsonBaywatchers113Wyld Stallyns
UBC WolfsonDim Sum Warriors98Mighty Bananas
6:30 pmMemorial OCare Bears178Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Memorial OPurple Cobras317Egregious
Oak MeadowsBatteries Not Included1710Meatballs
Oak MeadowsTrain Wreck1017Moose ick
Slocan SWBzzykes916The Dirty Skirties
Trafalgar NWSpotty & the Dogs917Ytterbium
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Comfort138Huck Bunnies
Andy Livingstone EReTox132Absolute Zeroes
Jericho WAYCE134Catch Me If You Can
Jericho WWok Don't Run.68DISCiples
Memorial SWCouch Jockeys1113ICEMAN
Memorial SWNerdsPiper Palooza
7:30 pmBalaclavaSalt shakers139Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
BalaclavaThe Force Away-kens134NOOT NOOT
Empire NDown To Flick105Tosstitos
Empire NSunny D's411Beret
Empire SHangry Hangry Hippos123Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Empire SLocal Pint127The Kangabrewskis
Killarney CButterfingers134Stacked
Killarney CXuing Xuang (Ruckus)812Up!
KingcrestPhoenix Ultimate1113SSB
KingcrestSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go613F.M.U.
Rupert CURFT138JusDISC League
Rupert Czoi1012Throw Some D's
Strathcona ECEastside Empire1417Ultimate Friskee
Strathcona ECFrisbaes117DISCmember
UBC WolfsonBaywatchers1013Mighty Bananas
UBC WolfsonDim Sum Warriors213Wyld Stallyns
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Comfort134Absolute Zeroes
Andy Livingstone EReTox134Huck Bunnies
Jericho WAYCE131DISCiples
Jericho WWok Don't Run.313Catch Me If You Can
Memorial SWCouch JockeysPiper Palooza
Memorial SWNerdsICEMAN
Wed Jul 27
6:30 pm
BalaclavaCircular LogicForfeitedPetri Discs
BalaclavaFrisbaes172Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Empire NURFT133Stacked
Empire Nzoi1713Throw Some D's
Empire SButterfingers174Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Empire SJusDISC League168Up!
Killarney CBeer Battered Juicy ChickensForfeitedSpotty & the Dogs
Killarney CYtterbium1712Egregious
KingcrestCatch Me If You Can1714Wok Don't Run.
KingcrestWyld Stallyns1710Dim Sum Warriors
Memorial OBatteries Not Included1217Train Wreck
Memorial OThe Dirty Skirties1715Moose ick
Oak MeadowsF.M.U.175Absolute Zeroes
Oak MeadowsReTox158Disc Comfort
Rupert CAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1613Unbounce
Rupert CHangry Hangry Hippos177Tosstitos
Slocan SWCare Bears1714Purple Cobras
Slocan SWThe Force Away-kens1310Piper Palooza
Strathcona ECMother I'd Like to FLICK.811Nerds
Strathcona ECSalt shakers1712Couch Jockeys
Trafalgar NWMeatballs177Bzzykes
UBC WolfsonSSB1514Huck Bunnies
UBC WolfsonSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go176Phoenix Ultimate
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAYCE176DISCiples
Andy Livingstone EMighty Bananas1214Baywatchers
Jericho WBeret173DISCmember
Jericho WUltimate Friskee145Eastside Empire
Memorial SWDown To Flick144The Kangabrewskis
Memorial SWLocal Pint1512Sunny D's
Wed Aug 3
6:30 pm
BalaclavaSunny D's174The Kangabrewskis
Empire NF.M.U.1215ReTox
Empire NSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go155SSB
Empire SAbsolute Zeroes317Disc Comfort
Empire SPhoenix Ultimate1711Huck Bunnies
Killarney CDim Sum Warriors179Wok Don't Run.
Killarney CDISCiples1516Mighty Bananas
KingcrestCouch Jockeys176Mother I'd Like to FLICK.
KingcrestICEMAN817Piper Palooza
Memorial ODISCmember1613Eastside Empire
Memorial OHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!117Circular Logic
Oak MeadowsCare Bears1417Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Oak MeadowsYtterbiumForfeitedSpotty & the Dogs
Rupert CAYCE147Baywatchers
Rupert CWyld Stallyns1715Catch Me If You Can
Trafalgar NWEgregious1710Purple Cobras
Trafalgar NWMeatballs1711Bzzykes
Winona CJusDISC League1417Butterfingers
Winona CURFT1716zoi
Winona NMoose ick1016The Dirty Skirties
Winona NTrain Wreck517Batteries Not Included
Winona SStacked1117Throw Some D's
Winona SUp!1716Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ENOOT NOOT1117The Force Away-kens
Andy Livingstone ESalt shakers1217Nerds
Jericho WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1614Hangry Hangry Hippos
Jericho WLocal Pint912Down To Flick
Memorial SWBeret1413Ultimate Friskee
Memorial SWFrisbaes179Petri Discs
Wed Aug 10
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDISCiples1715Wok Don't Run.
BalaclavaMighty Bananas1117Dim Sum Warriors
Killarney CCouch Jockeys1317Piper Palooza
Killarney CMother I'd Like to FLICK. (C112)ICEMAN
KingcrestStacked1416Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
KingcrestThrow Some D's1517Up!
Memorial OTosstitosForfeitedThe Kangabrewskis
Memorial OUnbounce1612Sunny D's
Oak MeadowsBeret1517Frisbaes
Oak MeadowsUltimate Friskee (F110)Petri Discs
Rupert CNerds1215The Force Away-kens
Rupert CSalt shakersForfeitedNOOT NOOT
Trafalgar NWCare Bears (P106)Purple Cobras
Trafalgar NWTrain Wreck617Bzzykes
Winona CF.M.U. (A110)SSB
Winona CReTox (A109)Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Winona NDISCmember1416Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Winona NEastside Empire (F112)Circular Logic
Winona SAbsolute Zeroes (A112)Huck Bunnies
Winona SDisc ComfortForfeitedPhoenix Ultimate
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EURFT178Butterfingers
Andy Livingstone Ezoi (B110)JusDISC League
Empire NMoose ick (M105)Meatballs
Empire NThe Dirty Skirties177Batteries Not Included
Empire SSpotty & the Dogs (P105)Egregious
Empire SYtterbium1712Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Jericho WAYCE1710Wyld Stallyns
Jericho WBaywatchers (D110)Catch Me If You Can
Memorial SWAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles166Down To Flick
Memorial SWHangry Hangry Hippos (E110)Local Pint
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