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Mon May 2
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBigger Disc Energy 101292% chance of sun
BalaclavaFLiC Fam812TouchingGrass
Empire NBig Flick Energy1210Live Laugh Huck
Empire NPassionfruit Orange Grapefruit116Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Empire SSumas Spprt Warriors132The Ulti-Mates
Empire SUnbounceDefaultSend It
Jericho EAbsolute Chaos77The Dump-lings
Jericho EDawg SportsForfeitedhuck, huck, goose
KingcrestDragon Sound911Charizards
KingcrestTofu Stack138The Perogies
Memorial OPanic with the disc(o)913Disconnect
Memorial OThrowbocops136Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Oak MeadowsAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles513Flickin' Freezin'
Oak MeadowsHappy Little Flickers1110Monday Free Agent
Point Greymingy cho910Do Not Come
Point GreyPulp Flicktion58Flick It To Ride
Slocan CEgregious413SHINOBIS
Slocan CWeeble1211Pac-Man
Slocan SWDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program511Angus Fan club
Slocan SWHuck If You Want Me!124Skywalkers
Winona CMarty910W SMASH
Winona CNew Disc Who Dis?136Kent's Kitchen
Winona NMastadon Summer1310Super Duper Friends
Winona NSports1013G-raff A-ttack
7:55 pmBalaclavaBigger Disc Energy 710TouchingGrass
BalaclavaFLiC Fam10592% chance of sun
Empire NBig Flick Energy104Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Empire NPassionfruit Orange Grapefruit88Live Laugh Huck
Empire SSumas Spprt Warriors92Send It
Empire SUnbounceDefaultThe Ulti-Mates
Jericho EAbsolute Chaos67huck, huck, goose
Jericho EDawg SportsForfeitedThe Dump-lings
KingcrestDragon Sound97The Perogies
KingcrestTofu Stack99Charizards
Memorial OPanic with the disc(o)57Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Memorial OThrowbocops713Disconnect
Oak MeadowsAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles98Monday Free Agent
Oak MeadowsHappy Little Flickers113Flickin' Freezin'
Point Greymingy cho133Flick It To Ride
Point GreyPulp Flicktion412Do Not Come
Slocan CEgregious38Pac-Man
Slocan CWeeble139SHINOBIS
Slocan SWDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program76Skywalkers
Slocan SWHuck If You Want Me!112Angus Fan club
Winona CMarty116Kent's Kitchen
Winona CNew Disc Who Dis?75W SMASH
Winona NMastadon Summer413G-raff A-ttack
Winona NSports85Super Duper Friends
Tue May 3
6:30 pm
KingcrestDamon's Discs820Disc-Ow
Memorial OGood X Crew96Justdisc League
Memorial OSexy and I throw it112Doja Catch
Oak MeadowsDisc Violators 2.0 DefaultGritty in Pink
Oak MeadowsShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy93wagwan united
Rupert CDiscthrow Weenferno1113Plaid to the Bone
Rupert CFeral Hogs128NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
Slocan CJeremy's Disc 93Dim Summers
Slocan CPrincess Layout76National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Slocan SWRuby & Friends913Huck It
Slocan SWSummer Beer League 138Forrest Dumps
Winona CDiscord135Chinzillas
Winona CGentle Warriors128Discpicable Me
Winona N#sports910Flickle Me Elmo
Winona NThe Gavvies99Critters
Winona SIllegal Smile107H-Bar
7:55 pmMemorial OGood X Crew90Doja Catch
Memorial OSexy and I throw it68Justdisc League
Oak MeadowsDisc Violators 2.0 Defaultwagwan united
Oak MeadowsShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy106Gritty in Pink
Rupert CDiscthrow Weenferno107NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
Rupert CFeral Hogs115Plaid to the Bone
Slocan CJeremy's Disc 86National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Slocan CPrincess Layout63Dim Summers
Slocan SWRuby & Friends65Forrest Dumps
Slocan SWSummer Beer League 56Huck It
Winona CDiscord75Discpicable Me
Winona CGentle Warriors133Chinzillas
Winona N#sports412Critters
Winona NThe Gavvies64Flickle Me Elmo
Winona SIllegal Smile98Friends of Friends
Wed May 4
6:30 pm
BalaclavaCatch Basins138Bing Chillin
BalaclavaCloud9 Black135AYCE
Empire S3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers179Random Fling
Empire SThe People's Team421Roshi
Jericho EMarvelllous Meerkatz179Catchphrase
KingcrestGoal Mountain513SIUUUUUUUU
KingcrestPrison Mike1110Victorious Secret
Memorial OHehe XD413Washed Up Amogus Friends
Memorial OPreshslice and the Gang124Burning Sensation!
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes613Basura Gang
Oak MeadowsURFT79Russell Westbrook Construction Ltd.
Rupert CCouch Potatoes 813Mind the Gap
Rupert CReTox910Joy Emoji x7
Slocan CFriends of Henry1012Hotpot Summer Edition
Slocan CSky Hoes511the other team
Slocan SWDump Trucks134Lost and Found
Slocan SWTsunami1111Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Winona CHangry Flickers95Big Butter Chicken
Winona CLAF137Loaf
Winona NGlizzard Wizards 129Wrists of Fury
Winona NRisky Frizzness910Identity Crisis
Winona SF.M.U.1310Break Side
Winona SFull Send Cat139BDE (Big Disc Energy)
7:10 pmJericho WGen Z(oom)172The Airbenders
7:55 pmBalaclavaCatch Basins110AYCE
BalaclavaCloud9 Black93Bing Chillin
KingcrestGoal Mountain68Victorious Secret
KingcrestPrison Mike311SIUUUUUUUU
Memorial OHehe XD111Burning Sensation!
Memorial OPreshslice and the Gang612Washed Up Amogus Friends
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes57Russell Westbrook Construction Ltd.
Oak MeadowsURFT46Basura Gang
Rupert CCouch Potatoes 68Joy Emoji x7
Rupert CReTox108Mind the Gap
Slocan CFriends of Henry68the other team
Slocan CSky Hoes55Hotpot Summer Edition
Slocan SWDump Trucks95Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Slocan SWTsunami94Lost and Found
Winona CHangry Flickers87Loaf
Winona CLAF134Big Butter Chicken
Winona NGlizzard Wizards 62Identity Crisis
Winona NRisky Frizzness86Wrists of Fury
Winona SF.M.U.139BDE (Big Disc Energy)
Winona SFull Send Cat127Break Side
Thu May 5
6:30 pm
BalaclavaSalt shakersCancelledGrey Poupon
BalaclavaThe Hucking FooligansCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
KingcrestAdam's HandlerCancelledDISCord Kittens
KingcrestFire FerretsCancelledSideways Shoe
Memorial ONamJooHuckCancelledUlty-verse of Madness
Memorial ONeon Disc-zaster!CancelledAttack on Nam
Oak MeadowsHand of ChalCancelledDump Trucks.
Oak MeadowsThe FrizzlesCancelledTeam Adequate
Slocan C#SportssCancelledButterfingers
Slocan Ccams kittensCancelledVenom
Slocan SWSoup Du JourCancelledBEARHAWKS
Slocan SWThe UltimatesCancelled4 Winds
Winona CDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackCancelledzoi
Winona CHuck E CheeseCancelledDiscturbed
Winona NDark Side Of The DiscCancelledThe Marauders
Winona NLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCancelledBattlecats and Friends
7:10 pmEmpire NDisc Monkeys37Herniated Discs
Empire NEast Van Halen413Spinister Motives
Empire SHansoonie310Piper Palooza
Empire SThe Gino Odj-discs67BIG DUMPLINGS
Jericho WChick Flicks98EZBC
Jericho WTeamocil9890's Throwback
Memorial SWFriz Nasty135Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Trillium Edeez hucks134Permission to Hammer
Trillium EThrewbacca73Not in the Face
Trillium Wbig bean burrito133Ruby & Friends.
Trillium WFree Agents but no Discount211Try, Catch, Throw
7:55 pmBalaclavaSalt shakersCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
BalaclavaThe Hucking FooligansCancelledGrey Poupon
KingcrestAdam's HandlerCancelledSideways Shoe
KingcrestFire FerretsCancelledDISCord Kittens
Memorial ONamJooHuckCancelledAttack on Nam
Memorial ONeon Disc-zaster!CancelledUlty-verse of Madness
Oak MeadowsHand of ChalCancelledTeam Adequate
Oak MeadowsThe FrizzlesCancelledDump Trucks.
Slocan C#SportssCancelledVenom
Slocan Ccams kittensCancelledButterfingers
Slocan SWSoup Du JourCancelled4 Winds
Slocan SWThe UltimatesCancelledBEARHAWKS
Winona CDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks BackCancelledDiscturbed
Winona CHuck E CheeseCancelledzoi
Winona NDark Side Of The DiscCancelledBattlecats and Friends
Winona NLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCancelledThe Marauders
8:40 pmEmpire NDisc Monkeys99Spinister Motives
Empire NEast Van Halen75Herniated Discs
Empire SHansoonie411BIG DUMPLINGS
Empire SThe Gino Odj-discs713Piper Palooza
Jericho WChick Flicks12790's Throwback
Jericho WTeamocil1112EZBC
Trillium Edeez hucks136Not in the Face
Trillium EThrewbacca84Permission to Hammer
Trillium Wbig bean burrito86Try, Catch, Throw
Trillium WFree Agents but no Discount411Ruby & Friends.
Mon May 9
6:30 pm
Balaclava92% chance of sun811Do Not Come
BalaclavaTouchingGrass125Flick It To Ride
Empire NMastadon Summer116Marty
Empire NSports128New Disc Who Dis?
Empire SSend It115Live Laugh Huck
Empire SThe Ulti-Mates108Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Jericho EBigger Disc Energy 57mingy cho
Jericho EFLiC Fam78Pulp Flicktion
KingcrestCharizards510huck, huck, goose
KingcrestThe Perogies912The Dump-lings
Memorial ODragon Sound912Dawg Sports
Memorial OTofu Stack114Absolute Chaos
Oak MeadowsFlickin' Freezin'109Angus Fan club
Oak MeadowsMonday Free Agent67Skywalkers
Point GreySumas Spprt Warriors89Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Slocan CPac-Man134Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Slocan CSHINOBIS1111Disconnect
Slocan SWEgregious413Panic with the disc(o)
Slocan SWWeeble129Throwbocops
Winona CAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1213Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Winona CHappy Little Flickers213Huck If You Want Me!
Winona NG-raff A-ttack134Kent's Kitchen
Winona NSuper Duper Friends137W SMASH
7:55 pmBalaclava92% chance of sun68Flick It To Ride
BalaclavaTouchingGrass1210Do Not Come
Empire NMastadon Summer1012New Disc Who Dis?
Empire NSports129Marty
Empire SSend It105Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Empire SThe Ulti-Mates96Live Laugh Huck
Jericho EBigger Disc Energy 1110Pulp Flicktion
Jericho EFLiC Fam74mingy cho
KingcrestCharizards78The Dump-lings
KingcrestThe Perogies912huck, huck, goose
Memorial ODragon Sound117Absolute Chaos
Memorial OTofu Stack1013Dawg Sports
Oak MeadowsFlickin' Freezin'86Skywalkers
Oak MeadowsMonday Free Agent513Angus Fan club
Point GreySumas Spprt Warriors103Big Flick Energy
Slocan CPac-Man109Disconnect
Slocan CSHINOBIS86Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Slocan SWEgregious57Throwbocops
Slocan SWWeeble1211Panic with the disc(o)
Winona CAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles712Huck If You Want Me!
Winona CHappy Little Flickers89Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Winona NG-raff A-ttack135W SMASH
Winona NSuper Duper Friends136Kent's Kitchen
Tue May 10
6:30 pm
KingcrestDiscthrow Weenferno136Illegal Smile
Memorial OJeremy's Disc 177Princess Layout
Oak MeadowsGritty in Pink912Huck It
Oak Meadowswagwan united138Forrest Dumps
Rupert CNightHucks: Fun in the Sun83Friends of Friends
Rupert CPlaid to the Bone78H-Bar
Slocan CDoja Catch116Disc-Ow
Slocan CJustdisc League86Damon's Discs
Slocan SWDim Summers28Good X Crew
Slocan SWNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team27Sexy and I throw it
Winona CDisc Violators 2.0 ForfeitedRuby & Friends
Winona CShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy89Summer Beer League
Winona NCritters137Discpicable Me
Winona NFlickle Me Elmo135Chinzillas
Winona S#sports811Discord
Winona SThe Gavvies1213Gentle Warriors
KingcrestFeral Hogs134Illegal Smile
Oak MeadowsGritty in Pink137Forrest Dumps
Oak Meadowswagwan united59Huck It
Rupert CNightHucks: Fun in the Sun97H-Bar
Rupert CPlaid to the Bone134Friends of Friends
Slocan CDoja Catch47Damon's Discs
Slocan CJustdisc League713Disc-Ow
Slocan SWDim Summers213Sexy and I throw it
Slocan SWNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team47Good X Crew
Winona CDisc Violators 2.0 ForfeitedSummer Beer League
Winona CShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy412Ruby & Friends
Winona NCritters134Chinzillas
Winona NFlickle Me Elmo78Discpicable Me
Winona S#sports69Gentle Warriors
Winona SThe Gavvies75Discord
Wed May 11
6:30 pm
BalaclavaRoshi212Random Fling
BalaclavaThe People's Team13123FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Empire SCouch Potatoes 813F.M.U.
Empire SReTox913Full Send Cat
Jericho ECatch Basins410The Airbenders
Jericho ECloud9 Black1213Gen Z(oom)
KingcrestSIUUUUUUUU165Victorious Secret
Memorial OGoal Mountain513Marvelllous Meerkatz
Memorial OPrison Mike77Catchphrase
Oak MeadowsBasura Gang1211Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Oak MeadowsRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.106Lost and Found
Rupert CJoy Emoji x7133BDE (Big Disc Energy)
Rupert CMind the Gap813Break Side
Slocan CHotpot Summer Edition135Burning Sensation!
Slocan Cthe other team810Washed Up Amogus Friends
Slocan SWFriends of Henry1210Preshslice and the Gang
Slocan SWSky Hoes136Hehe XD
Winona CAbsolute Zeroes87Tsunami
Winona CURFT710Dump Trucks
Winona NIdentity Crisis94Big Butter Chicken
Winona NWrists of Fury94Loaf
Winona SAYCE713Bing Chillin
7:10 pmJericho WGlizzard Wizards 108LAF
Jericho WRisky Frizzness911Hangry Flickers
7:55 pmEmpire SCouch Potatoes 613Full Send Cat
Empire SReTox1210F.M.U.
Jericho ECatch Basins810Gen Z(oom)
Jericho ECloud9 Black130The Airbenders
Memorial OGoal Mountain68Catchphrase
Memorial OPrison Mike213Marvelllous Meerkatz
Oak MeadowsBasura Gang113Lost and Found
Oak MeadowsRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.97Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Rupert CJoy Emoji x71210Break Side
Rupert CMind the Gap812BDE (Big Disc Energy)
Slocan CHotpot Summer Edition510Washed Up Amogus Friends
Slocan Cthe other team132Burning Sensation!
Slocan SWFriends of Henry139Hehe XD
Slocan SWSky Hoes108Preshslice and the Gang
Winona CAbsolute Zeroes75Dump Trucks
Winona CURFT83Tsunami
Winona NIdentity Crisis75Loaf
Winona NWrists of Fury132Big Butter Chicken
8:40 pmJericho WGlizzard Wizards 109Hangry Flickers
Jericho WRisky Frizzness513LAF
Thu May 12
6:30 pm
BalaclavaChick FlicksCancelledHansoonie
BalaclavaTeamocilCancelledThe Gino Odj-discs
KingcrestDISCord KittensCancelledGrey Poupon
KingcrestSideways ShoeCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
Memorial OAdam's HandlerCancelledSalt shakers
Memorial OFire FerretsCancelledThe Hucking Fooligans
Memorial SWDark Side Of The Disc1110Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers119Huck E Cheese
Oak MeadowsDump Trucks.CancelledBEARHAWKS
Oak MeadowsTeam AdequateCancelled4 Winds
Slocan CButterfingersCancelledAttack on Nam
Slocan CVenomCancelledUlty-verse of Madness
Slocan SW#SportssCancelledNeon Disc-zaster!
Slocan SWcams kittensCancelledNamJooHuck
Winona CHand of ChalCancelledSoup Du Jour
Winona CThe FrizzlesCancelledThe Ultimates
Winona NBattlecats and FriendsCancelledDiscturbed
Winona NThe MaraudersCancelledzoi
7:10 pmEmpire NHerniated Discs93Ruby & Friends.
Empire NSpinister Motives133Try, Catch, Throw
Empire SDisc Monkeys712big bean burrito
Empire SEast Van Halen510Free Agents but no Discount
Jericho W90's Throwback118BIG DUMPLINGS
Jericho WEZBC106Piper Palooza
Trillium ENot in the Face712Permission to Hammer
Trillium Wdeez hucks130Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Trillium WThrewbacca57Friz Nasty
7:55 pmBalaclavaChick FlicksCancelledThe Gino Odj-discs
KingcrestDISCord KittensCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
KingcrestSideways ShoeCancelledGrey Poupon
Memorial OAdam's HandlerCancelledThe Hucking Fooligans
Memorial OFire FerretsCancelledSalt shakers
Memorial SWDark Side Of The Disc612Huck E Cheese
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1311Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Oak MeadowsDump Trucks.Cancelled4 Winds
Oak MeadowsTeam AdequateCancelledBEARHAWKS
Slocan CButterfingersCancelledUlty-verse of Madness
Slocan CVenomCancelledAttack on Nam
Slocan SW#SportssCancelledNamJooHuck
Slocan SWcams kittensCancelledNeon Disc-zaster!
Winona CHand of ChalCancelledThe Ultimates
Winona CThe FrizzlesCancelledSoup Du Jour
Winona NBattlecats and FriendsCancelledzoi
Winona NThe MaraudersCancelledDiscturbed
8:40 pmEmpire NHerniated Discs78Try, Catch, Throw
Empire NSpinister Motives105Ruby & Friends.
Empire SDisc Monkeys59Free Agents but no Discount
Empire SEast Van Halen413big bean burrito
Jericho W90's Throwback109Piper Palooza
Trillium Wdeez hucks97Friz Nasty
Trillium WThrewbacca91Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Mon May 16
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDream Catchers88Live Laugh Huck
BalaclavaSumas Spprt Warriors133Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Empire NG-raff A-ttack137New Disc Who Dis?
Empire NSuper Duper Friends136Marty
Empire SMastadon Summer135W SMASH
Empire SSports136Kent's Kitchen
Jericho E92% chance of sun99mingy cho
Jericho ETouchingGrass134Pulp Flicktion
KingcrestBigger Disc Energy 613Do Not Come
KingcrestFLiC Fam85Flick It To Ride
Oak MeadowsEgregious713Disconnect
Oak MeadowsWeeble132Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Point GreySend It94Big Flick Energy
Point GreyThe Ulti-Mates78Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Slocan CDragon Sound88huck, huck, goose
Slocan CTofu Stack136The Dump-lings
Slocan SWPac-Man78Throwbocops
Slocan SWSHINOBIS710Panic with the disc(o)
Winona CFlickin' Freezin'134Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Winona CMonday Free Agent79Huck If You Want Me!
Winona NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles813Angus Fan club
Winona NHappy Little Flickers69Skywalkers
Winona SCharizardsForfeitedDawg Sports
Winona SThe Perogies911Absolute Chaos
7:55 pmBalaclavaDream Catchers95Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
BalaclavaSumas Spprt Warriors133Live Laugh Huck
Empire NG-raff A-ttack135Marty
Empire NSuper Duper Friends107New Disc Who Dis?
Empire SMastadon Summer910Kent's Kitchen
Empire SSports135W SMASH
Jericho E92% chance of sun912Pulp Flicktion
Jericho ETouchingGrass135mingy cho
KingcrestBigger Disc Energy 136Flick It To Ride
KingcrestFLiC Fam79Do Not Come
Oak MeadowsEgregious1010Technicolour Narwhal Explosion
Oak MeadowsWeeble1112Disconnect
Point GreySend It56Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Point GreyThe Ulti-Mates88Big Flick Energy
Slocan CDragon Sound1010The Dump-lings
Slocan CTofu Stack1311huck, huck, goose
Slocan SWPac-Man96Panic with the disc(o)
Slocan SWSHINOBIS97Throwbocops
Winona CFlickin' Freezin'138Huck If You Want Me!
Winona CMonday Free Agent610Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Winona NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1211Skywalkers
Winona NHappy Little Flickers313Angus Fan club
Winona SCharizards129Absolute Chaos
Winona SThe PerogiesDefaultDawg Sports
Tue May 17
6:30 pm
KingcrestPlaid to the Bone136Illegal Smile
Memorial ODiscthrow Weenferno126H-Bar
Memorial OFeral Hogs138Friends of Friends
Oak MeadowsJeremy's Disc 710Damon's Discs
Oak MeadowsPrincess Layout107Disc-Ow
Rupert C#sports133Chinzillas
Rupert CThe Gavvies136Discpicable Me
Slocan CGood X Crew1414Sexy and I throw it
Slocan SWDim Summers46Justdisc League
Slocan SWNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team73Doja Catch
Winona CGritty in Pink79Ruby & Friends
Winona Cwagwan united106Summer Beer League
Winona NDisc Violators 2.0 610Huck It
Winona NShmeeghláy-ShmeeghláyCancelledForrest Dumps
Winona SCritters913Gentle Warriors
Winona SFlickle Me Elmo911Discord
7:55 pmKingcrestNightHucks: Fun in the Sun119Illegal Smile
Memorial ODiscthrow Weenferno1310Friends of Friends
Memorial OFeral Hogs105H-Bar
Oak MeadowsJeremy's Disc 107Disc-Ow
Oak MeadowsPrincess Layout55Damon's Discs
Rupert C#sports137Discpicable Me
Rupert CThe Gavvies134Chinzillas
Slocan SWDim Summers55Doja Catch
Slocan SWNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team28Justdisc League
Winona CGritty in Pink128Summer Beer League
Winona Cwagwan united812Ruby & Friends
Winona NDisc Violators 2.0 513Forrest Dumps
Winona NShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy132Huck It
Winona SCritters108Discord
Winona SFlickle Me Elmo512Gentle Warriors
Wed May 18
6:30 pm
BalaclavaAYCE96The Airbenders
BalaclavaBing Chillin713Gen Z(oom)
Empire SJoy Emoji x799Full Send Cat
Empire SMind the Gap711F.M.U.
Jericho ECatch Basins821Cloud9 Black
KingcrestRoshi223FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
KingcrestThe People's TeamDefaultRandom Fling
Memorial OPrison Mike1512Goal Mountain
Oak MeadowsFriends of HenryForfeitedBurning Sensation!
Oak MeadowsSky Hoes89Washed Up Amogus Friends
Rupert CGlizzard Wizards 134Loaf
Rupert CRisky Frizzness84Big Butter Chicken
Slocan CSIUUUUUUUU121Catchphrase
Slocan CVictorious Secret25Marvelllous Meerkatz
Slocan SWHotpot Summer Edition103Preshslice and the Gang
Slocan SWthe other team126Hehe XD
Winona CBasura Gang67Tsunami
Winona CRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.97Dump Trucks
Winona NAbsolute Zeroes65Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Winona NURFT123Lost and Found
Winona SIdentity Crisis1213Hangry Flickers
Winona SWrists of Fury1210LAF
7:10 pmJericho WCouch Potatoes ForfeitedBreak Side
Jericho WReTox132BDE (Big Disc Energy)
7:55 pmBalaclavaAYCE211Gen Z(oom)
BalaclavaBing Chillin75The Airbenders
Empire SJoy Emoji x749F.M.U.
Empire SMind the Gap213Full Send Cat
Oak MeadowsFriends of Henry107Washed Up Amogus Friends
Oak MeadowsSky HoesForfeitedBurning Sensation!
Rupert CGlizzard Wizards 134Big Butter Chicken
Rupert CRisky Frizzness116Loaf
Slocan CSIUUUUUUUU58Marvelllous Meerkatz
Slocan CVictorious Secret97Catchphrase
Slocan SWHotpot Summer Edition92Hehe XD
Slocan SWthe other team102Preshslice and the Gang
Winona CBasura Gang107Dump Trucks
Winona CRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.78Tsunami
Winona NAbsolute Zeroes133Lost and Found
Winona NURFT98Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Winona SIdentity Crisis711LAF
Winona SWrists of Fury710Hangry Flickers
8:40 pmJericho WCouch Potatoes ForfeitedBDE (Big Disc Energy)
Jericho WReTox1211Break Side
Thu May 19
6:30 pm
Balaclava90's Throwback137The Gino Odj-discs
KingcrestChick Flicks711Piper Palooza
KingcrestTeamocil118BIG DUMPLINGS
Memorial ODISCord Kittens96Salt shakers
Memorial OSideways Shoe613The Hucking Fooligans
Oak Meadows#Sportss813Attack on Nam
Oak Meadowscams kittens135Ulty-verse of Madness
Winona CDump Trucks.911Soup Du Jour
Winona CTeam Adequate88The Ultimates
Winona NHand of Chal812BEARHAWKS
Winona NThe Frizzles9134 Winds
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EAdam's Handler78Grey Poupon
Andy Livingstone EFire Ferrets124Hammer Beats Rabbit
Andy Livingstone WButterfingers132Neon Disc-zaster!
Andy Livingstone WVenom111NamJooHuck
Empire NNot in the Face103Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Empire NPermission to Hammer65Friz Nasty
Empire SHerniated Discs75big bean burrito
Empire SSpinister Motives122Free Agents but no Discount
Jericho WDisc Monkeys59Ruby & Friends.
Jericho WEast Van Halen1010Try, Catch, Throw
Memorial SWBattlecats and Friends134Huck E Cheese
Memorial SWThe Marauders1111Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc136zoi
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers137Discturbed
Trillium Wdeez hucks138Threwbacca
7:55 pmBalaclava90's Throwback132Hansoonie
BalaclavaEZBC711The Gino Odj-discs
KingcrestChick Flicks1310BIG DUMPLINGS
KingcrestTeamocil810Piper Palooza
Memorial ODISCord Kittens1113The Hucking Fooligans
Memorial OSideways Shoe109Salt shakers
Oak Meadows#Sportss1310Ulty-verse of Madness
Oak Meadowscams kittens513Attack on Nam
Winona CDump Trucks.811The Ultimates
Winona CTeam Adequate118Soup Du Jour
Winona NHand of Chal12104 Winds
Winona NThe Frizzles710BEARHAWKS
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EAdam's Handler138Hammer Beats Rabbit
Andy Livingstone EFire Ferrets113Grey Poupon
Andy Livingstone WButterfingers910NamJooHuck
Andy Livingstone WVenom127Neon Disc-zaster!
Empire NNot in the Face77Friz Nasty
Empire NPermission to Hammer77Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Empire SHerniated Discs36Free Agents but no Discount
Empire SSpinister Motives99big bean burrito
Jericho WDisc Monkeys88Try, Catch, Throw
Jericho WEast Van Halen613Ruby & Friends.
Memorial SWBattlecats and Friends135Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Memorial SWThe Marauders913Huck E Cheese
Trillium EDark Side Of The Disc1412Discturbed
Trillium ELittle Lebowski Urban Achievers135zoi
Mon May 23
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBig Flick Energy1012Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
BalaclavaLive Laugh Huck613Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Empire NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles2114Happy Little Flickers
Empire NFlickin' Freezin'179Monday Free Agent
Empire SKent's Kitchen179W SMASH
Empire SNew Disc Who Dis?2115Marty
Jericho EDream Catchers1018Sumas Spprt Warriors
Jericho ESend It910The Ulti-Mates
Oak MeadowsTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion521Disconnect
Oak MeadowsThrowbocops913Panic with the disc(o)
Point GreyG-raff A-ttack1311Super Duper Friends
Point GreySportsCancelledMastadon Summer
Winona CPac-Man2118SHINOBIS
Winona CWeeble135Egregious
Winona NAngus Fan club157Skywalkers
Winona NDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1618Huck If You Want Me!
Winona S92% chance of sun421TouchingGrass
Winona SBigger Disc Energy 1615FLiC Fam
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone WDo Not Come1511Flick It To Ride
Andy Livingstone Wmingy cho1710Pulp Flicktion
Trillium EAbsolute Chaos713Dawg Sports
Trillium EThe Dump-lings717huck, huck, goose
Trillium WThe Perogies1713Charizards
Trillium WTofu Stack1315Dragon Sound
Tue May 24
6:30 pm
Memorial OH-Bar1514Friends of Friends
Oak MeadowsGood X Crew104Damon's Discs
Oak MeadowsSexy and I throw it118Disc-Ow
Rupert CDiscpicable Me215Chinzillas
Rupert CGentle Warriors1712Discord
Slocan SWDim Summers87National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Winona CJeremy's Disc 131Justdisc League
Winona CPrincess Layout127Doja Catch
Winona NForrest Dumps813Huck It
Winona NSummer Beer League 1817Ruby & Friends
Winona SShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy188Disc Violators 2.0
Winona Swagwan united1216Gritty in Pink
7:10 pmTrillium EDiscthrow Weenferno1013Feral Hogs
Trillium EPlaid to the Bone1613NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
Trillium WCritters217Flickle Me Elmo
Trillium WThe GavviesDefault#sports
7:55 pmOak MeadowsGood X Crew38Disc-Ow
Oak MeadowsSexy and I throw it103Damon's Discs
Winona CJeremy's Disc 92Doja Catch
Winona CPrincess Layout85Justdisc League
Wed May 25
6:30 pm
BalaclavaGen Z(oom)1315The Airbenders
Empire NGoal Mountain313SIUUUUUUUU
Empire NPrison Mike85Victorious Secret
Empire SIdentity Crisis1217Wrists of Fury
Empire SRisky Frizzness1619Glizzard Wizards
Jericho EJoy Emoji x7ForfeitedMind the Gap
Jericho EReTox1513Couch Potatoes
Memorial O3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers1712Random Fling
Memorial OThe People's Team721Roshi
Oak MeadowsHehe XD317Preshslice and the Gang
Oak MeadowsWashed Up Amogus Friends132Burning Sensation!
Rupert CBig Butter Chicken514Loaf
Rupert CHangry Flickers2021LAF
Winona CSky Hoes817Friends of Henry
Winona Cthe other team1711Hotpot Summer Edition
Winona NDump Trucks209Tsunami
Winona NLost and Found919Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Winona SRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.1417Basura Gang
Winona SURFT1115Absolute Zeroes
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone ECatch Basins510Bing Chillin
Andy Livingstone ECloud9 Black116AYCE
Jericho WBDE (Big Disc Energy)1319Break Side
Jericho WFull Send Cat1713F.M.U.
Memorial SWMarvelllous Meerkatz1913Catchphrase
7:55 pmEmpire NGoal Mountain410Victorious Secret
Empire NPrison Mike37SIUUUUUUUU
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone ECatch Basins28AYCE
Andy Livingstone ECloud9 Black612Bing Chillin
Thu May 26
6:30 pm
BalaclavaSalt shakers413Grey Poupon
BalaclavaThe Hucking Fooligans133Hammer Beats Rabbit
Charleson CentreEast Van Halen1018Disc Monkeys
Memorial O90's Throwback1411EZBC
Memorial OTeamocil1217Chick Flicks
Memorial SWNamJooHuck56Ulty-verse of Madness
Memorial SWNeon Disc-zaster!413Attack on Nam
Musqueam WSpinister Motives189Herniated Discs
Oak MeadowsHand of Chal99Dump Trucks.
Oak MeadowsThe Frizzles1212Team Adequate
Winona CDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1211zoi
Winona CHuck E Cheese89Discturbed
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc1312The Marauders
Winona NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1012Battlecats and Friends
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone ESoup Du Jour513BEARHAWKS
Andy Livingstone EThe Ultimates5134 Winds
Andy Livingstone W#Sportss98Butterfingers
Andy Livingstone Wcams kittens1211Venom
Empire NFriz Nasty95Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Empire Sdeez hucks105Permission to Hammer
Empire SThrewbacca96Not in the Face
Jericho WFree Agents but no Discount517big bean burrito
Jericho WTry, Catch, Throw515Ruby & Friends.
Trillium EAdam's Handler810DISCord Kittens
Trillium EFire Ferrets136Sideways Shoe
Trillium WBIG DUMPLINGS1215Piper Palooza
Trillium WThe Gino Odj-discs1712Hansoonie
7:55 pmBalaclavaSalt shakers213Hammer Beats Rabbit
BalaclavaThe Hucking Fooligans106Grey Poupon
Memorial SWNamJooHuck411Attack on Nam
Memorial SWNeon Disc-zaster!68Ulty-verse of Madness
Oak MeadowsHand of Chal99Team Adequate
Oak MeadowsThe Frizzles106Dump Trucks.
Winona CDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back129Discturbed
Winona CHuck E Cheese128zoi
Winona NDark Side Of The Disc35Battlecats and Friends
Winona NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers93The Marauders
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone ESoup Du Jour6134 Winds
Andy Livingstone EThe Ultimates313BEARHAWKS
Andy Livingstone W#Sportss74Venom
Andy Livingstone Wcams kittens95Butterfingers
Empire Sdeez hucksCancelledNot in the Face
Empire SThrewbacca105Permission to Hammer
Trillium EAdam's Handler96Sideways Shoe
Trillium EFire Ferrets95DISCord Kittens
Mon May 30
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBig Flick Energy1310Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
BalaclavaDream Catchers124Live Laugh Huck
Empire NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles129Weeble
Empire NSkywalkers413Disconnect
Empire STechnicolour Narwhal Explosion79The Dump-lings
Empire STofu Stack128Dragon Sound
Jericho EMarty1110Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Jericho EW SMASH513Huck If You Want Me!
Point GreyDawg Sports135Absolute Chaos
Point GreyEgregious118The Perogies
Winona CBigger Disc Energy 135Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Winona CFLiC Fam132Send It
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EKent's Kitchen913Angus Fan club
Andy Livingstone EMastadon Summer135Flickin' Freezin'
Andy Livingstone WHappy Little Flickers513Pac-Man
Andy Livingstone WMonday Free Agent1113SHINOBIS
Jericho WPanic with the disc(o)89huck, huck, goose
Jericho WThrowbocops910TouchingGrass
Memorial SWG-raff A-ttack119New Disc Who Dis?
Memorial SWSports136Super Duper Friends
Trillium EFlick It To Ride9892% chance of sun
Trillium EPulp Flicktion128The Ulti-Mates
Trillium WCharizards79mingy cho
Trillium WDo Not Come129Sumas Spprt Warriors
7:55 pmBalaclavaBig Flick Energy1211Live Laugh Huck
BalaclavaDream Catchers138Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Empire NAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles413Disconnect
Empire NSkywalkers89Weeble
Empire STechnicolour Narwhal Explosion911Dragon Sound
Empire STofu Stack139The Dump-lings
Jericho EMarty1013Huck If You Want Me!
Jericho EW SMASH811Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Point GreyDawg Sports1310The Perogies
Point GreyEgregious136Absolute Chaos
Winona CBigger Disc Energy 135Send It
Winona CFLiC Fam125Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EKent's Kitchen1311Flickin' Freezin'
Andy Livingstone EMastadon Summer139Angus Fan club
Andy Livingstone WHappy Little Flickers913SHINOBIS
Andy Livingstone WMonday Free Agent610Pac-Man
Jericho WPanic with the disc(o)513TouchingGrass
Jericho WThrowbocops89huck, huck, goose
Memorial SWG-raff A-ttack1311Super Duper Friends
Memorial SWSports117New Disc Who Dis?
Trillium EFlick It To Ride115The Ulti-Mates
Trillium EPulp Flicktion11992% chance of sun
Trillium WCharizards610Sumas Spprt Warriors
Trillium WDo Not Come128mingy cho
Tue May 31
6:30 pm
BalaclavaSexy and I throw it1415Disc-Ow
Jericho EFriends of Friends1310Discord
Memorial O#sports810Flickle Me Elmo
Memorial ODiscpicable Me713Shmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy
Winona CChinzillas613Ruby & Friends
Winona CHuck It89Gritty in Pink
Winona SDamon's Discs99National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Winona SDim Summers65Doja Catch
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone ESummer Beer League 713Forrest Dumps
Andy Livingstone Ewagwan united312Jeremy's Disc
Memorial SWFeral Hogs1213Discthrow Weenferno
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone1213NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
Trillium EH-Bar413Gentle Warriors
Trillium EIllegal Smile713Critters
Trillium WDisc Violators 2.0 58Princess Layout
Trillium WGood X Crew126Justdisc League
7:55 pmJericho EFriends of Friends313The Gavvies
Memorial O#sports713Shmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy
Memorial ODiscpicable Me711Flickle Me Elmo
Winona CChinzillas711Gritty in Pink
Winona CHuck It713Ruby & Friends
Winona SDamon's Discs84Doja Catch
Winona SDim Summers64National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone ESummer Beer League 412Jeremy's Disc
Andy Livingstone Ewagwan united88Forrest Dumps
Memorial SWFeral Hogs127NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
Memorial SWPlaid to the Bone1310Discthrow Weenferno
Trillium EH-Bar913Critters
Trillium EIllegal Smile613Gentle Warriors
Trillium WDisc Violators 2.0 59Justdisc League
Trillium WGood X Crew88Princess Layout
Wed Jun 1
6:30 pm
BalaclavaTsunami99Washed Up Amogus Friends
BalaclavaURFT611the other team
Empire NGen Z(oom)1319Cloud9 Black
Empire SIdentity Crisis139Basura Gang
Empire SRisky Frizzness108Loaf
Jericho EBDE (Big Disc Energy)138Hangry Flickers
Jericho ECouch Potatoes 117Wrists of Fury
Memorial OLost and Found711Hotpot Summer Edition
Memorial OScoober-Dooby-Doo116Friends of Henry
Oak MeadowsCatchphrase124AYCE
Oak MeadowsGoal Mountain711Bing Chillin
Rupert CThe Airbenders164Catch Basins
Winona CBig Butter Chicken613Absolute Zeroes
Winona CRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.911Dump Trucks
Winona N3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers1512Random Fling
Winona NThe People's Team221Roshi
Winona SPreshslice and the Gang1012Marvelllous Meerkatz
Winona SSky Hoes713SIUUUUUUUU
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EBreak Side139Glizzard Wizards
Andy Livingstone EMind the Gap1012LAF
Jericho WBurning Sensation!313Prison Mike
Jericho WHehe XD512Victorious Secret
Memorial SWFull Send Cat1310F.M.U.
Memorial SWReTox1012Joy Emoji x7
7:55 pmBalaclavaTsunami510the other team
BalaclavaURFT1110Washed Up Amogus Friends
Empire SIdentity Crisis99Loaf
Empire SRisky Frizzness710Basura Gang
Jericho EBDE (Big Disc Energy)118Wrists of Fury
Jericho ECouch Potatoes 911Hangry Flickers
Memorial OLost and Found85Friends of Henry
Memorial OScoober-Dooby-Doo97Hotpot Summer Edition
Oak MeadowsCatchphrase811Bing Chillin
Oak MeadowsGoal Mountain105AYCE
Winona CBig Butter Chicken213Dump Trucks
Winona CRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.136Absolute Zeroes
Winona SPreshslice and the Gang313SIUUUUUUUU
Winona SSky Hoes69Marvelllous Meerkatz
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EBreak Side135LAF
Andy Livingstone EMind the Gap1011Glizzard Wizards
Jericho WBurning Sensation!313Victorious Secret
Jericho WHehe XD128Prison Mike
Memorial SWFull Send Cat136Joy Emoji x7
Memorial SWReTox1113F.M.U.
Thu Jun 2
6:30 pm
BalaclavaThe Marauders127Team Adequate
Balaclavazoi137Hand of Chal
Charleson CentreNot in the Face156Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Memorial Obig bean burrito105Herniated Discs
Memorial OHansoonie99Ruby & Friends.
Oak MeadowsTeamocil129EZBC
Oak MeadowsThe Gino Odj-discs1012Spinister Motives
Winona CFree Agents but no Discount99Disc Monkeys
Winona CTry, Catch, Throw1011deez hucks
Winona NEast Van Halen910Permission to Hammer
Winona NThrewbacca88Friz Nasty
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1013BEARHAWKS
Andy Livingstone EDiscturbed11134 Winds
Andy Livingstone WButterfingers713Fire Ferrets
Andy Livingstone WNamJooHuck87The Hucking Fooligans
Empire N#Sportss119Ulty-verse of Madness
Empire NSoup Du Jour913cams kittens
Empire SSalt shakers108BIG DUMPLINGS
Empire SSideways Shoe88Chick Flicks
Jericho WNeon Disc-zaster!713Grey Poupon
Jericho WVenom1311Adam's Handler
Memorial SWBattlecats and Friends139Huck E Cheese
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers810Dark Side Of The Disc
Trillium EDISCord Kittens91090's Throwback
Trillium EHammer Beats Rabbit96Piper Palooza
Trillium WThe Frizzles813Attack on Nam
Trillium WThe Ultimates97Dump Trucks.
7:55 pmBalaclavaThe Marauders139Hand of Chal
Balaclavazoi138Team Adequate
Memorial Obig bean burrito119Ruby & Friends.
Memorial OHansoonie134Herniated Discs
Oak MeadowsTeamocil88Spinister Motives
Oak MeadowsThe Gino Odj-discs128EZBC
Winona CFree Agents but no Discount810deez hucks
Winona CTry, Catch, Throw710Disc Monkeys
Winona NEast Van Halen912Friz Nasty
Winona NThrewbacca93Permission to Hammer
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1384 Winds
Andy Livingstone EDiscturbed1013BEARHAWKS
Andy Livingstone WButterfingers139The Hucking Fooligans
Andy Livingstone WNamJooHuck1310Fire Ferrets
Empire N#Sportss811cams kittens
Empire NSoup Du Jour79Ulty-verse of Madness
Empire SSalt shakers118Chick Flicks
Empire SSideways Shoe713BIG DUMPLINGS
Jericho WNeon Disc-zaster!613Adam's Handler
Jericho WVenom812Grey Poupon
Memorial SWBattlecats and Friends135Dark Side Of The Disc
Memorial SWLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers139Huck E Cheese
Trillium EDISCord Kittens135Piper Palooza
Trillium EHammer Beats Rabbit41390's Throwback
Trillium WThe Frizzles123Dump Trucks.
Trillium WThe Ultimates613Attack on Nam
Mon Jun 6
6:30 pm
BalaclavaG-raff A-ttack138Mastadon Summer
BalaclavaSports136Kent's Kitchen
Empire NHappy Little Flickers513Panic with the disc(o)
Empire NMonday Free AgentForfeitedThrowbocops
Empire SDragon Sound511Sumas Spprt Warriors
Empire SThe Dump-lings810mingy cho
Jericho EDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program713Disconnect
Jericho EHuck If You Want Me!810Weeble
Point GreyAbsolute Chaos107Send It
Point GreyThe Perogies108Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Winona CFlick It To Ride126Big Flick Energy
Winona CPulp Flicktion1110Dream Catchers
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EMarty128Skywalkers
Andy Livingstone EW SMASH135Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man127huck, huck, goose
Andy Livingstone WSHINOBIS713TouchingGrass
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion912Charizards
Jericho WTofu Stack613Do Not Come
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?1013Flickin' Freezin'
Memorial SWSuper Duper Friends132Angus Fan club
Trillium E92% chance of sun135Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Trillium EThe Ulti-Mates119Live Laugh Huck
Trillium WDawg Sports1012FLiC Fam
Trillium WEgregious139Bigger Disc Energy
7:55 pmBalaclavaG-raff A-ttack1311Kent's Kitchen
BalaclavaSports134Mastadon Summer
Empire NHappy Little Flickers69Throwbocops
Empire NMonday Free AgentForfeitedPanic with the disc(o)
Empire SDragon Sound99mingy cho
Empire SThe Dump-lings713Sumas Spprt Warriors
Jericho EDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program913Weeble
Jericho EHuck If You Want Me!711Disconnect
Point GreyAbsolute Chaos47Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Point GreyThe Perogies95Send It
Winona CBig Flick Energy613Dream Catchers
Winona CPulp Flicktion135Flick It To Ride
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EMarty138Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Andy Livingstone EW SMASH115Skywalkers
Andy Livingstone WPac-Man99TouchingGrass
Andy Livingstone WSHINOBIS135huck, huck, goose
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1013Do Not Come
Jericho WTofu Stack712Charizards
Memorial SWNew Disc Who Dis?119Angus Fan club
Memorial SWSuper Duper Friends1310Flickin' Freezin'
Trillium E92% chance of sun136Live Laugh Huck
Trillium EThe Ulti-Mates109Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Trillium WDawg Sports138Bigger Disc Energy
Trillium WEgregious911FLiC Fam
Tue Jun 7
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDisc Violators 2.0 ForfeitedDamon's Discs
BalaclavaGood X Crew127Dim Summers
Jericho EDiscord1113Shmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy
Jericho EThe Gavvies85Flickle Me Elmo
Memorial OGritty in Pink910wagwan united
Memorial ORuby & Friends107Summer Beer League
Winona CForrest Dumps1013Sexy and I throw it
Winona CJeremy's Disc 135Disc-Ow
Winona SFeral Hogs106H-Bar
Winona SPlaid to the Bone135Illegal Smile
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EChinzillas1117Huck It
Memorial SWDiscthrow Weenferno1312Gentle Warriors
Memorial SWNightHucks: Fun in the Sun812Critters
Trillium EFriends of Friends136Discpicable Me
Trillium WJustdisc LeagueForfeitedDoja Catch
Trillium WPrincess Layout84National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
7:55 pmBalaclavaDisc Violators 2.0 ForfeitedDim Summers
BalaclavaGood X Crew103Damon's Discs
Jericho EDiscord810Flickle Me Elmo
Jericho EThe Gavvies1110Shmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy
Memorial OGritty in Pink89Summer Beer League
Memorial ORuby & Friends127wagwan united
Winona CForrest Dumps98Disc-Ow
Winona CJeremy's Disc 139Sexy and I throw it
Winona SFeral Hogs136Illegal Smile
Winona SPlaid to the Bone1312H-Bar
8:40 pmMemorial SWDiscthrow Weenferno1311Critters
Memorial SWNightHucks: Fun in the Sun713Gentle Warriors
Trillium EFriends of Friends67#sports
Trillium WJustdisc LeagueForfeitedNational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Trillium WPrincess LayoutForfeitedDoja Catch
Wed Jun 8
6:30 pm
BalaclavaFriends of Henry713SIUUUUUUUU
BalaclavaHotpot Summer Edition1012Marvelllous Meerkatz
Empire NBing Chillin129AYCE
Empire SRoshi217Random Fling
Empire SThe People's Team3213FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Jericho EBig Butter Chicken126Tsunami
Jericho ERussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.136URFT
Memorial OBurning Sensation!210Gen Z(oom)
Memorial OHehe XD98Cloud9 Black
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes613Washed Up Amogus Friends
Oak MeadowsDump Trucks119the other team
Rupert CFull Send Cat137Break Side
Rupert CReTox1113Mind the Gap
Winona CLost and Found85Preshslice and the Gang
Winona CScoober-Dooby-Doo119Sky Hoes
Winona NF.M.U.108Glizzard Wizards
Winona NJoy Emoji x7109LAF
Winona SPrison Mike916Victorious Secret
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EHangry Flickers134Loaf
Andy Livingstone EWrists of Fury109Basura Gang
Jericho WCatchphrase115Catch Basins
Jericho WGoal Mountain810The Airbenders
Memorial SWBDE (Big Disc Energy)136Risky Frizzness
Memorial SWCouch Potatoes 115Identity Crisis
7:55 pmBalaclavaFriends of Henry713Marvelllous Meerkatz
BalaclavaHotpot Summer Edition1211SIUUUUUUUU
Jericho EBig Butter Chicken613URFT
Jericho ERussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.86Tsunami
Memorial OBurning Sensation!111Cloud9 Black
Memorial OHehe XD910Gen Z(oom)
Oak MeadowsAbsolute Zeroes127the other team
Oak MeadowsDump Trucks96Washed Up Amogus Friends
Rupert CFull Send Cat137Mind the Gap
Rupert CReTox1311Break Side
Winona CLost and Found710Sky Hoes
Winona CScoober-Dooby-Doo1110Preshslice and the Gang
Winona NF.M.U.117LAF
Winona NJoy Emoji x7107Glizzard Wizards
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EHangry Flickers136Basura Gang
Andy Livingstone EWrists of Fury108Loaf
Jericho WCatchphrase97The Airbenders
Jericho WGoal Mountain126Catch Basins
Memorial SWBDE (Big Disc Energy)138Identity Crisis
Memorial SWCouch Potatoes 1310Risky Frizzness
Thu Jun 9
6:30 pm
BalaclavaBattlecats and FriendsCancelledDiscturbed
BalaclavaLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCancelledDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Charleson CentreFriz NastyCancelledPermission to Hammer
Memorial OSalt shakersCancelledThe Gino Odj-discs
Memorial OSideways ShoeCancelledTeamocil
Oak MeadowsAdam's HandlerCancelledPiper Palooza
Oak MeadowsGrey PouponCancelled90's Throwback
Winona CBIG DUMPLINGSCancelledSpinister Motives
Winona CChick FlicksCancelledEZBC
Winona Nbig bean burritoCancelledTry, Catch, Throw
Winona NHansoonieCancelledFree Agents but no Discount
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EEast Van HalenCancelledDisc It 4 The Biscuit
Andy Livingstone EThrewbaccaCancelledNot in the Face
Andy Livingstone WHand of ChalCancelledAttack on Nam
Andy Livingstone WTeam AdequateCancelledDump Trucks.
Empire NThe MaraudersDefaultThe Ultimates
Empire Nzoi136The Frizzles
Empire SNeon Disc-zaster!CancelledDISCord Kittens
Empire SVenomCancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
Jericho W#Sportss910Butterfingers
Jericho WSoup Du Jour127NamJooHuck
Memorial SWHerniated DiscsForfeiteddeez hucks
Memorial SWRuby & Friends.1013Disc Monkeys
Trillium Ecams kittens134The Hucking Fooligans
Trillium EUlty-verse of MadnessForfeitedFire Ferrets
Trillium WDark Side Of The Disc1112BEARHAWKS
Trillium WHuck E Cheese1354 Winds
7:55 pmBalaclavaBattlecats and FriendsCancelledDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
BalaclavaLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCancelledDiscturbed
Memorial OSalt shakersCancelledTeamocil
Memorial OSideways ShoeCancelledThe Gino Odj-discs
Oak MeadowsAdam's HandlerCancelled90's Throwback
Oak MeadowsGrey PouponCancelledPiper Palooza
Winona CChick FlicksCancelledSpinister Motives
Winona Nbig bean burritoCancelledFree Agents but no Discount
Winona NHansoonieCancelledTry, Catch, Throw
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EEast Van HalenCancelledNot in the Face
Andy Livingstone EThrewbaccaCancelledDisc It 4 The Biscuit
Andy Livingstone WHand of ChalCancelledDump Trucks.
Andy Livingstone WTeam AdequateCancelledAttack on Nam
Empire NThe Marauders117The Frizzles
Empire Nzoi135The Ultimates
Empire SNeon Disc-zaster!CancelledHammer Beats Rabbit
Empire SVenomCancelledDISCord Kittens
Jericho W#Sportss95NamJooHuck
Jericho WSoup Du Jour1312Butterfingers
Memorial SWHerniated Discs134Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWRuby & Friends.Defaultdeez hucks
Trillium Ecams kittensCancelledFire Ferrets
Trillium EUlty-verse of Madness910The Hucking Fooligans
Trillium WDark Side Of The Disc12104 Winds
Trillium WHuck E Cheese713BEARHAWKS
Mon Jun 13
6:30 pm
BalaclavaNew Disc Who Dis?1111Mastadon Summer
BalaclavaSuper Duper Friends1013Kent's Kitchen
Empire NPac-Man107Panic with the disc(o)
Empire NSHINOBIS125Throwbocops
Empire SDawg Sports94Send It
Empire SEgregious132Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Jericho EHappy Little Flickers99huck, huck, goose
Jericho EMonday Free Agent1011TouchingGrass
Point GreyFlick It To Ride94Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Point GreyPulp Flicktion135Live Laugh Huck
Winona C92% chance of sun102Big Flick Energy
Winona CThe Ulti-Mates89Dream Catchers
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program138Skywalkers
Andy Livingstone EHuck If You Want Me!129Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Andy Livingstone WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion125mingy cho
Andy Livingstone WTofu Stack1110Sumas Spprt Warriors
Jericho WDragon Sound512Do Not Come
Jericho WThe Dump-lings98Charizards
Memorial SWMarty1010Disconnect
Memorial SWW SMASH913Weeble
Trillium EG-raff A-ttack136Flickin' Freezin'
Trillium ESports132Angus Fan club
Trillium WAbsolute Chaos58FLiC Fam
Trillium WThe Perogies87Bigger Disc Energy
7:55 pmBalaclavaNew Disc Who Dis?513Kent's Kitchen
BalaclavaSuper Duper Friends138Mastadon Summer
Empire NPac-Man88Throwbocops
Empire NSHINOBIS93Panic with the disc(o)
Empire SDawg Sports102Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Empire SEgregious114Send It
Jericho EHappy Little Flickers58TouchingGrass
Jericho EMonday Free Agent76huck, huck, goose
Point GreyFlick It To Ride105Live Laugh Huck
Point GreyPulp Flicktion132Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Winona C92% chance of sun66Dream Catchers
Winona CThe Ulti-Mates76Big Flick Energy
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program85Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Andy Livingstone EHuck If You Want Me!85Skywalkers
Andy Livingstone WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion410Sumas Spprt Warriors
Andy Livingstone WTofu Stack87mingy cho
Jericho WDragon Sound610Charizards
Jericho WThe Dump-lings312Do Not Come
Memorial SWMarty128Weeble
Memorial SWW SMASH95Disconnect
Trillium EG-raff A-ttack137Angus Fan club
Trillium ESports134Flickin' Freezin'
Trillium WAbsolute Chaos513Bigger Disc Energy
Trillium WThe Perogies511FLiC Fam
Tue Jun 14
6:30 pm
BalaclavaJustdisc League87Dim Summers
BalaclavaPrincess LayoutDamon's Discs
Jericho EChinzillas133Sexy and I throw it
Jericho EHuck It1110Disc-Ow
Memorial OGritty in Pink710Jeremy's Disc
Memorial ORuby & Friends135Forrest Dumps
Winona CSummer Beer League 1110wagwan united
Winona SDiscthrow WeenfernoH-Bar
Winona SNightHucks: Fun in the Sun131Illegal Smile
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Violators 2.0 1110National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Andy Livingstone EGood X Crew130Doja Catch
Memorial SWFriends of Friends713Shmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy
Trillium EDiscord115Discpicable Me
Trillium EThe Gavvies133#sports
Trillium WFeral Hogs1113Gentle Warriors
Trillium WPlaid to the Bone711Critters
7:55 pmBalaclavaJustdisc LeagueDamon's Discs
BalaclavaPrincess Layout103Dim Summers
Jericho EChinzillas913Disc-Ow
Jericho EHuck It134Sexy and I throw it
Memorial OGritty in Pink1112Forrest Dumps
Memorial ORuby & Friends713Jeremy's Disc
Winona SDiscthrow Weenferno137Illegal Smile
Winona SNightHucks: Fun in the Sun138H-Bar
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EDisc Violators 2.0 80Doja Catch
Andy Livingstone EGood X Crew77National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Memorial SWFriends of Friends137Flickle Me Elmo
Trillium EDiscord910#sports
Trillium EThe Gavvies136Discpicable Me
Trillium WFeral Hogs1110Critters
Trillium WPlaid to the Bone513Gentle Warriors
Wed Jun 15
6:30 pm
BalaclavaHehe XD212Burning Sensation!
Empire NFull Send Cat98Glizzard Wizards
Empire NReTox133LAF
Empire SFriends of HenryForfeitedSky Hoes
Empire SHotpot Summer Edition59Preshslice and the Gang
Jericho ELost and Found213Marvelllous Meerkatz
Jericho EScoober-Dooby-Doo610SIUUUUUUUU
Memorial OAYCE912The Airbenders
Memorial OBing Chillin112Catch Basins
Oak MeadowsF.M.U.138Break Side
Oak MeadowsJoy Emoji x7136Mind the Gap
Rupert CBDE (Big Disc Energy)136Loaf
Rupert CCouch Potatoes 137Basura Gang
Winona CRoshi17113FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Winona CThe People's Team521Random Fling
Winona NHangry Flickers1212Risky Frizzness
Winona NWrists of Fury98Identity Crisis
Winona SCatchphrase1311Goal Mountain
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EAbsolute Zeroes105Tsunami
Andy Livingstone EDump Trucks1010URFT
Jericho WPrison Mike1011Cloud9 Black
Jericho WVictorious Secret128Gen Z(oom)
Memorial SWBig Butter Chicken513Washed Up Amogus Friends
Memorial SWRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.138the other team
7:55 pmEmpire NFull Send Cat138LAF
Empire NReTox1210Glizzard Wizards
Empire SFriends of Henry56Preshslice and the Gang
Empire SHotpot Summer EditionForfeitedSky Hoes
Jericho ELost and Found313SIUUUUUUUU
Jericho EScoober-Dooby-Doo813Marvelllous Meerkatz
Memorial OAYCE96Catch Basins
Memorial OBing Chillin86The Airbenders
Oak MeadowsF.M.U.139Mind the Gap
Oak MeadowsJoy Emoji x71311Break Side
Rupert CBDE (Big Disc Energy)124Basura Gang
Rupert CCouch Potatoes 114Loaf
Winona NHangry Flickers135Identity Crisis
Winona NWrists of Fury65Risky Frizzness
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EAbsolute Zeroes98URFT
Andy Livingstone EDump Trucks911Tsunami
Jericho WPrison Mike1111Gen Z(oom)
Jericho WVictorious Secret59Cloud9 Black
Memorial SWBig Butter Chicken213the other team
Memorial SWRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.810Washed Up Amogus Friends
Thu Jun 16
6:30 pm
BalaclavaFriz Nasty65Disc It 4 The Biscuit
BalaclavaPermission to Hammer97Not in the Face
Killarney CSalt shakers513Spinister Motives
Killarney CSideways Shoe911EZBC
Memorial ONeon Disc-zaster!5790's Throwback
Memorial OVenom1110Piper Palooza
Oak Meadowscams kittens136NamJooHuck
Oak MeadowsUlty-verse of Madness99Butterfingers
Van Tech Oval#SportssForfeitedFire Ferrets
Van Tech OvalSoup Du Jour310The Hucking Fooligans
Winona CAdam's Handler98Hammer Beats Rabbit
Winona CGrey Poupon98DISCord Kittens
Winona NBIG DUMPLINGS712The Gino Odj-discs
Winona NChick Flicks136Teamocil
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EHerniated Discs115Try, Catch, Throw
Andy Livingstone ERuby & Friends.105Free Agents but no Discount
Andy Livingstone WDark Side Of The Disc119Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Andy Livingstone WHuck E Cheese610Discturbed
Empire NBattlecats and Friends1324 Winds
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1112BEARHAWKS
Jericho WThe Marauders132Dump Trucks.
Jericho Wzoi137Attack on Nam
Memorial SWbig bean burrito911deez hucks
Memorial SWHansoonie1113Disc Monkeys
Trillium EHand of Chal611The Frizzles
Trillium ETeam Adequate1112The Ultimates
Trillium WEast Van Halen516Threwbacca
7:55 pmBalaclavaFriz Nasty413Not in the Face
BalaclavaPermission to Hammer134Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Killarney CSalt shakers89EZBC
Killarney CSideways Shoe612Spinister Motives
Memorial ONeon Disc-zaster!77Piper Palooza
Memorial OVenom11890's Throwback
Oak Meadowscams kittens1110Butterfingers
Oak MeadowsUlty-verse of Madness129NamJooHuck
Van Tech Oval#SportssForfeitedThe Hucking Fooligans
Van Tech OvalSoup Du Jour813Fire Ferrets
Winona CAdam's Handler513DISCord Kittens
Winona CGrey Poupon109Hammer Beats Rabbit
Winona NBIG DUMPLINGS126Teamocil
Winona NChick Flicks136The Gino Odj-discs
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EHerniated Discs112Free Agents but no Discount
Andy Livingstone ERuby & Friends.107Try, Catch, Throw
Andy Livingstone WDark Side Of The Disc1310Discturbed
Andy Livingstone WHuck E Cheese119Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Empire NBattlecats and Friends137BEARHAWKS
Empire NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1394 Winds
Jericho WThe Marauders136Attack on Nam
Jericho Wzoi134Dump Trucks.
Memorial SWbig bean burrito109Disc Monkeys
Memorial SWHansoonie115deez hucks
Trillium EHand of Chal1110The Ultimates
Trillium ETeam Adequate613The Frizzles
Mon Jun 20
6:30 pm
BalaclavaHuck If You Want Me!219Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
BalaclavaW SMASH1117Marty
Empire NTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1612Tofu Stack
Empire NThe Dump-lings1413Dragon Sound
Empire SBigger Disc Energy 1618FLiC Fam
Empire SPassionfruit Orange Grapefruit1310Send It
Jericho Ehuck, huck, goose1111TouchingGrass
Jericho EPanic with the disc(o)1513Throwbocops
Point GreyCloudy With a Chance of Hammers89Live Laugh Huck
Point GreyFlick It To Ride1214Dream Catchers
Winona CG-raff A-ttack1419Sports
Winona CNew Disc Who Dis?1117Super Duper Friends
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EHappy Little Flickers1017Monday Free Agent
Andy Livingstone EPac-Man821SHINOBIS
Andy Livingstone WCharizards1518Do Not Come
Andy Livingstone Wmingy cho1210Sumas Spprt Warriors
Jericho WEgregious1417Dawg Sports
Jericho WThe Perogies1610Absolute Chaos
Memorial SWAdolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles1412Skywalkers
Memorial SWWeeble917Disconnect
Trillium EFlickin' Freezin'1410Angus Fan club
Trillium EMastadon Summer1921Kent's Kitchen
Trillium W92% chance of sun2110The Ulti-Mates
Trillium WPulp Flicktion181Big Flick Energy
Tue Jun 21
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDiscthrow Weenferno1821NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
BalaclavaFeral Hogs1816Plaid to the Bone
Jericho ESummer Beer League 1211Sexy and I throw it
Jericho Ewagwan unitedForfeitedDisc-Ow
Memorial ORuby & Friends2114Gritty in Pink
Winona CDisc Violators 2.0 513Good X Crew
Winona CPrincess Layout158Justdisc League
Winona SThe Gavvies1217Discord
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EDamon's Discs1513Dim Summers
Andy Livingstone ENational Ajerbak Shuffleball Team166Doja Catch
Killarney CGentle Warriors2113Critters
Memorial SW#sports149Discpicable Me
Memorial SWFlickle Me Elmo1020Shmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy
Trillium EChinzillas513Forrest Dumps
Trillium EHuck It812Jeremy's Disc
Trillium WH-Bar173Illegal Smile
7:55 pmJericho ESummer Beer League 813Disc-Ow
Jericho Ewagwan unitedForfeitedSexy and I throw it
8:40 pmTrillium EChinzillas612Jeremy's Disc
Trillium EHuck It132Forrest Dumps
Wed Jun 22
6:30 pm
BalaclavaThe Airbenders188Catch Basins
Empire NBDE (Big Disc Energy)1918Couch Potatoes
Empire NHangry Flickers1813Wrists of Fury
Empire SGen Z(oom)1611Cloud9 Black
Jericho EBurning Sensation!413Prison Mike
Jericho EHehe XD59Victorious Secret
Memorial O3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee ChuckersForfeitedRandom Fling
Memorial OThe People's Team521Roshi
Oak MeadowsLoaf1718Basura Gang
Oak MeadowsRisky Frizzness2016Identity Crisis
Rupert CAbsolute Zeroes1615Dump Trucks
Rupert CBig Butter ChickenRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.
Winona CCatchphrase57AYCE
Winona CGoal Mountain711Bing Chillin
Winona NTsunami1213URFT
Winona NWashed Up Amogus Friends1215the other team
Winona SF.M.U.2116Joy Emoji x7
Winona SFull Send Cat1713ReTox
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone ESIUUUUUUUU1014Marvelllous Meerkatz
Andy Livingstone ESky Hoes1312Preshslice and the Gang
Jericho WBreak Side1510Mind the Gap
Jericho WGlizzard Wizards 2021LAF
Memorial SWFriends of Henry1221Hotpot Summer Edition
Memorial SWScoober-Dooby-Doo218Lost and Found
7:55 pmJericho EBurning Sensation!08Victorious Secret
Jericho EHehe XD711Prison Mike
Winona CCatchphrase510Bing Chillin
Winona CGoal Mountain79AYCE
Thu Jun 23
6:30 pm
BalaclavaHansoonie1013big bean burrito
BalaclavaRuby & Friends.615Herniated Discs
Killarney CAdam's Handler148Grey Poupon
Killarney CVenom218Neon Disc-zaster!
Memorial Ocams kittens1615Ulty-verse of Madness
Memorial OSoup Du Jour1217#Sportss
Oak MeadowsHand of Chal1217Attack on Nam
Oak MeadowsThe Ultimates1512The Frizzles
Van Tech OvalTeam Adequate1714Dump Trucks.
Van Tech OvalThe Marauders1721zoi
Winona CNamJooHuck1715Butterfingers
Winona CThe Hucking Fooligans1017Fire Ferrets
Winona NHammer Beats Rabbit1113DISCord Kittens
Winona NPiper Palooza151490's Throwback
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EEZBC1017Spinister Motives
Andy Livingstone ETeamocil1617The Gino Odj-discs
Andy Livingstone WDisc Monkeys1511deez hucks
Andy Livingstone WNot in the Face168Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Empire NEast Van Halen138Permission to Hammer
Empire NThrewbacca512Friz Nasty
Jericho WDark Side Of The Disc1312Huck E Cheese
Jericho WLittle Lebowski Urban AchieversCancelledBattlecats and Friends
Memorial SWChick Flicks1513BIG DUMPLINGS
Memorial SWSideways Shoe1217Salt shakers
Trillium EBEARHAWKS17104 Winds
Trillium EDisc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back1317Discturbed
Trillium WFree Agents but no Discount1112Try, Catch, Throw
8:40 pmEmpire NEast Van Halen911Friz Nasty
Empire NThrewbacca93Permission to Hammer
Mon Jun 27
6:30 pm
BalaclavaTouchingGrass89Panic with the disc(o)
Empire SAngus Fan club96Huck If You Want Me!
Empire SMarty136Weeble
Jericho ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1211The Perogies
Jericho EThe Dump-lings69Dragon Sound
Killarney CDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1310Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Memorial Ohuck, huck, goose107Monday Free Agent
Memorial OThrowbocops713Do Not Come
Oak MeadowsHappy Little Flickers1311Tofu Stack
Oak MeadowsSumas Spprt Warriors118mingy cho
Point GreyFlickin' Freezin'1210Disconnect
Point GreyMastadon Summer513New Disc Who Dis?
Winona SCharizards1311Dawg Sports
Winona SFLiC FamDefaultEgregious
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EBig Flick Energy1011Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Andy Livingstone EThe Ulti-Mates88Live Laugh Huck
Memorial SWDream Catchers9992% chance of sun
Memorial SWSend It710Flick It To Ride
Trillium EBigger Disc Energy 137Absolute Chaos
Trillium EPassionfruit Orange Grapefruit812Pulp Flicktion
Trillium WG-raff A-ttack1311Super Duper Friends
Trillium WSports2313Kent's Kitchen
7:55 pmBalaclavaSkywalkers126Panic with the disc(o)
Empire SAngus Fan club137Weeble
Empire SMarty810Huck If You Want Me!
Jericho ETechnicolour Narwhal Explosion89Dragon Sound
Jericho EThe Dump-lings1110The Perogies
Killarney CDisc Golf Rehabilitation Program1110SHINOBIS
Killarney CW SMASH107Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Memorial Ohuck, huck, goose69Do Not Come
Memorial OThrowbocops108Monday Free Agent
Oak MeadowsHappy Little Flickers89mingy cho
Oak MeadowsSumas Spprt Warriors88Tofu Stack
Point GreyFlickin' Freezin'513New Disc Who Dis?
Point GreyMastadon Summer139Disconnect
Winona SCharizardsDefaultEgregious
Winona SFLiC Fam98Dawg Sports
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EBig Flick Energy123Live Laugh Huck
Andy Livingstone EThe Ulti-Mates1310Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Memorial SWDream CatchersCancelledFlick It To Ride
Memorial SWSend It81392% chance of sun
Trillium EBigger Disc Energy 1013Pulp Flicktion
Trillium EPassionfruit Orange Grapefruit613Absolute Chaos
Trillium WG-raff A-ttack2112Kent's Kitchen
Trillium WSports137Super Duper Friends
Tue Jun 28
6:30 pm
BalaclavaIllegal Smile1011Flickle Me Elmo
Jericho EDiscthrow Weenferno1110Critters
Jericho EGentle Warriors119Feral Hogs
Killarney CChinzillas137Dim Summers
Killarney Cwagwan united88Justdisc League
Memorial ONightHucks: Fun in the Sun911H-Bar
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone811The Gavvies
Oak MeadowsDamon's Discs87National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Oak MeadowsDisc Violators 2.0 107Doja Catch
Andy Livingstone EFriends of Friends86Jeremy's Disc
Memorial SWDiscpicable Me109Forrest Dumps
Memorial SWRuby & Friends1310Huck It
Trillium EDisc-Ow129Sexy and I throw it
Trillium ESummer Beer League 513Gritty in Pink
Trillium WPrincess Layout1215Good X Crew
7:55 pmBalaclavaIllegal Smile611#sports
BalaclavaShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy97Flickle Me Elmo
Jericho EDiscthrow Weenferno108Feral Hogs
Jericho EGentle Warriors117Critters
Killarney CChinzillas1010Justdisc League
Killarney Cwagwan united135Dim Summers
Memorial ONightHucks: Fun in the Sun812The Gavvies
Memorial OPlaid to the Bone136H-Bar
Oak MeadowsDamon's Discs115Doja Catch
Oak MeadowsDisc Violators 2.0 1010National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EDiscord1213Jeremy's Disc
Memorial SWDiscpicable Me1013Huck It
Memorial SWRuby & Friends136Forrest Dumps
Trillium EDisc-Ow127Gritty in Pink
Trillium ESummer Beer League 1113Sexy and I throw it
Wed Jun 29
6:30 pm
BalaclavaRoshi17113FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
BalaclavaThe People's TeamForfeitedRandom Fling
Empire NBig Butter Chicken312Hotpot Summer Edition
Empire NTsunami1412Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire SF.M.U.1012ReTox
Empire SFull Send Cat136Joy Emoji x7
Killarney CBurning Sensation!DefaultAYCE
Killarney CThe Airbenders612Catchphrase
Memorial OBasura Gang128Absolute Zeroes
Memorial ORisky Frizzness812Identity Crisis
Oak MeadowsLost and Found69Sky Hoes
Oak MeadowsPreshslice and the Gang119Victorious Secret
Rupert CCloud9 Black109Gen Z(oom)
Rupert CFriends of Henry511Prison Mike
Winona CBreak Side813BDE (Big Disc Energy)
Winona CGlizzard Wizards 1310Hangry Flickers
Winona NHehe XD1213Bing Chillin
Winona SLoaf513Dump Trucks
Winona SRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.812the other team
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone ELAF139Couch Potatoes
Andy Livingstone EMind the Gap96Wrists of Fury
Jericho WURFTForfeitedMarvelllous Meerkatz
Jericho WWashed Up Amogus FriendsForfeitedSIUUUUUUUU
Memorial SWGoal Mountain199Catch Basins
7:55 pmEmpire NBig Butter Chicken109Scoober-Dooby-Doo
Empire NTsunami68Hotpot Summer Edition
Empire SF.M.U.108Joy Emoji x7
Empire SFull Send Cat1110ReTox
Killarney CBurning Sensation!ForfeitedCatchphrase
Killarney CThe Airbenders119AYCE
Memorial OBasura Gang128Identity Crisis
Memorial ORisky Frizzness1013Absolute Zeroes
Oak MeadowsLost and Found313Victorious Secret
Oak MeadowsPreshslice and the Gang1010Sky Hoes
Rupert CCloud9 Black47Prison Mike
Rupert CFriends of Henry79Gen Z(oom)
Winona CBreak Side1311Hangry Flickers
Winona CGlizzard Wizards 1213BDE (Big Disc Energy)
Winona SLoaf1013the other team
Winona SRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.97Dump Trucks
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone ELAF137Wrists of Fury
Andy Livingstone EMind the Gap1310Couch Potatoes
Jericho WWashed Up Amogus Friends413Marvelllous Meerkatz
Thu Jun 30
6:30 pm
BalaclavaFree Agents but no Discount106East Van Halen
BalaclavaTry, Catch, Throw23Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Churchill OvalBIG DUMPLINGS1110Teamocil
Churchill OvalEZBC106Herniated Discs
Killarney CDump Trucks.613Ulty-verse of Madness
Killarney CFire Ferrets1210#Sportss
Memorial O4 Winds129The Ultimates
Memorial OThe Marauders713Attack on Nam
Musqueam EChick Flicks136The Gino Odj-discs
Musqueam ENeon Disc-zaster!68Salt shakers
Oak MeadowsDiscturbed910Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Oak MeadowsHuck E Cheese135zoi
Van Tech OvalBEARHAWKS513Battlecats and Friends
Van Tech OvalDark Side Of The Disc1011Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone Edeez hucks113Threwbacca
Andy Livingstone EHansoonie87Not in the Face
Andy Livingstone WNamJooHuck912Soup Du Jour
Andy Livingstone WThe Hucking Fooligans137Butterfingers
Empire NHand of Chal913cams kittens
Empire NThe Frizzles1010Team Adequate
Jericho WGrey Poupon127Adam's Handler
Jericho WVenom129DISCord Kittens
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys1011Ruby & Friends.
Memorial SWSideways Shoe1010big bean burrito
Trillium E90's Throwback69Hammer Beats Rabbit
Trillium EPiper Palooza77Spinister Motives
Trillium WFriz Nasty1715Permission to Hammer
7:55 pmBalaclavaFree Agents but no Discount103Disc It 4 The Biscuit
BalaclavaTry, Catch, Throw710East Van Halen
Churchill OvalBIG DUMPLINGS410Herniated Discs
Churchill OvalEZBC137Teamocil
Killarney CDump Trucks.412#Sportss
Killarney CFire Ferrets89Ulty-verse of Madness
Memorial O4 Winds1011Attack on Nam
Memorial OThe Marauders127The Ultimates
Musqueam EChick Flicks137Salt shakers
Musqueam ENeon Disc-zaster!78The Gino Odj-discs
Oak MeadowsDiscturbed1012zoi
Oak MeadowsHuck E Cheese128Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Van Tech OvalBEARHAWKS1113Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Van Tech OvalDark Side Of The Disc912Battlecats and Friends
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone Edeez hucks116Not in the Face
Andy Livingstone EHansoonie58Threwbacca
Andy Livingstone WNamJooHuck137Butterfingers
Andy Livingstone WThe Hucking Fooligans1213Soup Du Jour
Empire NHand of Chal1111Team Adequate
Empire NThe Frizzles119cams kittens
Jericho WGrey Poupon410DISCord Kittens
Jericho WVenom1210Adam's Handler
Memorial SWDisc Monkeys911big bean burrito
Memorial SWSideways Shoe136Ruby & Friends.
Trillium E90's Throwback95Spinister Motives
Trillium EPiper Palooza88Hammer Beats Rabbit
Mon Jul 4
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDragon Sound910Absolute Chaos
BalaclavaThe Perogies137Pulp Flicktion
Empire NKent's Kitchen911Disconnect
Empire NSuper Duper Friends138New Disc Who Dis?
Empire SSkywalkers105huck, huck, goose
Empire STouchingGrass108Throwbocops
Jericho EG-raff A-ttackMastadon Summer
Jericho ESports138Flickin' Freezin'
Killarney CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion108Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Killarney CThe Dump-lings613Bigger Disc Energy
Memorial ODream Catchers106Big Flick Energy
Memorial OSend It78The Ulti-Mates
Oak Meadows92% chance of sun135Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Oak MeadowsFlick It To Ride89Live Laugh Huck
Point GreyHappy Little Flickers1013Charizards
Point GreySumas Spprt Warriors1211FLiC Fam
Winona Nmingy cho129Egregious
Winona NTofu Stack1314Dawg Sports
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone WAngus Fan club1211Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Andy Livingstone WMarty713W SMASH
Jericho WHuck If You Want Me!713Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Jericho WWeeble713SHINOBIS
Trillium WPac-Man137Monday Free Agent
Trillium WPanic with the disc(o)1012Do Not Come
7:55 pmBalaclavaDragon Sound109Pulp Flicktion
BalaclavaThe Perogies1311Absolute Chaos
Empire NKent's Kitchen69New Disc Who Dis?
Empire NSuper Duper Friends135Disconnect
Empire SSkywalkers97Throwbocops
Empire STouchingGrass134huck, huck, goose
Jericho EG-raff A-ttack139Flickin' Freezin'
Jericho ESportsMastadon Summer
Killarney CTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion813Bigger Disc Energy
Killarney CThe Dump-lings1110Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Memorial ODream Catchers115The Ulti-Mates
Memorial OSend It99Big Flick Energy
Oak Meadows92% chance of sun116Live Laugh Huck
Oak MeadowsFlick It To Ride613Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Point GreyHappy Little Flickers911FLiC Fam
Point GreySumas Spprt Warriors67Charizards
Winona Nmingy cho79Dawg Sports
Winona NTofu Stack1112Egregious
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone WAngus Fan club1311W SMASH
Andy Livingstone WMarty139Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Jericho WHuck If You Want Me!1311SHINOBIS
Jericho WWeeble1310Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Trillium WPac-Man1311Do Not Come
Trillium WPanic with the disc(o)97Monday Free Agent
Tue Jul 5
6:30 pm
BalaclavaChinzillas129Disc Violators 2.0
Balaclavawagwan unitedDamon's Discs
Jericho E#sportsForfeitedJeremy's Disc
Memorial OForrest DumpsForfeitedDisc-Ow
Memorial OHuck It136Summer Beer League
Winona CGritty in Pink106Good X Crew
Winona CSexy and I throw it213Princess Layout
Winona NDiscthrow Weenferno1210Plaid to the Bone
Winona NGentle Warriors98NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EDiscpicable Me1814Ruby & Friends
Memorial SWCritters136The Gavvies
Memorial SWFeral Hogs136H-Bar
Trillium EIllegal Smile813Discord
Trillium EShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy1310Friends of Friends
Trillium WDim Summers910Doja Catch
Trillium WJustdisc League107National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
7:55 pmBalaclavaChinzillasDamon's Discs
Balaclavawagwan united87Disc Violators 2.0
Jericho EFlickle Me ElmoForfeitedJeremy's Disc
Memorial OForrest Dumps118Summer Beer League
Memorial OHuck ItForfeitedDisc-Ow
Winona CGritty in Pink138Princess Layout
Winona CSexy and I throw it313Good X Crew
Winona NDiscthrow Weenferno1110NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
Winona NGentle Warriors413Plaid to the Bone
8:40 pmMemorial SWCritters138H-Bar
Memorial SWFeral Hogs108The Gavvies
Trillium EIllegal Smile1212Friends of Friends
Trillium EShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy1113Discord
Trillium WDim Summers911National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Trillium WJustdisc League114Doja Catch
Wed Jul 6
6:30 pm
BalaclavaRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.138Washed Up Amogus Friends
Empire NCloud9 Black128Hehe XD
Empire NFriends of Henry106Bing Chillin
Empire SLAF137Risky Frizzness
Empire SMind the Gap136Basura Gang
Jericho EJoy Emoji x7118BDE (Big Disc Energy)
Jericho EReTox134Hangry Flickers
Killarney CBig Butter Chicken1113Preshslice and the Gang
Killarney CTsunami109Lost and Found
Memorial ODump Trucks1113Marvelllous Meerkatz
Memorial Othe other team137SIUUUUUUUU
Oak MeadowsGen Z(oom)1221Prison Mike
Rupert CBurning Sensation!99Catch Basins
Rupert CThe Airbenders106Goal Mountain
Winona CCouch Potatoes 1310Identity Crisis
Winona CWrists of Fury108Absolute Zeroes
Winona NCatchphrase1114AYCE
Winona S3FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers1413Random Fling
Winona SThe People's Team413Roshi
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EF.M.U.97Glizzard Wizards
Andy Livingstone EFull Send Cat135Break Side
Jericho WHotpot Summer Edition1012Victorious Secret
Jericho WScoober-Dooby-Doo138Sky Hoes
7:55 pmBalaclavaLoaf810Washed Up Amogus Friends
BalaclavaRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.106URFT
Empire NCloud9 Black610Bing Chillin
Empire NFriends of Henry134Hehe XD
Empire SLAF139Basura Gang
Empire SMind the Gap108Risky Frizzness
Jericho EJoy Emoji x7138Hangry Flickers
Jericho EReTox139BDE (Big Disc Energy)
Killarney CBig Butter ChickenLost and Found
Killarney CTsunami1211Preshslice and the Gang
Memorial ODump Trucks138SIUUUUUUUU
Memorial Othe other team1011Marvelllous Meerkatz
Rupert CBurning Sensation!510Goal Mountain
Rupert CThe Airbenders115Catch Basins
Winona CCouch Potatoes 139Absolute Zeroes
Winona CWrists of Fury713Identity Crisis
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EF.M.U.713Break Side
Andy Livingstone EFull Send Cat137Glizzard Wizards
Jericho WHotpot Summer Edition139Sky Hoes
Jericho WScoober-Dooby-Doo108Victorious Secret
Thu Jul 7
6:30 pm
BalaclavaGrey Poupon8890's Throwback
BalaclavaVenom1211Piper Palooza
Killarney C4 Winds119The Frizzles
Killarney CThe Marauders136Hand of Chal
Memorial OBEARHAWKS136Discturbed
Memorial ODark Side Of The Disc1011Huck E Cheese
Oak MeadowsAdam's Handler109Hammer Beats Rabbit
Oak MeadowsDISCord Kittens125Spinister Motives
Van Tech OvalFriz Nasty85Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Van Tech OvalPermission to Hammer311East Van Halen
Winona CBattlecats and Friends137Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona CLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1211zoi
Winona NAttack on Nam96cams kittens
Winona NThe Ultimates513Team Adequate
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone E#Sportss138Soup Du Jour
Andy Livingstone EUlty-verse of Madness1011Butterfingers
Andy Livingstone WSalt shakers104Teamocil
Andy Livingstone WThe Gino Odj-discs118Herniated Discs
Empire NChick Flicks108EZBC
Empire NNeon Disc-zaster!513BIG DUMPLINGS
Jericho WDisc Monkeys811Hansoonie
Jericho WSideways Shoe1014deez hucks
Memorial SWDump Trucks.913The Hucking Fooligans
Memorial SWFire Ferrets1310NamJooHuck
Trillium Ebig bean burrito102Threwbacca
Trillium ERuby & Friends.108Not in the Face
Trillium WTry, Catch, Throw1312Free Agents but no Discount
7:55 pmBalaclavaGrey Poupon127Piper Palooza
BalaclavaVenom131090's Throwback
Killarney C4 Winds139Hand of Chal
Killarney CThe Marauders1310The Frizzles
Memorial OBEARHAWKS127Huck E Cheese
Memorial ODark Side Of The Disc137Discturbed
Oak MeadowsAdam's Handler108Spinister Motives
Oak MeadowsDISCord Kittens139Hammer Beats Rabbit
Van Tech OvalFriz Nasty128East Van Halen
Van Tech OvalPermission to Hammer610Disc It 4 The Biscuit
Winona CBattlecats and Friends1211zoi
Winona CLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers1311Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Winona NAttack on Nam910Team Adequate
Winona NThe Ultimates87cams kittens
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone E#Sportss134Butterfingers
Andy Livingstone EUlty-verse of Madness128Soup Du Jour
Andy Livingstone WSalt shakers117Herniated Discs
Andy Livingstone WThe Gino Odj-discs139Teamocil
Empire NChick Flicks108BIG DUMPLINGS
Empire NNeon Disc-zaster!99EZBC
Jericho WDisc Monkeys311deez hucks
Jericho WSideways Shoe1011Hansoonie
Memorial SWDump Trucks.138NamJooHuck
Memorial SWFire Ferrets1113The Hucking Fooligans
Trillium Ebig bean burrito136Not in the Face
Trillium ERuby & Friends.117Threwbacca
Mon Jul 11
6:30 pm
Empire NHappy Little Flickers911Dawg Sports
Empire NSumas Spprt Warriors127Egregious
Empire SDragon Sound811Bigger Disc Energy
Empire SThe Perogies711Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Jericho EPac-Man88huck, huck, goose
Jericho EPanic with the disc(o)88Throwbocops
Point Grey92% chance of sun137Big Flick Energy
Point GreyFlick It To Ride125The Ulti-Mates
Slocan SWDream Catchers108Cloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Slocan SWSend It710Live Laugh Huck
Winona CKent's Kitchen137Flickin' Freezin'
Winona CSuper Duper FriendsMastadon Summer
Winona SG-raff A-ttack139New Disc Who Dis?
Winona SSports132Disconnect
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone ESkywalkers139Monday Free Agent
Andy Livingstone ETouchingGrass811Do Not Come
Andy Livingstone Wmingy cho610FLiC Fam
Andy Livingstone WTofu Stack312Charizards
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion813Pulp Flicktion
Jericho WThe Dump-lings105Absolute Chaos
Memorial SWHuck If You Want Me!133Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Memorial SWWeeble1113W SMASH
Trillium EAngus Fan club135Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Trillium EMarty1210SHINOBIS
7:55 pmEmpire NHappy Little Flickers124Egregious
Empire NSumas Spprt Warriors57Dawg Sports
Empire SDragon Sound67Passionfruit Orange Grapefruit
Empire SThe Perogies512Bigger Disc Energy
Jericho EPac-Man137Throwbocops
Jericho EPanic with the disc(o)810huck, huck, goose
Point Grey92% chance of sun136The Ulti-Mates
Point GreyFlick It To RideBig Flick Energy
Slocan SWDream Catchers138Live Laugh Huck
Slocan SWSend ItCloudy With a Chance of Hammers
Winona CKent's KitchenMastadon Summer
Winona CSuper Duper Friends137Flickin' Freezin'
Winona SG-raff A-ttack1311Disconnect
Winona SSports138New Disc Who Dis?
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone ESkywalkers810Do Not Come
Andy Livingstone ETouchingGrass109Monday Free Agent
Andy Livingstone Wmingy cho89Charizards
Andy Livingstone WTofu Stack109FLiC Fam
Jericho WTechnicolour Narwhal Explosion1211Absolute Chaos
Jericho WThe Dump-lings1310Pulp Flicktion
Memorial SWHuck If You Want Me!137W SMASH
Memorial SWWeeble1213Disc Golf Rehabilitation Program
Trillium EAngus Fan club139SHINOBIS
Trillium EMarty132Adolescent Variation Fighting Reptiles
Tue Jul 12
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDiscthrow Weenferno910The Gavvies
BalaclavaGentle Warriors131H-Bar
Jericho EDim Summers45Disc Violators 2.0
Jericho EJustdisc League65Damon's Discs
Killarney C#sports1211Friends of Friends
Killarney CFlickle Me ElmoForfeitedDiscord
Oak MeadowsDiscpicable Me312Princess Layout
Oak MeadowsRuby & Friends139Good X Crew
Winona NForrest Dumps711Sexy and I throw it
Winona NHuck It136Gritty in Pink
Winona SShmeeghláy-Shmeeghláy127Jeremy's Disc
7:10 pmMemorial SWCritters1113Plaid to the Bone
Memorial SWFeral Hogs69NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
Trillium EChinzillas106Doja Catch
Trillium Ewagwan united115National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Trillium WDisc-Ow1410Summer Beer League
7:55 pmBalaclavaDiscthrow Weenferno712H-Bar
BalaclavaGentle Warriors137The Gavvies
Jericho EDim SummersDamon's Discs
Jericho EJustdisc League64Disc Violators 2.0
Killarney C#sports1013Discord
Killarney CFlickle Me Elmo913Friends of Friends
Oak MeadowsDiscpicable Me118Good X Crew
Oak MeadowsRuby & Friends134Princess Layout
Winona NForrest Dumps58Gritty in Pink
Winona NHuck It117Sexy and I throw it
Winona SIllegal Smile136Jeremy's Disc
8:40 pmMemorial SWCritters1210NightHucks: Fun in the Sun
Memorial SWFeral Hogs1011Plaid to the Bone
Trillium EChinzillas1110National Ajerbak Shuffleball Team
Trillium Ewagwan united85Doja Catch
Wed Jul 13
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDump Trucks118URFT
Balaclavathe other team37Washed Up Amogus Friends
Empire NFriends of HenryForfeitedCloud9 Black
Empire SCouch Potatoes 124Risky Frizzness
Empire SWrists of Fury711Basura Gang
Jericho ELAF135Identity Crisis
Jericho EMind the Gap119Absolute Zeroes
Killarney CBurning Sensation!1121The Airbenders
Memorial OBig Butter Chicken711Victorious Secret
Memorial OTsunami511Sky Hoes
Oak MeadowsRoshi2112Random Fling
Oak MeadowsThe People's Team7213FC: Frantic Flying Frisbee Chuckers
Winona CLoaf1012Marvelllous Meerkatz
Winona CRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.137SIUUUUUUUU
Winona NAYCE811Goal Mountain
Winona NCatchphraseForfeitedCatch Basins
Winona SHotpot Summer EditionForfeitedPreshslice and the Gang
Winona SScoober-Dooby-DooLost and Found
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone EJoy Emoji x71113Break Side
Andy Livingstone EReTox1213Glizzard Wizards
Jericho WGen Z(oom)97Bing Chillin
Jericho WPrison Mike139Hehe XD
Memorial SWF.M.U.1111Hangry Flickers
Memorial SWFull Send Cat139BDE (Big Disc Energy)
7:55 pmBalaclavaDump Trucks611Washed Up Amogus Friends
Balaclavathe other team138URFT
Empire SCouch Potatoes 108Basura Gang
Empire SWrists of Fury84Risky Frizzness
Jericho ELAF138Absolute Zeroes
Jericho EMind the Gap137Identity Crisis
Memorial OBig Butter Chicken713Sky Hoes
Memorial OTsunami511Victorious Secret
Winona CLoaf1012SIUUUUUUUU
Winona CRussell Westbrook Construction Ltd.713Marvelllous Meerkatz
Winona NAYCEDefaultCatch Basins
Winona NCatchphrase128Goal Mountain
Winona SHotpot Summer Edition139Lost and Found
Winona SScoober-Dooby-DooForfeitedPreshslice and the Gang
8:40 pmAndy Livingstone EJoy Emoji x71113Glizzard Wizards
Andy Livingstone EReTox1310Break Side
Jericho WGen Z(oom)128Hehe XD
Jericho WPrison Mike109Bing Chillin
Memorial SWF.M.U.1113BDE (Big Disc Energy)
Memorial SWFull Send Cat132Hangry Flickers
Thu Jul 14
6:30 pm
BalaclavaDump Trucks.1013Butterfingers
BalaclavaFire Ferrets138Soup Du Jour
Killarney CBEARHAWKS137Disc Wars Episode V: The Empire Hucks Back
Killarney CDark Side Of The Disc138zoi
Memorial OFree Agents but no Discount79Friz Nasty
Memorial OTry, Catch, ThrowForfeitedPermission to Hammer
Oak Meadowsbig bean burrito116deez hucks
Oak MeadowsRuby & Friends.1211Hansoonie
Van Tech OvalDisc Monkeys910Not in the Face
Van Tech OvalSideways Shoe86Threwbacca
Winona C#Sportss1210NamJooHuck
Winona CUlty-verse of Madness117The Hucking Fooligans
Winona NBattlecats and Friends136Discturbed
Winona NLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers610Huck E Cheese
7:10 pmAndy Livingstone E