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Mon Sep 30
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EAccounts Receivable2110Dream Ponies
Andy Livingstone EClarifiers159Get Lucky
Andy Livingstone ENeon Thunder921Good Units
Andy Livingstone EPerfect Cups715Throws of Passion
Van Tech TurfBreaking Badly79Drinking Irish
Van Tech TurfChuckanut Drivers168Lord of the Flings
Van Tech TurfDementors1413Ex-lion tamers
Van Tech TurfUnion of Carnival Clowns Local 8119Too Drunk To Huck
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAccounts Receivable1021Get Lucky
Andy Livingstone EClarifiers216Dream Ponies
Andy Livingstone ENeon Thunder821Throws of Passion
Andy Livingstone EPerfect Cups1320Good Units
Trillium EThe Puffy Jackets1521Paddle Sore
Trillium EWrecking Balls1621Penny Royalty
Trillium WApplauders1521SADS Sufferers
Trillium WBerzerkers2020Radioactive
Trillium WBlurred Lines2118Technicolour Bunny Skittles
Trillium WMacaroon 5217Holy Geisters
Van Tech TurfBreaking Badly1514Too Drunk To Huck
Van Tech TurfChuckanut Drivers2117Ex-lion tamers
Van Tech TurfDementors2113Lord of the Flings
Van Tech TurfUnion of Carnival Clowns Local 81412Drinking Irish
9:00 pmTrillium EThe Puffy Jackets2117Penny Royalty
Trillium EWrecking Balls1921Paddle Sore
Trillium WApplauders1916Radioactive
Trillium WBerzerkers1221SADS Sufferers
Trillium WBlurred Lines2013Holy Geisters
Trillium WMacaroon 52114Technicolour Bunny Skittles
Thu Oct 3
8:00 pm
Jericho WChest Flyers219Russian Twisters
Jericho WGlute Activators1714Yoga Poseurs
Jericho WNot Them Again!2113Dolphin Plank
Jericho WThigh Masters1217Half Lords of the Fish
Trillium EHanging Pikes217Otis Up
Trillium EJazz Hands915Whiskey Shivers
Trillium ELandmine 180s1420Giblets of Fire
9:00 pmJericho WChest Flyers2112Half Lords of the Fish
Jericho WGlute Activators1610Dolphin Plank
Jericho WNot Them Again!1416Yoga Poseurs
Jericho WThigh Masters2119Russian Twisters
Trillium EHanging Pikes217Landmine 180s
Trillium EJazz Hands917Giblets of Fire
Trillium EOtis Up1518Whiskey Shivers
Mon Oct 7
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EPaddle Sore1421Blurred Lines
Andy Livingstone EPenny Royalty2119Macaroon 5
Van Tech TurfHoly Geisters1818Berzerkers
Van Tech TurfRadioactive2119Wrecking Balls
Van Tech TurfSADS Sufferers2118The Puffy Jackets
Van Tech TurfTechnicolour Bunny Skittles1721Applauders
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EPaddle Sore2321Macaroon 5
Andy Livingstone EPenny Royalty1521Blurred Lines
Memorial SWAccounts Receivable216Neon Thunder
Memorial SWClarifiers159Perfect Cups
Memorial SWDream Ponies 1316Good Units
Memorial SWGet Lucky1319Throws of Passion
Trillium EChuckanut Drivers1514Breaking Badly
Trillium EDementors134Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Trillium EEx-lion tamers214Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium ELord of the Flings1516Drinking Irish
Van Tech TurfHoly Geisters621Applauders
Van Tech TurfRadioactive821The Puffy Jackets
Van Tech TurfSADS Sufferers2117Wrecking Balls
Van Tech TurfTechnicolour Bunny Skittles2115Berzerkers
9:00 pmMemorial SWAccounts Receivable2115Perfect Cups
Memorial SWClarifiers215Neon Thunder
Memorial SWDream Ponies 1316Throws of Passion
Memorial SWGet Lucky199Good Units
Trillium EChuckanut Drivers2111Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Trillium EDementors216Breaking Badly
Trillium EEx-lion tamers1716Drinking Irish
Trillium ELord of the Flings1413Too Drunk To Huck
Thu Oct 10
8:00 pm
Memorial SWHanging Pikes2115Whiskey Shivers
Memorial SWJazz Hands1718Landmine 180s
Memorial SWOtis Up621Giblets of Fire
Trillium WChest Flyers2017Not Them Again!
Trillium WHalf Lords of the Fish2119Yoga Poseurs
Trillium WRussian Twisters215Dolphin Plank
Trillium WThigh Masters1721Glute Activators
9:00 pmMemorial SWHanging Pikes1821Giblets of Fire
Memorial SWJazz Hands219Otis Up
Memorial SWLandmine 180s1921Whiskey Shivers
Trillium WChest Flyers2119Glute Activators
Trillium WHalf Lords of the Fish2113Dolphin Plank
Trillium WRussian Twisters1921Yoga Poseurs
Trillium WThigh Masters2022Not Them Again!
Thu Oct 17
8:00 pm
Jericho WGiblets of Fire1812Whiskey Shivers
Jericho WHanging Pikes214Jazz Hands
Jericho WLandmine 180s206Otis Up
Trillium EChest Flyers219Dolphin Plank
Trillium EHalf Lords of the Fish2113Glute Activators
Trillium ERussian Twisters2110Not Them Again!
Trillium EThigh Masters216Yoga Poseurs
9:00 pmJericho WHanging Pikes215Otis Up
Jericho WJazz Hands1021Whiskey Shivers
Jericho WLandmine 180s2118Giblets of Fire
Trillium EChest Flyers2116Yoga Poseurs
Trillium EHalf Lords of the Fish917Not Them Again!
Trillium ERussian Twisters2114Glute Activators
Trillium EThigh Masters219Dolphin Plank
Mon Oct 21
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EChuckanut Drivers198Drinking Irish
Andy Livingstone EDementors216Too Drunk To Huck
Andy Livingstone EEx-lion tamers217Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Andy Livingstone ELord of the Flings819Breaking Badly
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EChuckanut Drivers219Too Drunk To Huck
Andy Livingstone EDementors218Drinking Irish
Andy Livingstone EEx-lion tamers1719Breaking Badly
Andy Livingstone ELord of the Flings1614Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Memorial SWThe Puffy Jackets2115Applauders
Memorial SWWrecking Balls1821Berzerkers
Trillium EBlurred Lines1016SADS Sufferers
Trillium EMacaroon 51821Radioactive
Trillium EPaddle Sore1321Technicolour Bunny Skittles
Trillium EPenny Royalty2111Holy Geisters
Trillium WAccounts Receivable1210Good Units
Trillium WClarifiers1520Throws of Passion
Trillium WDream Ponies 1116Neon Thunder
Trillium WGet Lucky1710Perfect Cups
9:00 pmMemorial SWThe Puffy Jackets2115Berzerkers
Memorial SWWrecking Balls1519Applauders
Trillium EBlurred Lines2110Radioactive
Trillium EMacaroon 52221SADS Sufferers
Trillium EPaddle Sore2111Holy Geisters
Trillium EPenny Royalty1021Technicolour Bunny Skittles
Trillium WAccounts Receivable1921Throws of Passion
Trillium WClarifiers1921Good Units
Trillium WDream Ponies 1021Perfect Cups
Trillium WGet Lucky2116Neon Thunder
Thu Oct 24
8:00 pm
Memorial SWJazz Hands1311Otis Up
Memorial SWRussian Twisters127Landmine 180s
Memorial SWYoga Poseurs2113Dolphin Plank
Trillium EChest Flyers219Half Lords of the Fish
Trillium EGlute ActivatorsThigh Masters
Trillium WNot Them Again!2116Hanging Pikes
Trillium WWhiskey ShiversGiblets of Fire
9:00 pmMemorial SWLandmine 180s2113Dolphin Plank
Memorial SWRussian Twisters215Jazz Hands
Memorial SWYoga Poseurs2110Otis Up
Trillium EChest FlyersThigh Masters
Trillium EGlute Activators1921Half Lords of the Fish
Trillium WNot Them Again!Giblets of Fire
Trillium WWhiskey ShiversHanging Pikes
Mon Oct 28
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EPaddle Sore1521Applauders
Andy Livingstone EPaddle Sore1521Applauders
Andy Livingstone ESADS Sufferers2114Blurred Lines
Andy Livingstone ESADS Sufferers2114Blurred Lines
Andy Livingstone EThe Puffy Jackets1721Macaroon 5
Van Tech TurfBerzerkers221Wrecking Balls
Van Tech TurfPenny Royalty1815Radioactive
Van Tech TurfPenny Royalty1815Radioactive
Van Tech TurfTechnicolour Bunny Skittles216Holy Geisters
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EApplauders2119Macaroon 5
Andy Livingstone EApplauders2119Macaroon 5
Andy Livingstone EPaddle Sore2114SADS Sufferers
Andy Livingstone EPaddle Sore2114SADS Sufferers
Andy Livingstone EThe Puffy Jackets219Blurred Lines
Trillium EClarifiers1221Ex-lion tamers
Trillium EDementors1617Chuckanut Drivers
Trillium EGood UnitsGet Lucky
Trillium EGood Units1216Get Lucky
Trillium EThrows of PassionAccounts Receivable
Trillium EThrows of Passion219Accounts Receivable
Trillium WDream Ponies 1211Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium WLord of the Flings1421Breaking Badly
Trillium WNeon Thunder919Drinking Irish
Trillium WPerfect Cups216Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Van Tech TurfPenny Royalty2117Berzerkers
Van Tech TurfRadioactive214Holy Geisters
Van Tech TurfRadioactive214Holy Geisters
Van Tech TurfTechnicolour Bunny Skittles2119Wrecking Balls
9:00 pmTrillium EClarifiers921Get Lucky
Trillium EDementors2118Accounts Receivable
Trillium EGood Units421Ex-lion tamers
Trillium EThrows of Passion215Chuckanut Drivers
Trillium WDream Ponies 198Drinking Irish
Trillium WLord of the Flings1615Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Trillium WNeon Thunder816Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium WPerfect Cups1819Breaking Badly
Thu Oct 31
8:00 pm
Memorial SWChest Flyers2113Not Them Again!
Memorial SWGlute Activators1917Whiskey Shivers
Trillium EHalf Lords of the FishForfeitedHanging Pikes
Trillium EThigh Masters2116Giblets of Fire
Trillium WLandmine 180sOtis Up
Trillium WRussian Twisters2119Dolphin Plank
Trillium WYoga Poseurs2110Jazz Hands
9:00 pmMemorial SWChest Flyers2114Whiskey Shivers
Memorial SWGlute Activators1316Not Them Again!
Trillium EHalf Lords of the Fish2111Giblets of Fire
Trillium EThigh MastersCancelledHanging Pikes
Trillium WJazz Hands2112Dolphin Plank
Trillium WRussian TwistersCancelledOtis Up
Trillium WYoga PoseursForfeitedLandmine 180s
Mon Nov 4
7:00 pm
Van Tech TurfBreaking Badly2016Too Drunk To Huck
Van Tech TurfLord of the Flings1913Dream Ponies
Van Tech TurfPerfect Cups215Neon Thunder
Van Tech TurfUnion of Carnival Clowns Local 8619Drinking Irish
8:00 pmMemorial SWApplauders219Blurred Lines
Memorial SWPaddle Sore1521Macaroon 5
Memorial SWThe Puffy Jackets2116SADS Sufferers
Trillium EPenny Royalty216Holy Geisters
Trillium ERadioactive1221Wrecking Balls
Trillium ETechnicolour Bunny Skittles219Berzerkers
Trillium WAccounts Receivable1321Get Lucky
Trillium WChuckanut Drivers2122Ex-lion tamers
Trillium WDementors1421Clarifiers
Trillium WThrows of Passion218Good Units
Van Tech TurfBreaking Badly1416Drinking Irish
Van Tech TurfLord of the Flings215Neon Thunder
Van Tech TurfPerfect Cups2114Dream Ponies
Van Tech TurfUnion of Carnival Clowns Local 82117Too Drunk To Huck
9:00 pmMemorial SWPaddle Sore2117Blurred Lines
Memorial SWSADS Sufferers2110Macaroon 5
Memorial SWThe Puffy Jackets2119Applauders
Trillium EBerzerkers2113Holy Geisters
Trillium EPenny Royalty2118Wrecking Balls
Trillium ETechnicolour Bunny Skittles2110Radioactive
Trillium WAccounts Receivable2117Ex-lion tamers
Trillium WChuckanut Drivers2020Get Lucky
Trillium WDementors2111Good Units
Trillium WThrows of Passion2116Clarifiers
Thu Nov 7
8:00 pm
Memorial SWHalf Lords of the Fish1321Not Them Again!
Memorial SWThigh MastersWhiskey Shivers
Trillium ELandmine 180s2110Jazz Hands
Trillium EOtis Up1615Dolphin Plank
Trillium EYoga Poseurs2118Russian Twisters
Trillium WChest Flyers1614Hanging Pikes
Trillium WGlute Activators2115Giblets of Fire
9:00 pmMemorial SWHalf Lords of the FishWhiskey Shivers
Memorial SWThigh Masters1421Not Them Again!
Trillium EDolphin Plank1421Yoga Poseurs
Trillium EJazz Hands1510Otis Up
Trillium ERussian Twisters146Landmine 180s
Trillium WChest Flyers2115Giblets of Fire
Trillium WGlute Activators2116Hanging Pikes
Mon Nov 11
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone ERadioactive1814Berzerkers
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolour Bunny Skittles2110Penny Royalty
Andy Livingstone EWrecking Balls2110Holy Geisters
Van Tech TurfAccounts Receivable1021Good Units
Van Tech TurfChuckanut Drivers1816Clarifiers
Van Tech TurfDementors2113Ex-lion tamers
Van Tech TurfThrows of Passion218Get Lucky
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBerzerkers1121Wrecking Balls
Andy Livingstone EHoly Geisters721Technicolour Bunny Skittles
Andy Livingstone EPenny Royalty2117Radioactive
Trillium EBreaking Badly219Dream Ponies
Trillium ELord of the Flings2114Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium EPerfect Cups1621Drinking Irish
Trillium EUnion of Carnival Clowns Local 81716Neon Thunder
Trillium WApplauders1615SADS Sufferers
Trillium WBlurred Lines2116Macaroon 5
Trillium WThe Puffy Jackets2114Paddle Sore
Van Tech TurfAccounts Receivable521Clarifiers
Van Tech TurfChuckanut Drivers2114Good Units
Van Tech TurfDementors2325Get Lucky
Van Tech TurfThrows of Passion2114Ex-lion tamers
9:00 pmTrillium EBreaking Badly1914Neon Thunder
Trillium ELord of the Flings2114Drinking Irish
Trillium EPerfect Cups2111Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium EUnion of Carnival Clowns Local 82116Dream Ponies
Trillium WMacaroon 51521The Puffy Jackets
Trillium WPaddle Sore2116Applauders
Trillium WSADS Sufferers621Blurred Lines
Thu Nov 14
8:00 pm
Memorial SWGiblets of Fire1713Dolphin Plank
Memorial SWLandmine 180s218Jazz Hands
Memorial SWRussian Twisters178Otis Up
Trillium EChest Flyers421Whiskey Shivers
Trillium EGlute Activators1516Half Lords of the Fish
Trillium WNot Them Again!Hanging Pikes
Trillium WThigh Masters2116Yoga Poseurs
9:00 pmMemorial SWDolphin Plank1721Jazz Hands
Memorial SWGiblets of Fire2117Russian Twisters
Memorial SWLandmine 180s218Otis Up
Trillium EChest Flyers2115Half Lords of the Fish
Trillium EGlute Activators1221Whiskey Shivers
Trillium WNot Them Again!2116Yoga Poseurs
Trillium WThigh Masters1617Hanging Pikes
Mon Nov 18
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EApplauders1521The Puffy Jackets
Andy Livingstone EPenny Royalty2112Paddle Sore
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolour Bunny Skittles1521SADS Sufferers
Van Tech TurfBerzerkers1321Blurred Lines
Van Tech TurfMacaroon 51721Radioactive
Van Tech TurfWrecking Balls217Holy Geisters
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EApplauders821Technicolour Bunny Skittles
Andy Livingstone EPenny Royalty1121SADS Sufferers
Andy Livingstone EThe Puffy Jackets2118Paddle Sore
Trillium EClarifiers2117Good Units
Trillium EGet Lucky2115Ex-lion tamers
Trillium ELord of the Flings1714Chuckanut Drivers
Trillium EThrows of Passion1913Dementors
Trillium WAccounts Receivable817Dream Ponies
Trillium WBreaking Badly1813Too Drunk To Huck
Trillium WDrinking Irish219Perfect Cups
Trillium WUnion of Carnival Clowns Local 81712Neon Thunder
Van Tech TurfBerzerkers921Macaroon 5
Van Tech TurfBlurred Lines216Holy Geisters
Van Tech TurfWrecking Balls1217Radioactive
9:00 pmTrillium EClarifiers1917Chuckanut Drivers
Trillium EGet Lucky215Dementors
Trillium ELord of the Flings2113Good Units
Trillium EThrows of Passion2113Ex-lion tamers
Trillium WAccounts Receivable921Perfect Cups
Trillium WBreaking Badly217Neon Thunder
Trillium WDrinking Irish217Dream Ponies
Trillium WUnion of Carnival Clowns Local 82111Too Drunk To Huck
Thu Nov 21
8:00 pm
Memorial SWChest Flyers1821Not Them Again!
Memorial SWGlute Activators2017Thigh Masters
Trillium EHalf Lords of the Fish1821Yoga Poseurs
Trillium EWhiskey Shivers1715Hanging Pikes
Trillium WDolphin Plank2114Otis Up
Trillium WGiblets of Fire2112Jazz Hands
Trillium WLandmine 180s1617Russian Twisters
9:00 pmMemorial SWChest Flyers1214Thigh Masters
Memorial SWGlute Activators1314Not Them Again!
Trillium EHalf Lords of the Fish2114Hanging Pikes
Trillium EWhiskey Shivers1321Yoga Poseurs
Trillium WGiblets of Fire2116Otis Up
Trillium WLandmine 180s1714Dolphin Plank
Trillium WRussian Twisters2114Jazz Hands
Mon Nov 25
7:00 pm
Van Tech TurfAccounts Receivable2112Breaking Badly
Van Tech TurfDream Ponies 1721Too Drunk To Huck
Van Tech TurfDrinking Irish2111Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Van Tech TurfPerfect Cups1716Neon Thunder
8:00 pmMemorial SWApplauders921Penny Royalty
Memorial SWSADS Sufferers2321Paddle Sore
Memorial SWTechnicolour Bunny Skittles2120The Puffy Jackets
Trillium EBerzerkers1118Holy Geisters
Trillium EBlurred Lines2110Radioactive
Trillium EWrecking BallsMacaroon 5
Trillium WDementors127Good Units
Trillium WEx-lion tamers2113Chuckanut Drivers
Trillium WGet Lucky1310Lord of the Flings
Trillium WThrows of Passion2116Clarifiers
Van Tech TurfAccounts Receivable2113Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Van Tech TurfDream Ponies 2116Neon Thunder
Van Tech TurfDrinking Irish2115Breaking Badly
Van Tech TurfPerfect Cups2114Too Drunk To Huck
9:00 pmMemorial SWPaddle Sore1421Applauders
Memorial SWPenny Royalty179Technicolour Bunny Skittles
Memorial SWThe Puffy Jackets1417SADS Sufferers
Trillium EBerzerkers1116Radioactive
Trillium EMacaroon 5Holy Geisters
Trillium EWrecking Balls1421Blurred Lines
Trillium WDementors721Chuckanut Drivers
Trillium WEx-lion tamers1514Good Units
Trillium WGet Lucky2118Clarifiers
Trillium WThrows of Passion2118Lord of the Flings
Thu Nov 28
8:00 pm
Memorial SWNot Them Again!218Whiskey Shivers
Memorial SWThigh Masters1721Half Lords of the Fish
Trillium EGiblets of Fire1421Landmine 180s
Trillium EOtis Up1521Jazz Hands
Trillium ERussian Twisters219Dolphin Plank
Trillium WChest Flyers1816Hanging Pikes
Trillium WGlute Activators1021Yoga Poseurs
9:00 pmMemorial SWNot Them Again!2112Half Lords of the Fish
Memorial SWThigh Masters2112Whiskey Shivers
Trillium EDolphin Plank1721Otis Up
Trillium EJazz Hands1621Giblets of Fire
Trillium ELandmine 180s1621Russian Twisters
Trillium WChest Flyers1621Yoga Poseurs
Trillium WGlute Activators1621Hanging Pikes
Mon Dec 2
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EBlurred Lines1221Macaroon 5
Andy Livingstone ERadioactive157Holy Geisters
Andy Livingstone EWrecking Balls217Berzerkers
Van Tech TurfDementors2110Clarifiers
Van Tech TurfEx-lion tamers1516Lord of the Flings
Van Tech TurfGet Lucky2113Chuckanut Drivers
Van Tech TurfThrows of Passion1914Good Units
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBerzerkers521Blurred Lines
Andy Livingstone EHoly Geisters1021Wrecking Balls
Andy Livingstone EMacaroon 52116Radioactive
Memorial SWAccounts ReceivableToo Drunk To Huck
Memorial SWDream Ponies 1715Breaking Badly
Memorial SWDrinking Irish216Neon Thunder
Memorial SWPerfect Cups2010Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Trillium WApplauders218Paddle Sore
Trillium WPenny Royalty1721Technicolour Bunny Skittles
Trillium WThe Puffy Jackets216SADS Sufferers
Van Tech TurfDementors1621Lord of the Flings
Van Tech TurfEx-lion tamers2115Clarifiers
Van Tech TurfGet Lucky1815Good Units
Van Tech TurfThrows of Passion2114Chuckanut Drivers
9:00 pmMemorial SWAccounts ReceivableNeon Thunder
Memorial SWDream Ponies 1616Union of Carnival Clowns Local 8
Memorial SWDrinking Irish2117Too Drunk To Huck
Memorial SWPerfect Cups189Breaking Badly
Trillium WApplauders218SADS Sufferers
Trillium WPenny Royalty1321The Puffy Jackets
Trillium WTechnicolour Bunny Skittles2110Paddle Sore
Thu Dec 5
8:00 pm
Trillium EChest Flyers2117Glute Activators
Trillium EHanging Pikes (R202)Whiskey Shivers
Trillium ENot Them Again! (R101)Thigh Masters
Trillium EYoga Poseurs (R102)Half Lords of the Fish
Trillium WDolphin Plank (R401)Otis Up
Trillium WLandmine 180s (R302)Jazz Hands
Trillium WRussian Twisters (R301)Giblets of Fire
9:00 pmTrillium EW: R101 (R103)W: R102
Trillium EL: R101 (R104)L: R102
Trillium EChest Flyers (R203)W: R202
Trillium EGlute Activators (R204)L: R202
Trillium WW: R301 (R303)W: R302
Trillium WGiblets of Fire (R304)L: R302
Mon Dec 9
7:00 pm
Andy Livingstone EChuckanut Drivers (M502)Lord of the Flings
Andy Livingstone EDementors (M501)Good Units
Andy Livingstone EDream Ponies (M602)Perfect Cups
Andy Livingstone EDrinking Irish2114Breaking Badly
Van Tech TurfToo Drunk To Huck (M702)Accounts Receivable
Van Tech TurfUnion of Carnival Clowns Local 8 (M701)Neon Thunder
8:00 pmAndy Livingstone EW: M501 (M503)W: M502
Andy Livingstone EL: M501 (M504)L: M502
Andy Livingstone EBreaking Badly (M604)L: M602
Andy Livingstone EDrinking Irish (M603)W: M602
Trillium EPaddle Sore (M202)Wrecking Balls
Trillium EPenny Royalty1917Blurred Lines
Trillium ESADS Sufferers (M102)Applauders
Trillium EThe Puffy Jackets321Technicolour Bunny Skittles
Trillium WGet Lucky217Clarifiers
Trillium WMacaroon 5 (M302)Holy Geisters
Trillium WRadioactive217Berzerkers
Trillium WThrows of Passion1920Ex-lion tamers
Van Tech TurfW: M701 (M703)W: M702
Van Tech TurfL: M701 (M704)L: M702
9:00 pmTrillium EBlurred Lines (M204)L: M202
Trillium EPenny Royalty (M203)W: M202
Trillium ETechnicolour Bunny Skittles (M103)W: M102
Trillium EThe Puffy Jackets (M104)L: M102
Trillium WBerzerkers921Holy Geisters
Trillium WClarifiers811Throws of Passion
Trillium WGet Lucky (M403)Ex-lion tamers
Trillium WRadioactive (M303)W: M302
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