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Mon Sep 11
8:15 pm
Empire NBarney Babies 1621Midnight Monday
Empire NBig Huck Hunters721Plaid to the Bone
Empire NCute Puppies721Throw Goats
Empire NWTF: When Temperatures FallSurrey Grizzlies
Empire SFlight Club1521Chinzillas
Empire SNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team811Redisculous
Empire SThe Can-Hucks811Audrey's Amigos
Empire STsunami167Disc Me Down
Jericho WDragon Sound15164Fun Frisbros
Jericho WDUMP truckers1921Cold Cuts
Jericho WPetal to the Medal1119NEVER BACK DOWN NEVER WHAT
Jericho WThrowbocops721WeSports
Memorial SWDosa Deal2114PRISM
Memorial SWHammerCo x Smash1121Full Send Cat
Memorial SWStacks Evasion1620Hangry Flickers
Memorial SWTree Time1317Sports
Trillium Ebig bean burrito2116Panic Hat The Disco
Trillium EDisc93Nasty Little Huckers
Trillium EDisky Business!214Huck it and forget it
Trillium EThe Perogies1112No D(isc) No Life
Trillium WDiscin' Around214Mildly Threatening
Trillium WFrisbros217Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium WPanic with the disc(o)1014Macho Sidewinders
Trillium WTeam Nacho1520Nap Life
9:10 pmEmpire NBarney Babies 1920Plaid to the Bone
Empire NBig Huck Hunters521Midnight Monday
Empire NCute Puppies1315Surrey Grizzlies
Empire NWTF: When Temperatures Fall1821Throw Goats
Empire SFlight Club615Disc Me Down
Empire SNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team1321Audrey's Amigos
Empire SThe Can-Hucks178Redisculous
Empire STsunami167Chinzillas
Jericho WDUMP truckers1319WeSports
Jericho WPetal to the Medal13104Fun Frisbros
Jericho WThrowbocops1421Cold Cuts
Memorial SWDosa Deal1821Sports
Memorial SWHammerCo x Smash1721Hangry Flickers
Memorial SWStacks Evasion1121Full Send Cat
Memorial SWTree Time1815PRISM
Trillium Ebig bean burrito1918No D(isc) No Life
Trillium EDisc1812Huck it and forget it
Trillium EDisky Business!218Nasty Little Huckers
Trillium EThe Perogies1615Panic Hat The Disco
Trillium WDiscin' Around1417Macho Sidewinders
Trillium WFrisbros1821Nap Life
Trillium WPanic with the disc(o)219Mildly Threatening
Trillium WTeam NachoTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion
Thu Sep 14
8:15 pm
Empire NDarts YVR1721The Frizzles
Empire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1514Discord
Empire NSuper Silly Squirtle Squad1420The Marauders
Empire NU-Haulers1118NightHucks_
Empire SDill Flickles6212nami
Empire SDisk Horse1021The Gino Odj-discs
Empire SNot in the Face1513Gen Z(oom)
Empire SThe Side Flicks1516Flick It To Ride
Jericho W2023 Thursday Fall Hat718Disconnect
Jericho WFire Ferrets189Thrower Uppers
Jericho WScoober-Dooby-Doo1010Huck It
Jericho WSpinister Motives916Piper Palooza
Memorial SWLe Vibes1021Also Sports
Memorial SWLive Slow2120Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWSurrey2021Downpour of Manbo
Memorial SWTTFY2117Too Old To Fold
Trillium EFriends of Henry1219Duckies
Trillium EFriends with Beneflicks510Friz Nasty
Trillium ESoccer team1213CAB JAMS
Trillium ESolicited Disc Pics111The Airbenders
Trillium WBasura Gang1114Paper Rings
Trillium WRuby & Friends1319Hotpot
Trillium WTurf Smurfs2116The Hucking Fooligans
Trillium WWeSportz2116zoi
9:10 pmEmpire NDarts YVR2117Discord
Empire NDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back2113The Frizzles
Empire NSuper Silly Squirtle Squad621NightHucks_
Empire NU-Haulers1913The Marauders
Empire SDill Flickles1421The Gino Odj-discs
Empire SDisk Horse7212nami
Empire SNot in the Face2016Flick It To Ride
Empire SThe Side Flicks721Gen Z(oom)
Jericho W2023 Thursday Fall Hat416Huck It
Jericho WFire Ferrets2016Piper Palooza
Jericho WScoober-Dooby-Doo921Disconnect
Jericho WSpinister Motives1511Thrower Uppers
Memorial SWLe Vibes1517Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Memorial SWLive Slow2119Also Sports
Memorial SWSurrey1820Too Old To Fold
Memorial SWTTFY2116Downpour of Manbo
Trillium EFriends of Henry216Friz Nasty
Trillium EFriends with Beneflicks321Duckies
Trillium ESoccer team1214The Airbenders
Trillium ESolicited Disc Pics513CAB JAMS
Trillium WBasura Gang1721Hotpot
Trillium WRuby & Friends818Paper Rings
Trillium WTurf Smurfs2111zoi
Trillium WWeSportz2114The Hucking Fooligans
Mon Sep 18
8:15 pm
Empire NFrisbros818Discin' Around
Empire NNap Life1719Macho Sidewinders
Empire NTeam Nacho721Panic with the disc(o)
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1312Mildly Threatening
Empire Sbig bean burrito215Disc
Empire SNo D(isc) No Life214Huck it and forget it
Empire SPanic Hat The Disco177Nasty Little Huckers
Empire SThe Perogies149Disky Business!
Jericho WAudrey's Amigos1714Disc Me Down
Jericho WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team156Flight Club
Jericho WRedisculous1015Chinzillas
Jericho WThe Can-Hucks1114Tsunami
Memorial SWBarney Babies WTF: When Temperatures Fall
Memorial SWBig Huck HuntersCute Puppies
Memorial SWMidnight Monday219Surrey Grizzlies
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone1321Throw Goats
Trillium EDosa Deal2115HammerCo x Smash
Trillium EPRISM 1917Full Send Cat
Trillium ESports2117Hangry Flickers
Trillium ETree Time2110Stacks Evasion
Trillium WCold Cuts21114Fun Frisbros
Trillium WDUMP truckers2016Dragon Sound
Trillium WThrowbocops2116Petal to the Medal
9:10 pmEmpire NFrisbros912Panic with the disc(o)
Empire NNap Life214Mildly Threatening
Empire NTeam Nacho1816Discin' Around
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1521Macho Sidewinders
Empire Sbig bean burrito2112Disky Business!
Empire SNo D(isc) No Life178Nasty Little Huckers
Empire SPanic Hat The Disco212Huck it and forget it
Empire SThe Perogies179Disc
Jericho WAudrey's Amigos168Chinzillas
Jericho WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team718Tsunami
Jericho WRedisculous1213Disc Me Down
Jericho WThe Can-Hucks144Flight Club
Memorial SWBarney Babies Cute Puppies
Memorial SWBig Huck HuntersWTF: When Temperatures Fall
Memorial SWMidnight Monday2115Throw Goats
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone212Surrey Grizzlies
Trillium EDosa Deal2021Stacks Evasion
Trillium EPRISM 2112Hangry Flickers
Trillium ESports2115Full Send Cat
Trillium ETree Time218HammerCo x Smash
Trillium WDUMP truckers1612Petal to the Medal
Trillium WThrowbocops189Dragon Sound
Trillium WWeSports2184Fun Frisbros
Thu Sep 21
8:15 pm
Empire NThe Hucking Fooligans1621Hotpot
Empire NTurf Smurfs2112Ruby & Friends
Empire NWeSportz1417Basura Gang
Empire Nzoi1711Paper Rings
Empire SDuckies168The Airbenders
Empire SFriends of HenrySolicited Disc Pics
Empire SFriends with Beneflicks108Soccer team
Empire SFriz Nasty1214CAB JAMS
Jericho W2nami218Gen Z(oom)
Jericho WDill Flickles821Not in the Face
Jericho WDisk Horse215The Side Flicks
Jericho WThe Gino Odj-discs217Flick It To Ride
Memorial SWNightHucks_2011The Frizzles
Memorial SWSuper Silly Squirtle Squad621Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWThe Marauders217Discord
Memorial SWU-Haulers2112Darts YVR
Trillium EDownpour of Manbo1921Also Sports
Trillium ESurrey921Le Vibes
Trillium EToo Old To FoldLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium ETTFY1821Live Slow
Trillium WFire Ferrets1452023 Thursday Fall Hat
Trillium WPiper Palooza217Huck It
Trillium WSpinister Motives1617Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium WThrower Uppers821Disconnect
9:10 pmEmpire NThe Hucking Fooligans2114Paper Rings
Empire NTurf Smurfs2016Basura Gang
Empire NWeSportz216Ruby & Friends
Empire Nzoi2120Hotpot
Empire SDuckies2118CAB JAMS
Empire SFriends of HenrySoccer team
Empire SFriends with Beneflicks116Solicited Disc Pics
Empire SFriz Nasty1011The Airbenders
Jericho W2nami215Flick It To Ride
Jericho WDill Flickles1514The Side Flicks
Jericho WDisk Horse1115Not in the Face
Jericho WThe Gino Odj-discs2016Gen Z(oom)
Memorial SWNightHucks_2021Discord
Memorial SWSuper Silly Squirtle Squad2118Darts YVR
Memorial SWThe Marauders2119The Frizzles
Memorial SWU-Haulers1615Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium EDownpour of Manbo1221Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Trillium ESurrey1321Live Slow
Trillium EToo Old To FoldAlso Sports
Trillium ETTFY2120Le Vibes
Trillium WFire Ferrets2116Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Trillium WPiper Palooza1221Disconnect
Trillium WSpinister Motives1492023 Thursday Fall Hat
Trillium WThrower Uppers1317Huck It
Mon Sep 25
8:15 pm
Empire NCold Cuts2119Dragon Sound
Empire NDUMP truckers19104Fun Frisbros
Empire NWeSports219Petal to the Medal
Empire SDosa Deal1715Full Send Cat
Empire SPRISM 177HammerCo x Smash
Empire SSportsStacks Evasion
Empire STree Time219Hangry Flickers
Jericho Wbig bean burritoNasty Little Huckers
Jericho WNo D(isc) No Life1112Disky Business!
Jericho WPanic Hat The Disco1214Disc
Jericho WThe Perogies137Huck it and forget it
Memorial SWFrisbros214Mildly Threatening
Memorial SWNap Life1510Panic with the disc(o)
Memorial SWTeam Nacho913Macho Sidewinders
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1015Discin' Around
Trillium EBarney Babies 217Surrey Grizzlies
Trillium EBig Huck Hunters2021Throw Goats
Trillium EMidnight MondayWTF: When Temperatures Fall
Trillium EPlaid to the BoneCute Puppies
Trillium WAudrey's Amigos1218Tsunami
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball TeamChinzillas
Trillium WRedisculous1212Flight Club
Trillium WThe Can-Hucks1112Disc Me Down
9:10 pmEmpire NCold Cuts216Petal to the Medal
Empire NThrowbocops16114Fun Frisbros
Empire NWeSports1116Dragon Sound
Empire SDosa Deal2112Hangry Flickers
Empire SPRISM 1813Stacks Evasion
Empire SSports217HammerCo x Smash
Empire STree Time1415Full Send Cat
Jericho Wbig bean burrito212Huck it and forget it
Jericho WNo D(isc) No Life1113Disc
Jericho WPanic Hat The Disco149Disky Business!
Jericho WThe PerogiesNasty Little Huckers
Memorial SWFrisbros179Macho Sidewinders
Memorial SWNap Life1717Discin' Around
Memorial SWTeam Nacho203Mildly Threatening
Memorial SWTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion721Panic with the disc(o)
Trillium EBarney Babies 1816Throw Goats
Trillium EBig Huck Hunters198Surrey Grizzlies
Trillium EMidnight MondayCute Puppies
Trillium EPlaid to the BoneWTF: When Temperatures Fall
Trillium WAudrey's Amigos127Flight Club
Trillium WNational Ajerbak Shuffleball TeamDisc Me Down
Trillium WRedisculous1611Tsunami
Trillium WThe Can-Hucks1413Chinzillas
Thu Sep 28
8:15 pm
Empire NFire Ferrets1221Disconnect
Empire NPiper PaloozaScoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire NSpinister MotivesHuck It
Empire NThrower Uppers2023 Thursday Fall Hat
Empire SDownpour of Manbo2116Le Vibes
Empire SSurreyAlso Sports
Empire SToo Old To FoldLive Slow
Empire STTFYLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jericho WDuckies174Solicited Disc Pics
Jericho WFriends of HenryThe Airbenders
Jericho WFriends with BeneflicksCAB JAMS
Jericho WFriz NastySoccer team
Memorial SWThe Hucking FooligansRuby & Friends
Memorial SWTurf SmurfsHotpot
Memorial SWWeSportzPaper Rings
Memorial SWzoiBasura Gang
Trillium ENightHucks_1320Darts YVR
Trillium ESuper Silly Squirtle Squad821Discord
Trillium EThe Marauders1519Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium EU-Haulers1621The Frizzles
Trillium W2nami1820Not in the Face
Trillium WDill FlicklesGen Z(oom)
Trillium WDisk HorseFlick It To Ride
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discsThe Side Flicks
9:10 pmEmpire NFire Ferrets219Huck It
Empire NPiper Palooza2023 Thursday Fall Hat
Empire NSpinister MotivesDisconnect
Empire NThrower UppersScoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire SDownpour of ManboLive Slow
Empire SSurreyLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Empire SToo Old To FoldLe Vibes
Empire STTFYAlso Sports
Jericho WDuckies157Soccer team
Jericho WFriends of HenryCAB JAMS
Jericho WFriends with BeneflicksThe Airbenders
Jericho WFriz NastySolicited Disc Pics
Memorial SWThe Hucking FooligansBasura Gang
Memorial SWTurf SmurfsPaper Rings
Memorial SWWeSportzHotpot
Memorial SWzoiRuby & Friends
Trillium ENightHucks_1216Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium ESuper Silly Squirtle Squad1421The Frizzles
Trillium EThe Marauders1521Darts YVR
Trillium EU-Haulers1418Discord
Trillium W2nami166The Side Flicks
Trillium WDill FlicklesFlick It To Ride
Trillium WDisk HorseGen Z(oom)
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discsNot in the Face
Mon Oct 2
8:15 pm
Empire NChinzillasDisc Me Down
Empire NFlight ClubTsunami
Empire NNational Ajerbak Shuffleball TeamThe Can-Hucks
Empire NRedisculousAudrey's Amigos
Empire SBarney Babies Big Huck Hunters
Empire SMidnight MondayPlaid to the Bone
Empire SSurrey GrizzliesThrow Goats
Empire SWTF: When Temperatures FallCute Puppies
Jericho WHangry FlickersFull Send Cat
Jericho WSportsPRISM
Jericho WStacks EvasionHammerCo x Smash
Jericho WTree TimeDosa Deal
Memorial SWPetal to the MedalDragon Sound
Memorial SWThrowbocopsDUMP truckers
Memorial SWWeSportsCold Cuts
Trillium EMacho SidewindersMildly Threatening
Trillium ENap LifeTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EPanic with the disc(o)Discin' Around
Trillium ETeam NachoFrisbros
Trillium Wbig bean burritoThe Perogies
Trillium WDiscDisky Business!
Trillium WNasty Little HuckersHuck it and forget it
Trillium WPanic Hat The DiscoNo D(isc) No Life
9:10 pmEmpire NFlight ClubChinzillas
Empire NNational Ajerbak Shuffleball TeamRedisculous
Empire NThe Can-HucksAudrey's Amigos
Empire NTsunamiDisc Me Down
Empire SBarney Babies Midnight Monday
Empire SBig Huck HuntersPlaid to the Bone
Empire SCute PuppiesThrow Goats
Empire SWTF: When Temperatures FallSurrey Grizzlies
Jericho WDosa DealPRISM
Jericho WHammerCo x SmashFull Send Cat
Jericho WStacks EvasionHangry Flickers
Jericho WTree TimeSports
Memorial SWDragon Sound4Fun Frisbros
Memorial SWDUMP truckersCold Cuts
Memorial SWPetal to the MedalNEVER BACK DOWN NEVER WHAT
Memorial SWThrowbocopsWeSports
Trillium EDiscin' AroundMildly Threatening
Trillium EFrisbrosTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion
Trillium EPanic with the disc(o)Macho Sidewinders
Trillium ETeam NachoNap Life
Trillium Wbig bean burritoPanic Hat The Disco
Trillium WDiscNasty Little Huckers
Trillium WDisky Business!Huck it and forget it
Trillium WThe PerogiesNo D(isc) No Life
Thu Oct 5
8:15 pm
Empire NDisk HorseDill Flickles
Empire NFlick It To RideGen Z(oom)
Empire NThe Gino Odj-discs2nami
Empire NThe Side FlicksNot in the Face
Empire SDarts YVRDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire SNightHucks_The Marauders
Empire SThe FrizzlesDiscord
Empire SU-HaulersSuper Silly Squirtle Squad
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversAlso Sports
Jericho WLive SlowLe Vibes
Jericho WToo Old To FoldDownpour of Manbo
Jericho WTTFYSurrey
Memorial SW2023 Thursday Fall HatScoober-Dooby-Doo
Memorial SWDisconnectHuck It
Memorial SWFire FerretsSpinister Motives
Memorial SWThrower UppersPiper Palooza
Trillium EBasura GangRuby & Friends
Trillium EPaper RingsHotpot
Trillium EWeSportzTurf Smurfs
Trillium EzoiThe Hucking Fooligans
Trillium WDuckiesFriz Nasty
Trillium WFriends of HenryFriends with Beneflicks
Trillium WSolicited Disc PicsSoccer team
Trillium WThe AirbendersCAB JAMS
9:10 pmEmpire NDill Flickles2nami
Empire NDisk HorseThe Gino Odj-discs
Empire NNot in the FaceGen Z(oom)
Empire NThe Side FlicksFlick It To Ride
Empire SDarts YVRThe Frizzles
Empire SDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackDiscord
Empire SSuper Silly Squirtle SquadThe Marauders
Empire SU-HaulersNightHucks_
Jericho WLe VibesAlso Sports
Jericho WLive SlowLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jericho WSurreyDownpour of Manbo
Jericho WTTFYToo Old To Fold
Memorial SW2023 Thursday Fall HatDisconnect
Memorial SWFire FerretsThrower Uppers
Memorial SWScoober-Dooby-DooHuck It
Memorial SWSpinister MotivesPiper Palooza
Trillium EBasura GangPaper Rings
Trillium ERuby & FriendsHotpot
Trillium ETurf SmurfsThe Hucking Fooligans
Trillium EWeSportzzoi
Trillium WFriends of HenryDuckies
Trillium WFriends with BeneflicksFriz Nasty
Trillium WSoccer teamCAB JAMS
Trillium WSolicited Disc PicsThe Airbenders