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Mon Jun 28
6:30 pm
BalaclavaG-raff A-ttackCancelledArbutus Anubis
BalaclavaMastadon - MondayPostponedCheese and Toasted
KingcrestWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness1217New Disc Who Dis?
Memorial OJellybeans500177huck, huck, goose
Memorial OUnbounceCancelledKandisc
Oak MeadowsDiscpicable MeCancelledCF
Oak Meadowshuckaholics411Kev N' Friends
Slocan CDisconnect717Ulti-Mates
Slocan CWeeblePostponedSkywalkers
Winona CAbsolute ChaosCancelledTofu Stack
Winona CFlatten the Curve CancelledBigger Disc Energy
Winona NEgregiousCancelledDisc it for the Biscuit
Winona NSuper Duper FriendsCancelledPac-Man and friends
7:15 pmTrillium WDisc Golf Rehabilitation ProgramCancelledTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WMY L3GPostponedHammer Beats Rabbit
Tue Jun 29
6:30 pm
BalaclavaHuck E CheesePostponedDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
BalaclavaThe Hucking Fooligans117DR4G
KingcrestH-Bar717Fire Fishies
KingcrestThe Greendale 7179Critters
Memorial ODragon SoundCancelledHuck It
Memorial OSharknadoCancelledGo the Disc-tance
Oak MeadowsCafé GloucesterForfeitedForrest Dump.
Oak MeadowsGritty in Pink1312Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Slocan CChinzillasForfeitedLager Buddies
Slocan CDiscs I'd Like to Flick1713Pretty Kitties
Winona CKingsway's Finest713Ruby & Friends
Winona CPiper PaloozaForfeitedCloud9 Black
Winona NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)915DiscThrow Inferno
Winona NScarebearsCancelledThe Ultimates
Winona SGentle Warriors175Flickle Me Elmo
Winona SPlaid to the Bone1710Zoomers
7:15 pmTrillium EIdentity CrisisCancelledFieri's Hot Dogs
Wed Jun 30
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDiscturbed1217Risky Frizzness
Balaclavazoi17990's Throwback
Jericho EErnest and Friends713Team name Pending
Jericho ELynx1121No Shot
Killarney CBasura Gang178Super Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers
Killarney CHat Trick176Princess Layout
KingcrestGen Z(oom)512Send Disc Picss
KingcrestPanic with the disc(o)1713Lost and Found
Memorial OPermission to Hammer1017The Part Timers
Memorial OThrowtatoes817Bahalalala
Oak MeadowsHammer Time!713Here for the Beer
Slocan CMind the Gap1617D.C.
Slocan CUltimate Tossers620The Dream Team
Slocan SWBumble Bees1710Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona CDark Side Of The Disc1618Break Side
Winona CFullmetal2114ReTox
Winona SDown Astronomical 1616Emotional Gameplay
Winona SDump Trucks156Spray and Pray
Thu Jul 1
6:30 pm
BalaclavaMastadon Thurs1817Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Killarney CNeon Disc-zaster!1621Teamocil
Killarney CWrists of Fury159Salt shakers
Kingcrestblueberries1811Full Send Cat
KingcrestGETTING RIPPED TONIGHT1711Too Full to Run
Memorial OEast Van Halen1121Social Disc-tancing
Memorial OSpinister Motives721Disc Infernos
Oak MeadowsJedi Force1710The Gino Odj-discs
Oak MeadowsTosstitos1714Goal Mountain
Rupert CFriends of Henry178Try, Catch, Throw
Rupert CSideways ShoeForfeitedHerniated Discs
Slocan CDiamond Hands617Jeremy's Disc
Slocan CDown1611Loaf
Winona CBig Flick Energy1115Not in the Face
Winona CYu Ting177Threwbacca
7:15 pmEmpire SBigBootyBatch173Hand of Chal
Empire SThe Marauders1713Sky Hoes
Trillium Wa bunch of discheads1713Hehe XD
Trillium WCardio CrewForfeitedThe BIG ZUCK HUCK
Mon Jul 5
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDisc it for the Biscuit417Super Duper Friends
BalaclavaPac-Man and friends1711Egregious
KingcrestBigger Disc Energy 1711Absolute Chaos
KingcrestTofu Stack1716Flatten the Curve
Memorial OSkywalkers1713Disconnect
Memorial OUlti-Mates177Weeble
Oak MeadowsArbutus Anubis1017Mastadon - Monday
Oak MeadowsCheese and Toasted1317G-raff A-ttack
Slocan C#DiscsOutForHarambe821WTF: Witness The (un)Fitness
Slocan CNew Disc Who Dis?173Marty
Winona CCF177huckaholics
Winona CKev N' Friends 178Discpicable Me
Winona NHammer Beats Rabbit1217Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Winona NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1215MY L3G
7:15 pmTrillium Whuck, huck, goose173Unbounce
Trillium WKandisc817Jellybeans500
Tue Jul 6
6:30 pm
BalaclavaLager Buddies1317Discs I'd Like to Flick
BalaclavaPretty Kitties1317Chinzillas
KingcrestFlickle Me Elmo1217Plaid to the Bone
KingcrestZoomers1711Gentle Warriors
Memorial ODiscThrow Inferno1417Fieri's Hot Dogs
Memorial OIdentity Crisis1217The Ultimates
Oak MeadowsGo the Disc-tance178Dragon Sound
Oak MeadowsHuck It1017Sharknado
Slocan CForrest Dump.146Gritty in Pink
Slocan CScoober-Dooby-Doo176Café Gloucester
Winona CCritters1712H-Bar
Winona CFire Fishies1217The Greendale 7
Winona NCloud9 Black1712Kingsway's Finest
Winona NRuby & Friends1213Piper Palooza
Winona SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back172The Hucking Fooligans
Winona SDR4G812Huck E Cheese
7:15 pmTrillium EScarebears1116Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)
Wed Jul 7
6:30 pm
BalaclavaHammer Time!814Permission to Hammer
BalaclavaThe Part Timers79Bahalalala
Empire N90's Throwback317Discturbed
Empire NRisky Frizzness1217zoi
Jericho EBumble Bees1117Mind the Gap
Jericho EThrowtatoes1217Here for the Beer
Killarney CBreak Side1618Fullmetal
Killarney CReTox1710Dark Side Of The Disc
KingcrestNo Shot174Ernest and Friends
KingcrestTeam name Pending617Lynx
Memorial OPrincess Layout817Basura Gang
Memorial OSuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers1213Hat Trick
Oak MeadowsEmotional Gameplay1617Dump Trucks
Oak MeadowsSpray and Pray1017Down Astronomical
Slocan CLost and Found136Gen Z(oom)
Slocan CSend Disc Picss417Panic with the disc(o)
Slocan SWOpen Road 2021PRACTICE
Winona SD.C.178The Dream Team
Winona SUltimate TossersForfeitedTalk Nerdy To Me
Thu Jul 8
6:30 pm
BalaclavaNot in the Face1017Yu Ting
BalaclavaThrewbacca158Big Flick Energy
Killarney CHand of Chal1417The Marauders
Killarney CSky Hoes517BigBootyBatch
KingcrestSalt shakers176Neon Disc-zaster!
KingcrestTeamocil1115Wrists of Fury
Memorial OToo Full to Run917blueberries
Oak MeadowsDisc Infernos218East Van Halen
Oak MeadowsSocial Disc-tancing1613Spinister Motives
Rupert CGoal Mountain717Jedi Force
Rupert CThe Gino Odj-discs1117Tosstitos
Slocan CHerniated Discs1214Friends of Henry
Slocan CTry, Catch, Throw913Sideways Shoe
Winona CHehe XD1315Cardio Crew
Winona CThe BIG ZUCK HUCK314a bunch of discheads
7:15 pmEmpire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1715BEARHAWKS
Empire STremble1515Mastadon Thurs
Trillium WJeremy's Disc 912Down
Trillium WLoaf148Diamond Hands
Mon Jul 12
6:30 pm
KingcrestHammer Beats Rabbit912Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
KingcrestMY L3G86Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Memorial ONew Disc Who Dis?137Marty
Memorial OWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness1110#DiscsOutForHarambe
Oak Meadowshuck, huck, goose84Unbounce
Oak MeadowsJellybeans500134Kandisc
Slocan CPac-Man and friends128Egregious
Slocan CSuper Duper Friends125Disc it for the Biscuit
Winona CArbutus Anubis813Mastadon - Monday
Winona CG-raff A-ttack1311Cheese and Toasted
Winona NBigger Disc Energy 105Absolute Chaos
Winona NFlatten the Curve 47Tofu Stack
7:15 pmTrillium Whuckaholics613CF
Trillium WKev N' Friends 137Discpicable Me
7:55 pmBalaclavaSkywalkers513Ulti-Mates
KingcrestHammer Beats Rabbit810Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
KingcrestMY L3G106Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Memorial ONew Disc Who Dis?138#DiscsOutForHarambe
Memorial OWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness138Marty
Oak Meadowshuck, huck, goose1311Kandisc
Oak MeadowsJellybeans500132Unbounce
Slocan CPac-Man and friends126Disc it for the Biscuit
Slocan CSuper Duper Friends134Egregious
Winona CArbutus Anubis413Cheese and Toasted
Winona CG-raff A-ttack1310Mastadon - Monday
Winona NBigger Disc Energy 115Tofu Stack
Winona NFlatten the Curve 108Absolute Chaos
8:40 pmTrillium Whuckaholics913Discpicable Me
Trillium WKev N' Friends 137CF
Tue Jul 13
6:30 pm
BalaclavaCafé Gloucester96Scoober-Dooby-Doo
BalaclavaForrest Dump.113Gritty in Pink
KingcrestDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back124The Hucking Fooligans
KingcrestHuck E Cheese129DR4G
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone119Flickle Me Elmo
Memorial OZoomers119Gentle Warriors
Oak MeadowsCritters88H-Bar
Oak MeadowsThe Greendale 7118Fire Fishies
Slocan CGo the Disc-tance95Dragon Sound
Slocan CSharknado94Huck It
Winona CFieri's Hot Dogs94Scarebears
Winona CThe Ultimates109Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)
Winona NDiscs I'd Like to Flick126Lager Buddies
Winona NPretty Kitties813Chinzillas
Winona SIdentity Crisis1013DiscThrow Inferno
7:15 pmTrillium ECloud9 Black67Kingsway's Finest
Trillium EPiper Palooza97Ruby & Friends
7:55 pmBalaclavaCafé Gloucester105Gritty in Pink
BalaclavaForrest Dump.126Scoober-Dooby-Doo
KingcrestDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1212DR4G
KingcrestHuck E Cheese133The Hucking Fooligans
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone139Gentle Warriors
Memorial OZoomers139Flickle Me Elmo
Oak MeadowsCritters413Fire Fishies
Oak MeadowsThe Greendale 7128H-Bar
Slocan CGo the Disc-tance113Huck It
Slocan CSharknado96Dragon Sound
Winona CFieri's Hot Dogs137Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)
Winona CThe Ultimates711DiscThrow Inferno
Winona NDiscs I'd Like to Flick88Chinzillas
Winona NPretty Kitties138Lager Buddies
Winona SIdentity Crisis1111Scarebears
8:40 pmTrillium ECloud9 Black67Ruby & Friends
Trillium EPiper Palooza95Kingsway's Finest
Wed Jul 14
6:30 pm
BalaclavaLynx1310Team name Pending
BalaclavaNo Shot135Ernest and Friends
Jericho EBasura Gang109Princess Layout
Jericho ESuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers48Hat Trick
Killarney CD.C.179Talk Nerdy To Me
KingcrestMind the Gap174The Dream Team
KingcrestUltimate Tossers018Bumble Bees
Memorial OFullmetal129Break Side
Memorial OReTox1110Dark Side Of The Disc
Oak MeadowsDiscturbed5590's Throwback
Oak MeadowsRisky Frizzness59zoi
Slocan CBahalalala107Hammer Time!
Slocan CHere for the Beer135Permission to Hammer
Slocan SWOpen Road 2021PRACTICE
Slocan SWThrowtatoes49The Part Timers
Winona CDown Astronomical 107Spray and Pray
Winona CEmotional Gameplay911Dump Trucks
Winona SLost and Found48Gen Z(oom)
Winona SPanic with the disc(o)135Send Disc Picss
7:55 pmBalaclavaLynx137Ernest and Friends
BalaclavaNo Shot1311Team name Pending
Jericho EBasura Gang811Hat Trick
Jericho ESuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers85Princess Layout
Memorial OFullmetal138Dark Side Of The Disc
Memorial OReTox1110Break Side
Oak MeadowsDiscturbed513zoi
Oak MeadowsRisky Frizzness13590's Throwback
Slocan CBahalalala118Permission to Hammer
Slocan CHere for the Beer99The Part Timers
Slocan SWThrowtatoes82Hammer Time!
Winona CDown Astronomical 810Dump Trucks
Winona CEmotional Gameplay108Spray and Pray
Winona SLost and Found711Send Disc Picss
Winona SPanic with the disc(o)105Gen Z(oom)
Thu Jul 15
6:30 pm
Balaclavaa bunch of discheads95The BIG ZUCK HUCK
BalaclavaHehe XD47Cardio Crew
Killarney CBEARHAWKS117Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Killarney CTremble810Mastadon Thurs
KingcrestBigBootyBatch133Sky Hoes
KingcrestHand of Chal810The Marauders
Memorial OSalt shakers136Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial OWrists of Fury106Teamocil
Oak Meadowsblueberries106Too Full to Run
Rupert CDisc Infernos138East Van Halen
Rupert CSpinister Motives313Social Disc-tancing
Slocan CGoal Mountain109Jedi Force
Slocan CTosstitos135The Gino Odj-discs
Winona CDown53Jeremy's Disc
Winona CLoaf105Diamond Hands
7:15 pmEmpire SBig Flick Energy77Threwbacca
Empire SNot in the Face311Yu Ting
Trillium WHerniated Discs64Friends of Henry
Trillium WSideways Shoe89Try, Catch, Throw
7:55 pmBalaclavaa bunch of discheads106Cardio Crew
BalaclavaHehe XD98The BIG ZUCK HUCK
Killarney CBEARHAWKS108Mastadon Thurs
Killarney CTremble910Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
KingcrestBigBootyBatch135The Marauders
KingcrestHand of Chal127Sky Hoes
Memorial OSalt shakers137Teamocil
Memorial OWrists of Fury128Neon Disc-zaster!
Oak Meadowsblueberries1110GETTING RIPPED TONIGHT
Oak MeadowsFull Send Cat910Too Full to Run
Rupert CDisc Infernos38Social Disc-tancing
Rupert CSpinister Motives133East Van Halen
Slocan CGoal Mountain610The Gino Odj-discs
Slocan CTosstitos98Jedi Force
Winona CDown132Diamond Hands
Winona CLoaf115Jeremy's Disc
8:40 pmEmpire SBig Flick Energy411Yu Ting
Empire SNot in the Face98Threwbacca
Trillium WHerniated Discs92Try, Catch, Throw
Trillium WSideways Shoe69Friends of Henry
Mon Jul 19
6:30 pm
BalaclavaArbutus Anubis99Super Duper Friends
BalaclavaWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness913Pac-Man and friends
KingcrestMarty513Kev N' Friends
Memorial OAbsolute Chaos138Kandisc
Memorial Ohuck, huck, goose811Unbounce
Oak Meadowshuckaholics612Weeble
Oak MeadowsSkywalkers512MY L3G
Slocan CDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program135Bigger Disc Energy
Slocan CDisconnect116Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Winona CHammer Beats Rabbit310Flatten the Curve
Winona CTofu Stack913Jellybeans500
Winona NCF913Ulti-Mates
Winona NDisc it for the Biscuit310Discpicable Me
7:15 pmTrillium WG-raff A-ttack1311Cheese and Toasted
Trillium WMastadon - Monday134New Disc Who Dis?
7:55 pmBalaclavaArbutus Anubis117Pac-Man and friends
BalaclavaWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness1013Super Duper Friends
Kingcrest#DiscsOutForHarambe713Kev N' Friends
Memorial OAbsolute Chaos1214Unbounce
Memorial Ohuck, huck, goose125Kandisc
Oak Meadowshuckaholics313MY L3G
Oak MeadowsSkywalkers136Weeble
Slocan CDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program132Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Slocan CDisconnect136Bigger Disc Energy
Winona CHammer Beats Rabbit913Jellybeans500
Winona CTofu Stack79Flatten the Curve
Winona NCF137Discpicable Me
Winona NDisc it for the Biscuit613Ulti-Mates
8:40 pmTrillium WG-raff A-ttack138New Disc Who Dis?
Trillium WMastadon - Monday1213Cheese and Toasted
Tue Jul 20
6:30 pm
BalaclavaLager Buddies77Piper Palooza
BalaclavaRuby & Friends96Kingsway's Finest
KingcrestChinzillas79Cloud9 Black
KingcrestGritty in Pink58Pretty Kitties
Memorial ODisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back98DR4G
Memorial OHuck E Cheese134Plaid to the Bone
Oak MeadowsGentle Warriors213DiscThrow Inferno
Oak MeadowsZoomersDefaultFieri's Hot Dogs
Slocan CFire Fishies103Sharknado
Slocan CScarebears87Critters
Winona CThe Hucking Fooligans213Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)
Winona CThe Ultimates313Identity Crisis
Winona NGo the Disc-tance611Forrest Dump.
Winona NH-Bar119Huck It
Winona SFlickle Me Elmo913The Greendale 7
7:15 pmTrillium ECafé Gloucester410Discs I'd Like to Flick
Trillium EDragon Sound110Scoober-Dooby-Doo
7:55 pmBalaclavaLager Buddies119Kingsway's Finest
BalaclavaRuby & Friends79Piper Palooza
KingcrestChinzillas513Pretty Kitties
KingcrestGritty in Pink89Cloud9 Black
Memorial ODisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1113Plaid to the Bone
Memorial OHuck E Cheese138DR4G
Oak MeadowsGentle Warriors1113Fieri's Hot Dogs
Oak MeadowsZoomersDefaultDiscThrow Inferno
Slocan CFire Fishies139Critters
Slocan CScarebears89Sharknado
Winona CFlickle Me Elmo59Identity Crisis
Winona CThe Hucking Fooligans113The Ultimates
Winona NGo the Disc-tance1310Huck It
Winona NH-Bar97Forrest Dump.
Winona SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)710The Greendale 7
8:40 pmTrillium ECafé Gloucester1310Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium EDragon Sound311Discs I'd Like to Flick
Wed Jul 21
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBasura Gang108Dump Trucks
BalaclavaErnest and Friends135Super Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers
Empire NDown Astronomical 95Here for the Beer
Empire NPrincess Layout98Emotional Gameplay
Jericho EHammer Time!59Send Disc Picss
Jericho ELost and Found711Gen Z(oom)
KingcrestBumble Bees717D.C.
KingcrestMind the Gap1710The Dream Team
Memorial OTalk Nerdy To MeForfeitedUltimate Tossers
Oak MeadowsFullmetal129Break Side
Oak MeadowsReTox109zoi
Slocan CSpray and Pray137Permission to Hammer
Slocan CThe Part Timers88Throwtatoes
Slocan SWBahalalala313Panic with the disc(o)
Slocan SWOpen Road 2021PRACTICE
Winona CDark Side Of The Disc136Discturbed
Winona CRisky Frizzness1013No Shot
Winona S90's Throwback109Team name Pending
Winona SLynx134Hat Trick
7:50 pmEmpire NDown Astronomical 65Emotional Gameplay
Empire NPrincess Layout68Here for the Beer
7:55 pmBalaclavaBasura Gang97Super Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers
BalaclavaErnest and Friends611Dump Trucks
Jericho EHammer Time!49Gen Z(oom)
Jericho ELost and Found96Send Disc Picss
Oak MeadowsFullmetal131zoi
Oak MeadowsReTox513Break Side
Slocan CBahalalala68Throwtatoes
Slocan CSpray and Pray1011The Part Timers
Slocan SWPermission to Hammer612Panic with the disc(o)
Winona CDark Side Of The Disc713No Shot
Winona CRisky Frizzness513Discturbed
Winona S90's Throwback87Hat Trick
Winona SLynx127Team name Pending
Thu Jul 22
6:30 pm
BalaclavaLoaf612a bunch of discheads
BalaclavaTry, Catch, Throw412Jeremy's Disc
Killarney CThe BIG ZUCK HUCK116Not in the Face
Killarney CThrewbacca114Big Flick Energy
KingcrestBEARHAWKS1011Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
KingcrestMastadon Thurs98BigBootyBatch
Memorial OThe Marauders89Wrists of Fury
Memorial OTremble138Hand of Chal
Oak MeadowsSalt shakers711blueberries
Oak MeadowsSky Hoes138Teamocil
Rupert CGETTING RIPPED TONIGHT58Social Disc-tancing
Rupert CNeon Disc-zaster!136Full Send Cat
Slocan CDisc Infernos135Tosstitos
Slocan CToo Full to Run89Spinister Motives
Winona CHerniated Discs39Down
Winona CThe Gino Odj-discs1011Sideways Shoe
7:15 pmEmpire SCardio Crew122Yu Ting
Empire SDiamond Hands89Hehe XD
Trillium WEast Van Halen313Goal Mountain
Trillium WJedi Force94Friends of Henry
7:55 pmBalaclavaLoaf95Jeremy's Disc
BalaclavaTry, Catch, Throw412a bunch of discheads
Killarney CThe BIG ZUCK HUCK87Big Flick Energy
Killarney CThrewbacca911Not in the Face
KingcrestMastadon Thurs109Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial OThe Marauders109Hand of Chal
Memorial OTremble78Wrists of Fury
Oak MeadowsSalt shakers1211Teamocil
Oak MeadowsSky Hoes1211blueberries
Rupert CNeon Disc-zaster!49Social Disc-tancing
Slocan CDisc Infernos137Spinister Motives
Slocan CToo Full to Run1110Tosstitos
Winona CHerniated Discs49Sideways Shoe
Winona CThe Gino Odj-discs613Down
8:40 pmEmpire SCardio Crew126Hehe XD
Empire SDiamond Hands57Yu Ting
Trillium WEast Van Halen713Friends of Henry
Trillium WJedi Force139Goal Mountain
Mon Jul 26
6:30 pm
Balaclavahuck, huck, goose811Absolute Chaos
KingcrestCheese and Toasted117New Disc Who Dis?
KingcrestMastadon - Monday1113G-raff A-ttack
Memorial OFlatten the Curve 512Jellybeans500
Memorial OTofu Stack109Hammer Beats Rabbit
Oak MeadowsEgregious613Kev N' Friends
Oak MeadowsMarty913#DiscsOutForHarambe
Slocan CCFDisc it for the Biscuit
Slocan CDiscpicable Me313Ulti-Mates
Winona CDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1013Disconnect
Winona CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion87Bigger Disc Energy
Winona NSuper Duper Friends37Pac-Man and friends
Winona NWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness413Arbutus Anubis
7:15 pmTrillium WSkywalkers128huckaholics
Trillium WWeeble109MY L3G
7:55 pmBalaclavahuck, huck, goose136Unbounce
BalaclavaKandisc97Absolute Chaos
KingcrestCheese and Toasted513G-raff A-ttack
KingcrestMastadon - Monday117New Disc Who Dis?
Memorial OFlatten the Curve 1210Hammer Beats Rabbit
Memorial OTofu Stack1012Jellybeans500
Oak MeadowsEgregious513#DiscsOutForHarambe
Oak MeadowsMarty913Kev N' Friends
Slocan CCF813Ulti-Mates
Slocan CDiscpicable Me813Disc it for the Biscuit
Winona CDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program134Bigger Disc Energy
Winona CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion910Disconnect
Winona NSuper Duper Friends1011Arbutus Anubis
Winona NWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness1012Pac-Man and friends
8:40 pmTrillium WSkywalkers912MY L3G
Trillium WWeeble129huckaholics
Tue Jul 27
6:30 pm
BalaclavaChinzillas107Gritty in Pink
BalaclavaPretty Kitties912Cloud9 Black
KingcrestFire Fishies136Scarebears
Oak MeadowsDR4G136Plaid to the Bone
Oak MeadowsHuck E Cheese127Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Slocan CAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)1210Identity Crisis
Slocan CFlickle Me Elmo138The Ultimates
Slocan SWThe Hucking Fooligans313The Greendale 7
Winona CCafé Gloucester115Dragon Sound
Winona CScoober-Dooby-Doo139Discs I'd Like to Flick
Winona NPiper PaloozaForfeitedKingsway's Finest
Winona NRuby & Friends69Lager Buddies
Winona SFieri's Hot Dogs1312DiscThrow Inferno
Winona SGentle Warriors134Zoomers
7:15 pmTrillium EGo the Disc-tance810H-Bar
Trillium EHuck It910Forrest Dump.
7:55 pmBalaclavaChinzillas109Cloud9 Black
BalaclavaPretty Kitties126Gritty in Pink
KingcrestFire Fishies134Sharknado
Oak MeadowsDR4G128Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Oak MeadowsHuck E Cheese127Plaid to the Bone
Slocan CFlickle Me Elmo105Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)
Slocan CThe Hucking Fooligans613Identity Crisis
Slocan SWThe Ultimates78The Greendale 7
Winona CCafé Gloucester139Discs I'd Like to Flick
Winona CScoober-Dooby-Doo134Dragon Sound
Winona NPiper PaloozaCancelledLager Buddies
Winona NRuby & Friends89Kingsway's Finest
Winona SFieri's Hot Dogs134Zoomers
Winona SGentle Warriors138DiscThrow Inferno
8:40 pmTrillium EGo the Disc-tance115Forrest Dump.
Trillium EHuck It513H-Bar
Wed Jul 28
6:30 pm
Empire NBreak Side137zoi
Empire NReTox913Fullmetal
Jericho EDiscturbed910No Shot
Jericho ERisky Frizzness1013Dark Side Of The Disc
Killarney CLynx12890's Throwback
Killarney CTeam name Pending128Hat Trick
KingcrestDown Astronomical 132Princess Layout
KingcrestEmotional Gameplay89Here for the Beer
Memorial OLost and Found87Hammer Time!
Memorial OSend Disc Picss710Gen Z(oom)
Oak MeadowsUltimate Tossers317Bumble Bees
Slocan CBasura Gang134Ernest and Friends
Slocan CSuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers79Dump Trucks
Slocan SWD.C.1715Mind the Gap
Slocan SWOpen Road 2021PRACTICE
Slocan SWThe Dream Team917Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona CBahalalala97The Part Timers
Winona CPermission to Hammer85Throwtatoes
Winona SSpray and Pray513Panic with the disc(o)
7:50 pmEmpire NBreak Side97Fullmetal
Empire NReTox137zoi
7:55 pmJericho EDiscturbed513Dark Side Of The Disc
Jericho ERisky Frizzness1210No Shot
Killarney CLynx138Hat Trick
Killarney CTeam name Pending10890's Throwback
KingcrestDown Astronomical 105Here for the Beer
KingcrestEmotional Gameplay136Princess Layout
Memorial OLost and Found65Gen Z(oom)
Memorial OSend Disc Picss68Hammer Time!
Slocan CBasura Gang137Dump Trucks
Slocan CSuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers812Ernest and Friends
Winona CBahalalala612Permission to Hammer
Winona CSpray and Pray413Throwtatoes
Winona SThe Part Timers712Panic with the disc(o)
Thu Jul 29
6:30 pm
BalaclavaHerniated Discs108The Gino Odj-discs
BalaclavaSideways Shoe511Down
Killarney CCardio Crew138Diamond Hands
Killarney CHehe XD710Yu Ting
KingcrestNot in the Face134Big Flick Energy
KingcrestThrewbacca47The BIG ZUCK HUCK
Memorial OLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers511BigBootyBatch
Memorial OMastadon Thurs107BEARHAWKS
Oak MeadowsHand of Chal97Wrists of Fury
Oak MeadowsThe Marauders97Tremble
Rupert CSalt shakers910Sky Hoes
Rupert CTeamocil613blueberries
Slocan CFull Send Cat712Social Disc-tancing
Slocan CGETTING RIPPED TONIGHT108Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona CGoal Mountain911Friends of Henry
Winona CJedi Force96East Van Halen
7:15 pmEmpire SJeremy's Disc 69a bunch of discheads
Empire SLoaf92Try, Catch, Throw
Trillium WDisc Infernos76Too Full to Run
Trillium WSpinister Motives106Tosstitos
7:55 pmBalaclavaHerniated Discs89Down
BalaclavaSideways Shoe1110The Gino Odj-discs
Killarney CCardio Crew137Yu Ting
Killarney CHehe XD87Diamond Hands
KingcrestNot in the Face77The BIG ZUCK HUCK
KingcrestThrewbacca86Big Flick Energy
Memorial OLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers713BEARHAWKS
Memorial OMastadon Thurs611BigBootyBatch
Oak MeadowsHand of Chal712Tremble
Oak MeadowsThe Marauders109Wrists of Fury
Rupert CSalt shakers913blueberries
Rupert CTeamocil810Sky Hoes
Slocan CFull Send Cat1210Neon Disc-zaster!
Slocan CGETTING RIPPED TONIGHT613Social Disc-tancing
Winona CGoal Mountain95East Van Halen
Winona CJedi Force108Friends of Henry
8:40 pmEmpire SJeremy's Disc 118Try, Catch, Throw
Empire SLoaf68a bunch of discheads
Trillium WDisc Infernos1310Tosstitos
Trillium WSpinister Motives712Too Full to Run
Mon Aug 2
6:30 pm
BalaclavaFlatten the Curve 88Tofu Stack
BalaclavaHammer Beats Rabbit913Jellybeans500
KingcrestAbsolute ChaosForfeitedUnbounce
KingcrestKandisc713huck, huck, goose
Memorial ODisc it for the Biscuit513Ulti-Mates
Memorial ODiscpicable Me1110CF
Oak MeadowsArbutus Anubis117Pac-Man and friends
Oak MeadowsSuper Duper Friends137WTF: Witness The (un)Fitness
Slocan CCheese and Toasted612Mastadon - Monday
Slocan CG-raff A-ttack137New Disc Who Dis?
Winona C#DiscsOutForHarambe613Kev N' Friends
Winona CEgregious713Marty
Winona Nhuckaholics613MY L3G
Winona NWeeble1211Skywalkers
7:15 pmTrillium WDisconnect134Bigger Disc Energy
Trillium WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion613Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
7:55 pmBalaclavaFlatten the Curve 1111Jellybeans500
BalaclavaHammer Beats Rabbit137Tofu Stack
KingcrestAbsolute Chaos810huck, huck, goose
Memorial ODisc it for the Biscuit1110CF
Memorial ODiscpicable Me611Ulti-Mates
Oak MeadowsArbutus Anubis135WTF: Witness The (un)Fitness
Oak MeadowsSuper Duper Friends811Pac-Man and friends
Slocan CCheese and Toasted105New Disc Who Dis?
Slocan CG-raff A-ttack139Mastadon - Monday
Winona C#DiscsOutForHarambe1311Marty
Winona CEgregious613Kev N' Friends
Winona Nhuckaholics712Skywalkers
Winona NWeeble513MY L3G
8:40 pmTrillium WDisconnect108Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Trillium WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion99Bigger Disc Energy
Tue Aug 3
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDragon Sound513Discs I'd Like to Flick
BalaclavaScoober-Dooby-Doo1310Café Gloucester
KingcrestH-BarCancelledForrest Dump.
KingcrestHuck ItCancelledGo the Disc-tance
Oak MeadowsCritters812Fire Fishies
Oak MeadowsScarebears99Sharknado
Slocan CDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back138Plaid to the Bone
Slocan CDR4G1113Huck E Cheese
Slocan SWFieri's Hot Dogs96Gentle Warriors
Slocan SWZoomers513DiscThrow Inferno
Winona CThe Hucking Fooligans109Flickle Me Elmo
Winona CThe Ultimates1013Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)
Winona NIdentity Crisis1013The Greendale 7
Winona SGritty in Pink811Cloud9 Black
Winona SPretty Kitties1011Chinzillas
7:15 pmTrillium ELager Buddies117Kingsway's Finest
Trillium EPiper Palooza49Ruby & Friends
7:55 pmBalaclavaDragon Sound213Café Gloucester
BalaclavaScoober-Dooby-Doo1011Discs I'd Like to Flick
KingcrestH-BarCancelledGo the Disc-tance
KingcrestHuck ItCancelledForrest Dump.
Oak MeadowsCritters136Sharknado
Oak MeadowsScarebears118Fire Fishies
Slocan CDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackHuck E Cheese
Slocan CDR4G136Plaid to the Bone
Slocan SWFieri's Hot Dogs136DiscThrow Inferno
Slocan SWZoomers213Gentle Warriors
Winona CThe Hucking Fooligans1011Identity Crisis
Winona CThe Ultimates213The Greendale 7
Winona NFlickle Me Elmo139Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)
Winona SGritty in Pink113Chinzillas
Winona SPretty Kitties811Cloud9 Black
8:40 pmTrillium ELager Buddies712Ruby & Friends
Trillium EPiper Palooza94Kingsway's Finest
Wed Aug 4
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBumble Bees1715Talk Nerdy To Me
BalaclavaD.C.178The Dream Team
Empire NMind the Gap175Ultimate Tossers
Jericho EBreak Side97ReTox
Jericho EFullmetal135zoi
Killarney CEmotional Gameplay77Down Astronomical
Killarney CPrincess Layout69Here for the Beer
KingcrestDark Side Of The Disc133No Shot
KingcrestDiscturbed88Risky Frizzness
Memorial O90's Throwback813Hat Trick
Memorial OTeam name Pending119Lynx
Oak MeadowsErnest and Friends513Dump Trucks
Oak MeadowsSuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers812Basura Gang
Slocan CSpray and Pray710Bahalalala
Slocan CThe Part Timers69Permission to Hammer
Slocan SWOpen Road 2021PRACTICE
Slocan SWThrowtatoes313Panic with the disc(o)
Winona CHammer Time!95Gen Z(oom)
Winona CSend Disc Picss78Lost and Found
7:55 pmJericho EBreak Side135zoi
Jericho EFullmetal1310ReTox
Killarney CEmotional Gameplay107Here for the Beer
Killarney CPrincess Layout213Down Astronomical
KingcrestDark Side Of The Disc1110Risky Frizzness
KingcrestDiscturbed713No Shot
Memorial O90's Throwback612Lynx
Memorial OTeam name Pending910Hat Trick
Oak MeadowsErnest and Friends89Basura Gang
Oak MeadowsSuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers713Dump Trucks
Slocan CBahalalala94Permission to Hammer
Slocan CSpray and Pray94Throwtatoes
Slocan SWThe Part Timers813Panic with the disc(o)
Winona CHammer Time!211Lost and Found
Winona CSend Disc Picss67Gen Z(oom)
Thu Aug 5
6:30 pm
BalaclavaEast Van Halen213Friends of Henry
BalaclavaGoal Mountain712Jedi Force
Killarney CJeremy's Disc 911Loaf
Killarney CTry, Catch, Throw1011a bunch of discheads
KingcrestDiamond Hands89Yu Ting
KingcrestHehe XD810Cardio Crew
Memorial ONot in the Face49Threwbacca
Memorial OThe BIG ZUCK HUCK104Big Flick Energy
Oak MeadowsBEARHAWKS95BigBootyBatch
Oak MeadowsLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers911Mastadon Thurs
Rupert CHand of Chal612The Marauders
Rupert CTremble119Wrists of Fury
Slocan CSky Hoes136blueberries
Slocan CSocial Disc-tancing713Salt shakers
Winona CSpinister Motives713Disc Infernos
Winona CToo Full to Run1112Tosstitos
7:15 pmEmpire SSideways Shoe89Herniated Discs
Empire SThe Gino Odj-discs611Down
Trillium WNeon Disc-zaster!132Teamocil
7:55 pmBalaclavaEast Van Halen610Jedi Force
BalaclavaGoal Mountain69Friends of Henry
Killarney CJeremy's Disc 89a bunch of discheads
Killarney CTry, Catch, Throw412Loaf
KingcrestDiamond Hands67Cardio Crew
KingcrestHehe XD88Yu Ting
Memorial ONot in the Face311Big Flick Energy
Memorial OThe BIG ZUCK HUCK92Threwbacca
Oak MeadowsBEARHAWKS87Mastadon Thurs
Oak MeadowsLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1011BigBootyBatch
Rupert CHand of Chal56Wrists of Fury
Rupert CTremble85The Marauders
Slocan CSky Hoes1210Salt shakers
Slocan CSocial Disc-tancing1111blueberries
Winona CSpinister Motives98Tosstitos
Winona CToo Full to Run711Disc Infernos
8:40 pmEmpire SSideways Shoe613Down
Empire SThe Gino Odj-discs310Herniated Discs
Trillium WFull Send Cat107Teamocil
Trillium WNeon Disc-zaster!910GETTING RIPPED TONIGHT
Mon Aug 9
6:30 pm
BalaclavaCF1210Disc it for the Biscuit
BalaclavaDiscpicable Me213Ulti-Mates
KingcrestWeeble913MY L3G
Memorial OCheese and Toasted126New Disc Who Dis?
Memorial OMastadon - Monday1112G-raff A-ttack
Oak MeadowsFlatten the Curve 115Bigger Disc Energy
Oak MeadowsTofu Stack1012Hammer Beats Rabbit
Slocan Chuck, huck, goose98Absolute Chaos
Slocan CKandisc139Unbounce
Winona CSuper Duper Friends1012Pac-Man and friends
Winona CWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness811Arbutus Anubis
Winona NDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program138Disconnect
Winona NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion613Jellybeans500
7:15 pmTrillium WEgregious913Kev N' Friends
Trillium WMarty513#DiscsOutForHarambe
7:55 pmBalaclavaCF812Ulti-Mates
BalaclavaDiscpicable Me710Disc it for the Biscuit
KingcrestSkywalkers810MY L3G
Memorial OCheese and Toasted813G-raff A-ttack
Memorial OMastadon - Monday119New Disc Who Dis?
Oak MeadowsFlatten the Curve 813Hammer Beats Rabbit
Oak MeadowsTofu Stack610Bigger Disc Energy
Slocan Chuck, huck, goose105Unbounce
Slocan CKandisc108Absolute Chaos
Winona CSuper Duper Friends109Arbutus Anubis
Winona CWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness310Pac-Man and friends
Winona NDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program613Jellybeans500
Winona NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion513Disconnect
8:40 pmTrillium WEgregious38#DiscsOutForHarambe
Trillium WMarty1113Kev N' Friends
Tue Aug 10
6:30 pm
BalaclavaGo the Disc-tance713H-Bar
BalaclavaHuck ItForfeitedForrest Dump.
Empire NDR4G89Plaid to the Bone
Empire NHuck E Cheese97Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho ECritters511Sharknado
Jericho EFire Fishies133Scarebears
KingcrestChinzillas911Gritty in Pink
KingcrestPretty Kitties97Cloud9 Black
Slocan CFlickle Me Elmo98The Ultimates
Slocan CThe Hucking Fooligans613The Greendale 7
Slocan SWAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)1013Identity Crisis
Winona CPiper Palooza78Kingsway's Finest
Winona CRuby & Friends127Lager Buddies
Winona NFieri's Hot DogsDiscThrow Inferno
Winona NGentle WarriorsZoomers
Winona SCafé Gloucester106Dragon Sound
Winona SScoober-Dooby-Doo108Discs I'd Like to Flick
7:50 pmBalaclavaGo the Disc-tanceForfeitedForrest Dump.
BalaclavaHuck It612H-Bar
Empire NDR4G610Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire NHuck E Cheese99Plaid to the Bone
KingcrestChinzillas510Cloud9 Black
KingcrestPretty Kitties510Gritty in Pink
Winona SCafé Gloucester1213Discs I'd Like to Flick
Winona SScoober-Dooby-Doo96Dragon Sound
7:55 pmJericho ECritters76Scarebears
Jericho EFire Fishies109Sharknado
Slocan CAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)812The Greendale 7
Slocan CThe Hucking Fooligans85The Ultimates
Slocan SWFlickle Me Elmo610Identity Crisis
Winona CPiper Palooza56Lager Buddies
Winona CRuby & Friends106Kingsway's Finest
Winona NFieri's Hot DogsZoomers
Winona NGentle WarriorsDiscThrow Inferno
Wed Aug 11
6:30 pm
BalaclavaLost and Found65Hammer Time!
BalaclavaSend Disc Picss413Gen Z(oom)
Empire NBasura Gang98Ernest and Friends
Empire NSuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers910Dump Trucks
Jericho EDown Astronomical 134Princess Layout
Jericho EEmotional Gameplay87Here for the Beer
Killarney CBumble Bees1415The Dream Team
Killarney CMind the Gap178Talk Nerdy To Me
KingcrestBreak Side1310zoi
Rupert CLynx10990's Throwback
Rupert CTeam name Pending413Hat Trick
Slocan CDiscturbed610No Shot
Slocan CRisky Frizzness613Dark Side Of The Disc
Slocan SWOpen Road 2021PRACTICE
Winona CBahalalala138The Part Timers
Winona CPermission to Hammer97Throwtatoes
Winona SD.C.Ultimate Tossers
Winona SSpray and Pray711Panic with the disc(o)
7:50 pmEmpire NBasura Gang76Dump Trucks
Empire NSuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers133Ernest and Friends
7:55 pmBalaclavaLost and Found56Gen Z(oom)
BalaclavaSend Disc Picss26Hammer Time!
Jericho EDown Astronomical 64Here for the Beer
Jericho EEmotional Gameplay135Princess Layout
KingcrestBreak Side107Fullmetal
Rupert CLynx1013Hat Trick
Rupert CTeam name Pending10890's Throwback
Slocan CDiscturbed88Dark Side Of The Disc
Slocan CRisky Frizzness910No Shot
Winona CBahalalala59Throwtatoes
Winona CSpray and Pray87The Part Timers
Winona SPermission to Hammer1011Panic with the disc(o)
Thu Aug 12
6:30 pm
Killarney CHerniated Discs49The Gino Odj-discs
Killarney CSideways Shoe613Down
KingcrestJeremy's Disc 38a bunch of discheads
KingcrestLoafTry, Catch, Throw
Memorial OCardio Crew123Diamond Hands
Memorial OHehe XD913Yu Ting
Oak MeadowsNot in the FaceForfeitedBig Flick Energy
Oak MeadowsThrewbacca512The BIG ZUCK HUCK
Rupert CLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers97BigBootyBatch
Rupert CMastadon Thurs98BEARHAWKS
Slocan CHand of Chal910Wrists of Fury
Slocan CThe Marauders813Tremble
Winona CFull Send Cat99Teamocil
Winona CGETTING RIPPED TONIGHT108Neon Disc-zaster!
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Infernos1112Too Full to Run
Andy Livingstone ESpinister Motives109Tosstitos
Andy Livingstone WSalt shakers1213Sky Hoes
Andy Livingstone WSocial Disc-tancing108blueberries
Empire SGoal Mountain810Friends of Henry
Empire SJedi Force116East Van Halen
7:55 pmKillarney CHerniated Discs310Down
Killarney CSideways Shoe813The Gino Odj-discs
KingcrestJeremy's Disc Try, Catch, Throw
KingcrestLoaf126a bunch of discheads
Memorial OCardio CrewYu Ting
Memorial OHehe XD108Diamond Hands
Oak MeadowsNot in the FaceDefaultThe BIG ZUCK HUCK
Oak MeadowsThrewbacca38Big Flick Energy
Rupert CLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers86BEARHAWKS
Rupert CMastadon Thurs97BigBootyBatch
Slocan CHand of Chal311Tremble
Slocan CThe Marauders76Wrists of Fury
Winona CFull Send Cat64Neon Disc-zaster!
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc InfernosPostponedTosstitos
Andy Livingstone ESpinister Motives24Too Full to Run
Andy Livingstone WSalt shakersCancelledblueberries
Andy Livingstone WSocial Disc-tancingCancelledSky Hoes
Empire SGoal Mountain134East Van Halen
Empire SJedi Force107Friends of Henry
Mon Aug 16
6:30 pm
BalaclavaNew Disc Who Dis?712Super Duper Friends
BalaclavaPac-Man and friends (B102)Kev N' Friends
Kingcrest#DiscsOutForHarambe (C102)Ulti-Mates
KingcrestWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness137Marty
Memorial OHammer Beats Rabbit115Bigger Disc Energy
Memorial OTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion89Tofu Stack
Oak MeadowsDiscpicable Me911Skywalkers
Oak MeadowsWeeble913Jellybeans500
Slocan CDisconnect (F102)Flatten the Curve
Slocan Chuckaholics1110Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Winona Chuck, huck, gooseForfeitedUnbounce
Winona CKandiscForfeitedAbsolute Chaos
Winona NDisc it for the Biscuit (D102)MY L3G
Winona NEgregious (D101)CF
7:15 pmTrillium WG-raff A-ttack1013Cheese and Toasted
Trillium WMastadon - Monday (A102)Arbutus Anubis
7:45 pmBalaclavaNew Disc Who Dis? (B202)L: B102
BalaclavaSuper Duper Friends55Pac-Man and friends
KingcrestMarty (C202)L: C102
KingcrestWTF: Witness The (un)Fitness1110Ulti-Mates
Memorial OTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion115Bigger Disc Energy
Memorial OTofu Stack98Hammer Beats Rabbit
Oak MeadowsDiscpicable Me86Weeble
Oak MeadowsSkywalkers97Jellybeans500
Slocan CDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program (F202)L: F102
Slocan Chuckaholics94Flatten the Curve
Winona Chuck, huck, goose1513Absolute Chaos
Winona CUnbounce (h202)Kandisc
Winona NW: D101 (D201)W: D102
Winona NL: D101 (D202)Disc it for the Biscuit
8:40 pmTrillium WCheese and Toasted313Mastadon - Monday
Trillium WG-raff A-ttack (A202)L: A102
Tue Aug 17
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDR4G611Fieri's Hot Dogs
BalaclavaHuck E Cheese (r101)Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)611Fire Fishies
Memorial ODiscThrow Inferno (t101)The Ultimates
Slocan CLager Buddies88Kingsway's Finest
Slocan CRuby & Friends87Piper Palooza
Winona NDiscs I'd Like to Flick913Pretty Kitties
Winona NDragon Sound910Chinzillas
Winona SH-Bar118Forrest Dump.
Winona SScarebears711Go the Disc-tance
7:45 pmBalaclavaL: r101 (r202)DR4G
BalaclavaHuck E Cheese107Fieri's Hot Dogs
Memorial OW: t101 (t201)Fire Fishies
Memorial OThe Ultimates611Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles (Tuesday)
Slocan CPiper Palooza (x202)L: x102
Slocan CRuby & Friends (x201)W: x102
Winona NDiscs I'd Like to Flick87Dragon Sound
Winona NPretty Kitties119Chinzillas
Winona SGo the Disc-tance510H-Bar
Winona SScarebears78Forrest Dump.
Wed Aug 18
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBreak Side1011ReTox
BalaclavaFullmetal136Dark Side Of The Disc
Memorial OBumble Bees (404-496-83)D.C.
Memorial OMind the Gap1711Talk Nerdy To Me
Rupert CGen Z(oom)ForfeitedHammer Time!
Rupert CLost and Found (p102)Send Disc Picss
Slocan CThe Dream Team (404-496-84)Ultimate Tossers
Slocan CThrowtatoes89The Part Timers
Slocan SWBahalalala812Spray and Pray
Slocan SWPrincess Layout (q101)Permission to Hammer
Trafalgar NWNo Shot1312Lynx
Trafalgar NWzoi89Discturbed
Winona CRisky Frizzness1211Hat Trick
Winona CTeam name Pending613Basura Gang
Winona NEmotional Gameplay138Panic with the disc(o)
Winona NSuper Genius Athletic Win Yes Good Team Bonkers (o101)Here for the Beer
Winona S90's Throwback812Ernest and Friends
Winona SDump Trucks127Down Astronomical
7:45 pmBalaclavaBreak Side95Dark Side Of The Disc
Rupert CGen Z(oom) (p201)W: p102
Rupert CHammer Time!DefaultSend Disc Picss
Slocan CThe Part Timers62Princess Layout
Slocan SWW: q101 (q201)Spray and Pray
Slocan SWThrowtatoes46Bahalalala
Trafalgar NWDiscturbed (l201)No Shot
Trafalgar NWzoi105Lynx
Winona CHat Trick115Team name Pending
Winona CRisky Frizzness115Basura Gang
Winona NL: o101 (o202)Panic with the disc(o)
Winona NHere for the Beer79Emotional Gameplay
Winona S90's Throwback (n202)Down Astronomical
Winona SErnest and Friends79Dump Trucks
Thu Aug 19
6:30 pm
Memorial OCardio Crew (I102)Hehe XD
Memorial OJeremy's Disc 123Yu Ting
Rupert CDiamond Hands76Threwbacca
Rupert CThe BIG ZUCK HUCK82Not in the Face
Slocan CFriends of Henry108Down
Slocan CJedi Force (F101)Goal Mountain
Slocan SWHerniated Discs59The Gino Odj-discs
Slocan SWSideways Shoe812Loaf
Winona CBEARHAWKS (A101)Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Winona CBigBootyBatch (A102)Tremble
Winona NSky Hoes106Full Send Cat
Winona NWrists of Fury (C101)Social Disc-tancing
Winona STeamocil (E102)Spinister Motives
7:45 pmMemorial OJeremy's Disc (I201)W: I102
Memorial OYu Ting87Hehe XD
Rupert CDiamond Hands113The BIG ZUCK HUCK
Rupert CThrewbacca104Not in the Face
Slocan CW: F101 (F201)Friends of Henry
Slocan CGoal Mountain109Down
Slocan SWHerniated Discs58Sideways Shoe
Slocan SWThe Gino Odj-discs410Loaf
Winona CW: A101 (A201)BigBootyBatch
Winona CL: A101 (A203)L: A102
Winona NW: C101 (C201)Sky Hoes
Winona NWrists of Fury710Full Send Cat
Winona SGETTING RIPPED TONIGHT94Spinister Motives
Winona SToo Full to Run (E203)L: E102
Tue Aug 24
6:30 pm
BalaclavaGentle Warriors1312The Greendale 7
BalaclavaPlaid to the Bone (s101)Zoomers
Memorial OFlickle Me Elmo (u102)Sharknado
Memorial OIdentity Crisis96Critters
Winona CHuck It1112Café Gloucester
Winona CThe Hucking Fooligans811Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Winona NCloud9 Black118Gritty in Pink
7:45 pmBalaclavaL: s101 (s202)The Greendale 7
BalaclavaPlaid to the Bone48Gentle Warriors
Memorial OCritters (u202)L: u102
Memorial OIdentity Crisis810Sharknado
Winona CGritty in Pink76Huck It
Winona CScoober-Dooby-Doo (y201)Café Gloucester
Winona NCloud9 Black (y203)The Hucking Fooligans
Wed Aug 25
6:30 pm
Slocan SWOpen Road 2021PRACTICE
Thu Aug 26
6:30 pm
Memorial Oa bunch of discheads128Big Flick Energy
Memorial OEast Van Halen (h101)Try, Catch, Throw
Oak MeadowsNeon Disc-zaster! (D102)Tosstitos
Oak MeadowsSalt shakers98Disc Infernos
Winona NMastadon ThursDefaultHand of Chal
Winona NThe Marauders107blueberries
7:45 pmMemorial OL: h101 (h203)Big Flick Energy
Memorial OEast Van Halen49a bunch of discheads
Oak MeadowsDisc Infernos (D203)L: D102
Oak MeadowsSalt shakers42Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona NHand of Chal86The Marauders
Winona NMastadon Thurs (B203)blueberries
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