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Mon Jan 9
8:15 pm
Empire NDouble Rainbow!812Macho Sidewinders
Empire NERR'DAY811Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire NHuck If You Want Me!219Monday Hat Intermediate
Empire NNap Life1410Frisbros
Empire SBeerOclock920Full Send Cat
Empire SFlamingos at Bingo1812No Height and White
Empire SHot Dog Stock Market1217HammerCo x Smash
Empire SSports146WeSportz
Jericho WAbeers Aquatic Animals218dingo bros
Jericho WGXCCI GXNG212Hangry Flickers
Jericho WMid at Best218Tea Time
Jericho WOld dogs, scoob tricks2114Immortal
Memorial SWDarts YVR2113Vinter Vodka Lyge
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys1711DUMP truckers
Memorial SWGood Vibrations215Hammer Beats Rabbit
Memorial SWSheesh Team721Disconnect
Trillium EDiscin' Around715Cold Cuts
Trillium EHotpot91192% Chance of Rain
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion169National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Trillium WDragon Sound134Panic! Hat The Disco
Trillium WFreshly Laundered144Mildly Threatening
Trillium WThe Perogies128Tsunami
9:10 pmEmpire NDouble Rainbow!2110Monday Hat Intermediate
Empire NERR'DAY1518Frisbros
Empire NHuck If You Want Me!1112Macho Sidewinders
Empire NNap Life1621Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire SBeerOclock1811WeSportz
Empire SFlamingos at Bingo1510HammerCo x Smash
Empire SHot Dog Stock Market1621No Height and White
Empire SSports1513Full Send Cat
Jericho WAbeers Aquatic Animals2113Hangry Flickers
Jericho WGXCCI GXNG219dingo bros
Jericho WMid at Best2114Immortal
Jericho WOld dogs, scoob tricks2110Tea Time
Memorial SWDarts YVR2114Disconnect
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys1013Hammer Beats Rabbit
Memorial SWGood Vibrations217DUMP truckers
Memorial SWSheesh Team1512Vinter Vodka Lyge
Trillium EHotpot1417Cold Cuts
Trillium ENational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team121392% Chance of Rain
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1717Discin' Around
Trillium WDragon Sound1021Tsunami
Trillium WFreshly Laundered2115The Perogies
Trillium WMildly Threatening1113Panic! Hat The Disco
Thu Jan 12
8:15 pm
Empire NAlmost All Broke1013Discturbed
Empire NDiscord1118zoi
Empire NNightHucks_821Kpop Thursdays
Empire NWeSports920Hand of Chal
Empire SHot Buns 219Discl3xia!
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1712Grumpy Dog
Empire SThe Frizzles1221Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire SThe Marauders1416The Ultimates
Jericho WAlso Sports1818Bumblebees
Jericho WEternal2117Unstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Jericho WGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)2120Hogs Against the Machine
Jericho WStickdog2118#VictoriasSecret7.0
Memorial SW4 Winds2014Disk Horse
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes1315Adequate
Memorial SWFrozen Ferrets918Throw Goats
Memorial SWThe Hucking Fooligans139Monday
Trillium EHuck It101190's Throwback
Trillium EPiper Palooza1121Basura Gang
Trillium EScoober-Dooby-Doo818n&n’s
Trillium ESpinister Motives1219Chicago_Pulls
Trillium WDisc Appointment214Soccer team
Trillium WFriends of Henry1810The Throw Ups
Trillium WGen Z(oom)1110Not in the Face
9:10 pmEmpire NAlmost All Broke921Hand of Chal
Empire NDiscord1321Kpop Thursdays
Empire NNightHucks_2020zoi
Empire NWeSports157Discturbed
Empire SHot Buns 2112Grumpy Dog
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2114Discl3xia!
Empire SThe Frizzles1720The Ultimates
Empire SThe Marauders1321Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WAlso Sports214Hogs Against the Machine
Jericho WEternal1815#VictoriasSecret7.0
Jericho WGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1520Bumblebees
Jericho WStickdog1815Unstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Memorial SW4 Winds1813Adequate
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes198Disk Horse
Memorial SWFrozen Ferrets177Monday
Memorial SWThe Hucking Fooligans621Throw Goats
Trillium EHuck It521Basura Gang
Trillium EPiper Palooza191190's Throwback
Trillium EScoober-Dooby-Doo1117Chicago_Pulls
Trillium ESpinister Motives921n&n’s
Trillium WDisc Appointment1615Not in the Face
Trillium WFriends of Henry817Gen Z(oom)
Trillium WThe Throw Ups198Soccer team
Mon Jan 16
8:15 pm
Empire NDisc Monkeys612Darts YVR
Empire NDUMP truckers1914Vinter Vodka Lyge
Empire NGood Vibrations216Sheesh Team
Empire NHammer Beats Rabbit1619Disconnect
Empire SImmortal2115Hangry Flickers
Empire SMid at Best2113Abeers Aquatic Animals
Empire SOld dogs, scoob tricks1415GXCCI GXNG
Empire STea Time1210dingo bros
Jericho WFlamingos at Bingo1316Sports
Jericho WHammerCo x Smash1417Full Send Cat
Jericho WHot Dog Stock Market219BeerOclock
Jericho WNo Height and White219WeSportz
Memorial SWHotpot169Discin' Around
Memorial SWNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team321Cold Cuts
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion141392% Chance of Rain
Trillium EDouble Rainbow!219Nap Life
Trillium EHuck If You Want Me!1415ERR'DAY
Trillium EMacho Sidewinders1917Frisbros
Trillium EMonday Hat Intermediate521Weenie Huck Jr.
Trillium WDragon Sound1117The Perogies
Trillium WFreshly Laundered1514Panic! Hat The Disco
Trillium WMildly Threatening720Tsunami
9:10 pmEmpire NDisc Monkeys215Sheesh Team
Empire NDUMP truckers1713Disconnect
Empire NGood Vibrations2115Darts YVR
Empire NHammer Beats Rabbit916Vinter Vodka Lyge
Empire SImmortal1411dingo bros
Empire SMid at Best2114GXCCI GXNG
Empire SOld dogs, scoob tricks217Abeers Aquatic Animals
Empire STea Time1710Hangry Flickers
Jericho WFlamingos at Bingo2013BeerOclock
Jericho WHammerCo x Smash1517WeSportz
Jericho WHot Dog Stock Market1321Sports
Jericho WNo Height and White1517Full Send Cat
Memorial SWDiscin' Around121092% Chance of Rain
Memorial SWHotpot214National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1221Cold Cuts
Trillium EDouble Rainbow!2118ERR'DAY
Trillium EHuck If You Want Me!1917Nap Life
Trillium EMacho Sidewinders1719Weenie Huck Jr.
Trillium EMonday Hat Intermediate1021Frisbros
Trillium WDragon Sound164Mildly Threatening
Trillium WFreshly Laundered1221Tsunami
Trillium WThe Perogies1915Panic! Hat The Disco
Thu Jan 19
8:15 pm
Empire N4 Winds1517The Hucking Fooligans
Empire NAbsolute Zeroes1121Frozen Ferrets
Empire NAdequate521Throw Goats
Empire NDisk Horse188Monday
Empire S#VictoriasSecret7.0217Hogs Against the Machine
Empire SEternal1517Also Sports
Empire SStickdog1613Goofy Scoobers (Yeah!)
Empire SUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles2118Bumblebees
Jericho WDiscl3xia!1621Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WGrumpy Dog2019The Ultimates
Jericho WHot Buns 219The Frizzles
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2111The Marauders
Memorial SWChicago_Pulls1712Basura Gang
Memorial SWn&n’s21790's Throwback
Memorial SWScoober-Dooby-DooHuck It
Memorial SWSpinister Motives1121Piper Palooza
Trillium EDiscord1421WeSports
Trillium EKpop Thursdays218Discturbed
Trillium ENightHucks_214Almost All Broke
Trillium Ezoi2021Hand of Chal
Trillium WDisc Appointment1214Gen Z(oom)
Trillium WFriends of Henry175Soccer team
Trillium WThe Throw Ups119Not in the Face
9:10 pmEmpire N4 Winds1121Frozen Ferrets
Empire NAbsolute Zeroes2021The Hucking Fooligans
Empire NAdequate1710Monday
Empire NDisk Horse1115Throw Goats
Empire S#VictoriasSecret7.0217Bumblebees
Empire SEternal2115Goofy Scoobers (Yeah!)
Empire SStickdog1620Also Sports
Empire SUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles219Hogs Against the Machine
Jericho WDiscl3xia!2119The Ultimates
Jericho WGrumpy Dog1621Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WHot Buns 217The Marauders
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers219The Frizzles
Memorial SWChicago_Pulls21890's Throwback
Memorial SWn&n’s1820Basura Gang
Memorial SWScoober-Dooby-Doo1616Piper Palooza
Memorial SWSpinister Motives1914Huck It
Trillium EDiscord1912Almost All Broke
Trillium EKpop Thursdays216Hand of Chal
Trillium ENightHucks_1212WeSports
Trillium Ezoi2112Discturbed
Trillium WDisc Appointment1910The Throw Ups
Trillium WFriends of Henry1521Not in the Face
Trillium WGen Z(oom)212Soccer team
Mon Jan 23
8:15 pm
Empire NCold Cuts211392% Chance of Rain
Empire NDiscin' Around216National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion921Hotpot
Empire SFlamingos at Bingo1712WeSportz
Empire SHammerCo x Smash1716BeerOclock
Empire SHot Dog Stock Market1121Full Send Cat
Empire SNo Height and WhiteSports
Jericho WDouble Rainbow!1819Frisbros
Jericho WHuck If You Want Me!2017Weenie Huck Jr.
Jericho WMacho Sidewinders1615Nap Life
Jericho WMonday Hat Intermediate821ERR'DAY
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys195Vinter Vodka Lyge
Memorial SWDUMP truckers1621Darts YVR
Memorial SWGood Vibrations2111Disconnect
Memorial SWHammer Beats Rabbit2113Sheesh Team
Trillium EImmortal1821GXCCI GXNG
Trillium EMid at Best2110dingo bros
Trillium EOld dogs, scoob tricks217Hangry Flickers
Trillium ETea Time2021Abeers Aquatic Animals
Trillium WFreshly Laundered2114Dragon Sound
Trillium WThe Perogies2116Mildly Threatening
Trillium WTsunami206Panic! Hat The Disco
9:10 pmEmpire NDiscin' Around1610National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Empire NHotpot211192% Chance of Rain
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1221Cold Cuts
Empire SFlamingos at Bingo1114Full Send Cat
Empire SHammerCo x Smash1217Sports
Empire SHot Dog Stock Market1114WeSportz
Empire SNo Height and White1614BeerOclock
Jericho WDouble Rainbow!1321Weenie Huck Jr.
Jericho WHuck If You Want Me!1514Frisbros
Jericho WMacho Sidewinders2021ERR'DAY
Jericho WMonday Hat Intermediate621Nap Life
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys912Disconnect
Memorial SWDUMP truckers2110Sheesh Team
Memorial SWGood Vibrations213Vinter Vodka Lyge
Memorial SWHammer Beats Rabbit1317Darts YVR
Trillium EImmortal2021Abeers Aquatic Animals
Trillium EMid at Best2110Hangry Flickers
Trillium EOld dogs, scoob tricks217dingo bros
Trillium ETea Time1621GXCCI GXNG
Trillium WDragon Sound109Panic! Hat The Disco
Trillium WFreshly Laundered1819Tsunami
Trillium WThe Perogies219Mildly Threatening
Thu Jan 26
8:15 pm
Empire NChicago_Pulls2115Piper Palooza
Empire Nn&n’s210Huck It
Empire NScoober-Dooby-Doo16790's Throwback
Empire NSpinister Motives1321Basura Gang
Empire SDiscl3xia!219The Frizzles
Empire SGrumpy Dog2118The Marauders
Empire SHot Buns 1718Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1810The Ultimates
Jericho WDiscord1914Hand of Chal
Jericho WKpop Thursdays214Almost All Broke
Jericho WNightHucks_1511Discturbed
Jericho Wzoi1916WeSports
Memorial SW4 Winds2110Monday
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes1016Throw Goats
Memorial SWAdequate1021Frozen Ferrets
Memorial SWDisk Horse2013The Hucking Fooligans
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret7.02116Goofy Scoobers (Yeah!)
Trillium EEternal2113Bumblebees
Trillium EStickdog1516Hogs Against the Machine
Trillium EUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles1514Also Sports
Trillium WFriends of Henry1712Disc Appointment
Trillium WGen Z(oom)165The Throw Ups
Trillium WNot in the Face217Soccer team
9:10 pmEmpire NChicago_Pulls218Huck It
Empire Nn&n’s218Piper Palooza
Empire NScoober-Dooby-Doo921Basura Gang
Empire NSpinister Motives19890's Throwback
Empire SDiscl3xia!1421The Marauders
Empire SGrumpy Dog1813The Frizzles
Empire SHot Buns 218The Ultimates
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1415Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WDiscord219Discturbed
Jericho WKpop Thursdays2110WeSports
Jericho WNightHucks_216Hand of Chal
Jericho Wzoi218Almost All Broke
Memorial SW4 Winds1621Throw Goats
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes2112Monday
Memorial SWAdequate1521The Hucking Fooligans
Memorial SWDisk Horse1321Frozen Ferrets
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret7.02014Also Sports
Trillium EEternal2113Hogs Against the Machine
Trillium EStickdog2115Bumblebees
Trillium EUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles1916Goofy Scoobers (Yeah!)
Trillium WDisc Appointment199Soccer team
Trillium WFriends of Henry2114Not in the Face
Trillium WGen Z(oom)125The Throw Ups
Mon Jan 30
8:15 pm
Empire NDragon Sound1014The Perogies
Empire NFreshly Laundered194Panic! Hat The Disco
Empire NMildly Threatening920Tsunami
Empire SDouble Rainbow!1719Huck If You Want Me!
Empire SFrisbros1618Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire SMacho Sidewinders218Monday Hat Intermediate
Empire SNap Life714ERR'DAY
Jericho WDarts YVR216Sheesh Team
Jericho WDisc Monkeys1519Good Vibrations
Jericho WDUMP truckers1317Hammer Beats Rabbit
Jericho WVinter Vodka Lyge1119Disconnect
Memorial SWGXCCI GXNG2114Abeers Aquatic Animals
Memorial SWHangry Flickers1221dingo bros
Memorial SWImmortal1521Tea Time
Memorial SWOld dogs, scoob tricks2116Mid at Best
Trillium EBeerOclock1521Sports
Trillium EFull Send Cat1021WeSportz
Trillium EHammerCo x Smash2018No Height and White
Trillium EHot Dog Stock Market1721Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium WHotpot1215Discin' Around
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team821Cold Cuts
Trillium WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion92192% Chance of Rain
9:10 pmEmpire NDragon Sound921Tsunami
Empire NFreshly Laundered1617The Perogies
Empire NMildly Threatening721Panic! Hat The Disco
Empire SDouble Rainbow!2118Macho Sidewinders
Empire SERR'DAY1516Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire SHuck If You Want Me!217Monday Hat Intermediate
Empire SNap Life1621Frisbros
Jericho WDarts YVR2114Vinter Vodka Lyge
Jericho WDisc Monkeys1411DUMP truckers
Jericho WGood Vibrations2112Hammer Beats Rabbit
Jericho WSheesh Team1021Disconnect
Memorial SWAbeers Aquatic Animals2112dingo bros
Memorial SWGXCCI GXNG2110Hangry Flickers
Memorial SWMid at Best2118Tea Time
Memorial SWOld dogs, scoob tricks2115Immortal
Trillium EBeerOclock1921Full Send Cat
Trillium EFlamingos at Bingo2018No Height and White
Trillium EHot Dog Stock Market1221HammerCo x Smash
Trillium ESports2111WeSportz
Trillium WHotpot721Cold Cuts
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team132192% Chance of Rain
Trillium WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1122Discin' Around
Thu Feb 2
8:15 pm
Empire N90's Throwback818Basura Gang
Empire NHuck It1021Piper Palooza
Empire Nn&n’s2018Chicago_Pulls
Empire NScoober-Dooby-Doo1015Spinister Motives
Empire SDiscord921NightHucks_
Empire SHand of Chal2014Discturbed
Empire SWeSports2010Almost All Broke
Empire Szoi1121Kpop Thursdays
Jericho W4 Winds2111Absolute Zeroes
Jericho WDisk Horse1121Adequate
Jericho WMonday621Throw Goats
Jericho WThe Hucking Fooligans1914Frozen Ferrets
Memorial SW#VictoriasSecret7.01918Unstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Memorial SWGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1321Also Sports
Memorial SWHogs Against the Machine2111Bumblebees
Memorial SWStickdog2119Eternal
Trillium EGrumpy Dog1314Discl3xia!
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1415Hot Buns
Trillium EThe Marauders217The Frizzles
Trillium EThe Ultimates1314Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium WDisc Appointment148Gen Z(oom)
Trillium WFriends of Henry205Soccer team
Trillium WThe Throw Ups815Not in the Face
9:10 pmEmpire NHuck It151490's Throwback
Empire NPiper Palooza1518Basura Gang
Empire NScoober-Dooby-Doo521n&n’s
Empire NSpinister Motives621Chicago_Pulls
Empire SAlmost All Broke821Discturbed
Empire SDiscord1821zoi
Empire SNightHucks_921Kpop Thursdays
Empire SWeSports1310Hand of Chal
Jericho W4 Winds2111Disk Horse
Jericho WAbsolute Zeroes2117Adequate
Jericho WFrozen Ferrets1921Throw Goats
Jericho WThe Hucking Fooligans1113Monday
Memorial SWAlso Sports2115Bumblebees
Memorial SWEternal2115Unstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Memorial SWGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)2114Hogs Against the Machine
Memorial SWStickdog1121#VictoriasSecret7.0
Trillium EHot Buns 219Discl3xia!
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1521Grumpy Dog
Trillium EThe Frizzles621Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium EThe Marauders2117The Ultimates
Trillium WDisc Appointment2112Not in the Face
Trillium WFriends of Henry1021Gen Z(oom)
Trillium WThe Throw Ups175Soccer team
Mon Feb 6
8:15 pm
Empire NGXCCI GXNG1721Old dogs, scoob tricks
Empire NImmortal2114Flamingos at Bingo
Empire NMid at Best2117Abeers Aquatic Animals
Empire NTea Time1621Sports
Empire SNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team913Panic! Hat The Disco
Empire SSheesh Team612Dragon Sound
Empire STechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1515Mildly Threatening
Jericho W92% Chance of Rain816Tsunami
Jericho WMonday Hat Intermediate1121Discin' Around
Jericho WThe Perogies1712Freshly Laundered
Jericho WVinter Vodka Lyge717Hotpot
Memorial SWdingo bros1112HammerCo x Smash
Memorial SWFull Send Cat1820No Height and White
Memorial SWWeenie Huck Jr.1418Good Vibrations
Memorial SWWeSportz1116Huck If You Want Me!
Trillium EBeerOclock1411Macho Sidewinders
Trillium EERR'DAY1211Darts YVR
Trillium EFrisbros1216Double Rainbow!
Trillium EHangry Flickers1020Hot Dog Stock Market
Trillium WDisc Monkeys107DUMP truckers
Trillium WDisconnect159Cold Cuts
Trillium WNap Life1412Hammer Beats Rabbit
9:10 pmEmpire NGXCCI GXNG2015Abeers Aquatic Animals
Empire NImmortalSports
Empire NMid at Best219Old dogs, scoob tricks
Empire NTea Time1110Flamingos at Bingo
Empire SDragon Sound148Mildly Threatening
Empire SSheesh Team156National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Empire STechnicolour Narwhal Explosion911Panic! Hat The Disco
Jericho W92% Chance of Rain1314Freshly Laundered
Jericho WMonday Hat Intermediate914Hotpot
Jericho WThe Perogies158Tsunami
Jericho WVinter Vodka Lyge521Discin' Around
Memorial SWdingo bros2110No Height and White
Memorial SWFull Send Cat1415HammerCo x Smash
Memorial SWWeenie Huck Jr.1815Huck If You Want Me!
Memorial SWWeSportz1620Good Vibrations
Trillium EBeerOclock1512Hot Dog Stock Market
Trillium EERR'DAY169Double Rainbow!
Trillium EFrisbros716Darts YVR
Trillium EHangry Flickers815Macho Sidewinders
Trillium WDisconnect149DUMP truckers
Trillium WHammer Beats Rabbit812Cold Cuts
Trillium WNap Life65Disc Monkeys
Thu Feb 9
8:15 pm
Empire N#VictoriasSecret7.02112Stickdog
Empire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1221Kpop Thursdays
Empire NEternal1412Also Sports
Empire NUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles1320Hot Buns
Empire SChicago_Pulls128Basura Gang
Empire SDiscturbed7214 Winds
Empire Sn&n’s215Adequate
Empire SThe Hucking Fooligans1612Absolute Zeroes
Jericho WAlmost All Broke1214Monday
Jericho WDisk Horse2016Piper Palooza
Jericho WScoober-Dooby-Doo1311Disc Appointment
Jericho WSpinister Motives1219Gen Z(oom)
Memorial SWGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1311Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWGrumpy Dog1815Discl3xia!
Memorial SWHogs Against the Machine1814Bumblebees
Memorial SWThe Marauders1716The Ultimates
Trillium EDiscord1712Frozen Ferrets
Trillium EHand of Chal1020Throw Goats
Trillium EThe Frizzles1316NightHucks_
Trillium Ezoi218WeSports
Trillium W90's Throwback217Soccer team
Trillium WFriends of Henry214The Throw Ups
Trillium WHuck It1312Not in the Face
9:10 pmEmpire N#VictoriasSecret7.01921Also Sports
Empire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back721Hot Buns
Empire NEternal2116Stickdog
Empire NUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles921Kpop Thursdays
Empire SChicago_PullsAdequate
Empire SDiscturbed1621Absolute Zeroes
Empire Sn&n’s217Basura Gang
Empire SThe Hucking Fooligans10214 Winds
Jericho WAlmost All Broke714Piper Palooza
Jericho WDisk Horse713Monday
Jericho WScoober-Dooby-Doo1311Gen Z(oom)
Jericho WSpinister Motives621Disc Appointment
Memorial SWGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1712Bumblebees
Memorial SWGrumpy Dog1721The Ultimates
Memorial SWHogs Against the Machine1714Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWThe Marauders1521Discl3xia!
Trillium EDiscord1418Throw Goats
Trillium EHand of Chal218Frozen Ferrets
Trillium EThe Frizzles1815WeSports
Trillium Ezoi1720NightHucks_
Trillium W90's Throwback2117The Throw Ups
Trillium WHuck It1815Friends of Henry
Trillium WNot in the Face217Soccer team
Mon Feb 13
8:15 pm
Empire Ndingo bros510WeSportz
Empire NFull Send Cat813Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire NHammerCo x Smash1314Huck If You Want Me!
Empire NNo Height and White918Good Vibrations
Empire SDiscin' Around84Tsunami
Empire SHotpot215Freshly Laundered
Empire SMonday Hat Intermediate13792% Chance of Rain
Empire SVinter Vodka Lyge1119The Perogies
Jericho WDragon Sound512Panic! Hat The Disco
Jericho WSheesh Team184Mildly Threatening
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion68National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Memorial SWBeerOclock1111ERR'DAY
Memorial SWHangry Flickers1512Frisbros
Memorial SWHot Dog Stock Market218Double Rainbow!
Memorial SWMacho Sidewinders712Darts YVR
Trillium EAbeers Aquatic Animals2014Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium EGXCCI GXNG218Tea Time
Trillium EMid at BestImmortal
Trillium EOld dogs, scoob tricks119Sports
Trillium WDisconnect76Disc Monkeys
Trillium WHammer Beats Rabbit611DUMP truckers
Trillium WNap Life811Cold Cuts
9:10 pmEmpire Ndingo bros149Weenie Huck Jr.
Empire NFull Send Cat1415WeSportz
Empire NHammerCo x Smash1118Good Vibrations
Empire NNo Height and White1312Huck If You Want Me!
Empire SDiscin' Around197Freshly Laundered
Empire SHotpot1311Tsunami
Empire SMonday Hat Intermediate1316The Perogies
Empire SVinter Vodka Lyge61292% Chance of Rain
Jericho WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team34Mildly Threatening
Jericho WSheesh Team135Panic! Hat The Disco
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion118Dragon Sound
Memorial SWBeerOclock1713Frisbros
Memorial SWHangry Flickers1815ERR'DAY
Memorial SWHot Dog Stock Market1213Darts YVR
Memorial SWMacho Sidewinders138Double Rainbow!
Trillium EAbeers Aquatic Animals1616Sports
Trillium EGXCCI GXNG2018Immortal
Trillium EMid at Best219Tea Time
Trillium EOld dogs, scoob tricks219Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium WDisc Monkeys715Cold Cuts
Trillium WDisconnect109Hammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium WNap Life1210DUMP truckers
Thu Feb 16
8:15 pm
Empire NBumblebees139Discl3xia!
Empire NGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1715The Marauders
Empire NHogs Against the Machine2110Grumpy Dog
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers198The Ultimates
Empire SAlmost All BrokeForfeitedSpinister Motives
Empire SDisk Horse1212Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire SMonday513Gen Z(oom)
Empire SPiper Palooza1011Disc Appointment
Jericho W#VictoriasSecret7.01512Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WAlso Sports1820Hot Buns
Jericho WEternal1813Unstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Jericho WStickdog1021Kpop Thursdays
Memorial SWNightHucks_1215Throw Goats
Memorial SWThe Frizzles2115Hand of Chal
Memorial SWWeSports1515Frozen Ferrets
Memorial SWzoi1818Discord
Trillium E4 Winds1313Basura Gang
Trillium EAbsolute Zeroes213Adequate
Trillium EDiscturbed1210Chicago_Pulls
Trillium EThe Hucking Fooligans521n&n’s
Trillium W90's Throwback1512Friends of Henry
Trillium WHuck It173Soccer team
Trillium WNot in the Face1112The Throw Ups
9:10 pmEmpire NBumblebees1511The Ultimates
Empire NGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1611Grumpy Dog
Empire NHogs Against the Machine1115The Marauders
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2110Discl3xia!
Empire SAlmost All Broke1316Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire SDisk Horse146Spinister Motives
Empire SMonday920Disc Appointment
Empire SPiper Palooza713Gen Z(oom)
Jericho W#VictoriasSecret7.02116Unstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Jericho WAlso Sports2021Kpop Thursdays
Jericho WEternal2114Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WStickdog1715Hot Buns
Memorial SWNightHucks_177Frozen Ferrets
Memorial SWThe Frizzles1316Discord
Memorial SWWeSports915Throw Goats
Memorial SWzoi2010Hand of Chal
Trillium E4 Winds2112Adequate
Trillium EAbsolute Zeroes218Basura Gang
Trillium EDiscturbed919n&n’s
Trillium EThe Hucking Fooligans921Chicago_Pulls
Trillium W90's Throwback1014Not in the Face
Trillium WFriends of Henry215Soccer team
Trillium WHuck It196The Throw Ups
Mon Feb 20
8:15 pm
Empire NBeerOclock1321Darts YVR
Empire NHangry Flickers1616Double Rainbow!
Empire NHot Dog Stock Market2113Frisbros
Empire NMacho Sidewinders2014ERR'DAY
Empire SNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team614Dragon Sound
Empire SPanic! Hat The DiscoDefaultMildly Threatening
Empire SSheesh Team1514Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Jericho WAbeers Aquatic Animals2113Immortal
Jericho WGXCCI GXNG136Sports
Jericho WMid at Best212Flamingos at Bingo
Jericho WOld dogs, scoob tricks158Tea Time
Memorial SWdingo bros1811Huck If You Want Me!
Memorial SWFull Send Cat1920Good Vibrations
Memorial SWHammerCo x Smash1021WeSportz
Memorial SWNo Height and WhiteForfeitedWeenie Huck Jr.
Trillium EDiscin' AroundDefault92% Chance of Rain
Trillium EHotpot64The Perogies
Trillium EMonday Hat Intermediate128Tsunami
Trillium EVinter Vodka Lyge511Freshly Laundered
Trillium WDisc Monkeys1110Hammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium WDUMP truckers1411Cold Cuts
Trillium WNap Life1315Disconnect
9:10 pmEmpire NBeerOclock1417Double Rainbow!
Empire NHangry Flickers917Darts YVR
Empire NHot Dog Stock Market1621ERR'DAY
Empire NMacho Sidewinders129Frisbros
Empire SNational Ajerbak Shuffleball TeamForfeitedMildly Threatening
Empire SSheesh TeamDefaultPanic! Hat The Disco
Empire STechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionCancelledDragon Sound
Jericho WAbeers Aquatic AnimalsTea Time
Jericho WGXCCI GXNG1813Flamingos at Bingo
Jericho WMid at Best215Sports
Jericho WOld dogs, scoob tricks1610Immortal
Memorial SWdingo bros1115Good Vibrations
Memorial SWFull Send Cat2110Huck If You Want Me!
Memorial SWHammerCo x Smash1412Weenie Huck Jr.
Memorial SWNo Height and WhiteForfeitedWeSportz
Trillium EDiscin' AroundDefaultThe Perogies
Trillium EHotpot11392% Chance of Rain
Trillium EMonday Hat Intermediate1217Freshly Laundered
Trillium EVinter Vodka Lyge412Tsunami
Trillium WDisc Monkeys510DUMP truckers
Trillium WDisconnect84Cold Cuts
Trillium WNap Life1220Hammer Beats Rabbit
Thu Feb 23
8:15 pm
Empire NNightHucks_1811Hand of Chal
Empire NThe Frizzles1518Throw Goats
Empire NWeSports1513Discord
Empire Nzoi2114Frozen Ferrets
Empire SBumblebees1415Grumpy Dog
Empire SGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1710The Ultimates
Empire SHogs Against the Machine176Discl3xia!
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1819The Marauders
Jericho W#VictoriasSecret7.0ForfeitedKpop Thursdays
Jericho WAlso SportsForfeitedUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Jericho WEternalHot Buns
Jericho WStickdog2116Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SW4 Winds1315Chicago_Pulls
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes721n&n’s
Memorial SWDiscturbed821Basura Gang
Memorial SWThe Hucking Fooligans1621Adequate
Trillium EAlmost All Broke1021Gen Z(oom)
Trillium EDisk Horse1612Disc Appointment
Trillium EMonday159Spinister Motives
Trillium EPiper PaloozaScoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium WFriends of Henry1014Not in the Face
Trillium WHuck It121090's Throwback
Trillium WThe Throw Ups165Soccer team
9:10 pmEmpire NNightHucks_1711Discord
Empire NThe Frizzles166Frozen Ferrets
Empire NWeSports1711Hand of Chal
Empire Nzoi1420Throw Goats
Empire SBumblebees1214The Marauders
Empire SGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)2011Discl3xia!
Empire SHogs Against the Machine2111The Ultimates
Empire SLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1614Grumpy Dog
Jericho W#VictoriasSecret7.0ForfeitedHot Buns
Jericho WAlso SportsForfeitedDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WEternalForfeitedKpop Thursdays
Jericho WStickdog2111Unstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Memorial SW4 Winds921n&n’s
Memorial SWAbsolute Zeroes715Chicago_Pulls
Memorial SWDiscturbed1314Adequate
Memorial SWThe Hucking Fooligans1021Basura Gang
Trillium EAlmost All Broke1620Disc Appointment
Trillium EDisk Horse1014Gen Z(oom)
Trillium EMonday517Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium EPiper Palooza1310Spinister Motives
Trillium W90's Throwback513Not in the Face
Trillium WFriends of Henry214Soccer team
Trillium WHuck It1310The Throw Ups
Mon Feb 27
8:15 pm
Empire NDouble Rainbow!CancelledDarts YVR
Empire NFrisbrosCancelledERR'DAY
Empire NHangry FlickersCancelledBeerOclock
Empire NHot Dog Stock MarketCancelledMacho Sidewinders
Empire SGXCCI GXNGCancelledMid at Best
Empire SOld dogs, scoob tricksCancelledAbeers Aquatic Animals
Empire SSportsCancelledFlamingos at Bingo
Empire STea TimeCancelledImmortal
Jericho Wdingo brosCancelledFull Send Cat
Jericho WHammerCo x SmashCancelledNo Height and White
Jericho WHuck If You Want Me!CancelledGood Vibrations
Jericho WWeSportzCancelledWeenie Huck Jr.
Memorial SW92% Chance of RainCancelledThe Perogies
Memorial SWDiscin' AroundCancelledHotpot
Memorial SWMonday Hat IntermediateVinter Vodka Lyge
Memorial SWTsunamiCancelledFreshly Laundered
Trillium EDragon SoundCancelledPanic! Hat The Disco
Trillium ESheesh TeamMildly Threatening
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionCancelledNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Trillium WDisconnectCancelledDisc Monkeys
Trillium WHammer Beats RabbitCancelledDUMP truckers
Trillium WNap LifeCancelledCold Cuts
9:10 pmEmpire NBeerOclockCancelledMacho Sidewinders
Empire NERR'DAYCancelledDarts YVR
Empire NFrisbrosCancelledDouble Rainbow!
Empire NHangry FlickersCancelledHot Dog Stock Market
Empire SGXCCI GXNGCancelledOld dogs, scoob tricks
Empire SImmortalCancelledFlamingos at Bingo
Empire SMid at BestCancelledAbeers Aquatic Animals
Empire STea TimeCancelledSports
Jericho Wdingo brosCancelledHammerCo x Smash
Jericho WFull Send CatCancelledNo Height and White
Jericho WWeenie Huck Jr.CancelledGood Vibrations
Jericho WWeSportzCancelledHuck If You Want Me!
Memorial SW92% Chance of RainCancelledTsunami
Memorial SWMonday Hat IntermediateDiscin' Around
Memorial SWThe PerogiesCancelledFreshly Laundered
Memorial SWVinter Vodka LygeCancelledHotpot
Trillium EDragon SoundMildly Threatening
Trillium ESheesh TeamCancelledNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Trillium ETechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionCancelledPanic! Hat The Disco
Trillium WDisconnectCancelledDUMP truckers
Trillium WHammer Beats RabbitCancelledCold Cuts
Trillium WNap LifeCancelledDisc Monkeys
Thu Mar 2
8:15 pm
Empire N4 WindsCancelledAbsolute Zeroes
Empire NBasura GangCancelledAdequate
Empire NChicago_PullsCancelledn&n’s
Empire NDiscturbedCancelledThe Hucking Fooligans
Empire SAlso SportsCancelledStickdog
Empire SEternalCancelled#VictoriasSecret7.0
Empire SHot Buns CancelledKpop Thursdays
Empire SUnstoppable Downpour of PicklesCancelledDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Jericho WBumblebeesCancelledLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jericho WDiscl3xia!CancelledThe Ultimates
Jericho WGrumpy DogCancelledThe Marauders
Jericho WHogs Against the MachineCancelledGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)
Memorial SWAlmost All BrokeCancelledDisk Horse
Memorial SWGen Z(oom)CancelledDisc Appointment
Memorial SWMondayCancelledPiper Palooza
Memorial SWSpinister MotivesCancelledScoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium EHand of ChalCancelledDiscord
Trillium ENightHucks_CancelledWeSports
Trillium EThe FrizzlesCancelledzoi
Trillium EThrow GoatsCancelledFrozen Ferrets
Trillium W90's ThrowbackCancelledFriends of Henry
Trillium WHuck ItCancelledSoccer team
Trillium WNot in the FaceCancelledThe Throw Ups
9:10 pmEmpire NChicago_PullsCancelledBasura Gang
Empire NDiscturbedCancelled4 Winds
Empire Nn&n’sCancelledAdequate
Empire NThe Hucking FooligansCancelledAbsolute Zeroes
Empire S#VictoriasSecret7.0CancelledStickdog
Empire SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackCancelledKpop Thursdays
Empire SEternalAlso Sports
Empire SUnstoppable Downpour of PicklesCancelledHot Buns
Jericho WGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)CancelledLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jericho WGrumpy DogCancelledDiscl3xia!
Jericho WHogs Against the MachineCancelledBumblebees
Jericho WThe MaraudersCancelledThe Ultimates
Memorial SWAlmost All BrokeCancelledMonday
Memorial SWDisk HorseCancelledPiper Palooza
Memorial SWScoober-Dooby-DooCancelledDisc Appointment
Memorial SWSpinister MotivesCancelledGen Z(oom)
Trillium EDiscordCancelledFrozen Ferrets
Trillium EHand of ChalCancelledThrow Goats
Trillium EThe FrizzlesCancelledNightHucks_
Trillium EzoiCancelledWeSports
Trillium W90's ThrowbackCancelledThe Throw Ups
Trillium WHuck ItCancelledFriends of Henry
Trillium WNot in the FaceCancelledSoccer team
Mon Mar 6
8:15 pm
Empire N92% Chance of Rain1021Tsunami
Empire NMonday Hat Intermediate1321Discin' Around
Empire NThe Perogies1611Freshly Laundered
Empire NVinter Vodka LygeHotpot
Empire Sdingo bros1413HammerCo x Smash
Empire SFull Send CatNo Height and White
Empire SWeenie Huck Jr.1118Good Vibrations
Empire SWeSportzHuck If You Want Me!
Jericho WBeerOclock1418Macho Sidewinders
Jericho WERR'DAY1321Darts YVR
Jericho WFrisbrosDouble Rainbow!
Jericho WHangry Flickers1821Hot Dog Stock Market
Memorial SWNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team911Panic! Hat The Disco
Memorial SWSheesh Team1313Dragon Sound
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1515Mildly Threatening
Trillium EGXCCI GXNG2119Old dogs, scoob tricks
Trillium EImmortal2017Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium EMid at Best2114Abeers Aquatic Animals
Trillium ETea Time1316Sports
Trillium WDisc Monkeys1319DUMP truckers
Trillium WDisconnect1715Cold Cuts
Trillium WNap Life1718Hammer Beats Rabbit
9:10 pmEmpire N92% Chance of Rain1714Freshly Laundered
Empire NMonday Hat IntermediateHotpot
Empire NThe Perogies1212Tsunami
Empire NVinter Vodka LygeDiscin' Around
Empire Sdingo bros1021No Height and White
Empire SFull Send Cat1714HammerCo x Smash
Empire SWeenie Huck Jr.1717Huck If You Want Me!
Empire SWeSportz1114Good Vibrations
Jericho WBeerOclock2115Hot Dog Stock Market
Jericho WERR'DAY1521Double Rainbow!
Jericho WFrisbrosDarts YVR
Jericho WHangry Flickers2112Macho Sidewinders
Memorial SWDragon Sound1121Mildly Threatening
Memorial SWSheesh Team1515National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1410Panic! Hat The Disco
Trillium EGXCCI GXNG2021Abeers Aquatic Animals
Trillium EImmortal1816Sports
Trillium EMid at Best2116Old dogs, scoob tricks
Trillium ETea Time2113Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium WDisconnect179DUMP truckers
Trillium WHammer Beats Rabbit1316Cold Cuts
Trillium WNap Life166Disc Monkeys
Thu Mar 9
8:15 pm
Empire NAlmost All Broke1110Monday
Empire NDisk Horse1817Piper Palooza
Empire NScoober-Dooby-Doo1110Disc Appointment
Empire NSpinister Motives1217Gen Z(oom)
Empire SGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1815Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SGrumpy Dog1019Discl3xia!
Empire SHogs Against the Machine1719Bumblebees
Empire SThe Marauders2115The Ultimates
Jericho WDiscord2014Frozen Ferrets
Jericho WHand of Chal1513Throw Goats
Jericho WThe Frizzles1619NightHucks_
Jericho Wzoi219WeSports
Memorial SWChicago_Pulls2014Basura Gang
Memorial SWDiscturbed11194 Winds
Memorial SWn&n’s213Adequate
Memorial SWThe Hucking Fooligans2114Absolute Zeroes
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret7.01421Stickdog
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1121Kpop Thursdays
Trillium EEternalAlso Sports
Trillium EUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles1321Hot Buns
Trillium W90's Throwback218Soccer team
Trillium WFriends of Henry1310The Throw Ups
Trillium WHuck It1413Not in the Face
9:10 pmEmpire NAlmost All Broke621Piper Palooza
Empire NDisk Horse1515Monday
Empire NScoober-Dooby-Doo1713Gen Z(oom)
Empire NSpinister Motives821Disc Appointment
Empire SGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1611Bumblebees
Empire SGrumpy Dog1821The Ultimates
Empire SHogs Against the Machine1218Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SThe Marauders1719Discl3xia!
Jericho WDiscord1719Throw Goats
Jericho WHand of Chal1221Frozen Ferrets
Jericho WThe Frizzles1916WeSports
Jericho Wzoi1221NightHucks_
Memorial SWChicago_Pulls1912Adequate
Memorial SWDiscturbed621Absolute Zeroes
Memorial SWn&n’s216Basura Gang
Memorial SWThe Hucking Fooligans18214 Winds
Trillium E#VictoriasSecret7.0Also Sports
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1321Hot Buns
Trillium EEternal2115Stickdog
Trillium EUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles1721Kpop Thursdays
Trillium W90's Throwback2111The Throw Ups
Trillium WHuck It218Friends of Henry
Trillium WNot in the Face219Soccer team
Mon Mar 13
8:15 pm
Empire NDisc Monkeys (E101)Sheesh Team
Empire NDiscin' Around2112Freshly Laundered
Empire NHammer Beats Rabbit1517Monday Hat Intermediate
Empire NTsunami141092% Chance of Rain
Empire SFull Send Cat217Hot Dog Stock Market
Empire SHammerCo x Smash1413Disconnect
Empire SHuck If You Want Me!2120ERR'DAY
Empire SMacho Sidewinders2011BeerOclock
Jericho WCold Cuts1116Nap Life
Jericho WDouble Rainbow!1411Hotpot
Jericho WFrisbros1910DUMP truckers
Jericho WHangry Flickers168The Perogies
Memorial SWGXCCI GXNG (A102)Immortal
Memorial SWMid at Best2110Good Vibrations
Memorial SWOld dogs, scoob tricks2115Abeers Aquatic Animals
Trillium EFlamingos at Bingo187Weenie Huck Jr.
Trillium ESports2120Darts YVR
Trillium ETea Time1714No Height and White
Trillium EWeSportz1615dingo bros
Trillium WMildly Threatening129Dragon Sound
Trillium WPanic! Hat The Disco149Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WVinter Vodka Lyge1016National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
9:10 pmEmpire NL: E101 (E107)92% Chance of Rain
Empire NDisc Monkeys1712Tsunami
Empire NDiscin' Around218Monday Hat Intermediate
Empire NFreshly Laundered2118Hammer Beats Rabbit
Empire SDisconnect2114BeerOclock
Empire SFull Send Cat2118Huck If You Want Me!
Empire SHammerCo x Smash1516Macho Sidewinders
Empire SHot Dog Stock Market2021ERR'DAY
Jericho WDUMP truckers1014Hotpot
Jericho WFrisbros137Double Rainbow!
Jericho WHangry Flickers159Nap Life
Jericho WThe Perogies138Cold Cuts
Memorial SWW: A102 (A105)Old dogs, scoob tricks
Memorial SWGood Vibrations1921Immortal
Memorial SWMid at Best2117Abeers Aquatic Animals
Trillium EDarts YVR1517dingo bros
Trillium EFlamingos at Bingo1318Tea Time
Trillium ESports2112WeSportz
Trillium EWeenie Huck Jr.1921No Height and White
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team917Dragon Sound
Trillium WPanic! Hat The Disco1618Mildly Threatening
Trillium WVinter Vodka Lyge1617Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Thu Mar 16
8:15 pm
Empire NAdequate2016Huck It
Empire NDiscturbed1417Piper Palooza
Empire NDisk Horse1415Monday
Empire NThe Hucking Fooligans216Not in the Face
Empire SGrumpy Dog2117Chicago_Pulls
Empire SThe Frizzles1521Discord
Empire SThe Ultimates1216n&n’s
Empire Szoi1614WeSports
Jericho W4 Winds2015Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Jericho WAbsolute Zeroes1213Basura Gang
Jericho WFrozen Ferrets1311Gen Z(oom)
Jericho WHand of Chal2113Disc Appointment
Memorial SWEternal2018Also Sports
Memorial SWHot Buns 2115Unstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Memorial SWKpop Thursdays2114Goofy Scoobers (Yeah!)
Memorial SWStickdog1612#VictoriasSecret7.0
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1118NightHucks_
Trillium EHogs Against the Machine1712Discl3xia!
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2116Bumblebees
Trillium EThe Marauders1121Throw Goats
Trillium W90's Throwback1718Friends of Henry
Trillium WAlmost All Broke1819The Throw Ups
Trillium WSpinister Motives217Soccer team
9:10 pmEmpire NDiscturbed1710Huck It
Empire NNot in the Face1416Disk Horse
Empire NPiper Palooza2110Adequate
Empire NThe Hucking Fooligans164Monday
Empire SChicago_Pulls1512The Frizzles
Empire SGrumpy Dog2021Discord
Empire SWeSports1415The Ultimates
Empire Szoi1518n&n’s
Jericho W4 Winds1614Frozen Ferrets
Jericho WDisc Appointment421Absolute Zeroes
Jericho WHand of Chal1518Basura Gang
Jericho WScoober-Dooby-Doo147Gen Z(oom)
Memorial SWGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1321#VictoriasSecret7.0
Memorial SWHot Buns 1619Eternal
Memorial SWKpop Thursdays2117Stickdog
Memorial SWUnstoppable Downpour of Pickles1421Also Sports
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1021Bumblebees
Trillium EDiscl3xia!1618The Marauders
Trillium EHogs Against the Machine2114Throw Goats
Trillium ENightHucks_2021Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium WSoccer team1121Almost All Broke
Trillium WSpinister Motives72190's Throwback
Trillium WThe Throw Ups1815Friends of Henry
Mon Mar 20
8:15 pm
Empire NAbeers Aquatic Animals (A108)Immortal
Empire NGood Vibrations (A109)L: A105
Empire NMid at Best (A107)Old dogs, scoob tricks
Empire SCold Cuts2115DUMP truckers
Empire SHangry Flickers2116Frisbros
Empire SNap Life1421Double Rainbow!
Empire SThe Perogies (D111)Hotpot
Jericho WL: E107 (E112)Hammer Beats Rabbit
Jericho W92% Chance of Rain2120Freshly Laundered
Jericho WDisc Monkeys (E109)Discin' Around
Jericho WTsunami (E110)Monday Hat Intermediate
Memorial SWDarts YVR (B112)Weenie Huck Jr.
Memorial SWdingo bros (B111)No Height and White
Memorial SWSports (B109)Tea Time
Memorial SWWeSportz2019Flamingos at Bingo
Trillium EBeerOclock (C112)Hot Dog Stock Market
Trillium EDisconnect (C111)ERR'DAY
Trillium EHammerCo x Smash (C110)Huck If You Want Me!
Trillium EMacho Sidewinders (C109)Full Send Cat
Trillium WDragon Sound2115Mildly Threatening
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team1521Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WVinter Vodka Lyge (F109)Panic! Hat The Disco
Thu Mar 23
8:15 pm
Empire N#VictoriasSecret7.0 (A111)Also Sports
Empire NGoofy Scoobers (Yeah!)1621Unstoppable Downpour of Pickles
Empire NKpop Thursdays (A109)Eternal
Empire NStickdog (A110)Hot Buns
Empire SAbsolute Zeroes2011Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire SBasura Gang (D109)4 Winds
Empire SDisc Appointment1813Gen Z(oom)
Empire SHand of Chal (D110)Frozen Ferrets
Jericho WDisk HorseForfeitedDiscturbed
Jericho WMonday2118Adequate
Jericho WNot in the Face218Huck It
Jericho WThe Hucking Fooligans2115Piper Palooza
Memorial SWBumblebees (B111)The Marauders
Memorial SWDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back2325Discl3xia!
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers2123Hogs Against the Machine
Memorial SWNightHucks_ (B110)Throw Goats
Trillium EChicago_Pulls (C111)The Ultimates
Trillium EDiscord1921n&n’s
Trillium EGrumpy Dog2118zoi
Trillium EThe Frizzles (C112)WeSports
Trillium W90's Throwback1510The Throw Ups
Trillium WSoccer team921Friends of Henry
Trillium WSpinister Motives1210Almost All Broke