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Mon May 6
6:30 pm
BalaclavaMister Chung's137Absolute Chaos
BalaclavaPanic with the disc(o) 76Mustard Seeds
Jericho EChubby Pandas15BIG DUMPLINGS
Jericho ETrigger Happy95Tofu Stack
Point GreySQUIRRELForfeitedCuzins
Point GreyThe Hucking Fooligans013G-raff A-ttack
Rupert CMuzz LordZ513Sky Hoes
Rupert CTeam Adequate410Bigger Blacker Backhands
Van Tech OvalErnold and Friends69Bone Hucks-N-Harmony
Van Tech OvalMarty1011Blades of Glory
Winona NFire Ferrets79Disconnect
Winona NTsunami610Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Winona SDoggie Style135Soup Du Jour
Winona SKoopa Troopas138Throwbocops
6:45 pmEmpire SDiscord1517Strangers
Empire SHammer Beats Rabbit1710Doghouse
Memorial OMonday Mix148Double-stranded Cuts
Oak MeadowsTalk Nerdy To Me1212The Frisbee's Knees
Oak MeadowsWeeble Las Vegas!1617Egregious
Trafalgar NWJust a Fling1312Bigger Disc Energy
7:15 pmJericho WCanada Butters130SQUlD
Jericho WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back133The Cleat Tauruses
Memorial SWDiscalicious1013Flick It To Ride
Memorial SWyeet haw1011Bubble Bees
Trillium EBahalalala910The Monday Foxes
Trillium EBDO75Huckanda Forever!
Trillium W3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers107Rain City
Trillium WHorse is the best animal57Unbounce
7:45 pmBalaclavaMister Chung's105Mustard Seeds
BalaclavaPanic with the disc(o) 75Absolute Chaos
Jericho EChubby Pandas57Tofu Stack
Jericho ETrigger Happy71BIG DUMPLINGS
Rupert CMuzz LordZ98Bigger Blacker Backhands
Rupert CTeam Adequate511Sky Hoes
Van Tech OvalErnold and Friends99Blades of Glory
Van Tech OvalMarty912Bone Hucks-N-Harmony
Winona NFire Ferrets88Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Winona NTsunami710Disconnect
Winona SDoggie Style912Throwbocops
Winona SKoopa Troopas513Soup Du Jour
7:50 pmPoint GreySQUIRRELCancelledG-raff A-ttack
Point GreyThe Hucking Fooligans413Cuzins
8:40 pmJericho WCanada Butters131The Cleat Tauruses
Jericho WDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back134SQUlD
Trillium EBahalalala95Huckanda Forever!
Trillium EBDO57The Monday Foxes
Trillium W3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers413Unbounce
Trillium WHorse is the best animal137Rain City
Tue May 7
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDark Side Of The Disc136The Marauders
BalaclavaThe Greendale 717The Frizzles
Jericho EIdentity Crisis88Gentle Warriors
Jericho EWTF105Illegal Smile
KingcrestFriends of Friends613Discpicable Me
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone108Critters
Rupert CBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)116Chronically Injured Care Bears
Rupert CUltimate BBT Too132suggondeezhucks
Trafalgar NWBubbleHucks73H-Bar
Trafalgar NWSlowpokesAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Van Tech OvalFlickle Me Elmo114Summer Beer League
Van Tech OvalTricorne!26DiscThrow Inferno
Winona NFlickachu104Sunny D's
Winona NSuns Out, Guns Out125Rookie Monsters
Winona SEgg Salad Sandwich111Sugoi
Winona SHuck It126Those Meddling Kids
6:45 pmJohn Hendry NEGritty in PinkDefaultKingsway's Finest
Memorial OCatchphrase817Here for the Beer
Memorial ODisc Monkeys1214Cache The Disc
Oak MeadowsBig Disc Energy1213Little Giants
Oak MeadowsNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame165Mighty Rookies
7:15 pmMemorial SWThe Perogies1714Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Trillium EGo the Disc-tance210FLICK YEAH
Trillium EJane Hua310subtle asian throwers
Trillium WFLiC Fam134freshavocado
Trillium WPrincess Layout99UwUltimate
7:40 pmBalaclavaDark Side Of The Disc136The Frizzles
BalaclavaThe Greendale 775The Marauders
Jericho EIdentity Crisis48Illegal Smile
Jericho EWTF75Gentle Warriors
KingcrestFriends of Friends612Critters
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone1012Discpicable Me
Rupert CBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)133suggondeezhucks
Rupert CUltimate BBT Too77Chronically Injured Care Bears
Trafalgar NWBubbleHucks56Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Trafalgar NWSlowpokes811H-Bar
Van Tech OvalFlickle Me Elmo114DiscThrow Inferno
Van Tech OvalTricorne!39Summer Beer League
Winona NFlickachu72Rookie Monsters
Winona NSuns Out, Guns Out65Sunny D's
Winona SEgg Salad Sandwich47Those Meddling Kids
Winona SHuck It711Sugoi
8:40 pmTrillium EGo the Disc-tance412subtle asian throwers
Trillium EJane Hua68FLICK YEAH
Trillium WFLiC Fam126UwUltimate
Trillium WPrincess Layout1310freshavocado
Wed May 8
6:30 pm
Adanac NWFrisbaes1010Piper Palooza
Adanac NWGoal Mountain910Gentle Warriors 2
BalaclavaWok Don't Run.119Big chungus
Empire NHotpot Mafia77Wyld Throws
Empire NXiao Long Baos132New Disc Who Dis?
Empire SURFT1011Absolute Zeroes
Empire SVenom1111zoi
Jericho EBig DISCount73Beta Blockers
Jericho ETry Catch Block211Huckin' East Van Canucks
Oak MeadowsEat Disc109Chick Flix
Oak MeadowsJusDISC League810Big Disc Pod
Rupert CLocal Pint18Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Rupert CThrowtatoes57Dim Sum Warriors
Winona NMarvellous Meerkatz513Fullmetal
Winona NReTox610Break Side
Winona SAzure D813Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Winona SButterfingers1210Arbutus Anubis
6:45 pmKingcrestBatteries Not Included1017Dinner Club
Memorial OMoose ick177Cut Club
Slocan CHehe XD1213AYCE
Strathcona ECPetri Discs 515Wednesday Wave
Trafalgar NWSkywalkers1412Victorious Secret
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone E21 Dump Street1014Random Fling
Andy Livingstone EFinger on the Disc116Floppy Discs!
Jericho WBurning Sensation!117Hucking Hooligians
Jericho WNo. 9 Orange134Dynamics Disc
Memorial SWSteven and the Stevens1310Ultimate BBT
7:45 pmAdanac NWFrisbaes610Gentle Warriors 2
Adanac NWGoal MountainPiper Palooza
BalaclavaStacked​126Big chungus
BalaclavaWok Don't Run.711Likastik
Empire NHotpot Mafia613New Disc Who Dis?
Empire NXiao Long Baos116Wyld Throws
Empire SURFT812zoi
Empire SVenom118Absolute Zeroes
Jericho EBig DISCount96Huckin' East Van Canucks
Jericho ETry Catch Block37Beta Blockers
Oak MeadowsEat Disc710Big Disc Pod
Oak MeadowsJusDISC League89Chick Flix
Rupert CLocal Pint610Dim Sum Warriors
Rupert CThrowtatoes49Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Winona NMarvellous Meerkatz1311Break Side
Winona NReTox1012Fullmetal
Winona SAzure D1310Arbutus Anubis
Winona SButterfingers613Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
8:40 pmJericho WBurning Sensation!132Dynamics Disc
Jericho WNo. 9 Orange105Hucking Hooligians
Thu May 9
6:30 pm
BalaclavaFlick N Twisted136Ytterbium
BalaclavaRoshi794 Winds
Oak MeadowsAt Least My Disc Stays Up78The Gino Odj-discs
Oak MeadowsTeamocil127Jeremy's Disk
Winona NIntercepticons68Ooga Booga
Winona Nyeet hay117Hand of Chal
Winona SDisc Infernos98Tosstitos
Winona SLigma Disc47Herniated Discs
6:45 pmChurchill OvalSpinister Motives91790s Throwback
Churchill OvalUnfits1713Loaf
KingcrestJedi Force817JUST SEND IT
KingcrestPentamala147Ultimate Scrubs
Memorial ODragon Sound1315RainCity Ultimate Club
Memorial OFilet o Flick179Rain City Ultimate Club
Rupert CMediocre At Best165Sauder Stratediscs
Rupert CTrust The Process157Threwbacca
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone Efriendzone613BEARHAWKS
Andy Livingstone ESSB119Craicheads
Andy Livingstone WBattlecats and Friends105Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Andy Livingstone WSalt shakers611Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire NTotal Discheads136Psyhucks
Empire NUltimate Evil610The Spinnakers
Empire SEast Van Halen910Try, Catch, Throw
Empire SLego Inferno133Lost and Found
Jericho WDdu-du-dumplings134Panic at the Discus
Jericho WSideways Shoe711LeBron James Playoff Chances
Memorial SWDanger Zone119WHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Memorial SWNeon Disc-zaster!612Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Trillium EScoober Doober Doo109I huck you 3000
Trillium ETeam Toilet Bowl713Pac-Man
Trillium WApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)139Chester Fields 2.0
Trillium WNight Cawks513Wrists of Fury
7:45 pmBalaclavaFlick N Twisted8134 Winds
Oak MeadowsAt Least My Disc Stays Up413Jeremy's Disk
Oak MeadowsTeamocil136The Gino Odj-discs
Winona NIntercepticons1213Hand of Chal
Winona Nyeet hay1210Ooga Booga
Winona SDisc Infernos97Herniated Discs
Winona SLigma Disc912Tosstitos
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone Efriendzone911Craicheads
Andy Livingstone ESSB710BEARHAWKS
Andy Livingstone WBattlecats and Friends137Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Andy Livingstone WSalt shakers810Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Empire NTotal Discheads1210The Spinnakers
Empire NUltimate Evil77Psyhucks
Empire SEast Van Halen134Lost and Found
Empire SLego Inferno66Try, Catch, Throw
Jericho WDdu-du-dumplings313LeBron James Playoff Chances
Jericho WSideways Shoe133Panic at the Discus
Memorial SWDanger Zone137Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Memorial SWNeon Disc-zaster!813WHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Trillium EScoober Doober Doo413Pac-Man
Trillium ETeam Toilet Bowl86I huck you 3000
Trillium WApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)813Wrists of Fury
Trillium WNight Cawks134Chester Fields 2.0
Mon May 13
6:30 pm
BalaclavaRain City313The Monday Foxes
BalaclavaUnbounce1310Huckanda Forever!
Empire SBIG DUMPLINGS512Panic with the disc(o)
Empire STofu Stack88Mister Chung's
Jericho E3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers77Bahalalala
Jericho EHorse is the best animal66BDO
Memorial OSQUlD613Cuzins
Memorial OThe Cleat Tauruses CancelledG-raff A-ttack
Oak MeadowsCanada Butters137SQUIRREL
Oak MeadowsDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back134The Hucking Fooligans
Point GreyBlades of Glory1013Bigger Blacker Backhands
Point GreyBone Hucks-N-Harmony513Sky Hoes
Winona NDoghouse67Strangers
Winona NHammer Beats Rabbit107Discord
Winona SBubble Bees612Flick It To Ride
Winona Syeet haw137Discalicious
6:45 pmKingcrestTrigger Happy174Chubby Pandas
Rupert CKoopa Troopas159Doggie Style
Rupert CThrowbocops1714Soup Du Jour
Van Tech OvalDisconnect178Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Van Tech OvalFire Ferrets1417Tsunami
7:15 pmJericho WErnold and Friends138Muzz LordZ
Jericho WMarty137Team Adequate
Memorial SWAbsolute Chaos612Just a Fling
Memorial SWMustard Seeds413Bigger Disc Energy
Trillium EDouble-stranded Cuts317Weeble Las Vegas!
Trillium WEgregious178Talk Nerdy To Me
Trillium WThe Frisbee's Knees169Monday Mix
7:50 pmBalaclavaRain City1311Huckanda Forever!
BalaclavaUnbounce109The Monday Foxes
Empire SBIG DUMPLINGS47Mister Chung's
Empire STofu Stack79Panic with the disc(o)
Jericho E3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers29BDO
Jericho EHorse is the best animal910Bahalalala
Memorial OSQUlD613G-raff A-ttack
Memorial OThe Cleat Tauruses ForfeitedCuzins
Oak MeadowsCanada Butters135The Hucking Fooligans
Oak MeadowsDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back135SQUIRREL
Point GreyBlades of Glory1013Sky Hoes
Point GreyBone Hucks-N-Harmony1413Bigger Blacker Backhands
Winona NDoghouse913Discord
Winona NHammer Beats Rabbit1011Strangers
Winona SBubble Bees1210Discalicious
Winona Syeet haw89Flick It To Ride
8:40 pmJericho WErnold and Friends510Team Adequate
Jericho WMarty1210Muzz LordZ
Memorial SWAbsolute Chaos613Bigger Disc Energy
Memorial SWMustard Seeds313Just a Fling
Tue May 14
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBubbleHucks911Plaid to the Bone
BalaclavaSlowpokes86Friends of Friends
Jericho EAdolescent Variation Fighting ReptilesCancelledDiscpicable Me
Jericho EH-BarCancelledCritters
Memorial ODark Side Of The Disc137WTF
Memorial OThe Greendale 7117Identity Crisis
Oak MeadowsThe Frizzles57Gentle Warriors
Oak MeadowsThe Marauders710Illegal Smile
Rupert CRookie Monsters74Egg Salad Sandwich
Rupert CSunny D's511Huck It
Van Tech OvalSugoi87Kingsway's Finest
Van Tech OvalThose Meddling Kids67Gritty in Pink
Winona NFLICK YEAH107Princess Layout
Winona Nsubtle asian throwers613FLiC Fam
Winona Sfreshavocado213Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Winona SUwUltimate411The Perogies
6:45 pmJohn Hendry NEGo the Disc-tanceCancelledJane Hua
KingcrestFlickachu917Suns Out, Guns Out
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone Esuggondeezhucks1415Chronically Injured Care Bears
Andy Livingstone EUltimate BBT Too1013Black Lotus Ultimate (BLU)
Memorial SWFlickle Me Elmo184Tricorne!
Memorial SWSummer Beer League 1417DiscThrow Inferno
Trillium ECache The Disc512Here for the Beer
Trillium EDisc Monkeys86Catchphrase
Trillium WMighty Rookies46Little Giants
Trillium WNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame114Big Disc Energy
7:45 pmBalaclavaBubbleHucks95Friends of Friends
BalaclavaSlowpokes1110Plaid to the Bone
Jericho EAdolescent Variation Fighting ReptilesCancelledCritters
Jericho EH-BarCancelledDiscpicable Me
Memorial ODark Side Of The Disc136Identity Crisis
Memorial OThe Greendale 7137WTF
Oak MeadowsThe Frizzles611Illegal Smile
Oak MeadowsThe Marauders82Gentle Warriors
Rupert CRookie Monsters812Huck It
Rupert CSunny D's139Egg Salad Sandwich
Van Tech OvalSugoi64Gritty in Pink
Van Tech OvalThose Meddling Kids85Kingsway's Finest
Winona NFLICK YEAHCancelledFLiC Fam
Winona Nsubtle asian throwers78Princess Layout
Winona Sfreshavocado513The Perogies
Winona SUwUltimate413Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
8:40 pmTrillium ECache The Disc14Catchphrase
Trillium EDisc Monkeys113Here for the Beer
Trillium WMighty Rookies68Big Disc Energy
Trillium WNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame52Little Giants
Wed May 15
6:30 pm
Adanac NWDynamics Disc69Ultimate BBT
Adanac NWHucking Hooligians84Steven and the Stevens
BalaclavaDim Sum Warriors77Frisbaes
BalaclavaThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!75Goal Mountain
Empire NBig chungus69JusDISC League
Empire NLikastik1011Eat Disc
Empire SBig Disc Pod135Skywalkers
Empire SChick Flix78Victorious Secret
Oak MeadowsGentle Warriors 2114Hehe XD
Oak MeadowsPiper Palooza82AYCE
Rupert CBeta Blockers 117Burning Sensation!
Rupert CHuckin' East Van Canucks613No. 9 Orange
Winona NHotpot Mafia99URFT
Winona NXiao Long Baos114Venom
Winona SNew Disc Who Dis?910zoi
Winona SWyld Throws910Absolute Zeroes
6:45 pmJericho EBatteries Not Included138Cut Club
KingcrestWednesday Wave17521 Dump Street
Memorial OFloppy Discs!154Petri Discs
Memorial ORandom Fling517Finger on the Disc
Slocan CBig DISCount132Try Catch Block
Strathcona ECWok Don't Run.517Stacked​
Trafalgar NWLocal Pint910Throwtatoes
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EBreak Side115Arbutus Anubis
Andy Livingstone EFullmetal913Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Jericho WDinner Club138Moose ick
Memorial SWMarvellous Meerkatz613Azure D
Memorial SWReTox132Butterfingers
7:50 pmAdanac NWDynamics Disc49Steven and the Stevens
Adanac NWHucking Hooligians75Ultimate BBT
BalaclavaDim Sum Warriors123Goal Mountain
BalaclavaThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!75Frisbaes
Empire NBig chungus610Eat Disc
Empire NLikastik64JusDISC League
Empire SBig Disc Pod133Victorious Secret
Empire SChick Flix79Skywalkers
Oak MeadowsGentle Warriors 2134AYCE
Oak MeadowsPiper Palooza64Hehe XD
Rupert CBeta Blockers 613No. 9 Orange
Rupert CHuckin' East Van Canucks79Burning Sensation!
Winona NHotpot Mafia88Venom
Winona NXiao Long Baos126URFT
Winona SNew Disc Who Dis?136Absolute Zeroes
Winona SWyld Throws912zoi
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EBreak Side1211Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Andy Livingstone EFullmetal138Arbutus Anubis
Memorial SWReTox813Azure D
Strathcona ECMarvellous Meerkatz1310Butterfingers
Thu May 16
6:30 pm
KingcrestBEARHAWKS109Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
KingcrestCraicheads612Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial OLeBron James Playoff Chances87WHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Memorial OPanic at the Discus49Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Rupert Cfriendzone513Battlecats and Friends
Rupert CSSB130Salt shakers
Winona SDdu-du-dumplingsDefaultNeon Disc-zaster!
Winona SSideways Shoe613Danger Zone
6:45 pmBalaclavaApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)1017Night Cawks
BalaclavaChester Fields 2.01215Wrists of Fury
Churchill OvalThe Spinnakers1716Psyhucks
Churchill OvalUltimate Evil1117Total Discheads
Oak MeadowsEast Van Halen1416Lego Inferno
Oak MeadowsTry, Catch, Throw813Lost and Found
Winona NI huck you 3000317Pac-Man
Winona NScoober Doober Doo911Team Toilet Bowl
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EIntercepticons713Flick N Twisted
Andy Livingstone Eyeet hay88Roshi
Andy Livingstone WHand of Chal10124 Winds
Andy Livingstone WOoga Booga105Ytterbium
Empire NMediocre At Best78Trust The Process
Empire NSauder Stratediscs116Threwbacca
Empire SJedi Force106Pentamala
Empire SJUST SEND IT84Ultimate Scrubs
Jericho WDisc Infernos713Teamocil
Jericho WLigma Disc96At Least My Disc Stays Up
Memorial SWHerniated Discs133The Gino Odj-discs
Memorial SWTosstitos213Jeremy's Disk
Trillium ELoaf31390s Throwback
Trillium EUnfits1310Spinister Motives
Trillium WFilet o Flick134Dragon Sound
Trillium WRain City Ultimate Club311RainCity Ultimate Club
7:50 pmKingcrestBEARHAWKS78Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
KingcrestCraicheads1011Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Memorial OLeBron James Playoff Chances98Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Memorial OPanic at the Discus313WHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Rupert Cfriendzone137Salt shakers
Rupert CSSB513Battlecats and Friends
Winona SDdu-du-dumplings313Danger Zone
Winona SSideways Shoe118Neon Disc-zaster!
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EIntercepticons1110Roshi
Andy Livingstone Eyeet hay711Flick N Twisted
Andy Livingstone WHand of Chal135Ytterbium
Andy Livingstone WOoga Booga13124 Winds
Empire NMediocre At Best89Threwbacca
Empire NSauder Stratediscs106Trust The Process
Empire SJedi Force125Ultimate Scrubs
Empire SJUST SEND IT131Pentamala
Jericho WDisc Infernos108At Least My Disc Stays Up
Jericho WLigma Disc513Teamocil
Memorial SWHerniated Discs313Jeremy's Disk
Memorial SWTosstitos139The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium ELoaf911Spinister Motives
Trillium EUnfits61390s Throwback
Trillium WFilet o Flick132RainCity Ultimate Club
Trillium WRain City Ultimate Club713Dragon Sound
Mon May 20
6:30 pm
Adanac NWDoghouse138Bubble Bees
Adanac NWHammer Beats Rabbit1011yeet haw
Empire S3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers113The Monday Foxes
Empire SHorse is the best animal93Huckanda Forever!
Point GreyDisconnect114Throwbocops
Point GreyTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion513Soup Du Jour
Rupert CDiscordCancelledDiscalicious
Rupert CStrangersCancelledFlick It To Ride
Winona NChubby PandasCancelledMustard Seeds
Winona NTrigger HappyCancelledAbsolute Chaos
Winona SMister Chung's89Just a Fling
Winona SPanic with the disc(o) 810Bigger Disc Energy
6:45 pmBalaclavaEgregious174Double-stranded Cuts
BalaclavaTalk Nerdy To MeForfeitedMonday Mix
Jericho EWeeble Las Vegas!1517The Frisbee's Knees
Oak MeadowsBlades of Glory1715Bone Hucks-N-Harmony
Oak MeadowsMartyCancelledErnold and Friends
Trafalgar NWTofu StackCancelledBIG DUMPLINGS
Van Tech OvalBigger Blacker BackhandsCancelledSky Hoes
Van Tech OvalTeam Adequate178Muzz LordZ
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone ERain City1010Bahalalala
Andy Livingstone EUnbounceForfeitedBDO
Jericho WFire Ferrets128Koopa Troopas
Jericho WTsunami136Doggie Style
Trillium ECanada Butters1310Cuzins
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back713G-raff A-ttack
Trillium WThe Cleat Tauruses 613The Hucking Fooligans
7:50 pmEmpire S3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers512Huckanda Forever!
Empire SHorse is the best animal711The Monday Foxes
Point GreyDisconnect1311Soup Du Jour
Point GreyTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion513Throwbocops
7:55 pmAdanac NWDoghouse118yeet haw
Adanac NWHammer Beats Rabbit129Bubble Bees
Rupert CDiscordCancelledFlick It To Ride
Rupert CStrangersCancelledDiscalicious
Winona NChubby PandasCancelledAbsolute Chaos
Winona NTrigger HappyCancelledMustard Seeds
Winona SMister Chung's811Bigger Disc Energy
Winona SPanic with the disc(o) 126Just a Fling
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone ERain CityForfeitedBDO
Andy Livingstone EUnbounce713Bahalalala
Jericho WFire Ferrets138Doggie Style
Jericho WTsunami139Koopa Troopas
Trillium ECanada Butters139G-raff A-ttack
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1013Cuzins
Trillium WSQUlD813The Hucking Fooligans
Trillium WThe Cleat Tauruses 413SQUIRREL
Tue May 21
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)134Tricorne!
BalaclavaUltimate BBT Too513Flickle Me Elmo
Jericho EChronically Injured Care Bears511DiscThrow Inferno
Jericho Esuggondeezhucks712Summer Beer League
Rupert CGo the Disc-tance108UwUltimate
Rupert CJane Hua87freshavocado
Van Tech OvalFLiC Fam96Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Van Tech OvalPrincess Layout79The Perogies
Winona NCache The Disc86Mighty Rookies
Winona NDisc Monkeys99New ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame
Winona SCatchphrase124Big Disc Energy
Winona SHere for the Beer132Little Giants
6:45 pmKingcrestSunny D's1317Rookie Monsters
Memorial OBubbleHucksSlowpokes
Memorial OH-Bar1417Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Oak MeadowsCritters179Discpicable Me
Oak MeadowsPlaid to the Bone1713Friends of Friends
Trafalgar NWFLICK YEAH1511subtle asian throwers
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EFlickachu79Those Meddling Kids
Andy Livingstone ESuns Out, Guns Out613Sugoi
Memorial SWEgg Salad Sandwich68Kingsway's Finest
Memorial SWHuck It118Gritty in Pink
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc131Illegal Smile
Trillium EThe Greendale 7712Gentle Warriors
Trillium WThe Frizzles89Identity Crisis
Trillium WThe Marauders138WTF
7:50 pmBalaclavaBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)912Flickle Me Elmo
BalaclavaUltimate BBT Too134Tricorne!
Jericho EChronically Injured Care Bears813Summer Beer League
Jericho Esuggondeezhucks1011DiscThrow Inferno
Rupert CGo the Disc-tance136freshavocado
Rupert CJane Hua59UwUltimate
Van Tech OvalFLiC Fam95The Perogies
Van Tech OvalPrincess Layout86Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Winona NCache The Disc108New ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame
Winona NDisc Monkeys133Mighty Rookies
Winona SCatchphrase103Little Giants
Winona SHere for the Beer133Big Disc Energy
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EFlickachu97Sugoi
Andy Livingstone ESuns Out, Guns Out313Those Meddling Kids
Memorial SWEgg Salad Sandwich410Gritty in Pink
Memorial SWHuck It136Kingsway's Finest
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc136Gentle Warriors
Trillium EThe Greendale 71311Illegal Smile
Trillium WThe Frizzles813WTF
Trillium WThe Marauders1013Identity Crisis
Wed May 22
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBig DISCount87Hucking Hooligians
BalaclavaTry Catch Block610Dynamics Disc
Empire NLocal Pint48Gentle Warriors 2
Empire NThrowtatoes68Piper Palooza
Empire SFrisbaes126AYCE
Empire SGoal Mountain58Hehe XD
KingcrestMarvellous Meerkatz813Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
KingcrestReTox137Arbutus Anubis
Memorial OBreak Side129Butterfingers
Memorial OFullmetal1311Azure D
Oak MeadowsBurning Sensation!710Steven and the Stevens
Oak MeadowsNo. 9 Orange91Ultimate BBT
Winona NStacked​1113Chick Flix
Winona NWok Don't Run.713Big Disc Pod
Winona SEat Disc137Victorious Secret
Winona SJusDISC League1210Skywalkers
6:45 pmAdanac NWDinner Club1710Cut Club
Jericho E21 Dump Street815Finger on the Disc
Jericho EWednesday Wave176Floppy Discs!
Rupert CBatteries Not Included1712Moose ick
Strathcona ECHotpot Mafia1117Xiao Long Baos
Strathcona ECWyld Throws1217New Disc Who Dis?
Trafalgar NWBeta Blockers 716Huckin' East Van Canucks
Winona CBig chungus813Likastik
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EAbsolute Zeroes1317zoi
Andy Livingstone EURFT1112Venom
Jericho WPetri Discs 617Random Fling
Memorial SWThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!1712Dim Sum Warriors
7:50 pmEmpire NLocal Pint513Piper Palooza
Empire NThrowtatoes711Gentle Warriors 2
Empire SFrisbaes124Hehe XD
Empire SGoal Mountain128AYCE
7:55 pmBalaclavaBig DISCount135Dynamics Disc
BalaclavaTry Catch Block613Hucking Hooligians
KingcrestMarvellous Meerkatz1311Arbutus Anubis
KingcrestReTox139Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Memorial OBreak Side1310Azure D
Memorial OFullmetal134Butterfingers
Oak MeadowsBurning Sensation!64Ultimate BBT
Oak MeadowsNo. 9 Orange116Steven and the Stevens
Winona NStacked​913Big Disc Pod
Winona NWok Don't Run.813Chick Flix
Winona SEat Disc1111Skywalkers
Winona SJusDISC League134Victorious Secret
Thu May 23
6:30 pm
Balaclava90s Throwback108RainCity Ultimate Club
BalaclavaSpinister Motives137Dragon Sound
Oak MeadowsThrewbacca610Ultimate Scrubs
Oak MeadowsTrust The Process47Pentamala
Winona NLoaf123Rain City Ultimate Club
Winona NUnfits610Filet o Flick
Winona SMediocre At Best413Jedi Force
Winona SSauder Stratediscs76JUST SEND IT
6:45 pmChurchill OvalDisc Infernos178Ligma Disc
Churchill OvalTosstitos128Herniated Discs
Kingcrest4 Winds176Ytterbium
KingcrestRoshi1516Flick N Twisted
Memorial OJeremy's Disk1713The Gino Odj-discs
Memorial OTeamocil176At Least My Disc Stays Up
Rupert CHand of Chal917Ooga Booga
Rupert Cyeet hay1017Intercepticons
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EScoober Doober Doo128Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Andy Livingstone ETeam Toilet Bowl713Night Cawks
Andy Livingstone WI huck you 3000513Chester Fields 2.0
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man910Wrists of Fury
Empire Nfriendzone911Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Empire NSSB910Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SBEARHAWKS613Battlecats and Friends
Empire SCraicheads1011Salt shakers
Jericho WTotal Discheads810Lego Inferno
Jericho WUltimate Evil313East Van Halen
Memorial SWPsyhucks124Lost and Found
Memorial SWThe Spinnakers117Try, Catch, Throw
Trillium EDdu-du-dumplings49Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Trillium ESideways Shoe78WHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Trillium WLeBron James Playoff Chances107Danger Zone
Trillium WPanic at the Discus613Neon Disc-zaster!
7:55 pmBalaclava90s Throwback133Dragon Sound
BalaclavaSpinister Motives136RainCity Ultimate Club
Oak MeadowsThrewbacca612Pentamala
Oak MeadowsTrust The Process712Ultimate Scrubs
Winona NLoaf710Filet o Flick
Winona NUnfits107Rain City Ultimate Club
Winona SMediocre At Best911JUST SEND IT
Winona SSauder Stratediscs85Jedi Force
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EScoober Doober Doo79Night Cawks
Andy Livingstone ETeam Toilet Bowl1013Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Andy Livingstone WI huck you 3000413Wrists of Fury
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man67Chester Fields 2.0
Empire Nfriendzone413Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire NSSB135Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Empire SBEARHAWKS137Salt shakers
Empire SCraicheads913Battlecats and Friends
Jericho WTotal Discheads109East Van Halen
Jericho WUltimate Evil213Lego Inferno
Memorial SWPsyhucks98Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial SWThe Spinnakers115Lost and Found
Trillium EDdu-du-dumplings313WHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Trillium ESideways Shoe118Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Trillium WLeBron James Playoff Chances126Neon Disc-zaster!
Trillium WPanic at the Discus213Danger Zone
Mon May 27
6:30 pm
Memorial ODisconnect137Koopa Troopas
Memorial OTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion813Doggie Style
Oak MeadowsFire Ferrets1213Throwbocops
Oak MeadowsTsunami1111Soup Du Jour
Point GreyDiscord1113yeet haw
Point GreyStrangers810Bubble Bees
Rupert CBIG DUMPLINGS312Bigger Disc Energy
Rupert CTofu Stack810Just a Fling
Van Tech OvalChubby Pandas412Panic with the disc(o)
Van Tech OvalTrigger Happy109Mister Chung's
6:45 pmBalaclavaG-raff A-ttack1113Cuzins
BalaclavaThe Hucking Fooligans1317SQUIRREL
Empire SEgregious176The Frisbee's Knees
Empire SWeeble Las Vegas!163Monday Mix
Jericho EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1117Canada Butters
Jericho EThe Cleat Tauruses 1712SQUlD
KingcrestAbsolute Chaos1217Mustard Seeds
Winona NHorse is the best animal1773FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Winona NUnbounce1711Rain City
Winona SBDO179Bahalalala
Winona SHuckanda Forever!1113The Monday Foxes
7:15 pmJericho WDoghouse129Flick It To Ride
Jericho WHammer Beats Rabbit1311Discalicious
Memorial SWTalk Nerdy To Me176Double-stranded Cuts
Trillium EBlades of Glory811Team Adequate
Trillium EBone Hucks-N-Harmony127Muzz LordZ
Trillium WErnold and Friends913Sky Hoes
Trillium WMarty139Bigger Blacker Backhands
7:50 pmPoint GreyDiscord137Bubble Bees
Point GreyStrangers813yeet haw
7:55 pmMemorial ODisconnect138Doggie Style
Memorial OTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion613Koopa Troopas
Oak MeadowsFire Ferrets138Soup Du Jour
Oak MeadowsTsunami117Throwbocops
Rupert CBIG DUMPLINGS96Just a Fling
Rupert CTofu Stack1212Bigger Disc Energy
Van Tech OvalChubby Pandas713Mister Chung's
Van Tech OvalTrigger Happy119Panic with the disc(o)
8:40 pmJericho WDoghouse138Discalicious
Jericho WHammer Beats Rabbit135Flick It To Ride
Trillium EBlades of Glory126Muzz LordZ
Trillium EBone Hucks-N-Harmony1011Team Adequate
Trillium WErnold and Friends1113Bigger Blacker Backhands
Trillium WMarty1311Sky Hoes
Tue May 28
6:30 pm
BalaclavaFlickachu313Huck It
BalaclavaSuns Out, Guns Out75Egg Salad Sandwich
Jericho ERookie Monsters107Kingsway's Finest
Jericho ESunny D's98Gritty in Pink
KingcrestFLICK YEAH610The Perogies
Kingcrestsubtle asian throwers57Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Memorial OBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)1011DiscThrow Inferno
Memorial OUltimate BBT Too89Summer Beer League
Oak MeadowsChronically Injured Care Bears132Tricorne!
Oak Meadowssuggondeezhucks48Flickle Me Elmo
Rupert CCache The Disc124Little Giants
Rupert CDisc Monkeys810Big Disc Energy
Trafalgar NWGo the Disc-tance87Princess Layout
Trafalgar NWJane Hua79FLiC Fam
Van Tech OvalCatchphrase86New ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame
Van Tech OvalHere for the Beer132Mighty Rookies
6:45 pmJohn Hendry NEUwUltimate177freshavocado
Slocan CThose Meddling Kids1617Sugoi
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc146The Greendale 7
Winona NThe Marauders717The Frizzles
Winona SIllegal Smile1215Gentle Warriors
Winona SWTF917Identity Crisis
7:15 pmTrillium EBubbleHucks911Critters
Trillium ESlowpokesDiscpicable Me
Trillium WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles613Friends of Friends
Trillium WH-Bar813Plaid to the Bone
7:50 pmBalaclavaFlickachu105Egg Salad Sandwich
BalaclavaSuns Out, Guns Out713Huck It
Jericho ERookie Monsters137Gritty in Pink
Jericho ESunny D's137Kingsway's Finest
KingcrestFLICK YEAH78Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Kingcrestsubtle asian throwers58The Perogies
Memorial OBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)1011Summer Beer League
Memorial OUltimate BBT Too813DiscThrow Inferno
Oak MeadowsChronically Injured Care Bears611Flickle Me Elmo
Oak Meadowssuggondeezhucks95Tricorne!
Rupert CCache The Disc46Big Disc Energy
Rupert CDisc Monkeys78Little Giants
Trafalgar NWGo the Disc-tance94FLiC Fam
Trafalgar NWJane Hua413Princess Layout
Van Tech OvalCatchphrase102Mighty Rookies
Van Tech OvalHere for the Beer132New ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame
8:40 pmTrillium EBubbleHucks1210Discpicable Me
Trillium ESlowpokesCritters
Trillium WAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles613Plaid to the Bone
Trillium WH-Bar58Friends of Friends
Wed May 29
6:30 pm
Empire NBig DISCount97Burning Sensation!
Empire NTry Catch Block013No. 9 Orange
Empire SBeta Blockers 94Steven and the Stevens
Empire SHuckin' East Van Canucks124Ultimate BBT
KingcrestHotpot Mafia812Absolute Zeroes
KingcrestXiao Long Baos137zoi
Memorial ONew Disc Who Dis?1113Venom
Memorial OWyld Throws1211URFT
Strathcona ECStacked​136Eat Disc
Strathcona ECWok Don't Run.1112JusDISC League
Winona NLocal Pint99Goal Mountain
Winona NThrowtatoes610Frisbaes
Winona SDim Sum Warriors108AYCE
Winona SThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!59Hehe XD
6:45 pmAdanac NW21 Dump Street1314Floppy Discs!
Jericho EArbutus Anubis513Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Jericho EBreak Side1417Fullmetal
Oak MeadowsBatteries Not Included1517Dinner Club
Oak MeadowsMoose ick1417Cut Club
Rupert CPetri Discs 1016Finger on the Disc
Rupert CWednesday Wave1714Random Fling
Trafalgar NWBig Disc Pod1417Chick Flix
Winona CGentle Warriors 21510Piper Palooza
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EBig chungus117Skywalkers
Andy Livingstone ELikastik109Victorious Secret
Jericho WButterfingers1217Azure D
Jericho WReTox138Marvellous Meerkatz
Memorial SWHucking Hooligians175Dynamics Disc
7:50 pmEmpire NBig DISCount78No. 9 Orange
Empire NTry Catch Block213Burning Sensation!
Empire SBeta Blockers 76Ultimate BBT
Empire SHuckin' East Van Canucks133Steven and the Stevens
7:55 pmKingcrestHotpot Mafia912zoi
KingcrestXiao Long Baos910Absolute Zeroes
Memorial ONew Disc Who Dis?134URFT
Memorial OWyld Throws1210Venom
Strathcona ECStacked​136JusDISC League
Strathcona ECWok Don't Run.1211Eat Disc
Winona NLocal Pint511Frisbaes
Winona NThrowtatoes87Goal Mountain
Winona SDim Sum Warriors910Hehe XD
Winona SThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!813AYCE
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EBig chungus118Victorious Secret
Andy Livingstone ELikastik119Skywalkers
Thu May 30
6:30 pm
KingcrestI huck you 3000115Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
KingcrestPac-Man137Night Cawks
Memorial OPsyhucks1311Lego Inferno
Memorial OThe Spinnakers611East Van Halen
Rupert CScoober Doober Doo106Chester Fields 2.0
Rupert CTeam Toilet Bowl513Wrists of Fury
Winona STotal DischeadsCancelledLost and Found
Winona SUltimate Evil48Try, Catch, Throw
6:45 pmBalaclavaDanger Zone176Neon Disc-zaster!
BalaclavaWHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!179Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Churchill OvalCraicheadsForfeitedBEARHAWKS
Churchill OvalSSB176friendzone
Oak MeadowsLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1618Mighty Hucking Power Rangers
Oak MeadowsSalt shakers617Battlecats and Friends
Winona NLeBron James Playoff Chances174Panic at the Discus
Winona NSideways Shoe1211Ddu-du-dumplings
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone ELoaf137RainCity Ultimate Club
Andy Livingstone EUnfits117Dragon Sound
Andy Livingstone W90s Throwback135Rain City Ultimate Club
Andy Livingstone WSpinister Motives710Filet o Flick
Empire NIntercepticons138Ytterbium
Empire Nyeet hay10134 Winds
Empire SHand of Chal1310Roshi
Empire SOoga Booga139Flick N Twisted
Jericho WMediocre At Best910Pentamala
Jericho WSauder Stratediscs97Ultimate Scrubs
Memorial SWThrewbacca412JUST SEND IT
Memorial SWTrust The Process1011Jedi Force
Trillium EDisc Infernos1310Jeremy's Disk
Trillium ELigma Disc513The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium WHerniated Discs66At Least My Disc Stays Up
Trillium WTosstitos313Teamocil
7:55 pmKingcrestI huck you 3000125Night Cawks
KingcrestPac-Man136Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Memorial OPsyhucks611East Van Halen
Memorial OThe Spinnakers313Lego Inferno
Rupert CScoober Doober Doo99Wrists of Fury
Rupert CTeam Toilet Bowl79Chester Fields 2.0
Winona STotal Discheads128Try, Catch, Throw
Winona SUltimate Evil212Lost and Found
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone ELoaf99Dragon Sound
Andy Livingstone EUnfits135RainCity Ultimate Club
Andy Livingstone W90s Throwback511Filet o Flick
Andy Livingstone WSpinister Motives133Rain City Ultimate Club
Empire NIntercepticons10134 Winds
Empire Nyeet hay1211Ytterbium
Empire SHand of Chal1011Flick N Twisted
Empire SOoga Booga135Roshi
Jericho WMediocre At Best910Ultimate Scrubs
Jericho WSauder Stratediscs89Pentamala
Memorial SWThrewbacca1211Jedi Force
Memorial SWTrust The Process513JUST SEND IT
Trillium EDisc Infernos1310The Gino Odj-discs
Trillium ELigma Disc513Jeremy's Disk
Trillium WHerniated Discs59Teamocil
Trillium WTosstitos134At Least My Disc Stays Up
Mon Jun 3
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBone Hucks-N-HarmonyBlades of Glory
BalaclavaThe Cleat Tauruses Team Adequate
Empire NCanada Butters139Cuzins
Empire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back313G-raff A-ttack
Empire SSQUIRREL85Sky Hoes
Empire SThe Hucking Fooligans910Marty
Oak MeadowsBigger Blacker BackhandsFire Ferrets
Oak MeadowsDisconnect128Tsunami
Point GreyBubble Bees613Just a Fling
Point GreyDiscalicious119The Monday Foxes
Rupert CDoggie Style138yeet haw
Rupert CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion99Strangers
Van Tech OvalFlick It To Ride104Panic with the disc(o)
Van Tech OvalTrigger Happy136Discord
Winona CAbsolute Chaos96Horse is the best animal
Winona CBahalalala910Chubby Pandas
Winona SBDO643FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Winona SRain City59Huckanda Forever!
6:45 pmMemorial OBigger Disc Energy 172Monday Mix
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EThe Frisbee's Knees717Talk Nerdy To Me
Andy Livingstone WWeeble Las Vegas!1517Egregious
Jericho WBIG DUMPLINGS78Mustard Seeds
Jericho WMister Chung's108Tofu Stack
Memorial SWUnbounce177Double-stranded Cuts
Trillium EErnold and Friends135Throwbocops
Trillium ESQUlD713Muzz LordZ
Trillium WKoopa Troopas1210Hammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium WSoup Du Jour1013Doghouse
7:45 pmEmpire NCanada Butters129G-raff A-ttack
Empire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back129Cuzins
Empire SSQUIRREL108Marty
Empire SThe Hucking Fooligans1213Sky Hoes
Point GreyBubble Bees132The Monday Foxes
Point GreyDiscalicious713Just a Fling
7:55 pmBalaclavaBone Hucks-N-HarmonyTeam Adequate
BalaclavaThe Cleat Tauruses 1310Blades of Glory
Oak MeadowsBigger Blacker Backhands1212Tsunami
Oak MeadowsDisconnect1311Fire Ferrets
Rupert CDoggie Style1213Strangers
Rupert CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion911yeet haw
Van Tech OvalFlick It To Ride511Discord
Van Tech OvalTrigger Happy612Panic with the disc(o)
Winona CAbsolute Chaos128Chubby Pandas
Winona CBahalalala1310Horse is the best animal
Winona SBDO811Huckanda Forever!
Winona SRain City763FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
8:40 pmJericho WBIG DUMPLINGS910Tofu Stack
Jericho WMister Chung's127Mustard Seeds
Trillium EErnold and Friends107Muzz LordZ
Trillium ESQUlD913Throwbocops
Trillium WKoopa Troopas1311Doghouse
Trillium WSoup Du Jour813Hammer Beats Rabbit
Tue Jun 4
6:30 pm
KingcrestThe Frizzles97BubbleHucks
KingcrestThe Marauders1112Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Memorial OGo the Disc-tance94UwUltimate
Memorial OPrincess Layout108Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Oak MeadowsFlickachu93Kingsway's Finest
Oak MeadowsTricorne!68Egg Salad Sandwich
Van Tech OvalDiscpicable Me612Flickle Me Elmo
Van Tech OvalSlowpokesDiscThrow Inferno
Winona CFriends of Friends135Summer Beer League
Winona CH-Bar69Black Lotus Ultimate (BLU)
Winona SChronically Injured Care Bears711Sugoi
Winona SUltimate BBT Too710Huck It
6:45 pmBalaclavaCache The DiscNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame
BalaclavaJane Hua174freshavocado
Jericho EBig Disc Energy175Little Giants
Jericho EDisc Monkeys1413Mighty Rookies
Slocan CHere for the Beer1710Gritty in Pink
Slocan SWsubtle asian throwers1017Catchphrase
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EDark Side Of The Disc135Identity Crisis
Andy Livingstone EThe Greendale 7Gentle Warriors
Memorial SWIllegal Smile135Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWWTF139Critters
Trillium ERookie Monsters137Those Meddling Kids
Trillium Esuggondeezhucks115Suns Out, Guns Out
Trillium WSunny D's107FLiC Fam
Trillium WThe Perogies86FLICK YEAH
7:55 pmKingcrestThe Frizzles1213Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
KingcrestThe Marauders813BubbleHucks
Memorial OGo the Disc-tance105Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Memorial OPrincess Layout95UwUltimate
Oak MeadowsFlickachu104Egg Salad Sandwich
Oak MeadowsTricorne!104Kingsway's Finest
Van Tech OvalDiscpicable Me138DiscThrow Inferno
Van Tech OvalSlowpokes513Flickle Me Elmo
Winona CFriends of Friends108Black Lotus Ultimate (BLU)
Winona CH-Bar119Summer Beer League
Winona SChronically Injured Care Bears313Huck It
Winona SUltimate BBT Too109Sugoi
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EDark Side Of The Disc137Gentle Warriors
Andy Livingstone EThe Greendale 7Identity Crisis
Memorial SWIllegal Smile1311Critters
Memorial SWWTF139Plaid to the Bone
Trillium ERookie Monsters98Suns Out, Guns Out
Trillium Esuggondeezhucks118Those Meddling Kids
Trillium WSunny D's78FLICK YEAH
Trillium WThe Perogies710FLiC Fam
Wed Jun 5
6:30 pm
Adanac NWGentle Warriors 2Three Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Adanac NWPiper Palooza89No. 9 Orange
Empire NBreak Side810ReTox
Empire NFullmetalSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Empire SAzure D138Xiao Long Baos
Empire SMarvellous MeerkatzCancelledNew Disc Who Dis?
Jericho ESkywalkers117Big chungus
Jericho EWok Don't Run.89Victorious Secret
KingcrestAYCE1011Local Pint
KingcrestThrowtatoes510Goal Mountain
Memorial OBeta Blockers 108Dynamics Disc
Memorial OHucking Hooligians129Steven and the Stevens
Oak MeadowsArbutus Anubis131Wyld Throws
Oak MeadowsButterfingersVenom
Rupert CHotpot Mafia610Eat Disc
Rupert CURFT109JusDISC League
Winona SBig Disc Pod126Stacked​
Winona SLikastik911Chick Flix
6:45 pmBalaclavaFloppy Discs!913Random Fling
BalaclavaPetri Discs 61721 Dump Street
Slocan CUltimate BBT612Try Catch Block
Trafalgar NWBurning Sensation!1112Huckin' East Van Canucks
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EBatteries Not Included178Finger on the Disc
Andy Livingstone ECut Club1710Wednesday Wave
Jericho WDim Sum Warriors85Big DISCount
Jericho WFrisbaes78Hehe XD
Memorial SWMoose ick817Dinner Club
Memorial SWzoi1217Absolute Zeroes
7:45 pmEmpire NBreak SideSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
Empire NFullmetal1013ReTox
Empire SAzure D119New Disc Who Dis?
Empire SMarvellous MeerkatzXiao Long Baos
7:55 pmAdanac NWGentle Warriors 289No. 9 Orange
Adanac NWPiper PaloozaThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Jericho ESkywalkers127Victorious Secret
Jericho EWok Don't Run.107Big chungus
KingcrestAYCE1011Goal Mountain
KingcrestThrowtatoes78Local Pint
Memorial OBeta Blockers 86Steven and the Stevens
Memorial OHucking Hooligians137Dynamics Disc
Oak MeadowsArbutus AnubisVenom
Oak MeadowsButterfingers133Wyld Throws
Rupert CHotpot Mafia87JusDISC League
Rupert CURFT713Eat Disc
Winona SBig Disc Pod713Chick Flix
Winona SLikastik134Stacked​
8:40 pmJericho WDim Sum Warriors513Hehe XD
Jericho WFrisbaes1113Big DISCount
Thu Jun 6
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBattlecats and Friends89BEARHAWKS
BalaclavaLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers75SSB
Churchill OvalGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken47Jeremy's Disk
Churchill OvalSideways Shoe1010Disc Infernos
KingcrestRoshi107Night Cawks
Memorial OChester Fields 2.049Unfits
Memorial OScoober Doober Doo7990s Throwback
Oak Meadows4 Winds116Flick N Twisted
Oak MeadowsMighty Hucking Power Rangers1210Ooga Booga
Rupert CRainCity Ultimate Club126Rain City Ultimate Club
Rupert CTeamocil78Dragon Sound
Winona CPanic at the Discus313Ligma Disc
Winona CThe Gino Odj-discs93At Least My Disc Stays Up
Winona SPsyhucks49JUST SEND IT
Winona STry, Catch, Throw105Pentamala
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone ELost and Found126Ultimate Evil
Andy Livingstone ESauder Stratediscs612Jedi Force
Andy Livingstone WTrust The ProcessMediocre At Best
Andy Livingstone WUltimate Scrubs1112Threwbacca
Empire NCraicheads1210yeet hay
Empire NSalt shakers1013Hand of Chal
Empire SIntercepticons133Pac-Man
Empire SWrists of Fury811Filet o Flick
Jericho WDanger Zone1716WHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Jericho WLoaf1017LeBron James Playoff Chances
Memorial SWI huck you 30001710Apocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)
Memorial SWTeam Toilet Bowl1217Spinister Motives
Trillium EDdu-du-dumplings69Tosstitos
Trillium ENeon Disc-zaster!88Herniated Discs
Trillium WLego Inferno132The Spinnakers
Trillium WTotal Discheads139East Van Halen
7:55 pmBalaclavaBattlecats and Friends812SSB
BalaclavaLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversBEARHAWKS
Churchill OvalGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken513Disc Infernos
Churchill OvalSideways Shoe810Jeremy's Disk
KingcrestfriendzoneNight Cawks
Memorial OChester Fields 2.012490s Throwback
Memorial OScoober Doober Doo613Unfits
Oak Meadows4 Winds913Ooga Booga
Oak MeadowsMighty Hucking Power Rangers911Flick N Twisted
Rupert CRainCity Ultimate Club610Dragon Sound
Rupert CTeamocil114Rain City Ultimate Club
Winona CPanic at the DiscusForfeitedAt Least My Disc Stays Up
Winona CThe Gino Odj-discs313Ligma Disc
Winona SPsyhucks57Pentamala
Winona STry, Catch, Throw105JUST SEND IT
8:40 pmEmpire NCraicheads133Hand of Chal
Empire NSalt shakers313yeet hay
Empire SIntercepticons131Filet o Flick
Empire SWrists of Fury1013Pac-Man
Trillium EDdu-du-dumplings410Herniated Discs
Trillium ENeon Disc-zaster!911Tosstitos
Trillium WLego Inferno95East Van Halen
Trillium WTotal Discheads126The Spinnakers
Mon Jun 10
6:30 pm
KingcrestCanada ButtersSQUIRREL
KingcrestDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackThe Hucking Fooligans
Memorial OCuzins137Sky Hoes
Memorial OG-raff A-ttack134Marty
Point GreyStrangersFlick It To Ride
Point Greyyeet haw811Trigger Happy
Winona CJust a FlingDefaultMister Chung's
Winona CThe Monday Foxes211BIG DUMPLINGS
Winona SMustard Seeds126Double-stranded Cuts
Winona STofu Stack104Unbounce
6:45 pmBalaclavaBubble Bees1116Discalicious
Oak MeadowsEgregious1711The Frisbee's Knees
Oak MeadowsTalk Nerdy To Me1217Weeble Las Vegas!
Rupert CMuzz LordZ138Throwbocops
Rupert CSQUlDCancelledErnold and Friends
Van Tech OvalHammer Beats Rabbit1214Doghouse
Van Tech OvalKoopa Troopas1514Soup Du Jour
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EAbsolute ChaosRain City
Andy Livingstone EBahalalala65BDO
Andy Livingstone WChubby Pandas853FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Andy Livingstone WHorse is the best animal78Huckanda Forever!
Jericho WDiscord107Bigger Disc Energy
Jericho WPanic with the disc(o) 131Monday Mix
Memorial SWDoggie Style1711Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EBone Hucks-N-HarmonyDisconnect
Trillium EThe Cleat Tauruses Bigger Blacker Backhands
Trillium WBlades of Glory139Tsunami
Trillium WTeam AdequateForfeitedFire Ferrets
7:45 pmPoint GreyStrangersTrigger Happy
Point Greyyeet haw131Flick It To Ride
7:55 pmKingcrestCanada ButtersThe Hucking Fooligans
KingcrestDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackSQUIRREL
Memorial OCuzins137Marty
Memorial OG-raff A-ttack1311Sky Hoes
Winona CJust a Fling130BIG DUMPLINGS
Winona CThe Monday FoxesDefaultMister Chung's
Winona SMustard Seeds513Unbounce
Winona STofu Stack136Double-stranded Cuts
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EAbsolute Chaos78BDO
Andy Livingstone EBahalalalaRain City
Andy Livingstone WChubby Pandas67Huckanda Forever!
Andy Livingstone WHorse is the best animal1223FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Jericho WDiscord131Monday Mix
Jericho WPanic with the disc(o) 125Bigger Disc Energy
Trillium EBone Hucks-N-HarmonyBigger Blacker Backhands
Trillium EThe Cleat Tauruses Disconnect
Trillium WBlades of GloryForfeitedFire Ferrets
Trillium WTeam AdequateTsunami
Tue Jun 11
6:30 pm
BalaclavaEgg Salad SandwichGo the Disc-tance
BalaclavaKingsway's Finest109Princess Layout
Jericho EHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!95subtle asian throwers
Jericho EUwUltimate113Catchphrase
KingcrestDark Side Of The Disc139Illegal Smile
KingcrestThe Greendale 7WTF
Memorial OFLiC FamHere for the Beer
Memorial OFLICK YEAH87Gritty in Pink
Oak MeadowsSuns Out, Guns Out107Sunny D's
Oak MeadowsThose Meddling Kids59The Perogies
Van Tech OvalGentle Warriors134Critters
Van Tech OvalIdentity Crisis98Plaid to the Bone
Winona CThe Frizzles116Discpicable Me
Winona CThe MaraudersSlowpokes
Winona SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles139DiscThrow Inferno
Winona SBubbleHucks76Flickle Me Elmo
6:45 pmSlocan Csuggondeezhucks178Rookie Monsters
Winona NFlickachu177Tricorne!
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EfreshavocadoNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame
Andy Livingstone EJane Hua87Cache The Disc
Memorial SWBig Disc Energy108Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWLittle Giants47Mighty Rookies
Trillium EFriends of FriendsH-Bar
Trillium ESummer Beer League 174Black Lotus Ultimate (BLU)
Trillium WHuck ItSugoi
Trillium WUltimate BBT Too174Chronically Injured Care Bears
7:55 pmBalaclavaEgg Salad SandwichPrincess Layout
BalaclavaKingsway's Finest87Go the Disc-tance
Jericho EHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!105Catchphrase
Jericho EUwUltimate48subtle asian throwers
KingcrestDark Side Of The Disc138WTF
KingcrestThe Greendale 7Illegal Smile
Memorial OFLiC FamGritty in Pink
Memorial OFLICK YEAH613Here for the Beer
Oak MeadowsSuns Out, Guns Out410The Perogies
Oak MeadowsThose Meddling Kids66Sunny D's
Van Tech OvalGentle Warriors138Plaid to the Bone
Van Tech OvalIdentity Crisis1111Critters
Winona CThe FrizzlesSlowpokes
Winona CThe Marauders1011Discpicable Me
Winona SAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles99Flickle Me Elmo
Winona SBubbleHucks135DiscThrow Inferno
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone Efreshavocado813Cache The Disc
Andy Livingstone EJane HuaNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 Midgame
Memorial SWBig Disc Energy116Mighty Rookies
Memorial SWLittle Giants811Disc Monkeys
Wed Jun 12
6:30 pm
Adanac NWVenomStacked​
Adanac NWWyld ThrowsChick Flix
Jericho EHotpot MafiaGentle Warriors 2
Jericho EURFTPiper Palooza
KingcrestBig chungus1310Frisbaes
KingcrestVictorious Secret76Dim Sum Warriors
Memorial OBig DISCount78Huckin' East Van Canucks
Memorial OHehe XD87Burning Sensation!
Oak MeadowsReTox135Marvellous Meerkatz
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GoAzure D
Rupert CArbutus AnubisLikastik
Rupert CButterfingersBig Disc Pod
Winona SNew Disc Who Dis?911Absolute Zeroes
Winona SXiao Long Baos811zoi
6:45 pmBalaclavaFullmetal1716Break Side
BalaclavaSkywalkers1711Wok Don't Run.
Empire NFinger on the DiscMoose ick
Empire SDinner ClubCut Club
Empire SWednesday Wave417Batteries Not Included
Slocan C21 Dump Street1015Random Fling
Strathcona ECFloppy Discs!178Petri Discs
Trafalgar NWThrowtatoes816AYCE
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EDynamics DiscTry Catch Block
Andy Livingstone ESteven and the Stevens59Ultimate BBT
Jericho WEat DiscThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Jericho WJusDISC LeagueNo. 9 Orange
Memorial SWGoal MountainHucking Hooligians
Memorial SWLocal PintBeta Blockers
7:55 pmAdanac NWVenomChick Flix
Adanac NWWyld Throws811Stacked​
Jericho EHotpot MafiaPiper Palooza
Jericho EURFT1311Gentle Warriors 2
KingcrestBig chungus1310Dim Sum Warriors
KingcrestVictorious Secret109Frisbaes
Memorial OBig DISCount99Burning Sensation!
Memorial OHehe XD108Huckin' East Van Canucks
Oak MeadowsReTox138Azure D
Oak MeadowsSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GoMarvellous Meerkatz
Rupert CArbutus AnubisBig Disc Pod
Rupert CButterfingers138Likastik
Winona SNew Disc Who Dis?108zoi
Winona SXiao Long Baos1312Absolute Zeroes
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EDynamics Disc86Ultimate BBT
Andy Livingstone ESteven and the StevensTry Catch Block
Jericho WEat Disc136No. 9 Orange
Jericho WJusDISC LeagueThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Memorial SWGoal MountainBeta Blockers
Memorial SWLocal PintHucking Hooligians
Thu Jun 13
6:30 pm
BalaclavaLost and FoundSauder Stratediscs
BalaclavaUltimate Evil104Jedi Force
Churchill OvalLeBron James Playoff ChancesCancelledWHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Churchill OvalLoafForfeitedDanger Zone
KingcrestSalt shakers109Wrists of Fury
Memorial OHand of ChalFilet o Flick
Memorial Oyeet hayPac-Man
Oak MeadowsThrewbaccaMediocre At Best
Oak MeadowsUltimate ScrubsTrust The Process
Rupert CApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)Spinister Motives
Rupert CI huck you 3000Team Toilet Bowl
Winona CDdu-du-dumplingsLego Inferno
Winona CNeon Disc-zaster!59Total Discheads
Winona SHerniated DiscsEast Van Halen
Winona STosstitosForfeitedThe Spinnakers
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone ELigma DiscForfeitedAt Least My Disc Stays Up
Andy Livingstone EPanic at the Discus215The Gino Odj-discs
Andy Livingstone WJUST SEND IT1211Pentamala
Andy Livingstone WPsyhucksTry, Catch, Throw
Empire NBattlecats and FriendsCancelledMighty Hucking Power Rangers
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCancelled4 Winds
Empire SBEARHAWKSDefaultOoga Booga
Empire SSSB134Flick N Twisted
Jericho W90s ThrowbackUnfits
Jericho WScoober Doober DooChester Fields 2.0
Memorial SWfriendzone717Roshi
Memorial SWYtterbiumNight Cawks
Trillium ERainCity Ultimate ClubGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Trillium ETeamocilSideways Shoe
Trillium WDragon SoundDisc Infernos
Trillium WRain City Ultimate ClubCancelledJeremy's Disk
7:55 pmBalaclavaLost and Found84Jedi Force
BalaclavaUltimate EvilSauder Stratediscs
Churchill OvalLeBron James Playoff ChancesDanger Zone
Churchill OvalLoafCancelledWHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
KingcrestCraicheads137Wrists of Fury
KingcrestSalt shakers75Intercepticons
Memorial OHand of ChalPac-Man
Memorial Oyeet hayFilet o Flick
Oak MeadowsThrewbaccaTrust The Process
Oak MeadowsUltimate ScrubsMediocre At Best
Rupert CApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)39Team Toilet Bowl
Rupert CI huck you 3000Spinister Motives
Winona CDdu-du-dumplings612Total Discheads
Winona CNeon Disc-zaster!58Lego Inferno
Winona SHerniated DiscsThe Spinnakers
Winona STosstitosForfeitedEast Van Halen
8:40 pmEmpire NBattlecats and FriendsCancelled4 Winds
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCancelledMighty Hucking Power Rangers
Empire SBEARHAWKSFlick N Twisted
Empire SSSBForfeitedOoga Booga
Trillium ERainCity Ultimate Club79Sideways Shoe
Trillium ETeamocilGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Trillium WDragon SoundJeremy's Disk
Trillium WRain City Ultimate ClubDisc Infernos
Mon Jun 17
6:30 pm
Oak MeadowsChubby PandasBDO
Oak MeadowsHorse is the best animalRain City
Point GreyErnold and FriendsSoup Du Jour
Point GreySQUlDKoopa Troopas
Winona CDoggie StyleDiscord
Winona CTechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionPanic with the disc(o)
Winona SFlick It To RideJust a Fling
Winona STrigger HappyBigger Disc Energy
6:45 pmBalaclavaThe Frisbee's KneesWeeble Las Vegas!
Empire NMonday MixThe Monday Foxes
Jericho ETalk Nerdy To MeEgregious
Killarney Cyeet hawStrangers
Rupert CTeam AdequateBlades of Glory
Rupert CThe Cleat Tauruses Bone Hucks-N-Harmony
Van Tech OvalBigger Blacker BackhandsDisconnect
Van Tech OvalFire FerretsTsunami
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EBubble BeesTofu Stack
Andy Livingstone EDiscaliciousMustard Seeds
Andy Livingstone WBIG DUMPLINGSDouble-stranded Cuts
Andy Livingstone WMister Chung'sUnbounce
Jericho WMuzz LordZHammer Beats Rabbit
Jericho WThrowbocopsDoghouse
Memorial SWAbsolute ChaosHuckanda Forever!
Memorial SWBahalalala3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Trillium ECanada ButtersSky Hoes
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackMarty
Trillium WCuzinsSQUIRREL
Trillium WG-raff A-ttackThe Hucking Fooligans
7:45 pmPoint GreyErnold and FriendsKoopa Troopas
Point GreySQUlDSoup Du Jour
7:55 pmMemorial SWAbsolute Chaos3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Memorial SWBahalalalaHuckanda Forever!
Oak MeadowsChubby PandasRain City
Oak MeadowsHorse is the best animalBDO
Winona CDoggie StylePanic with the disc(o)
Winona CTechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionDiscord
Winona SFlick It To RideBigger Disc Energy
Winona STrigger HappyJust a Fling
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EBubble BeesMustard Seeds
Andy Livingstone EDiscaliciousTofu Stack
Andy Livingstone WBIG DUMPLINGSUnbounce
Andy Livingstone WMister Chung'sDouble-stranded Cuts
Jericho WMuzz LordZDoghouse
Jericho WThrowbocopsHammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium ECanada ButtersMarty
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackSky Hoes
Trillium WCuzinsThe Hucking Fooligans
Trillium WG-raff A-ttackSQUIRREL
Tue Jun 18
6:30 pm
BalaclavaRookie MonstersFLICK YEAH
BalaclavasuggondeezhucksFLiC Fam
Jericho ESunny D'sHere for the Beer
Jericho EThe PerogiesGritty in Pink
KingcrestfreshavocadoLittle Giants
KingcrestJane HuaBig Disc Energy
Memorial OBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)Sugoi
Memorial OSummer Beer League Huck It
Oak MeadowsFriends of FriendsUltimate BBT Too
Oak MeadowsH-BarChronically Injured Care Bears
Van Tech OvalCache The DiscDisc Monkeys
Van Tech OvalNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 MidgameMighty Rookies
Winona CDark Side Of The DiscPlaid to the Bone
Winona CThe Greendale 7Critters
Winona SGentle WarriorsWTF
Winona SIdentity CrisisIllegal Smile
6:45 pmChurchill OvalKingsway's FinestEgg Salad Sandwich
Churchill OvalSuns Out, Guns OutThose Meddling Kids
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EFlickachuHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Andy Livingstone ETricorne!UwUltimate
Memorial SWGo the Disc-tanceCatchphrase
Memorial SWPrincess Layoutsubtle asian throwers
Trillium EBubbleHucksAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Trillium EThe FrizzlesThe Marauders
Trillium WDiscpicable MeSlowpokes
Trillium WFlickle Me ElmoDiscThrow Inferno
7:55 pmBalaclavaRookie MonstersFLiC Fam
BalaclavasuggondeezhucksFLICK YEAH
Jericho ESunny D'sGritty in Pink
Jericho EThe PerogiesHere for the Beer
KingcrestfreshavocadoBig Disc Energy
KingcrestJane HuaLittle Giants
Memorial OBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)Huck It
Memorial OSummer Beer League Sugoi
Oak MeadowsFriends of FriendsChronically Injured Care Bears
Oak MeadowsH-BarUltimate BBT Too
Van Tech OvalCache The DiscMighty Rookies
Van Tech OvalNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 MidgameDisc Monkeys
Winona CDark Side Of The DiscCritters
Winona CThe Greendale 7Plaid to the Bone
Winona SGentle WarriorsIllegal Smile
Winona SIdentity CrisisWTF
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EFlickachuUwUltimate
Andy Livingstone ETricorne!Huck Hunt: Release the Quacken!
Memorial SWGo the Disc-tancesubtle asian throwers
Memorial SWPrincess LayoutCatchphrase
Wed Jun 19
6:30 pm
BalaclavaAYCEDynamics Disc
BalaclavaThrowtatoesSteven and the Stevens
Jericho EArbutus AnubisChick Flix
Jericho EButterfingersStacked​
Oak MeadowsAzure Dzoi
Oak MeadowsMarvellous MeerkatzAbsolute Zeroes
Rupert CBreak SideNew Disc Who Dis?
Rupert CFullmetalXiao Long Baos
Winona SBeta Blockers Try Catch Block
Winona SHucking HooligiansUltimate BBT
6:45 pmEmpire NFloppy Discs!21 Dump Street
Empire NGoal MountainLocal Pint
Empire NRandom FlingPetri Discs
Empire SBig chungusVictorious Secret
Killarney CMoose ickBatteries Not Included
KingcrestEat DiscJusDISC League
KingcrestHotpot MafiaURFT
Memorial OGentle Warriors 2Piper Palooza
Memorial OThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!No. 9 Orange
Slocan CCut ClubFinger on the Disc
Strathcona ECSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GoReTox
Trafalgar NWDinner ClubWednesday Wave
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EDim Sum WarriorsHuckin' East Van Canucks
Andy Livingstone EFrisbaesBurning Sensation!
Jericho WVenomBig Disc Pod
Jericho WWyld ThrowsLikastik
Memorial SWSkywalkersHehe XD
Memorial SWWok Don't Run.Big DISCount
7:55 pmBalaclavaAYCESteven and the Stevens
BalaclavaThrowtatoesDynamics Disc
Jericho EArbutus AnubisStacked​
Jericho EButterfingersChick Flix
Oak MeadowsAzure DAbsolute Zeroes
Oak MeadowsMarvellous Meerkatzzoi
Rupert CBreak SideXiao Long Baos
Rupert CFullmetalNew Disc Who Dis?
Winona SBeta Blockers Ultimate BBT
Winona SHucking HooligiansTry Catch Block
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EDim Sum WarriorsBurning Sensation!
Andy Livingstone EFrisbaesHuckin' East Van Canucks
Jericho WVenomLikastik
Jericho WWyld ThrowsBig Disc Pod
Memorial SWSkywalkersBig DISCount
Memorial SWWok Don't Run.Hehe XD
Thu Jun 20
6:30 pm
BalaclavaPanic at the DiscusPsyhucks
BalaclavaThe Gino Odj-discsTry, Catch, Throw
Churchill OvalNight CawksUnfits
Churchill OvalYtterbium90s Throwback
KingcrestBattlecats and FriendsOoga Booga
KingcrestLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversFlick N Twisted
Memorial OBEARHAWKSMighty Hucking Power Rangers
Memorial OSSB4 Winds
Oak MeadowsAt Least My Disc Stays UpPentamala
Oak MeadowsLigma DiscJUST SEND IT
Rupert CfriendzoneScoober Doober Doo
Rupert CRoshiChester Fields 2.0
Winona CRainCity Ultimate ClubJeremy's Disk
Winona CTeamocilDisc Infernos
Winona SDragon SoundSideways Shoe
Winona SRain City Ultimate ClubGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EDdu-du-dumplingsNeon Disc-zaster!
Andy Livingstone ETosstitosHerniated Discs
Andy Livingstone WLego InfernoTotal Discheads
Andy Livingstone WThe SpinnakersEast Van Halen
Empire NLost and FoundUltimate Scrubs
Empire NUltimate EvilThrewbacca
Empire SJedi ForceMediocre At Best
Empire SSauder StratediscsTrust The Process
Jericho WIntercepticonsWrists of Fury
Jericho WPac-ManFilet o Flick
Memorial SWCraicheadsSalt shakers
Memorial SWyeet hayHand of Chal
Trillium EApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)LeBron James Playoff Chances
Trillium EI huck you 3000Loaf
Trillium WSpinister MotivesWHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Trillium WTeam Toilet BowlDanger Zone
7:55 pmBalaclavaPanic at the DiscusTry, Catch, Throw
BalaclavaThe Gino Odj-discsPsyhucks
Churchill OvalNight Cawks90s Throwback
Churchill OvalYtterbiumUnfits
KingcrestBattlecats and FriendsFlick N Twisted
KingcrestLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversOoga Booga
Memorial OBEARHAWKS4 Winds
Memorial OSSBMighty Hucking Power Rangers
Oak MeadowsAt Least My Disc Stays UpJUST SEND IT
Oak MeadowsLigma DiscPentamala
Rupert CfriendzoneChester Fields 2.0
Rupert CRoshiScoober Doober Doo
Winona CRainCity Ultimate ClubDisc Infernos
Winona CTeamocilJeremy's Disk
Winona SDragon SoundGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Winona SRain City Ultimate ClubSideways Shoe
8:40 pmEmpire NLost and FoundThrewbacca
Empire NUltimate EvilUltimate Scrubs
Empire SJedi ForceTrust The Process
Empire SSauder StratediscsMediocre At Best
Trillium EApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)Loaf
Trillium EI huck you 3000LeBron James Playoff Chances
Trillium WSpinister MotivesDanger Zone
Trillium WTeam Toilet BowlWHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Mon Jun 24
6:30 pm
Killarney CBubble BeesMister Chung's
Killarney CDiscaliciousBIG DUMPLINGS
Oak MeadowsMonday MixUnbounce
Oak MeadowsThe Monday FoxesDouble-stranded Cuts
Point GreyBone Hucks-N-HarmonyTsunami
Point GreyThe Cleat Tauruses Fire Ferrets
Winona CErnold and FriendsDoghouse
Winona CSQUlDHammer Beats Rabbit
Winona SMuzz LordZKoopa Troopas
Winona SThrowbocopsSoup Du Jour
6:45 pmBalaclavaBahalalalaAbsolute Chaos
BalaclavaChubby PandasHorse is the best animal
Empire NTalk Nerdy To MeWeeble Las Vegas!
Empire SEgregiousThe Frisbee's Knees
Jericho E3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee ChuckersHuckanda Forever!
Jericho EBDORain City
KingcrestTofu StackMustard Seeds
Rupert CCanada ButtersDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Rupert CCuzinsG-raff A-ttack
Van Tech OvalSky HoesMarty
Van Tech OvalSQUIRRELThe Hucking Fooligans
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EDoggie StyleTrigger Happy
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionFlick It To Ride
Andy Livingstone WStrangersJust a Fling
Andy Livingstone Wyeet hawBigger Disc Energy
Jericho WBlades of GloryDisconnect
Jericho WTeam AdequateBigger Blacker Backhands
Memorial SWDiscordPanic with the disc(o)
7:45 pmPoint GreyBone Hucks-N-HarmonyFire Ferrets
Point GreyThe Cleat Tauruses Tsunami
7:55 pmKillarney CBubble BeesBIG DUMPLINGS
Killarney CDiscaliciousMister Chung's
Oak MeadowsMonday MixDouble-stranded Cuts
Oak MeadowsThe Monday FoxesUnbounce
Winona CErnold and FriendsHammer Beats Rabbit
Winona CSQUlDDoghouse
Winona SMuzz LordZSoup Du Jour
Winona SThrowbocopsKoopa Troopas
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EDoggie StyleFlick It To Ride
Andy Livingstone ETechnicolour Narwhal ExplosionTrigger Happy
Andy Livingstone WStrangersBigger Disc Energy
Andy Livingstone Wyeet hawJust a Fling
Jericho WBlades of GloryBigger Blacker Backhands
Jericho WTeam AdequateDisconnect
Tue Jun 25
6:30 pm
BalaclavaFriends of FriendsHuck It
Jericho EBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)Chronically Injured Care Bears
Jericho ESummer Beer League Ultimate BBT Too
KingcrestFlickachuPrincess Layout
KingcrestTricorne!Go the Disc-tance
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting ReptilesSlowpokes
Memorial OBubbleHucksDiscpicable Me
Oak MeadowsThe FrizzlesFlickle Me Elmo
Oak MeadowsThe MaraudersDiscThrow Inferno
Van Tech OvalEgg Salad SandwichCatchphrase
Van Tech OvalKingsway's Finestsubtle asian throwers
Winona CfreshavocadoMighty Rookies
Winona CJane HuaDisc Monkeys
Winona SCache The DiscBig Disc Energy
Winona SNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 MidgameLittle Giants
6:45 pmChurchill OvalFLiC FamFLICK YEAH
Churchill OvalHuck Hunt: Release the Quacken!UwUltimate
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone ERookie MonstersThe Perogies
Andy Livingstone EsuggondeezhucksSunny D's
Memorial SWSuns Out, Guns OutHere for the Beer
Memorial SWThose Meddling KidsGritty in Pink
Trillium EDark Side Of The DiscThe Greendale 7
Trillium EIdentity CrisisGentle Warriors
Trillium WIllegal SmileWTF
Trillium WPlaid to the BoneCritters
7:55 pmBalaclavaFriends of FriendsSugoi
BalaclavaH-BarHuck It
Jericho EBlack Lotus Ultimate (BLU)Ultimate BBT Too
Jericho ESummer Beer League Chronically Injured Care Bears
KingcrestFlickachuGo the Disc-tance
KingcrestTricorne!Princess Layout
Memorial OAdolescent Variation Fighting ReptilesDiscpicable Me
Memorial OBubbleHucksSlowpokes
Oak MeadowsThe FrizzlesDiscThrow Inferno
Oak MeadowsThe MaraudersFlickle Me Elmo
Van Tech OvalEgg Salad Sandwichsubtle asian throwers
Van Tech OvalKingsway's FinestCatchphrase
Winona CfreshavocadoDisc Monkeys
Winona CJane HuaMighty Rookies
Winona SCache The DiscLittle Giants
Winona SNew ULTIMATE BEAST INFECTION: The Next Generation Redux Part 2 Phase 3 MidgameBig Disc Energy
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone ERookie MonstersSunny D's
Andy Livingstone EsuggondeezhucksThe Perogies
Memorial SWSuns Out, Guns OutGritty in Pink
Memorial SWThose Meddling KidsHere for the Beer
Wed Jun 26
6:30 pm
BalaclavaWok Don't Run.Dim Sum Warriors
Jericho EBreak SideMarvellous Meerkatz
Jericho EFullmetalAzure D
KingcrestAYCEBeta Blockers
KingcrestThrowtatoesHucking Hooligians
Memorial OGoal MountainUltimate BBT
Memorial OLocal PintTry Catch Block
Winona SBig chungusBurning Sensation!
Winona SVictorious SecretHuckin' East Van Canucks
6:45 pmEmpire NButterfingersArbutus Anubis
Empire NVenomWyld Throws
Empire SBig Disc PodLikastik
Empire SStacked​Chick Flix
Killarney CHehe XDBig DISCount
Killarney CXiao Long BaosNew Disc Who Dis?
Oak MeadowsCut ClubBatteries Not Included
Oak MeadowsMoose ickWednesday Wave
Rupert CFloppy Discs!Random Fling
Rupert CPetri Discs 21 Dump Street
Slocan SWSteven and the StevensDynamics Disc
Strathcona ECDinner ClubFinger on the Disc
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EEat DiscGentle Warriors 2
Andy Livingstone EJusDISC LeaguePiper Palooza
Jericho WReToxAbsolute Zeroes
Jericho WSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Gozoi
Memorial SWHotpot MafiaThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Memorial SWURFTNo. 9 Orange
7:55 pmBalaclavaSkywalkersDim Sum Warriors
BalaclavaWok Don't Run.Frisbaes
Jericho EBreak SideAzure D
Jericho EFullmetalMarvellous Meerkatz
KingcrestAYCEHucking Hooligians
KingcrestThrowtatoesBeta Blockers
Memorial OGoal MountainTry Catch Block
Memorial OLocal PintUltimate BBT
Winona SBig chungusHuckin' East Van Canucks
Winona SVictorious SecretBurning Sensation!
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EEat DiscPiper Palooza
Andy Livingstone EJusDISC LeagueGentle Warriors 2
Jericho WReToxzoi
Jericho WSuper Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GoAbsolute Zeroes
Memorial SWHotpot MafiaNo. 9 Orange
Memorial SWURFTThree Cheers for Hip Hip Hooray!
Thu Jun 27
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDdu-du-dumplingsThe Spinnakers
BalaclavaNeon Disc-zaster!East Van Halen
Churchill OvalHand of ChalWrists of Fury
Churchill Ovalyeet hayIntercepticons
KingcrestLost and FoundTrust The Process
KingcrestUltimate EvilMediocre At Best
Memorial OJedi ForceThrewbacca
Memorial OSauder StratediscsUltimate Scrubs
Oak MeadowsHerniated DiscsTotal Discheads
Oak MeadowsTosstitosLego Inferno
Rupert CCraicheadsPac-Man
Rupert CSalt shakersFilet o Flick
Winona CApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)WHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Winona CI huck you 3000Danger Zone
Winona SSpinister MotivesLeBron James Playoff Chances
Winona STeam Toilet BowlLoaf
7:15 pmAndy Livingstone EDragon SoundRain City Ultimate Club
Andy Livingstone ETeamocilRainCity Ultimate Club
Andy Livingstone WDisc InfernosJeremy's Disk
Andy Livingstone WSideways ShoeGame of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Empire NPanic at the DiscusJUST SEND IT
Empire NThe Gino Odj-discsPentamala
Empire SAt Least My Disc Stays UpTry, Catch, Throw
Empire SLigma DiscPsyhucks
Jericho WMighty Hucking Power Rangers4 Winds
Jericho WOoga BoogaFlick N Twisted
Memorial SWBattlecats and FriendsLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium Efriendzone90s Throwback
Trillium ERoshiUnfits
Trillium WNight CawksChester Fields 2.0
Trillium WYtterbiumScoober Doober Doo
7:55 pmBalaclavaDdu-du-dumplingsEast Van Halen
BalaclavaNeon Disc-zaster!The Spinnakers
Churchill OvalHand of ChalIntercepticons
Churchill Ovalyeet hayWrists of Fury
KingcrestLost and FoundMediocre At Best
KingcrestUltimate EvilTrust The Process
Memorial OJedi ForceUltimate Scrubs
Memorial OSauder StratediscsThrewbacca
Oak MeadowsHerniated DiscsLego Inferno
Oak MeadowsTosstitosTotal Discheads
Rupert CCraicheadsFilet o Flick
Rupert CSalt shakersPac-Man
Winona CApocalyptic Very Furry Rhinos (Thursday)Danger Zone
Winona CI huck you 3000WHAT THE FLICK RICHARD?!
Winona SSpinister MotivesLoaf
Winona STeam Toilet BowlLeBron James Playoff Chances
8:40 pmEmpire NPanic at the DiscusPentamala
Empire NThe Gino Odj-discsJUST SEND IT
Empire SAt Least My Disc Stays UpPsyhucks
Empire SLigma DiscTry, Catch, Throw
Trillium EfriendzoneUnfits
Trillium ERoshi90s Throwback
Trillium WNight CawksScoober Doober Doo
Trillium WYtterbiumChester Fields 2.0