Tournaments are an amazing part of our sport. You get to play plenty of ultimate and meet a bunch of new people - sometimes even lifetime friends or teammates!

There are a variety of options around Vancouver, including tournaments run by yours truly...the VUL! Our events are marked in bold.

Adult Events - 2019

Dates Tournament Format Info Location
Jan 5 BCU Indoor Beach Championship 4-on-4, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
Feb 9 UBC Ultimate 5-on-5 5-on-5, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
Mar 16-17 VUL Spring Equinox 5-on-5, Co-ed, Turf Vancouver, BC
Apr 13-14 Udderbowl 7-on-7, Co-ed Nanaimo, BC
Apr 13-14 Legacy Games 5 on 5 5-on-5, Co-ed Kamloops, BC
May 4-5 SunFlicker 7-on-7, Co-ed Kelowna, BC
Jun 1-2 Flowerbowl 7-on-7, O/W Burnaby, BC
Jun 15-16 Disc Flicker 7-on-7, Mixed Vancouver, BC
Jul 1 Elimination Eights 7-on-7, Co-ed Vancouver, BC  
Jul 5-7 Sunbreak (formerly called Potlatch) 7-on-7, Co-ed Redmond, WA
Jul 6-7 BC Ultimate Championships 7-on-7, O/W/Mxd/Mstr Burnaby, BC
Jul 13-14 Settle Down 7-on-7, Co-ed, Hat G. Forks, BC
Jul 13-14 Big Thirst 7-on-7, Co-ed Kamloops, BC
Jul 20-21 VUL Shades 'N Hats 7-on-7, Co-ed, Hat Vancouver, BC
Aug 2-4 Disc Break 7-on-7, Co-ed Nelson, BC
Aug 3 RCUC Pride Tournament 7-on-7, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
Aug 15-18 Canadian Ulti Champs -O/W/Mstr 7-on-7, O/W/O&W Mstr Edmonton, AB
Aug 18 Mad Hatter 5-on-5, Co-ed, Hat M. Ridge, BC
Aug 22-25 Canadian Ulti Champs -Mixed 7-on-7, Co-ed, Mxd/Mstr Brampton, ON
Sept 2 VUL Life's a Beach 4-on-4, Co-ed, Beach Vancouver, BC
Sept 7 Parks-Vegas Beach Hat Tourney 5-on-5, Co-ed, Beach Parksville, BC
Sept 14 Ultimate Fundraising Tournament 7-on-7, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
Sept 14-15 Ultimate Huck Fest (UHF) 7-on-7, Co-ed Vernon, BC
Oct 5-6 Pumpkin Pull 7-on-7, Co-ed Victoria, BC
Oct 19 UBC Hat Tournament 5-on-5, Co-ed Vancouver, BC
Oct 19 Fall Classic 5 on 5 5-on-5, Co-ed Kelowna, BC
Nov 2 VUL BC Place Undercover 5-on-5, Co-ed, Hybr-Hat Vancouver, BC

Youth Events - 2019

Apr 6-7 Saints Invite - Juniors (email) 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH Vancouver, BC
Apr 13 Empire High School Event (email) 5-on-5, Co-ed, Turf, HS Vancouver, BC
Apr 13-14 Spring Reign - High School 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH/HS Burlington, WA
Apr 27-28 Spring Reign - Middle School 7-on-7, Co-ed, Elem Burlington, WA
Apr 27-28 Saints Invite - Seniors (email) 7-on-7, Co-ed, HS Vancouver, BC
May 5 SunFlicker Juniors (email) 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH/HS Kelowna, BC
May 14 AA Cities (email) 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH/HS Burnaby, BC
May 13-14 AAA Cities (email) 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH/HS Burnaby, BC
TBC VSAA Championships 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH/HS Vancouver, BC
May 23-24 BCSS HS Championships  7-on-7, Co-ed, HS(AAA/AA) Surrey, BC
May 25-26 BCU Jr HS Championships 7-on-7, Co-ed, JH Surrey, BC
May 25-26 BCU Sr HS Invitational 7-on-7, Co-ed, HS Surrey, BC
May 31 Sabre Fest (email) 7-on-7, Gr 6/7 Vancouver, BC
Jun 22-23 Misfit Cup 7-on-7, Boys/Girls, JH/HS Burnaby, BC
Jul 13-14 BC Ultimate Championships 7-on-7, Boys/Girls Surrey, BC
Aug 10 Vortex Cup 7-on-7, Boys/Girls, JH/HS Surrey, BC

If you have a tournament to add, please contact our Marketing Manager.



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