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Mon May 6
6:00 pm
Memorial OTastes Like Another413AngryBirds
Memorial OThe Marauders105Tilting Windmills
Oak MeadowsLikastik811Pure Milk
Oak MeadowsSquid Wranglers713G-raff A-ttack
Point GreyDisco Nuts132Absolute Chaos
Point GreyDream Big Like a Dolphin613Gummi Bears
RiverfrontFistFull of Dunwoody131Team Mochi
RiverfrontSwagasaurus114Egg Salad Sandwich
Winona CHuck Bunnies137The Frizzles
Winona CNerd Herd1111Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Winona NDTF (Down to Flick)413Tastes Like Chicken
Winona NFruit Ninjas!97BoZo 2
Winona SKoopa Troopas1013East Infection
Winona SNeon Disc-zaster!134Throwbocops
6:30 pmBalaclavaHuck Norris1417Spotty & the Dogs
John Hendry NEDerps on Fire813Seriously Watermelon.
KingcrestNotorious179The Huckin' Canucks
KingcrestRandom Fling1714The Tossers
Trafalgar NWPheeble172Shaft
Trafalgar NWSmiling Beavers1017Whatever
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESneaky Peaches138Gator Bait
Andy Livingstone EVenom510Team Adequate
Andy Livingstone WHammertime138Lawrence and the Machine
Andy Livingstone WSlippery When Wet136Forrest Dump
Jericho WLittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers1310BOO-YA-CHA-KA!
Jericho WTop Gun136Bzzrs
Memorial SWCanHucks177The Floppy Discs
Memorial SWEast Van Hand1517Big Slick
7:30 pmMemorial OTastes Like Another119Tilting Windmills
Memorial OThe Marauders413AngryBirds
Oak MeadowsLikastik913G-raff A-ttack
Oak MeadowsSquid Wranglers813Pure Milk
Point GreyDisco Nuts124Gummi Bears
Point GreyDream Big Like a Dolphin99Absolute Chaos
RiverfrontFistFull of Dunwoody132Egg Salad Sandwich
RiverfrontSwagasaurus133Team Mochi
Winona CHuck Bunnies137Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Winona CNerd Herd513The Frizzles
Winona NDTF (Down to Flick)513BoZo 2
Winona NFruit Ninjas!413Tastes Like Chicken
Winona SKoopa Troopas89Throwbocops
Winona SNeon Disc-zaster!1013East Infection
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ESneaky Peaches136Team Adequate
Andy Livingstone EVenom1013Gator Bait
Andy Livingstone WHammertime135Forrest Dump
Andy Livingstone WSlippery When Wet913Lawrence and the Machine
Jericho WLittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers135Bzzrs
Jericho WTop Gun136BOO-YA-CHA-KA!
Tue May 7
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBanana Cutters136Love Handlers
Balaclavaragnarok813Dark Side Of The Disc
KingcrestThrow Some D's133Ultimate BBT
KingcrestULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION96Frisdom Fighters
Memorial OHarshmellows511Mother I'd Like to FLICK
Memorial OWrists of Fury713Identity Crisis
Oak MeadowsHuck, the Magic Dragon126What is Red May Never Die
Oak MeadowsIt's Business Time1111Got Flab?
Rupert CSlipped Discs1012Chronic Injury
Rupert CStall Nine and Three-Quarters69Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Trafalgar NWBetty Cracker313Sky Attack
Trafalgar NWTrashcats139Tofu
Van Tech OvalIt Takes Two To Huck1310Rookie Monsters
Van Tech OvalPretty Kitties1112Trudeaumania!
Winona CScorgasm1112Homewreckers
Winona CSoup du Jour813Flying Discmen
Winona NBourne Ultimatum127Flickle Me Elmo
Winona NStranger Danger128Gritty in Pink
Winona SH-Bar117Kingsway's Finest
Winona SSoul Soldiers610FROG
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEAnother Awesome Dump137WhaTheHuck
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDoggie Style69Grey Goose
Andy Livingstone EJokers89DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial SWDrop the Soap613Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Memorial SWUgly Hucklings132Old Skool
Trillium EIllegal Smile96The Avengers
Trillium EPlaid to the Bone135Huckstables
7:30 pmBalaclavaBanana Cutters1310Dark Side Of The Disc
Balaclavaragnarok713Love Handlers
KingcrestThrow Some D's135Frisdom Fighters
Memorial OButterfingers Summer Edition113Finding Glory
Memorial OCreeps 'n Weirdos138Ultimech
Oak MeadowsHuck, the Magic Dragon126Got Flab?
Oak MeadowsIt's Business Time48What is Red May Never Die
Rupert CSlipped Discs613Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Rupert CStall Nine and Three-Quarters712Chronic Injury
Trafalgar NWBetty Cracker136Tofu
Trafalgar NWTrashcats213Sky Attack
Van Tech OvalIt Takes Two To Huck911Trudeaumania!
Van Tech OvalPretty Kitties1312Rookie Monsters
Winona CScorgasm48Flying Discmen
Winona CSoup du Jour139Homewreckers
Winona NBourne Ultimatum114Gritty in Pink
Winona NStranger Danger133Flickle Me Elmo
Winona SH-Bar913FROG
Winona SSoul Soldiers109Kingsway's Finest
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDoggie Style911DiscThrow Inferno
Andy Livingstone EJokers1012Grey Goose
Memorial SWDrop the Soap132Old Skool
Memorial SWUgly Hucklings413Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Trillium EIllegal Smile1310Huckstables
Trillium EPlaid to the Bone137The Avengers
Wed May 8
6:00 pm
BalaclavaRock Hard Mortals of Love125Fat Man and the Duck
KingcrestCloudy With a Chance of Hammers610Shimmy Shang
KingcrestURFT 2.0133Circular Logic
Memorial OEast Side Empire713Wok Don't Run
Memorial OLocal Pint65Frisbee Bears
Oak MeadowsClamWow613Green Beret
Oak MeadowsDisc Comfort1210I AM KERRY
Strathcona ECFMU513Like a Simile
Strathcona ECReTox1312Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Trafalgar NWThe Flatballers138Penguins in Flight
Trafalgar NWThe Unknown135Sippin Sunshine
Winona CDiscpicable Me213Batteries Not Included
Winona CFriends of Friends712Frisbee Union
Winona NNot Today!1013ICEMAN
Winona NThe Brave Potatoes1210POP POP
Winona Sstacks on stacks on stacks94Chester Fields
Winona STrain Wreck412Critters
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECouch Jockeys910Redneck Rampage
Andy Livingstone ETeamocil910"Ditto"
Memorial SWDim Sum Warriors713Stacked
Memorial SWTutus1312Wyld Stallyns
7:30 pmBalaclavaRock Hard Mortals of Love213Carnage
Balaclavazoi132Fat Man and the Duck
KingcrestCloudy With a Chance of Hammers114Circular Logic
KingcrestURFT 2.0136Shimmy Shang
Memorial OEast Side Empire213Frisbee Bears
Memorial OLocal Pint813Wok Don't Run
Oak MeadowsClamWow412I AM KERRY
Oak MeadowsDisc Comfort713Green Beret
Strathcona ECFMU413Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Strathcona ECReTox138Like a Simile
Trafalgar NWThe Flatballers1311Sippin Sunshine
Trafalgar NWThe Unknown136Penguins in Flight
Winona CDiscpicable Me613Frisbee Union
Winona CFriends of Friends913Batteries Not Included
Winona NNot Today!137POP POP
Winona NThe Brave Potatoes913ICEMAN
Winona SThe Spinoffs512Nerds huck you long time
Winona SXuing Xuang (Ruckus)86Freak Show
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECouch Jockeys134"Ditto"
Andy Livingstone ETeamocil613Redneck Rampage
Memorial SWDim Sum Warriors613Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWTutus512Stacked
Thu May 9
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFlikerish813Team Friendship
KingcrestBEAR WARFARE119Sucking Lemons
KingcrestHand of Chal119WAF
Oak MeadowsColonel Angus137Lego Inferno
Oak MeadowsStallions of Champions107Throwbots
RiverfrontDebbie Discs Dallas129Butterfingers
RiverfrontFlick N Twisted113Game of Throwns
Rupert CGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry108Never Nudes
Rupert CTomato Cage138The Gino Odj-discs
Winona CAt least My Disk Stays Up106Brown and Sticky
Winona CBritches 'N Hose213United Republic of Federated Tossers
Winona NSalt shakers413Xtreme Flickin' Hipsters
Winona NWii (not) Fit?124AYCE
Winona SPac-Man106Flickas in Paris
Winona SYtterbium813Cerberus
6:30 pmMemorial ODiscombobulators1617Feed the Chicken
Memorial OPurple Cobras1217Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Musqueam WDirty Skirties1517Egregious
Trafalgar NWGrass Stains1713Afternoon Delight
Trafalgar NWKids At The Pool178Grope of 7
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EH.A.M.M.E.R.96Hodge-Podge
Andy Livingstone EUsual Suspects136For a Good Time Call...
Andy Livingstone WDeep Throwits135Norfolk-n-Good
Andy Livingstone WUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")612Midlife Crisis
Jericho WBattlecats and Friends138kill rockstars
Jericho WSSB1413Happy Stripes
Memorial SWFlick in a Box814Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Memorial SWSwilly Nelson172Herniated Discs
Trillium EDump on Me913Brolympus
Trillium ETalk Nerdy To Me1311Dirtier Sanchez
Trillium WEast Van Halen136Princess Layout
Trillium WFloppy Discs87Super Friends!
7:30 pmBalaclavaBBQ1310Team Friendship
KingcrestHand of Chal611Sucking Lemons
Oak MeadowsColonel Angus137Throwbots
Oak MeadowsStallions of Champions413Lego Inferno
RiverfrontDebbie Discs Dallas812Game of Throwns
RiverfrontFlick N Twisted413Butterfingers
Rupert CGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry910The Gino Odj-discs
Rupert CTomato Cage114Never Nudes
Winona CAt least My Disk Stays Up116United Republic of Federated Tossers
Winona CBritches 'N Hose713Brown and Sticky
Winona NThe Hanglers511Typhoon Disc
Winona NwRECkers116Charred Siu Baos
Winona SPac-Man813Cerberus
Winona SYtterbiumFlickas in Paris
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EH.A.M.M.E.R.112For a Good Time Call...
Andy Livingstone EUsual Suspects133Hodge-Podge
Andy Livingstone WDeep Throwits136Midlife Crisis
Andy Livingstone WUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")48Norfolk-n-Good
Jericho WBattlecats and Friends1310Happy Stripes
Jericho WSSB133kill rockstars
Trillium EDump on Me1112Dirtier Sanchez
Trillium ETalk Nerdy To Me138Brolympus
Trillium WEast Van Halen56Super Friends!
Trillium WFloppy Discs87Princess Layout
Mon May 13
6:00 pm
Memorial OHuck Bunnies912Nerd Herd
Memorial ONeon Disc-zaster!136Koopa Troopas
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Chaos136Egg Salad Sandwich
Oak MeadowsGummi Bears131Team Mochi
Point GreyAngryBirds 140DTF (Down to Flick)
Point GreyTilting Windmills106Fruit Ninjas!
Winona CSneaky Peaches133Hammertime
Winona CVenom138Slippery When Wet
Winona SGator Bait116Lawrence and the Machine
Winona STeam Adequate137Forrest Dump
6:30 pmBalaclavaCanHucks177The Tossers
BalaclavaRandom Fling1515The Floppy Discs
John Hendry NETastes Like Another513The Marauders
Trafalgar NWEast Van Hand174The Huckin' Canucks
Trafalgar NWNotorious1517Big Slick
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ELittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers137Squid Wranglers
Andy Livingstone ETop Gun136Likastik
Andy Livingstone WBOO-YA-CHA-KA!911G-raff A-ttack
Andy Livingstone WBzzrs712Pure Milk
Jericho WDisco Nuts132Swagasaurus
Jericho WDream Big Like a Dolphin108FistFull of Dunwoody
Memorial SWShaft1510Spotty & the Dogs
Memorial SWSmiling Beavers175Huck Norris
Trillium WBoZo 2134Seriously Watermelon.
Trillium WTastes Like Chicken133Derps on Fire
7:30 pmMemorial OThe Frizzles1013Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Memorial OThrowbocops813East Infection
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Chaos130Team Mochi
Oak MeadowsGummi Bears132Egg Salad Sandwich
Point GreyAngryBirds 134Fruit Ninjas!
Point GreyTilting Windmills131DTF (Down to Flick)
Winona CSneaky Peaches137Slippery When Wet
Winona CVenom913Hammertime
Winona SGator Bait132Forrest Dump
Winona STeam Adequate105Lawrence and the Machine
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ELittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers1412Likastik
Andy Livingstone ETop Gun137Squid Wranglers
Andy Livingstone WBOO-YA-CHA-KA!139Pure Milk
Andy Livingstone WBzzrs313G-raff A-ttack
Jericho WDisco Nuts134FistFull of Dunwoody
Jericho WDream Big Like a Dolphin115Swagasaurus
Trillium WBoZo 2138Derps on Fire
Trillium WTastes Like Chicken132Seriously Watermelon.
Tue May 14
6:00 pm
BalaclavaThrow Some D's134It's Business Time
BalaclavaULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION811Huck, the Magic Dragon
KingcrestH-Bar911Doggie Style
KingcrestSoul Soldiers213Jokers
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone1313Illegal Smile
Memorial OUgly Hucklings1010Drop the Soap
Oak MeadowsFROG910DiscThrow Inferno
Oak MeadowsKingsway's Finest713Grey Goose
Rupert CIdentity Crisis137Ultimech
Rupert CWrists of Fury39Creeps 'n Weirdos
Trafalgar NWFrisdom Fighters513What is Red May Never Die
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT611Got Flab?
Van Tech OvalHarshmellows105Butterfingers Summer Edition
Van Tech OvalMother I'd Like to FLICK105Finding Glory
Winona CDark Side Of The Disc1113Sky Attack
Winona CLove Handlers1010Tofu
Winona NBanana Cutters136Trashcats
Winona Nragnarok135Betty Cracker
Winona SChronic Injury138It Takes Two To Huck
Winona SFan-Flicken-Tastic610Pretty Kitties
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEStall Nine and Three-Quarters1710Slipped Discs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ERookie Monsters132WhaTheHuck
Andy Livingstone ETrudeaumania!138Another Awesome Dump
Memorial SWBourne Ultimatum1013Soup du Jour
Memorial SWStranger Danger139Scorgasm
Trillium EFlickle Me Elmo613Flying Discmen
Trillium EGritty in Pink78Homewreckers
7:30 pmBalaclavaThrow Some D's118Huck, the Magic Dragon
BalaclavaULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION76It's Business Time
KingcrestSoul Soldiers413Doggie Style
Memorial OHuckstables713The Avengers
Memorial OOld Skool313Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Oak MeadowsFROG513Grey Goose
Oak MeadowsKingsway's Finest126DiscThrow Inferno
Rupert CIdentity Crisis109Creeps 'n Weirdos
Rupert CWrists of Fury98Ultimech
Trafalgar NWFrisdom Fighters813Got Flab?
Trafalgar NWUltimate BBT1113What is Red May Never Die
Van Tech OvalHarshmellows134Finding Glory
Van Tech OvalMother I'd Like to FLICK78Butterfingers Summer Edition
Winona CDark Side Of The Disc132Tofu
Winona CLove Handlers713Sky Attack
Winona NBanana Cutters134Betty Cracker
Winona Nragnarok1113Trashcats
Winona SChronic Injury1012Pretty Kitties
Winona SFan-Flicken-Tastic1110It Takes Two To Huck
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ERookie Monsters1013Another Awesome Dump
Andy Livingstone ETrudeaumania!135WhaTheHuck
Memorial SWBourne Ultimatum135Scorgasm
Memorial SWStranger Danger1213Soup du Jour
Trillium EFlickle Me Elmo129Homewreckers
Trillium EGritty in Pink413Flying Discmen
Wed May 15
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFMU813Disc Comfort
KingcrestChester Fields810Freak Show
Kingcreststacks on stacks on stacks1013Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Memorial OCircular Logic313ICEMAN
Memorial OShimmy Shang89POP POP
Oak MeadowsStacked136Wok Don't Run
Oak MeadowsWyld Stallyns133Frisbee Bears
Trafalgar NWLike a Simile138I AM KERRY
Trafalgar NWSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1412Green Beret
Winona CRock Hard Mortals of Love810The Unknown
Winona Czoi813The Flatballers
Winona NCritters79Nerds huck you long time
Winona NTrain Wreck38The Spinoffs
Winona SCouch Jockeys124Teamocil
Winona SFriends of Friends138Discpicable Me
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECarnage138Penguins in Flight
Andy Livingstone EFat Man and the Duck313Sippin Sunshine
Jericho WDim Sum Warriors610East Side Empire
Jericho WTutus1310Local Pint
Memorial SWCloudy With a Chance of Hammers128The Brave Potatoes
Memorial SWURFT 2.0135Not Today!
7:30 pmBalaclavaFMU135ClamWow
BalaclavaReTox137Disc Comfort
KingcrestChester Fields512Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Kingcreststacks on stacks on stacks137Freak Show
Memorial OCircular Logic311POP POP
Memorial OShimmy Shang413ICEMAN
Oak MeadowsStacked137Frisbee Bears
Oak MeadowsWyld Stallyns134Wok Don't Run
Trafalgar NWLike a Simile136Green Beret
Trafalgar NWSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go123I AM KERRY
Winona CRock Hard Mortals of Love313The Flatballers
Winona Czoi00The Unknown
Winona NCritters87The Spinoffs
Winona NTrain Wreck37Nerds huck you long time
Winona SFrisbee Union1013Batteries Not Included
Winona SRedneck Rampage89"Ditto"
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECarnage1310Sippin Sunshine
Andy Livingstone EFat Man and the Duck813Penguins in Flight
Jericho WDim Sum Warriors108Local Pint
Jericho WTutus136East Side Empire
Memorial SWCloudy With a Chance of Hammers512Not Today!
Memorial SWURFT 2.0136The Brave Potatoes
Thu May 16
6:00 pm
KingcrestBattlecats and Friends135Flikerish
RiverfrontSucking Lemons86Flickas in Paris
Rupert CDeep Throwits133Floppy Discs
Rupert CUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")413East Van Halen
Winona CSalt shakers132The Hanglers
Winona CXtreme Flickin' Hipsters96Typhoon Disc
Winona NDebbie Discs Dallas125Flick N Twisted
Winona NDump on Me410Talk Nerdy To Me
Winona SHappy Stripes135Hobbits
Winona Skill rockstars1010Team Friendship
6:30 pmMemorial OAfternoon Delight1117Grope of 7
Memorial ODirty Skirties1017Kids At The Pool
Musqueam WGrass Stains1517Egregious
Oak MeadowsPurple Cobras174Herniated Discs
Oak MeadowsSwilly Nelson1710Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Trafalgar NWDiscombobulators176Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Trafalgar NWFlick in a Box812Feed the Chicken
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EAYCE810Charred Siu Baos
Andy Livingstone EWii (not) Fit?124wRECkers
Andy Livingstone WAt least My Disk Stays Up109Usual Suspects
Andy Livingstone WBritches 'N Hose513H.A.M.M.E.R.
Jericho WStallions of Champions313Colonel Angus
Jericho WTomato Cage1210Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Memorial SWMidlife Crisis98Princess Layout
Memorial SWNorfolk-n-Good74Super Friends!
Trillium EBEAR WARFARE117Pac-Man
Trillium EHand of Chal135Ytterbium
Trillium WBrown and Sticky137For a Good Time Call...
Trillium WUnited Republic of Federated Tossers133Hodge-Podge
7:30 pmKingcrestBattlecats and Friends1311BBQ
RiverfrontSucking Lemons910Cerberus
RiverfrontWAF1012Flickas in Paris
Rupert CDeep Throwits92East Van Halen
Rupert CUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")107Floppy Discs
Winona CSalt shakers134Typhoon Disc
Winona CXtreme Flickin' Hipsters98The Hanglers
Winona NBrolympus813Dirtier Sanchez
Winona NButterfingers1310Game of Throwns
Winona SHappy Stripes512Team Friendship
Winona Skill rockstars89Hobbits
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EAYCE810wRECkers
Andy Livingstone EWii (not) Fit?126Charred Siu Baos
Andy Livingstone WAt least My Disk Stays Up115H.A.M.M.E.R.
Andy Livingstone WBritches 'N Hose1213Usual Suspects
Jericho WThe Gino Odj-discs131Never Nudes
Jericho WThrowbots313Lego Inferno
Memorial SWMidlife Crisis136Super Friends!
Memorial SWNorfolk-n-Good53Princess Layout
Trillium EBEAR WARFARE136Ytterbium
Trillium EHand of Chal128Pac-Man
Trillium WBrown and Sticky134Hodge-Podge
Trillium WUnited Republic of Federated Tossers85For a Good Time Call...
Mon May 20
6:00 pm
Oak MeadowsAngryBirds 612Tastes Like Chicken
Oak MeadowsTilting Windmills713BoZo 2
Point GreyTechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionPostponedEast Infection
Point GreyThe Frizzles133Throwbocops
Winona CLittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers913G-raff A-ttack
Winona CTop Gun1312Pure Milk
Winona NHuck Bunnies137Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona NNerd Herd1110Koopa Troopas
Winona SBOO-YA-CHA-KA!137Squid Wranglers
Winona SBzzrs1013Likastik
6:30 pmBalaclavaSmiling Beavers717Pheeble
John Hendry NEDTF (Down to Flick)717Fruit Ninjas!
KingcrestEast Van Hand817CanHucks
KingcrestNotorious174Random Fling
RiverfrontBig Slick176The Floppy Discs
RiverfrontThe Huckin' CanucksCancelledThe Tossers
Trafalgar NWHuck Norris717Shaft
Trafalgar NWSpotty & the Dogs179Whatever
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDisco Nuts133Egg Salad Sandwich
Andy Livingstone EDream Big Like a Dolphin133Team Mochi
Andy Livingstone WAbsolute Chaos910Swagasaurus
Andy Livingstone WGummi Bears611FistFull of Dunwoody
Jericho WTastes Like Another130Derps on Fire
Jericho WThe Marauders130Seriously Watermelon.
Trillium ESlippery When Wet1013Hammertime
Trillium EVenom812Sneaky Peaches
7:30 pmOak MeadowsAngryBirds 135BoZo 2
Oak MeadowsTilting Windmills413Tastes Like Chicken
Point GreyTechnicolor Narwhal ExplosionPostponedThrowbocops
Point GreyThe Frizzles1312East Infection
Winona CLittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers113Pure Milk
Winona CTop Gun136G-raff A-ttack
Winona NHuck Bunnies134Koopa Troopas
Winona NNerd Herd118Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona SBOO-YA-CHA-KA!510Likastik
Winona SBzzrsCancelledSquid Wranglers
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDisco Nuts133Team Mochi
Andy Livingstone EDream Big Like a Dolphin86Egg Salad Sandwich
Andy Livingstone WAbsolute Chaos413FistFull of Dunwoody
Andy Livingstone WGummi Bears128Swagasaurus
Jericho WTastes Like Another130Seriously Watermelon.
Jericho WThe Marauders131Derps on Fire
Trillium EForrest Dump96Lawrence and the Machine
Trillium ETeam Adequate69Gator Bait
Tue May 21
6:00 pm
KingcrestSlipped DiscsDefaultWhaTheHuck
KingcrestStall Nine and Three-Quarters107Another Awesome Dump
Memorial OBourne Ultimatum1213Stranger Danger
Memorial OSoup du Jour1310Scorgasm
Oak MeadowsChronic Injury1310Rookie Monsters
Oak MeadowsFan-Flicken-Tastic1210Trudeaumania!
Rupert CDrop the Soap99Illegal Smile
Rupert CUgly Hucklings107Plaid to the Bone
Trafalgar NWH-Bar313Grey Goose
Trafalgar NWSoul Soldiers613DiscThrow Inferno
Van Tech OvalEveryday I'm Huckin' It!130The Avengers
Van Tech OvalOld Skool95Huckstables
Winona NFROG97Jokers
Winona NIt's Business Time713Huck, the Magic Dragon
Winona NKingsway's Finest711Doggie Style
Winona SIdentity Crisis133Mother I'd Like to FLICK
Winona SWrists of Fury810Harshmellows
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEPretty Kitties913It Takes Two To Huck
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECreeps 'n Weirdos133Butterfingers Summer Edition
Andy Livingstone EUltimech135Finding Glory
Memorial SWBanana Cutters139Tofu
Memorial SWragnarok813Sky Attack
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc137Betty Cracker
Trillium ELove Handlers98Trashcats
7:30 pmKingcrestSlipped Discs136Another Awesome Dump
KingcrestStall Nine and Three-QuartersForfeitedWhaTheHuck
Memorial OFlickle Me Elmo610Gritty in Pink
Memorial OFlying Discmen1311Homewreckers
Oak MeadowsChronic Injury37Trudeaumania!
Oak MeadowsFan-Flicken-Tastic126Rookie Monsters
Rupert CDrop the Soap105Plaid to the Bone
Rupert CUgly Hucklings78Illegal Smile
Trafalgar NWH-Bar136DiscThrow Inferno
Trafalgar NWSoul Soldiers213Grey Goose
Van Tech OvalEveryday I'm Huckin' It!132Huckstables
Van Tech OvalOld Skool106The Avengers
Winona NFROG97Doggie Style
Winona NGot Flab?1110What is Red May Never Die
Winona NKingsway's Finest89Jokers
Winona NUltimate BBT613Frisdom Fighters
Winona SIdentity Crisis105Harshmellows
Winona SWrists of Fury132Mother I'd Like to FLICK
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECreeps 'n Weirdos132Finding Glory
Andy Livingstone EUltimech134Butterfingers Summer Edition
Memorial SWBanana Cutters1415Sky Attack
Memorial SWragnarok613Tofu
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc137Trashcats
Trillium ELove Handlers137Betty Cracker
Wed May 22
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDim Sum Warriors313Tutus
BalaclavaEast Side Empire129Local Pint
KingcrestDiscpicable Me513Teamocil
KingcrestFriends of Friends109Couch Jockeys
Memorial OFreak Show1012Nerds huck you long time
Memorial OXuing Xuang (Ruckus)910The Spinoffs
Oak MeadowsCircular Logic713Not Today!
Oak MeadowsShimmy Shang98The Brave Potatoes
Winona CReTox138Green Beret
Winona NBatteries Not Included118"Ditto"
Winona NFrisbee Union213Redneck Rampage
Winona SRock Hard Mortals of Love213zoi
Winona SThe Unknown1011The Flatballers
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ELike a Simile136Disc Comfort
Andy Livingstone ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go136ClamWow
Jericho WCloudy With a Chance of Hammers134POP POP
Jericho WURFT 2.0138ICEMAN
Memorial SWChester Fields118Critters
Memorial SWstacks on stacks on stacks133Train Wreck
7:30 pmBalaclavaStacked138Wyld Stallyns
BalaclavaWok Don't Run97Frisbee Bears
KingcrestDiscpicable Me79Couch Jockeys
KingcrestFriends of Friends1211Teamocil
Memorial OFreak Show912The Spinoffs
Memorial OXuing Xuang (Ruckus)710Nerds huck you long time
Oak MeadowsCircular Logic613The Brave Potatoes
Oak MeadowsShimmy Shang613Not Today!
Winona CFMU913Green Beret
Winona CReTox136I AM KERRY
Winona NBatteries Not Included86Redneck Rampage
Winona NFrisbee Union126"Ditto"
Winona SFat Man and the Duck513Carnage
Winona SSippin Sunshine138Penguins in Flight
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ELike a Simile134ClamWow
Andy Livingstone ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1310Disc Comfort
Jericho WCloudy With a Chance of Hammers510ICEMAN
Jericho WURFT 2.0133POP POP
Memorial SWChester Fields127Train Wreck
Memorial SWstacks on stacks on stacks130Critters
Thu May 23
6:00 pm
KingcrestGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry135Colonel Angus
KingcrestTomato Cage126Stallions of Champions
RiverfrontHappy Stripes1310BBQ
Riverfrontkill rockstars913Flikerish
Rupert CAt least My Disk Stays Up128For a Good Time Call...
Rupert CBritches 'N Hose79Hodge-Podge
Trafalgar NWBrown and Sticky89Usual Suspects
Trafalgar NWUnited Republic of Federated Tossers511H.A.M.M.E.R.
Winona CDump on Me113Debbie Discs Dallas
Winona CTalk Nerdy To Me137Flick N Twisted
Winona NBEAR WARFARE137Hand of Chal
Winona NPac-Man313Ytterbium
Winona SNever Nudes67Lego Inferno
Winona SThe Gino Odj-discs130Throwbots
6:30 pmMemorial OFeed the Chicken1217Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Memorial OThunder Cougar Falcon Bird1710Herniated Discs
Musqueam WKids At The Pool179Afternoon Delight
Oak MeadowsDirty Skirties1715Grass Stains
Oak MeadowsGrope of 71712Egregious
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBrolympus513Butterfingers
Andy Livingstone EDirtier SanchezForfeitedGame of Throwns
Andy Livingstone WSalt shakers613Wii (not) Fit?
Andy Livingstone WXtreme Flickin' Hipsters136AYCE
Jericho WEast Van Halen133Floppy Discs
Jericho WUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")213Deep Throwits
Memorial SWDiscombobulators1217Purple Cobras
Memorial SWFlick in a Box417Swilly Nelson
Trillium EBattlecats and Friends136Team Friendship
Trillium ESSB133Hobbits
Trillium WThe Hanglers105wRECkers
Trillium WTyphoon Disc126Charred Siu Baos
7:30 pmKingcrestGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry133Stallions of Champions
KingcrestTomato Cage136Colonel Angus
RiverfrontHappy Stripes1310Flikerish
Riverfrontkill rockstars413BBQ
Rupert CAt least My Disk Stays Up138Hodge-Podge
Rupert CBritches 'N Hose135For a Good Time Call...
Trafalgar NWBrown and Sticky92H.A.M.M.E.R.
Trafalgar NWUnited Republic of Federated Tossers812Usual Suspects
Winona CDump on Me86Flick N Twisted
Winona CTalk Nerdy To Me138Debbie Discs Dallas
Winona NFlickas in Paris713Cerberus
Winona NSucking Lemons1012WAF
Winona SNever Nudes94Throwbots
Winona SThe Gino Odj-discs135Lego Inferno
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBrolympus513Game of Throwns
Andy Livingstone EDirtier Sanchez1312Butterfingers
Andy Livingstone WSalt shakers125AYCE
Andy Livingstone WXtreme Flickin' Hipsters213Wii (not) Fit?
Jericho WMidlife Crisis134Norfolk-n-Good
Jericho WPrincess Layout68Super Friends!
Trillium EBattlecats and Friends138Hobbits
Trillium ESSB136Team Friendship
Trillium WThe Hanglers613Charred Siu Baos
Trillium WTyphoon Disc128wRECkers
Mon May 27
6:00 pm
Memorial OLikastik138Squid Wranglers
Memorial OTop Gun159Little Lebowski's Urban Acheivers
Oak MeadowsTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion1011Koopa Troopas
Oak MeadowsThe Frizzles79Neon Disc-zaster!
Point GreyGator Bait913Hammertime
Point GreyTeam Adequate135Slippery When Wet
Winona CDisco Nuts137Dream Big Like a Dolphin
Winona CSwagasaurus213FistFull of Dunwoody
Winona NSneaky Peaches1012Lawrence and the Machine
Winona NVenom88Forrest Dump
6:30 pmBalaclavaEast Van Hand1417Random Fling
John Hendry NEAngryBirds 174Tilting Windmills
KingcrestSmiling Beavers1117Spotty & the Dogs
Trafalgar NWBig Slick177The Tossers
Trafalgar NWThe Huckin' Canucks177The Floppy Discs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ETastes Like Another513Tastes Like Chicken
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders135BoZo 2
Andy Livingstone WDTF (Down to Flick)37Derps on Fire
Andy Livingstone WFruit Ninjas!132Seriously Watermelon.
Memorial SWPheebleCancelledHuck Norris
Trillium WHuck Bunnies135Throwbocops
Trillium WNerd Herd713East Infection
7:30 pmMemorial OBzzrs137BOO-YA-CHA-KA!
Memorial OPure Milk1013G-raff A-ttack
Oak MeadowsTechnicolor Narwhal Explosion612Neon Disc-zaster!
Oak MeadowsThe Frizzles129Koopa Troopas
Point GreyGator Bait1013Slippery When Wet
Point GreyTeam Adequate134Hammertime
Winona CAbsolute Chaos213Gummi Bears
Winona CEgg Salad SandwichPostponedTeam Mochi
Winona NSneaky Peaches135Forrest Dump
Winona NVenom39Lawrence and the Machine
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ETastes Like Another813BoZo 2
Andy Livingstone EThe Marauders613Tastes Like Chicken
Andy Livingstone WDTF (Down to Flick)113Seriously Watermelon.
Andy Livingstone WFruit Ninjas!132Derps on Fire
Trillium WHuck Bunnies137East Infection
Trillium WNerd HerdThrowbocops
Tue May 28
6:00 pm
BalaclavaSlipped Discs1113Rookie Monsters
BalaclavaStall Nine and Three-Quarters137Trudeaumania!
KingcrestIdentity CrisisCancelledFinding Glory
KingcrestWrists of FuryCancelledButterfingers Summer Edition
Memorial OBetty Cracker1917Trashcats
Memorial Oragnarok713Banana Cutters
Oak MeadowsCreeps 'n Weirdos133Harshmellows
Oak MeadowsUltimech67Mother I'd Like to FLICK
Rupert CBourne Ultimatum1012Flying Discmen
Rupert CStranger Danger138Homewreckers
Trafalgar NWIt Takes Two To Huck131WhaTheHuck
Trafalgar NWPretty Kitties118Another Awesome Dump
Van Tech OvalFlickle Me Elmo139Soup du Jour
Van Tech OvalGritty in Pink1310Scorgasm
Winona CDoggie Style139Jokers
Winona CH-BarPostponedSoul Soldiers
Winona SDrop the Soap134The Avengers
Winona SUgly Hucklings135Huckstables
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEFan-Flicken-Tastic137Chronic Injury
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EEveryday I'm Huckin' It!138Illegal Smile
Andy Livingstone EOld Skool95Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWThrow Some D's139Got Flab?
Memorial SWULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION812What is Red May Never Die
Trillium EFrisdom Fighters89Huck, the Magic Dragon
Trillium EUltimate BBT127It's Business Time
7:30 pmBalaclavaSlipped Discs99Trudeaumania!
BalaclavaStall Nine and Three-Quarters1112Rookie Monsters
KingcrestIdentity CrisisCancelledButterfingers Summer Edition
KingcrestWrists of FuryCancelledFinding Glory
Memorial ODark Side Of The Disc138Love Handlers
Memorial OSky AttackCancelledTofu
Oak MeadowsCreeps 'n Weirdos123Mother I'd Like to FLICK
Oak MeadowsUltimech134Harshmellows
Rupert CBourne Ultimatum1011Homewreckers
Rupert CStranger Danger119Flying Discmen
Trafalgar NWIt Takes Two To Huck1310Another Awesome Dump
Trafalgar NWPretty Kitties103WhaTheHuck
Van Tech OvalFlickle Me Elmo1213Scorgasm
Van Tech OvalGritty in Pink137Soup du Jour
Winona CGrey GooseCancelledDiscThrow Inferno
Winona CKingsway's Finest137FROG
Winona SDrop the Soap136Huckstables
Winona SUgly Hucklings135The Avengers
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EEveryday I'm Huckin' It!131Plaid to the Bone
Andy Livingstone EOld Skool1113Illegal Smile
Memorial SWThrow Some D's52What is Red May Never Die
Trillium EFrisdom Fighters136It's Business Time
Trillium EUltimate BBT710Huck, the Magic Dragon
Wed May 29
6:00 pm
BalaclavaCloudy With a Chance of Hammers213URFT 2.0
BalaclavaThe Brave Potatoes1213Not Today!
KingcrestRock Hard Mortals of Love911Sippin Sunshine
Kingcrestzoi138Penguins in Flight
Memorial OBatteries Not Included117Teamocil
Memorial OFrisbee Union510Couch Jockeys
Oak MeadowsFreak Show137Critters
Oak MeadowsXuing Xuang (Ruckus)ForfeitedTrain Wreck
Winona CDim Sum WarriorsPostponedWok Don't Run
Winona CTutusPostponedFrisbee Bears
Winona NCarnage1012The Flatballers
Winona NFat Man and the Duck513The Unknown
Winona SDisc Comfort137ClamWow
Winona SFMUPostponedReTox
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EStacked116East Side Empire
Andy Livingstone EWyld Stallyns135Local Pint
Jericho WChester Fields77Nerds huck you long time
Jericho Wstacks on stacks on stacks134The Spinoffs
Memorial SWDiscpicable Me913"Ditto"
Memorial SWFriends of Friends613Redneck Rampage
7:30 pmBalaclavaPOP POP417ICEMAN
BalaclavaShimmy Shang136Circular Logic
KingcrestRock Hard Mortals of Love910Penguins in Flight
KingcrestzoiCancelledSippin Sunshine
Memorial OBatteries Not Included135Couch Jockeys
Memorial OFrisbee Union612Teamocil
Oak MeadowsFreak ShowDefaultTrain Wreck
Oak MeadowsXuing Xuang (Ruckus)DefaultCritters
Winona CDim Sum WarriorsPostponedFrisbee Bears
Winona CTutusPostponedWok Don't Run
Winona NCarnage139The Unknown
Winona NFat Man and the Duck313The Flatballers
Winona SI AM KERRY1312Green Beret
Winona SLike a Simile1415Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EStacked62Local Pint
Andy Livingstone EWyld Stallyns137East Side Empire
Jericho WChester Fields812The Spinoffs
Jericho Wstacks on stacks on stacks96Nerds huck you long time
Memorial SWDiscpicable Me412Redneck Rampage
Memorial SWFriends of Friends513"Ditto"
Thu May 30
6:00 pm
KingcrestDeep Throwits135Super Friends!
KingcrestUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")912Princess Layout
Memorial OThe Hanglers313Wii (not) Fit?
Memorial OTyphoon Disc78AYCE
RiverfrontNever Nudes89Colonel Angus
RiverfrontThe Gino Odj-discs116Stallions of Champions
Rupert CSalt shakers88wRECkers
Rupert CXtreme Flickin' Hipsters131Charred Siu Baos
Winona CBEAR WARFARE84Flickas in Paris
Winona CHand of Chal813Cerberus
Winona NBBQ1310Flikerish
Winona NSSB1113Battlecats and Friends
Winona SMidlife Crisis413East Van Halen
Winona SNorfolk-n-Good109Floppy Discs
6:30 pmMusqueam WGrass Stains1217Kids At The Pool
Oak MeadowsFeed the Chicken1311Herniated Discs
Oak MeadowsThunder Cougar Falcon Bird817Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Trafalgar NWDiscombobulators1117Swilly Nelson
Trafalgar NWFlick in a Box817Purple Cobras
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ESucking Lemons1310Pac-Man
Andy Livingstone EWAF1312Ytterbium
Andy Livingstone WDump on Me413Butterfingers
Andy Livingstone WTalk Nerdy To Me913Game of Throwns
Jericho WAt least My Disk Stays Up138Britches 'N Hose
Jericho WUsual Suspects137H.A.M.M.E.R.
Memorial SWAfternoon Delight617Egregious
Memorial SWDirty Skirties1713Grope of 7
Trillium EGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry1210Lego Inferno
Trillium ETomato Cage132Throwbots
Trillium WBrolympus1011Debbie Discs Dallas
Trillium WDirtier Sanchez1113Flick N Twisted
7:30 pmKingcrestDeep Throwits117Princess Layout
KingcrestUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")610Super Friends!
Memorial OThe Hanglers412AYCE
Memorial OTyphoon Disc613Wii (not) Fit?
RiverfrontNever Nudes78Stallions of Champions
RiverfrontThe Gino Odj-discs910Colonel Angus
Rupert CSalt shakers136Charred Siu Baos
Rupert CXtreme Flickin' Hipsters136wRECkers
Winona CBEAR WARFARE913Cerberus
Winona CHand of Chal812Flickas in Paris
Winona NHappy Stripes177kill rockstars
Winona NHobbits1311Team Friendship
Winona SMidlife Crisis610Floppy Discs
Winona SNorfolk-n-Good813East Van Halen
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ESucking Lemons136Ytterbium
Andy Livingstone EWAF66Pac-Man
Andy Livingstone WDump on Me69Game of Throwns
Andy Livingstone WTalk Nerdy To Me512Butterfingers
Jericho WBrown and Sticky135United Republic of Federated Tossers
Jericho WFor a Good Time Call...510Hodge-Podge
Trillium EGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry133Throwbots
Trillium ETomato Cage133Lego Inferno
Trillium WBrolympus116Flick N Twisted
Trillium WDirtier Sanchez912Debbie Discs Dallas
Mon Jun 3
6:00 pm
Memorial OKoopa Troopas133BoZo 2
Memorial OThrowbocops108The Marauders
Oak MeadowsG-raff A-ttack1311Little Lebowski's Urban Acheivers
Oak MeadowsTop Gun135Pure Milk
Point GreyBOO-YA-CHA-KA!137Sneaky Peaches
Point GreyLikastik1013Bzzrs
Winona CEast Infection137Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona CSlippery When Wet913The Frizzles
Winona NFruit Ninjas!135Seriously Watermelon.
Winona NTastes Like Another105Tilting Windmills
Winona SNerd Herd313Tastes Like Chicken
Winona STechnicolor Narwhal Explosion106AngryBirds
6:30 pmBalaclavaHuck Norris1618Whatever
Jericho ESwagasaurus510Absolute Chaos
Jericho ETeam Mochi56Egg Salad Sandwich
KingcrestBig Slick1317CanHucks
KingcrestThe Huckin' Canucks1116Random Fling
Trafalgar NWPheeble1715Spotty & the Dogs
Trafalgar NWSmiling Beavers1617Shaft
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ELawrence and the Machine713Forrest Dump
Andy Livingstone EVenom913Huck Bunnies
Andy Livingstone WHammertime1312Gator Bait
Andy Livingstone WSquid Wranglers813Team Adequate
Jericho WDerps on Fire116DTF (Down to Flick)
Jericho WGummi Bears1212Dream Big Like a Dolphin
Memorial SWEast Van Hand179The Floppy Discs
Memorial SWNotorious176The Tossers
Trillium WDisco Nuts178FistFull of Dunwoody
7:30 pmMemorial OKoopa Troopas129The Marauders
Memorial OThrowbocops133BoZo 2
Oak MeadowsG-raff A-ttack1312Pure Milk
Oak MeadowsTop Gun1310Little Lebowski's Urban Acheivers
Point GreyBOO-YA-CHA-KA!1310Bzzrs
Point GreyLikastik138Sneaky Peaches
Winona CEast Infection913The Frizzles
Winona CSlippery When Wet1113Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona NFruit Ninjas!108Tilting Windmills
Winona NTastes Like Another138Seriously Watermelon.
Winona SNerd Herd138AngryBirds
Winona STechnicolor Narwhal Explosion213Tastes Like Chicken
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ELawrence and the Machine513Huck Bunnies
Andy Livingstone EVenom713Forrest Dump
Andy Livingstone WHammertime911Team Adequate
Andy Livingstone WSquid Wranglers1311Gator Bait
Tue Jun 4
6:00 pm
BalaclavaIllegal Smile1213Ugly Hucklings
BalaclavaScorgasm513Drop the Soap
Jericho EIt Takes Two To Huck144Slipped Discs
Jericho EStall Nine and Three-Quarters1310Rookie Monsters
Memorial OFrisdom Fighters118It's Business Time
Oak MeadowsFinding Glory1011Pretty Kitties
Oak MeadowsTrudeaumania!1311Chronic Injury
Rupert CBanana Cutters138Dark Side Of The Disc
Rupert CSky Attack138Love Handlers
Trafalgar NWOld Skool77The Avengers
Trafalgar NWPlaid to the Bone513Creeps 'n Weirdos
Van Tech OvalBetty Cracker413Tofu
Van Tech OvalTrashcats710Stranger Danger
Winona CGritty in Pink1312Flickle Me Elmo
Winona CHomewreckers413Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Winona NFlying DiscmenBourne Ultimatum
Winona Nragnarok133Soup du Jour
Winona SHuck, the Magic Dragon126What is Red May Never Die
Winona SSoul SoldiersForfeitedGot Flab?
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEAnother Awesome Dump713Grey Goose
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EHuckstables313Identity Crisis
Andy Livingstone EMother I'd Like to FLICK911Wrists of Fury
Memorial SWDiscThrow Inferno812FROG
Memorial SWWhaTheHuck413Doggie Style
Trillium EH-Bar613Throw Some D's
Trillium EJokers119Kingsway's Finest
7:30 pmBalaclavaIllegal Smile1113Drop the Soap
BalaclavaScorgasm1013Ugly Hucklings
Jericho EIt Takes Two To Huck1113Rookie Monsters
Jericho EStall Nine and Three-Quarters144Slipped Discs
Memorial OFrisdom Fighters1311Ultimate BBT
Memorial OULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION138It's Business Time
Oak MeadowsFinding Glory512Chronic Injury
Oak MeadowsTrudeaumania!412Pretty Kitties
Rupert CBanana Cutters136Love Handlers
Rupert CSky Attack133Dark Side Of The Disc
Trafalgar NWOld Skool413Creeps 'n Weirdos
Trafalgar NWPlaid to the Bone134The Avengers
Van Tech OvalBetty Cracker1214Stranger Danger
Van Tech OvalTrashcats113Tofu
Winona CGritty in Pink513Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Winona CHomewreckers135Flickle Me Elmo
Winona NFlying Discmen139Soup du Jour
Winona Nragnarok1311Bourne Ultimatum
Winona SHuck, the Magic Dragon107Got Flab?
Winona SSoul Soldiers108What is Red May Never Die
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EButterfingers Summer Edition413Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Andy Livingstone EUltimech136Harshmellows
Memorial SWDiscThrow Inferno1111Doggie Style
Memorial SWWhaTheHuck59FROG
Trillium EH-Bar48Kingsway's Finest
Trillium EJokers913Throw Some D's
Wed Jun 5
6:00 pm
Adanac NWFat Man and the Duck613"Ditto"
Adanac NWRedneck Rampage138Couch Jockeys
BalaclavaPOP POP611Stacked
BalaclavaShimmy Shang132The Brave Potatoes
Jericho EDisc Comfort119Carnage
Jericho EI AM KERRY137The Flatballers
KingcrestDim Sum Warriors75Local Pint
KingcrestEast Side Empire96Frisbee Bears
Memorial OCritters67Freak Show
Memorial ODiscpicable Me710Nerds huck you long time
Oak MeadowsClamWow1012zoi
Oak MeadowsFMU137The Unknown
Rupert CFriends of Friends1110stacks on stacks on stacks
Rupert CFrisbee Union213Teamocil
Trafalgar NWICEMAN67Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Trafalgar NWTrain Wreck113Not Today!
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EPenguins in Flight1312Batteries Not Included
Andy Livingstone ESippin Sunshine138Rock Hard Mortals of Love
Jericho WLike a Simile1310Green Beret
Jericho WReTox1311Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Memorial SWCircular Logic613Wyld Stallyns
Memorial SWTutus126Wok Don't Run
7:30 pmAdanac NWFat Man and the Duck1311Couch Jockeys
Adanac NWRedneck Rampage1513"Ditto"
BalaclavaPOP POP513The Brave Potatoes
BalaclavaShimmy Shang813Stacked
Jericho EDisc Comfort1210The Flatballers
Jericho EI AM KERRY135Carnage
KingcrestDim Sum Warriors88Frisbee Bears
KingcrestEast Side Empire135Local Pint
Memorial OChester Fields613URFT 2.0
Memorial OXuing Xuang (Ruckus)132The Spinoffs
Oak MeadowsClamWow1012The Unknown
Oak MeadowsFMU137zoi
Rupert CFriends of Friends1310Teamocil
Rupert CFrisbee Union1013stacks on stacks on stacks
Trafalgar NWICEMAN1310Not Today!
Trafalgar NWTrain Wreck56Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EPenguins in Flight1110Rock Hard Mortals of Love
Andy Livingstone ESippin Sunshine138Batteries Not Included
Jericho WLike a Simile1113Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Jericho WReTox137Green Beret
Memorial SWCircular Logic713Wok Don't Run
Memorial SWTutus136Wyld Stallyns
Thu Jun 6
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFlick N Twisted1311Xtreme Flickin' Hipsters
BalaclavawRECkers613Charred Siu Baos
KingcrestTalk Nerdy To Me1211Debbie Discs Dallas
Oak MeadowsLego Inferno78Never Nudes
Oak MeadowsStallions of Champions97Throwbots
RiverfrontTeam Friendship1013Hobbits
Rupert CBattlecats and Friends910Happy Stripes
Rupert CSSBDefaultBBQ
Winona CColonel Angus811The Gino Odj-discs
Winona CUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")79Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Winona NFloppy Discs59Princess Layout
Winona NSuper Friends!113Tomato Cage
Winona SBrolympus139Dump on Me
Winona SDirtier Sanchez813Wii (not) Fit?
6:30 pmMemorial OFeed the Chicken1618Purple Cobras
Memorial OThunder Cougar Falcon Bird817Swilly Nelson
Musqueam WKids At The Pool1712Egregious
Trafalgar NWDirty Skirties1711Afternoon Delight
Trafalgar NWGrass Stains1712Grope of 7
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBEAR WARFARE117Hand of Chal
Andy Livingstone Ekill rockstarsCancelledSucking Lemons
Andy Livingstone WFlickas in Paris136Ytterbium
Andy Livingstone WWAF412Game of Throwns
Jericho WThe Hanglers413Brown and Sticky
Jericho WUsual Suspects133H.A.M.M.E.R.
Memorial SWDiscombobulators1715Beer Battered Juicy Chickens
Memorial SWFlick in a Box1511Herniated Discs
Trillium EHodge-Podge412Deep Throwits
Trillium EUnited Republic of Federated Tossers135Britches 'N Hose
Trillium WEast Van Halen911Midlife Crisis
Trillium WFor a Good Time Call...118Norfolk-n-Good
7:30 pmBalaclavaAt least My Disk Stays Up134AYCE
BalaclavaSalt shakers159Typhoon Disc
KingcrestPac-Man1310Debbie Discs Dallas
KingcrestTalk Nerdy To Me1013Butterfingers
Oak MeadowsLego Inferno132Throwbots
Oak MeadowsStallions of Champions69Never Nudes
RiverfrontTeam Friendship713Cerberus
Rupert CBattlecats and Friends138BBQ
Rupert CSSBForfeitedHappy Stripes
Winona CColonel Angus810Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Winona CUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")113The Gino Odj-discs
Winona NFloppy Discs513Tomato Cage
Winona NSuper Friends!68Princess Layout
Winona SBrolympus611Wii (not) Fit?
Winona SDirtier Sanchez1113Dump on Me
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBEAR WARFARE613Sucking Lemons
Andy Livingstone Ekill rockstarsCancelledHand of Chal
Andy Livingstone WFlickas in Paris813Game of Throwns
Andy Livingstone WWAF119Ytterbium
Jericho WThe Hanglers119H.A.M.M.E.R.
Jericho WUsual Suspects129Brown and Sticky
Trillium EHodge-Podge1310Britches 'N Hose
Trillium EUnited Republic of Federated Tossers139Deep Throwits
Trillium WEast Van Halen138Norfolk-n-Good
Trillium WFor a Good Time Call...89Midlife Crisis
Mon Jun 10
6:00 pm
Jericho ESeriously Watermelon.113Disco Nuts
Jericho ETilting Windmills111FistFull of Dunwoody
Memorial ONerd Herd134Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Memorial OSlippery When Wet1013East Infection
Oak MeadowsDerps on Fire313Gummi Bears
Oak MeadowsDTF (Down to Flick)413Dream Big Like a Dolphin
Point GreyAbsolute Chaos106Egg Salad Sandwich
Point GreySwagasaurus510Team Mochi
Winona CHammertime413Venom
Winona CSquid Wranglers119Lawrence and the Machine
Winona SGator Bait1011Huck Bunnies
Winona STeam Adequate136Forrest Dump
6:30 pmBalaclavaBig Slick1417Notorious
BalaclavaShaft717Spotty & the Dogs
KingcrestEast Van Hand1617The Floppy Discs
KingcrestWhatever1715Huck Norris
Trafalgar NWPheeble1715CanHucks
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ELittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers135Sneaky Peaches
Andy Livingstone EPure Milk134Bzzrs
Andy Livingstone WG-raff A-ttack137BOO-YA-CHA-KA!
Andy Livingstone WTop Gun105Likastik
Jericho WBoZo 2812Tastes Like Another
Jericho WThe Marauders135Fruit Ninjas!
Memorial SWSmiling Beavers910Random Fling
Memorial SWThe Huckin' Canucks1415The Tossers
Trillium WThrowbocops911Koopa Troopas
7:30 pmJericho ESeriously Watermelon.113FistFull of Dunwoody
Jericho ETilting Windmills313Disco Nuts
Memorial OTastes Like Chicken136AngryBirds
Memorial OThe Frizzles177Neon Disc-zaster!
Oak MeadowsDerps on Fire313Dream Big Like a Dolphin
Oak MeadowsDTF (Down to Flick)513Gummi Bears
Point GreyAbsolute Chaos138Team Mochi
Point GreySwagasaurus98Egg Salad Sandwich
Winona CHammertime1311Lawrence and the Machine
Winona CSquid Wranglers1013Venom
Winona SGator Bait135Forrest Dump
Winona STeam Adequate712Huck Bunnies
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ELittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers1310Bzzrs
Andy Livingstone EPure Milk133Sneaky Peaches
Andy Livingstone WG-raff A-ttack137Likastik
Andy Livingstone WTop Gun1310BOO-YA-CHA-KA!
Jericho WBoZo 2913Fruit Ninjas!
Jericho WThe Marauders138Tastes Like Another
Tue Jun 11
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFlying Discmen813Homewreckers
Balaclavaragnarok911Gritty in Pink
Jericho EMother I'd Like to FLICK106Butterfingers Summer Edition
Jericho EWrists of Fury712Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Memorial ODoggie Style510Kingsway's Finest
Memorial OFROG69Throw Some D's
Oak MeadowsHuckstables1010Ultimech
Oak MeadowsIdentity Crisis133Harshmellows
Rupert CHuck, the Magic Dragon612Frisdom Fighters
Trafalgar NWBourne Ultimatum713Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Trafalgar NWSoup du Jour117Flickle Me Elmo
Van Tech OvalGot Flab?108Ultimate BBT
Van Tech OvalWhat is Red May Never Die58It's Business Time
Winona CDark Side Of The Disc137Tofu
Winona CLove Handlers1211Stranger Danger
Winona NBanana Cutters136Betty Cracker
Winona NSky Attack135Trashcats
Winona SDiscThrow Inferno1013H-Bar
Winona SWhaTheHuck413Jokers
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEFinding Glory1712Trudeaumania!
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EOld Skool510Plaid to the Bone
Andy Livingstone EScorgasm413Illegal Smile
Memorial SWChronic Injury137It Takes Two To Huck
Memorial SWPretty Kitties912Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
Trillium ERookie Monsters119Another Awesome Dump
Trillium ESlipped Discs513Grey Goose
7:30 pmBalaclavaFlying Discmen1210Gritty in Pink
Jericho EMother I'd Like to FLICK813Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Jericho EWrists of Fury132Butterfingers Summer Edition
Memorial ODoggie Style713Throw Some D's
Memorial OFROG710Kingsway's Finest
Oak MeadowsHuckstables133Harshmellows
Oak MeadowsIdentity Crisis1010Ultimech
Rupert CHuck, the Magic Dragon109ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Rupert CSoul Soldiers1011Frisdom Fighters
Trafalgar NWBourne UltimatumPostponedFlickle Me Elmo
Trafalgar NWSoup du Jour513Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Van Tech OvalGot Flab?117It's Business Time
Van Tech OvalWhat is Red May Never Die1310Ultimate BBT
Winona CDark Side Of The Disc136Stranger Danger
Winona CLove Handlers137Tofu
Winona NBanana Cutters138Trashcats
Winona NSky Attack133Betty Cracker
Winona SDiscThrow Inferno1113Jokers
Winona SWhaTheHuck614H-Bar
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDrop the Soap117Ugly Hucklings
Andy Livingstone EThe Avengers1113Creeps 'n Weirdos
Memorial SWChronic Injury813Stall Nine and Three-Quarters
Memorial SWPretty Kitties119It Takes Two To Huck
Trillium ERookie Monsters711Grey Goose
Trillium ESlipped Discs97Another Awesome Dump
Wed Jun 12
6:00 pm
Adanac NWClamWow1113Penguins in Flight
Adanac NWFMU813Sippin Sunshine
BalaclavaCritters48Chester Fields
BalaclavaFreak Show013URFT 2.0
Jericho EWok Don't Run85Local Pint
Jericho EWyld Stallyns107Frisbee Bears
KingcrestCloudy With a Chance of Hammers713Stacked
KingcrestNot Today!1213The Brave Potatoes
Memorial OFat Man and the Duck1312Redneck Rampage
Memorial OFrisbee Union1012Friends of Friends
Oak MeadowsLike a Simile134Disc Comfort
Oak MeadowsReTox94I AM KERRY
Rupert CThe Unknown117Rock Hard Mortals of Love
Rupert Czoi713Batteries Not Included
Trafalgar NWDiscpicable Me812Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
Trafalgar NWNerds huck you long time107The Spinoffs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGreen Beret713Carnage
Andy Livingstone ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go137The Flatballers
Jericho WCircular LogicDefaultEast Side Empire
Jericho WTutus106Dim Sum Warriors
Memorial SWTrain Wreck513Shimmy Shang
7:30 pmAdanac NWClamWow1013Sippin Sunshine
Adanac NWFMU137Penguins in Flight
BalaclavaCritters212URFT 2.0
BalaclavaFreak Show118Chester Fields
Jericho EWok Don't Run75Frisbee Bears
Jericho EWyld Stallyns130Local Pint
KingcrestCloudy With a Chance of Hammers713The Brave Potatoes
KingcrestNot Today!713Stacked
Memorial O"Ditto"1311Couch Jockeys
Memorial OTeamocil1214stacks on stacks on stacks
Oak MeadowsLike a Simile1213I AM KERRY
Oak MeadowsReTox136Disc Comfort
Rupert CThe Unknown1013Batteries Not Included
Rupert Czoi1310Rock Hard Mortals of Love
Trafalgar NWDiscpicable Me134The Spinoffs
Trafalgar NWNerds huck you long time713Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EGreen Beret1012The Flatballers
Andy Livingstone ESuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go136Carnage
Jericho WCircular Logic46Dim Sum Warriors
Jericho WTutus137East Side Empire
Memorial SWICEMAN137Shimmy Shang
Memorial SWTrain Wreck1213POP POP
Thu Jun 13
6:00 pm
BalaclavaDirtier Sanchez1112Brolympus
BalaclavaPac-Man713Talk Nerdy To Me
KingcrestBEAR WARFAREFlickas in Paris
Kingcrestkill rockstars135WAF
RiverfrontMidlife Crisis67Princess Layout
RiverfrontNorfolk-n-Good1213Tomato Cage
Rupert CLego Inferno135Stallions of Champions
Rupert CUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")49Colonel Angus
Winona CEast Van Halen135Floppy Discs
Winona CFor a Good Time Call...106Super Friends!
Winona NBrown and Sticky132Britches 'N Hose
Winona NH.A.M.M.E.R.123Deep Throwits
Winona SHand of Chal513Ytterbium
Winona SSucking Lemons713Game of Throwns
6:30 pmMemorial OKids At The Pool1714Swilly Nelson
Oak MeadowsBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1613Feed the Chicken
Oak MeadowsThunder Cougar Falcon Bird158Herniated Discs
Trafalgar NWAfternoon Delight1716Purple Cobras
Trafalgar NWDiscombobulators135Flick in a Box
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBattlecats and Friends136Team Friendship
Andy Livingstone ESSB1013Flikerish
Andy Livingstone WBBQ913Cerberus
Andy Livingstone WHappy Stripes137Hobbits
Jericho WFlick N Twisted913Salt shakers
Jericho WXtreme Flickin' Hipsters1011Typhoon Disc
Memorial SWEgregiousForfeitedDirty Skirties
Memorial SWGrope of 71617Grass Stains
Trillium ECharred Siu Baos57AYCE
Trillium EwRECkers313At least My Disk Stays Up
Trillium WThe Hanglers28United Republic of Federated Tossers
Trillium WUsual Suspects134Hodge-Podge
7:30 pmBalaclavaButterfingers1310Debbie Discs Dallas
BalaclavaWii (not) Fit?139Dump on Me
Kingcrestkill rockstars136Flickas in Paris
RiverfrontMidlife Crisis613Tomato Cage
RiverfrontNorfolk-n-Good711Princess Layout
Rupert CGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry513The Gino Odj-discs
Rupert CNever Nudes83Throwbots
Winona CEast Van Halen135Super Friends!
Winona CFor a Good Time Call...1112Floppy Discs
Winona NBrown and Sticky135Deep Throwits
Winona NH.A.M.M.E.R.116Britches 'N Hose
Winona SHand of Chal713Game of Throwns
Winona SSucking Lemons137Ytterbium
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EBattlecats and Friends137Flikerish
Andy Livingstone ESSB129Team Friendship
Andy Livingstone WBBQ1310Hobbits
Andy Livingstone WHappy Stripes137Cerberus
Jericho WFlick N Twisted78Typhoon Disc
Jericho WXtreme Flickin' Hipsters813Salt shakers
Trillium ECharred Siu Baos113At least My Disk Stays Up
Trillium EwRECkers911AYCE
Trillium WThe Hanglers1210Hodge-Podge
Trillium WUsual Suspects133United Republic of Federated Tossers
Mon Jun 17
6:00 pm
Memorial OLawrence and the Machine1214Venom
Memorial OSquid Wranglers1015Hammertime
Oak MeadowsKoopa Troopas76FistFull of Dunwoody
Oak MeadowsThrowbocops613Disco Nuts
Point GreyBoZo 2117Tilting Windmills
Point GreyThe Marauders135Seriously Watermelon.
Winona CG-raff A-ttack127Sneaky Peaches
Winona CTop Gun132Bzzrs
Winona NEast Infection135Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Winona NSlippery When Wet513Nerd Herd
Winona SLittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers139BOO-YA-CHA-KA!
Winona SPure Milk1113Likastik
6:30 pmBalaclavaSmiling Beavers1710Huck Norris
BalaclavaWhatever1713Random Fling
KingcrestPheeble1710Big Slick
KingcrestSpotty & the Dogs1517Notorious
Trafalgar NWEast Van Hand1712The Tossers
Trafalgar NWThe Huckin' Canucks1210The Floppy Discs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EDream Big Like a DolphinCancelledEgg Salad Sandwich
Andy Livingstone EGummi Bears132Team Mochi
Andy Livingstone WDerps on Fire913Swagasaurus
Andy Livingstone WDTF (Down to Flick)47Absolute Chaos
Jericho WNeon Disc-zaster!1413AngryBirds
Jericho WThe Frizzles912Tastes Like Chicken
Memorial SWShaft1317CanHucks
Trillium WFruit Ninjas!1712Tastes Like Another
7:30 pmMemorial OForrest Dump1312Huck Bunnies
Memorial OTeam Adequate1013Gator Bait
Oak MeadowsKoopa Troopas213Disco Nuts
Oak MeadowsThrowbocops55FistFull of Dunwoody
Point GreyBoZo 2131Seriously Watermelon.
Point GreyThe Marauders411Tilting Windmills
Winona CG-raff A-ttack130Bzzrs
Winona CTop Gun130Sneaky Peaches
Winona NEast Infection139Nerd Herd
Winona NSlippery When Wet911Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Winona SLittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers136Likastik
Winona SPure Milk1311BOO-YA-CHA-KA!
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDream Big Like a Dolphin131Team Mochi
Andy Livingstone EGummi BearsForfeitedEgg Salad Sandwich
Andy Livingstone WDerps on Fire813Absolute Chaos
Andy Livingstone WDTF (Down to Flick)DefaultSwagasaurus
Jericho WNeon Disc-zaster!713Tastes Like Chicken
Jericho WThe FrizzlesDefaultAngryBirds
Tue Jun 18
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBanana Cutters135Tofu
BalaclavaSky Attack137Stranger Danger
Jericho EDrop the Soap138The Avengers
Jericho EUgly Hucklings813Creeps 'n Weirdos
Memorial OChronic Injury513Slipped Discs
Memorial OPretty Kitties1310Rookie Monsters
Oak MeadowsIllegal Smile133Plaid to the Bone
Oak MeadowsScorgasm109Old Skool
Rupert CDiscThrow Inferno98Throw Some D's
Rupert CWhaTheHuckKingsway's Finest
Trafalgar NWDark Side Of The Disc135Betty Cracker
Trafalgar NWLove Handlers135Trashcats
Van Tech OvalDoggie Style88Jokers
Van Tech OvalFROG613H-Bar
Winona CSoul Soldiers79Huck, the Magic Dragon
Winona SFinding Glory613Another Awesome Dump
Winona STrudeaumania!613Grey Goose
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEStall Nine and Three-Quarters1017It Takes Two To Huck
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EGritty in Pink1211Homewreckers
Andy Livingstone Eragnarok1410Flying Discmen
Memorial SWHuckstables88Mother I'd Like to FLICK
Memorial SWIdentity Crisis134Wrists of Fury
Trillium EHarshmellows613Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Trillium EUltimech611Butterfingers Summer Edition
7:30 pmBalaclavaBanana Cutters138Stranger Danger
BalaclavaSky Attack136Tofu
Jericho EDrop the Soap1011Creeps 'n Weirdos
Jericho EUgly Hucklings1310The Avengers
Memorial OChronic Injury613Rookie Monsters
Memorial OPretty Kitties133Slipped Discs
Oak MeadowsIllegal Smile1312Old Skool
Oak MeadowsScorgasm129Plaid to the Bone
Rupert CDiscThrow Inferno97Kingsway's Finest
Rupert CWhaTheHuckThrow Some D's
Trafalgar NWDark Side Of The Disc136Trashcats
Trafalgar NWLove Handlers139Betty Cracker
Van Tech OvalDoggie Style137H-Bar
Van Tech OvalFROG513Jokers
Winona CGot Flab?137What is Red May Never Die
Winona CUltimate BBT1113It's Business Time
Winona SFinding Glory813Grey Goose
Winona STrudeaumania!713Another Awesome Dump
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFlickle Me Elmo613Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Andy Livingstone ESoup du Jour713Bourne Ultimatum
Memorial SWHuckstables913Wrists of Fury
Memorial SWIdentity Crisis132Mother I'd Like to FLICK
Trillium EHarshmellows135Butterfingers Summer Edition
Trillium EUltimech513Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Wed Jun 19
6:00 pm
Adanac NWLike a Simile1310Carnage
Adanac NWReTox137The Flatballers
BalaclavaCouch Jockeys137stacks on stacks on stacks
Jericho ECloudy With a Chance of Hammers68POP POP
Jericho ENot Today!1310Shimmy Shang
KingcrestThe Spinoffs413URFT 2.0
KingcrestXuing Xuang (Ruckus)128Chester Fields
Memorial OFMUDefaultClamWow
Memorial OSippin SunshinePenguins in Flight
Oak MeadowsCircular Logic78Tutus
Oak MeadowsEast Side Empire813Dim Sum Warriors
Rupert CGreen Beret1013Disc Comfort
Rupert CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go1210I AM KERRY
Trafalgar NWFat Man and the Duck813Frisbee Union
Trafalgar NWRedneck Rampage1213Friends of Friends
7:00 pmJericho WICEMAN139Stacked
Jericho WTrain WreckForfeitedThe Brave Potatoes
Memorial SWDiscpicable Me117Critters
Memorial SWNerds huck you long time99Freak Show
7:30 pmAdanac NWLike a Simile135The Flatballers
Adanac NWReTox134Carnage
Balaclava"Ditto"135stacks on stacks on stacks
BalaclavaCouch Jockeys135Teamocil
Jericho ECloudy With a Chance of Hammers98Shimmy Shang
Jericho ENot Today!138POP POP
KingcrestThe Spinoffs1310Chester Fields
KingcrestXuing Xuang (Ruckus)1314URFT 2.0
Memorial ORock Hard Mortals of Love613Batteries Not Included
Memorial OThe Unknown1412zoi
Oak MeadowsFrisbee Bears 78Local Pint
Oak MeadowsWyld Stallyns137Wok Don't Run
Rupert CGreen Beret1013I AM KERRY
Rupert CSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go134Disc Comfort
Trafalgar NWFat Man and the Duck1213Friends of Friends
Trafalgar NWRedneck Rampage1112Frisbee Union
8:30 pmJericho WICEMAN1310The Brave Potatoes
Jericho WTrain WreckForfeitedStacked
Memorial SWDiscpicable Me137Freak Show
Memorial SWNerds huck you long time123Critters
Thu Jun 20
6:00 pm
Balaclavakill rockstars118BEAR WARFARE
BalaclavaWAFCancelledFlickas in Paris
KingcrestBattlecats and FriendsCancelledHobbits
Rupert CFor a Good Time Call...49East Van Halen
Rupert CSuper Friends!510Floppy Discs
Trafalgar NWBrown and Sticky87United Republic of Federated Tossers
Trafalgar NWH.A.M.M.E.R.1312Hodge-Podge
Winona CThe Hanglers313Britches 'N Hose
Winona CUsual Suspects136Deep Throwits
Winona NSalt shakers910At least My Disk Stays Up
Winona NTyphoon Disc48AYCE
Winona SBBQ135Flikerish
Winona SHappy StripesTeam Friendship
6:30 pmMemorial OBeer Battered Juicy Chickens116Purple Cobras
Memorial ODiscombobulators135Herniated Discs
Oak MeadowsEgregious1517Swilly Nelson
Trafalgar NWDirty SkirtiesCancelledGrass Stains
Trafalgar NWKids At The Pool1517Grope of 7
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EColonel Angus79Stallions of Champions
Andy Livingstone EUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")313Lego Inferno
Andy Livingstone WGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry122Never Nudes
Andy Livingstone WThe Gino Odj-discs131Throwbots
Jericho WPac-Man1310Dirtier Sanchez
Jericho WTalk Nerdy To Me613Brolympus
Memorial SWAfternoon Delight148Feed the Chicken
Memorial SWThunder Cougar Falcon Bird174Flick in a Box
Trillium EButterfingers133Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium EDebbie Discs Dallas134Dump on Me
Trillium WFlick N Twisted107wRECkers
Trillium WXtreme Flickin' Hipsters131Charred Siu Baos
7:30 pmBalaclavaGame of Throwns1513Ytterbium
BalaclavaSucking Lemons134Hand of Chal
KingcrestBattlecats and FriendsCancelledCerberus
Rupert CNorfolk-n-Good713Midlife Crisis
Rupert CTomato CagePostponedPrincess Layout
Trafalgar NWBrown and Sticky132Hodge-Podge
Trafalgar NWH.A.M.M.E.R.512United Republic of Federated Tossers
Winona CThe Hanglers313Deep Throwits
Winona CUsual Suspects00Britches 'N Hose
Winona NSalt shakers138AYCE
Winona NTyphoon Disc510At least My Disk Stays Up
Winona SBBQ136Team Friendship
Winona SHappy Stripes1415Flikerish
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EColonel Angus913Lego Inferno
Andy Livingstone EUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")74Stallions of Champions
Andy Livingstone WGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry131Throwbots
Andy Livingstone WThe Gino Odj-discs133Never Nudes
Jericho WPac-Man56Brolympus
Jericho WTalk Nerdy To Me912Dirtier Sanchez
Trillium EButterfingers132Dump on Me
Trillium EDebbie Discs Dallas1113Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium WFlick N Twisted610Charred Siu Baos
Trillium WXtreme Flickin' Hipsters135wRECkers
Mon Jun 24
6:00 pm
Jericho EEast Infection138AngryBirds
Jericho ESlippery When Wet613Tastes Like Chicken
Memorial OLikastik613BOO-YA-CHA-KA!
Memorial OTop GunCancelledG-raff A-ttack
Point GreyNeon Disc-zaster!1213Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Point GreyThe Frizzles139Nerd Herd
Winona CDerps on Fire96Team Mochi
Winona CDTF (Down to Flick)49Egg Salad Sandwich
Winona NHammertime136Huck Bunnies
Winona NSquid Wranglers135Forrest Dump
Winona SDream Big Like a Dolphin87Absolute Chaos
Winona SGummi Bears121Swagasaurus
6:30 pmBalaclavaNotorious1317CanHucks
KingcrestHuck Norris1517The Floppy Discs
KingcrestRandom Fling1417The Tossers
Trafalgar NWBig Slick317Spotty & the Dogs
Trafalgar NWPheeble178Shaft
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EFruit Ninjas!213Disco Nuts
Andy Livingstone ETastes Like Another1213FistFull of Dunwoody
Andy Livingstone WKoopa Troopas128Tilting Windmills
Andy Livingstone WThrowbocops132Seriously Watermelon.
Jericho WGator Bait513Venom
Jericho WTeam Adequate136Lawrence and the Machine
Memorial SWSmiling Beavers1713The Huckin' Canucks
Memorial SWWhatever1715East Van Hand
Trillium WThe Marauders179BoZo 2
7:30 pmJericho EEast Infection136Tastes Like Chicken
Jericho ESlippery When Wet513AngryBirds
Memorial OBzzrs139Sneaky Peaches
Memorial OPure Milk1512Little Lebowski's Urban Acheivers
Point GreyNeon Disc-zaster!129Nerd Herd
Point GreyThe Frizzles106Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
Winona CDerps on Fire1013Egg Salad Sandwich
Winona CDTF (Down to Flick)1013Team Mochi
Winona NHammertime913Forrest Dump
Winona NSquid Wranglers1315Huck Bunnies
Winona SDream Big Like a Dolphin81Swagasaurus
Winona SGummi Bears131Absolute Chaos
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EFruit Ninjas!513FistFull of Dunwoody
Andy Livingstone ETastes Like Another613Disco Nuts
Andy Livingstone WKoopa Troopas132Seriously Watermelon.
Andy Livingstone WThrowbocops138Tilting Windmills
Jericho WGator Bait713Lawrence and the Machine
Jericho WTeam Adequate1113Venom
Tue Jun 25
6:00 pm
BalaclavaHuck, the Magic Dragon68It's Business Time
BalaclavaSoul Soldiers910Ultimate BBT
Jericho EBourne Ultimatum813Homewreckers
Jericho ESoup du Jour513Gritty in Pink
Memorial OHarshmellows1013Wrists of Fury
Memorial OUltimech126Mother I'd Like to FLICK
Oak MeadowsFlying Discmen97Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Oak Meadowsragnarok1210Flickle Me Elmo
Rupert CFinding Glory2018Rookie Monsters
Rupert CTrudeaumania!1413Slipped Discs
Trafalgar NWWhat is Red May Never Die711Frisdom Fighters
Van Tech OvalIt Takes Two To Huck912Grey Goose
Van Tech OvalStall Nine and Three-Quarters1013Another Awesome Dump
Winona CJokers1510H-Bar
Winona CWhaTheHuckDiscThrow Inferno
Winona SHuckstables105Butterfingers Summer Edition
Winona SIdentity Crisis713Fan-Flicken-Tastic
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEPretty Kitties1412Chronic Injury
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EBanana Cutters1311Sky Attack
Andy Livingstone EBetty Cracker713Trashcats
Memorial SWIllegal Smile712Creeps 'n Weirdos
Memorial SWScorgasm813The Avengers
Trillium EDrop the Soap139Old Skool
Trillium EUgly Hucklings136Plaid to the Bone
7:30 pmBalaclavaHuck, the Magic Dragon108Ultimate BBT
BalaclavaSoul Soldiers713It's Business Time
Jericho EBourne Ultimatum1013Gritty in Pink
Jericho ESoup du Jour613Homewreckers
Memorial OHarshmellows813Mother I'd Like to FLICK
Memorial OUltimech1412Wrists of Fury
Oak MeadowsFlying Discmen137Flickle Me Elmo
Oak Meadowsragnarok513Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Rupert CFinding Glory138Slipped Discs
Rupert CTrudeaumania!1911Rookie Monsters
Trafalgar NWGot Flab?912Frisdom Fighters
Trafalgar NWWhat is Red May Never DieForfeitedULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION
Van Tech OvalIt Takes Two To Huck713Another Awesome Dump
Van Tech OvalStall Nine and Three-Quarters1311Grey Goose
Winona CDoggie Style513FROG
Winona CKingsway's Finest1311Throw Some D's
Winona SHuckstables913Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Winona SIdentity Crisis139Butterfingers Summer Edition
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EDark Side Of The Disc1311Love Handlers
Andy Livingstone ETofu1211Stranger Danger
Memorial SWIllegal Smile810The Avengers
Memorial SWScorgasm313Creeps 'n Weirdos
Trillium EDrop the Soap138Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EUgly Hucklings137Old Skool
Wed Jun 26
6:00 pm
BalaclavaThe Unknown813Sippin Sunshine
BalaclavazoiPenguins in Flight
Jericho EThe Spinoffs810Freak Show
Jericho EXuing Xuang (Ruckus)118Critters
Killarney CWok Don't Run134Dim Sum Warriors
Killarney CWyld Stallyns127East Side Empire
Kingcrest"Ditto"138Frisbee Union
KingcrestCouch Jockeys1210Friends of Friends
Memorial OI AM KERRY136Disc Comfort
Memorial OReTox1311Like a Simile
Oak MeadowsShimmy Shang135POP POP
Oak MeadowsTrain Wreck611ICEMAN
Trafalgar NWClamWow1011Batteries Not Included
Trafalgar NWFMU1311Rock Hard Mortals of Love
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECircular Logic49Frisbee Bears
Andy Livingstone ETutus133Local Pint
Jericho WDiscpicable Me127Chester Fields
Jericho WNerds huck you long time1113URFT 2.0
Memorial SWFat Man and the Duck1011Teamocil
Memorial SWRedneck Rampage813stacks on stacks on stacks
7:30 pmBalaclavaThe UnknownPenguins in Flight
Balaclavazoi1214Sippin Sunshine
Jericho EThe Spinoffs114Critters
Jericho EXuing Xuang (Ruckus)139Freak Show
Killarney CWok Don't Run136East Side Empire
Killarney CWyld Stallyns133Dim Sum Warriors
Kingcrest"Ditto"118Friends of Friends
KingcrestCouch Jockeys139Frisbee Union
Memorial OSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go136Green Beret
Memorial OThe Flatballers713Carnage
Oak MeadowsNot Today!173Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Oak MeadowsThe Brave Potatoes813Stacked
Trafalgar NWClamWow813Rock Hard Mortals of Love
Trafalgar NWFMU1310Batteries Not Included
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECircular Logic77Local Pint
Andy Livingstone ETutus68Frisbee Bears
Jericho WDiscpicable Me313URFT 2.0
Jericho WNerds huck you long time126Chester Fields
Memorial SWFat Man and the Duck413stacks on stacks on stacks
Memorial SWRedneck Rampage134Teamocil
Thu Jun 27
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBattlecats and Friends137SSB
BalaclavaTeam Friendship713Flikerish
KingcrestColonel Angus132Throwbots
KingcrestUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")ForfeitedNever Nudes
RiverfrontSalt shakers138wRECkers
RiverfrontTyphoon Disc133Charred Siu Baos
Rupert CThe Hanglers613Usual Suspects
Rupert CUnited Republic of Federated Tossers138Hodge-Podge
Winona CFlick N Twisted1112At least My Disk Stays Up
Winona CXtreme Flickin' Hipsters137AYCE
Winona NButterfingers138Dirtier Sanchez
Winona NDebbie Discs Dallas1112Brolympus
Winona SGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry114Lego Inferno
Winona SThe Gino Odj-discs88Stallions of Champions
6:30 pmMemorial OGrass Stains1918Swilly Nelson
Memorial OKids At The Pool1712Egregious
Oak MeadowsAfternoon Delight1117Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Oak MeadowsFeed the Chicken1710Flick in a Box
Trafalgar NWBeer Battered Juicy Chickens1417Discombobulators
Trafalgar NWPurple Cobras148Herniated Discs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone EEast Van Halen94Princess Layout
Andy Livingstone EFor a Good Time Call...313Tomato Cage
Andy Livingstone WMidlife Crisis135Floppy Discs
Andy Livingstone WNorfolk-n-Good126Super Friends!
Jericho WBEAR WARFARE135Ytterbium
Jericho Wkill rockstars513Game of Throwns
Memorial SWGrope of 7817Dirty Skirties
Trillium EHand of Chal611Flickas in Paris
Trillium ESucking Lemons137WAF
Trillium WPac-Man135Wii (not) Fit?
Trillium WTalk Nerdy To Me125Dump on Me
7:30 pmBalaclavaHappy Stripes1417BBQ
KingcrestColonel AngusDefaultNever Nudes
KingcrestUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")139Throwbots
RiverfrontSalt shakers136Charred Siu Baos
RiverfrontTyphoon Disc1310wRECkers
Rupert CBritches 'N Hose713Deep Throwits
Rupert CBrown and StickyCancelledH.A.M.M.E.R.
Winona CFlick N Twisted58AYCE
Winona CXtreme Flickin' Hipsters139At least My Disk Stays Up
Winona NButterfingers134Brolympus
Winona NDebbie Discs Dallas138Dirtier Sanchez
Winona SGame of Throws: You Win or You Cry117Stallions of Champions
Winona SThe Gino Odj-discs138Lego Inferno
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone EEast Van Halen139Tomato Cage
Andy Livingstone EFor a Good Time Call...64Princess Layout
Andy Livingstone WMidlife Crisis82Super Friends!
Andy Livingstone WNorfolk-n-Good912Floppy Discs
Jericho WBEAR WARFARE613Game of Throwns
Jericho Wkill rockstars136Ytterbium
Trillium EHand of Chal513WAF
Trillium ESucking Lemons138Flickas in Paris
Trillium WPac-Man106Dump on Me
Trillium WTalk Nerdy To Me109Wii (not) Fit?
Mon Jul 1
6:00 pm
Memorial OSneaky Peaches135Team Adequate
Memorial OVenom1113Hammertime
Musqueam EBOO-YA-CHA-KA!912Likastik
Musqueam EBzzrs713Huck Bunnies
Winona CAngryBirds 913FistFull of Dunwoody
Winona CSlippery When WetCancelledThrowbocops
Winona NForrest DumpCancelledGator Bait
Winona NSquid WranglersForfeitedTastes Like Chicken
Winona SFruit Ninjas!1011BoZo 2
Winona SThe Marauders124Tastes Like Another
6:30 pmBalaclavaSmiling Beavers1710East Van Hand
BalaclavaWhateverCancelledThe Huckin' Canucks
Killarney CAbsolute Chaos135Egg Salad Sandwich
Killarney CTilting WindmillsForfeitedSeriously Watermelon.
KingcrestSpotty & the Dogs817CanHucks
Musqueam WGummi BearsCancelledDream Big Like a Dolphin
Point GreySwagasaurus179Derps on Fire
Point GreyTeam Mochi137DTF (Down to Flick)
Trafalgar NWHuck NorrisCancelledThe Tossers
Trafalgar NWRandom Fling1417The Floppy Discs
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone WLawrence and the MachineCancelledEast Infection
Andy Livingstone WThe FrizzlesCancelledNeon Disc-zaster!
Jericho WG-raff A-ttackCancelledPure Milk
Jericho WTop GunCancelledLittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers
Memorial SWPheebleDefaultNotorious
Memorial SWShaft167Big Slick
Trillium ENerd Herd413Disco Nuts
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion911Koopa Troopas
7:30 pmMemorial OSneaky Peaches132Hammertime
Memorial OVenom813Team Adequate
Musqueam EBOO-YA-CHA-KA!PostponedHuck Bunnies
Musqueam EBzzrs1113Likastik
Winona CAngryBirds CancelledThrowbocops
Winona CSlippery When WetCancelledFistFull of Dunwoody
Winona NForrest DumpDefaultTastes Like Chicken
Winona NSquid WranglersCancelledGator Bait
Winona SFruit Ninjas!134Tastes Like Another
Winona SThe Marauders136BoZo 2
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone WLawrence and the MachineCancelledNeon Disc-zaster!
Andy Livingstone WThe FrizzlesCancelledEast Infection
Jericho WG-raff A-ttackCancelledLittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers
Jericho WTop GunCancelledPure Milk
Trillium ENerd Herd1012Koopa Troopas
Trillium ETechnicolor Narwhal Explosion413Disco Nuts
Tue Jul 2
6:00 pm
BalaclavaFlickle Me Elmo511Illegal Smile
BalaclavaSoup du Jour69Ugly Hucklings
Killarney CStranger Danger1312ragnarok
Killarney CTofu1112Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
KingcrestDiscThrow Inferno117Frisdom Fighters
KingcrestDoggie Style73FROG
Memorial OWhat is Red May Never Die910Ultimate BBT
Musqueam EButterfingers Summer Edition113Pretty Kitties
Musqueam EStall Nine and Three-Quarters119Another Awesome Dump
Rupert CBanana Cutters137Dark Side Of The Disc
Rupert CSky Attack106Love Handlers
Trafalgar NWPlaid to the Bone713Identity Crisis
Trafalgar NWThe Avengers713Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Van Tech OvalDiscaliousDisc-O
Van Tech OvalWe Got DiscFour
Winona SGot Flab?134It's Business Time
Winona SWhaTheHuckForfeitedHuck, the Magic Dragon
6:30 pmJohn Hendry NEIt Takes Two To Huck1217Throw Some D's
Winona CHarshmellows315Grey Goose
Winona CHuckstables139Mother I'd Like to FLICK
Winona NScorgasm1113Old Skool
Winona NWrists of Fury1716Ultimech
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ERookie Monsters613Chronic Injury
Andy Livingstone ETrudeaumania!118Finding Glory
Memorial SWJokers139H-Bar
Memorial SWSlipped Discs913Kingsway's Finest
Trillium EBetty Cracker1312Flying Discmen
Trillium ETrashcats129Gritty in Pink
Trillium WBourne Ultimatum1311Drop the Soap
Trillium WHomewreckers137Creeps 'n Weirdos
7:30 pmBalaclavaFlickle Me Elmo810Ugly Hucklings
BalaclavaSoup du Jour711Illegal Smile
Killarney CStranger Danger813Everyday I'm Huckin' It!
Killarney CTofu1013ragnarok
KingcrestDiscThrow Inferno510FROG
KingcrestDoggie Style1310Frisdom Fighters
Memorial OWhat is Red May Never Die1113Soul Soldiers
Musqueam EButterfingers Summer Edition713Another Awesome Dump
Musqueam EStall Nine and Three-Quarters513Pretty Kitties
Rupert CBanana Cutters134Love Handlers
Rupert CSky Attack133Dark Side Of The Disc
Trafalgar NWPlaid to the Bone813Fan-Flicken-Tastic
Trafalgar NWThe Avengers513Identity Crisis
Van Tech OvalDiscaliousFour
Van Tech OvalWe Got DiscDisc-O
Winona SGot Flab?1310Huck, the Magic Dragon
Winona SWhaTheHuckForfeitedIt's Business Time
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ERookie Monsters76Finding Glory
Andy Livingstone ETrudeaumania!413Chronic Injury
Memorial SWJokers1013Kingsway's Finest
Memorial SWSlipped Discs99H-Bar
Trillium EBetty Cracker1113Gritty in Pink
Trillium ETrashcats139Flying Discmen
Trillium WBourne Ultimatum138Creeps 'n Weirdos
Trillium WHomewreckers135Drop the Soap
Wed Jul 3
6:00 pm
BalaclavaCarnage1311Sippin Sunshine
BalaclavaDisc Comfort1210The Flatballers
Killarney Cstacks on stacks on stacks139Fat Man and the Duck
Killarney CTeamocil613URFT 2.0
KingcrestPOP POP911Wok Don't Run
KingcrestWyld Stallyns134Dim Sum Warriors
Memorial OClamWow1113"Ditto"
Memorial Ozoi1013FMU
Musqueam EEast Side Empire134Local Pint
Musqueam EFrisbee Bears 711Circular Logic
Oak MeadowsBatteries Not Included1012The Unknown
Oak MeadowsGreen BeretPenguins in Flight
Rupert CCouch JockeysCancelledRedneck Rampage
Rupert CRock Hard Mortals of Love136Friends of Friends
Trafalgar NWI AM KERRY512Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Trafalgar NWReTox136Like a Simile
6:30 pmJericho EFreak Show1017Nerds huck you long time
Jericho EFrisbee Union1517Xuing Xuang (Ruckus)
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ECritters711The Brave Potatoes
Andy Livingstone EStacked613Not Today!
Jericho WDiscpicable Me1617ICEMAN
Jericho WThe Spinoffs136Chester Fields
Memorial SWCloudy With a Chance of Hammers66Tutus
Memorial SWShimmy Shang813Train Wreck
7:30 pmBalaclavaCarnage1012The Flatballers
BalaclavaDisc Comfort138Sippin Sunshine
Killarney Cstacks on stacks on stacks1310URFT 2.0
Killarney CTeamocil95Fat Man and the Duck
KingcrestPOP POP139Dim Sum Warriors
KingcrestWyld Stallyns138Wok Don't Run
Memorial OClamWow813FMU
Memorial Ozoi811"Ditto"
Musqueam EEast Side Empire136Circular Logic
Musqueam EFrisbee Bears 133Local Pint
Oak MeadowsBatteries Not IncludedPenguins in Flight
Oak MeadowsGreen Beret137The Unknown
Rupert CCouch Jockeys1213Friends of Friends
Rupert CRock Hard Mortals of LoveForfeitedRedneck Rampage
Trafalgar NWI AM KERRY713Like a Simile
Trafalgar NWReTox1310Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ECritters611Not Today!
Andy Livingstone EStacked513The Brave Potatoes
Memorial SWCloudy With a Chance of Hammers1311Train Wreck
Memorial SWShimmy Shang710Tutus
Thu Jul 4
6:00 pm
BalaclavaBrolympus1013Wii (not) Fit?
BalaclavaHand of Chal913Talk Nerdy To Me
Killarney CHodge-Podge113Princess Layout
Killarney CTomato Cage131Midlife Crisis
KingcrestBrown and Sticky139H.A.M.M.E.R.
KingcrestwRECkers1212United Republic of Federated Tossers
Musqueam WFlikerish1011Hobbits
Musqueam WSSB136Game of Throwns
Rupert CDeep Throwits610Britches 'N Hose
Rupert CThe Hanglers611East Van Halen
Winona CFloppy Discs513Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Winona CFor a Good Time Call...108The Gino Odj-discs
Winona NDump on Me411Salt shakers
Winona NTyphoon Disc104Flick N Twisted
Winona SBBQ138Cerberus
Winona SHappy Stripes812Battlecats and Friends
6:30 pmMemorial OAfternoon Delight1017Discombobulators
Memorial OBeer Battered Juicy Chickens177Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird
Oak MeadowsDirty Skirties1517Swilly Nelson
Oak MeadowsKids At The Pool1712Grass Stains
Trafalgar NWEgregious179Grope of 7
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone ENorfolk-n-Good108Colonel Angus
Andy Livingstone ESuper Friends!412Lego Inferno
Andy Livingstone WNever Nudes86Stallions of Champions
Andy Livingstone WUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")124Throwbots
Jericho WDebbie Discs Dallas413At least My Disk Stays Up
Jericho WPac-Man135Dirtier Sanchez
Memorial SWFeed the Chicken911Herniated Discs
Memorial SWPurple Cobras179Flick in a Box
Trillium ESucking Lemons139BEAR WARFARE
Trillium ETeam Friendship1110kill rockstars
Trillium WFlickas in Paris1013Butterfingers
Trillium WWAF1013Ytterbium
7:30 pmBalaclavaBrolympus1010Talk Nerdy To Me
BalaclavaHand of Chal613Wii (not) Fit?
Killarney CHodge-Podge134Midlife Crisis
Killarney CTomato Cage134Princess Layout
KingcrestBrown and Sticky813United Republic of Federated Tossers
Musqueam WFlikerish913Game of Throwns
Musqueam WSSB1413Hobbits
Rupert CDeep Throwits57East Van Halen
Rupert CThe Hanglers108Britches 'N Hose
Winona CFloppy Discs1013The Gino Odj-discs
Winona CFor a Good Time Call...610Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry
Winona NAYCE913Xtreme Flickin' Hipsters
Winona NCharred Siu Baos113Usual Suspects
Winona SBBQ1012Battlecats and Friends
Winona SHappy Stripes1311Cerberus
8:30 pmAndy Livingstone ENorfolk-n-Good135Lego Inferno
Andy Livingstone ESuper Friends!48Colonel Angus
Andy Livingstone WNever Nudes76Throwbots
Andy Livingstone WUltimate Tacktics (formerly "Sheet it Out")135Stallions of Champions
Jericho WDebbie Discs Dallas177Dirtier Sanchez
Jericho WPac-Man913At least My Disk Stays Up
Trillium ESucking Lemons1311kill rockstars
Trillium ETeam Friendship813BEAR WARFARE
Trillium WFlickas in Paris1013Ytterbium
Trillium WWAF913Butterfingers
Mon Jul 8
6:00 pm
Killarney CFistFull of Dunwoody114The Marauders
Killarney CThrowbocops132Fruit Ninjas!
Memorial OG-raff A-ttack1311BOO-YA-CHA-KA!
Memorial OTop Gun134Bzzrs
Musqueam EDerps on Fire115DTF (Down to Flick)
Musqueam ESwagasaurus68Team Mochi
Point GreyBoZo 2413Dream Big Like a Dolphin
Point GreyTastes Like Another912Gummi Bears
Winona NLittle Lebowski's Urban Acheivers137Huck Bunnies
Winona NPure Milk137Likastik
6:30 pmBalaclavaPheeble178Spotty & the Dogs
KingcrestHuck Norris1711East Van Hand
KingcrestRandom Fling1517The Huckin' Canucks
Musqueam WAngryBirds 138Slippery When Wet
Trafalgar NWBig Slick417CanHucks
Winona CEast Infection139Neon Disc-zaster!
Winona CLawrence and the Machine1013The Frizzles
Winona SDisco Nuts134Koopa Troopas
Winona SNerd Herd1618Technicolor Narwhal Explosion
7:00 pmAndy Livingstone WSneaky Peaches96Forrest Dump
Andy Livingstone WVenom97Squid Wranglers
Jericho WSeriously Watermelon.812Egg Salad Sandwich
Jericho WTilting Windmills