Tournaments are an amazing part of our sport. You get to play plenty of ultimate and meet a bunch of new people - sometimes even lifetime friends or teammates!

There are a variety of options for all levels around Vancouver and further afield, including tournaments run by yours truly: the VUL! Our events are marked in bold.

Adult Events - 2021

Please note that due to COVID-19, many (if not most or all) tournaments have been cancelled. Please check in with each tournament organizer to see the status of the event. 

Date Tournament Format Info Location
January BCU Indoor Beach Championship 4-on-4, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
n/a UBC Ultimate 5-on-5 5-on-5, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
March VUL Spring Equinox 5-on-5, Co-ed, Turf Vancouver, BC
April Udderbowl 7-on-7, Co-ed Nanaimo, BC
April Bent Horn Games 5v5 (formerly Legacy Games) 5-on-5, Co-ed Kamloops, BC
May SunFlicker 7-on-7, Co-ed Kelowna, BC
June Flowerbowl 7-on-7, O/W Burnaby, BC
June Disc Flicker 7-on-7, Mixed Vancouver, BC
July Elimination Eights 7-on-7, Co-ed Vancouver, BC  
Juy Sunbreak (formerly called Potlatch) 7-on-7, Co-ed Redmond, WA
July BC Ultimate Championships 7-on-7, O/W/Mxd/Mstr Burnaby, BC
July Settle Down 7-on-7, Co-ed, Hat G. Forks, BC
August Big Thirst 7-on-7, Co-ed Kamloops, BC
July VUL Shades 'N Hats 7-on-7, Co-ed, Hat Vancouver, BC
August Disc Break 7-on-7, Co-ed Nelson, BC
August RCUC Pride Tournament 7-on-7, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
August Canadian Ulti Champs - O/W/Mstr 7-on-7, O/W/O&W Mstr Brampton, ON
August Mad Hatter 5-on-5, Co-ed, Hat M. Ridge, BC
August Canadian Ulti Champs - Mixed 7-on-7, Co-ed, Mxd/Mstr Laval, QC
September VUL Life's a Beach 4-on-4, Co-ed, Beach Vancouver, BC
September Parks-Vegas Beach Hat Tourney 5-on-5, Co-ed, Beach Parksville, BC
September Ultimate Fundraising Tournament 7-on-7, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
September Ultimate Huck Fest (UHF) 7-on-7, Co-ed Vernon, BC
October Pumpkin Pull 7-on-7, Co-ed Victoria, BC
October UBC Hat Tournament 5-on-5, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
October Fall Classic 5 on 5 5-on-5, Co-ed Kelowna, BC
November VUL BC Place Undercover 5-on-5, Co-ed, Hybr-Hat Vancouver, BC

Youth Events - 2021

April Empire High School Event (email) 5-on-5, Co-ed, Turf, HS Vancouver, BC
April Spring Reign - High School 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH/HS Burlington, WA
Aprril Spring Reign - Middle School 7-on-7, Co-ed, Elem Burlington, WA
April Viking Valhalla (email) 7-on-7, Co-ed, HS TBD
May AA Cities (email) 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH/HS Burnaby, BC
May AAA Cities (email) 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH/HS Burnaby, BC
TBC VSAA Championships 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH/HS Vancouver, BC
May BCSS HS Championships  7-on-7, Co-ed, HS(AAA/AA) Surrey, BC
May BCU Jr HS Championships 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH Surrey, BC
May BCU Sr HS Invitational 7-on-7, Co-ed, HS Surrey, BC
May Sabre Fest (email) 7-on-7, Gr 6/7 Vancouver, BC
June Misfit Cup 7-on-7, Boys/Girls, JH/HS Burnaby, BC
July BC Ultimate Championships 7-on-7, Boys/Girls Surrey, BC
August Vortex Cup 7-on-7, Boys/Girls, JH/HS Surrey, BC

If you have a tournament to add, please contact our Marketing Manager.



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